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The New Authoritarianism in the Middle East and North Africa

The New Authoritarianism in the Middle East and North Africa Author Stephen Juan King
ISBN-10 9780253221469
Release 2009
Pages 279
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1. Political Openings and the Transformation of Authoritarian Rule in the Middle East and North Africa; 2. Sustaining Authoritarianism During the Third Wave of Democracy; 3. The Old Authoritarianism; 4. The New Authoritarianism; 5. Political Openings Without Patronage Based Privatization and Single Party Institutional Legacies; 6. Transitions from the New MENA Authoritarianism to Democracy? Notes; Bibliography; Index

Non Western Encounters with Democratization

Non Western Encounters with Democratization Author Christopher K. Lamont
ISBN-10 9781317086857
Release 2016-03-09
Pages 256
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Non-Western Encounters with Democratization offers diverse perspectives on democracy and transition spanning the Middle East and North Africa to East Asia. This unique collection of essays, drawn from contextually rich case studies presents readers with a variety of non-western encounters with democracy and provides important insights into the dramatic political and social transformations in these regions over the past decades. The book offers a deeper understanding of democratization and challenges the image of western democracy as a universal model to which non-western societies aspire. Taking the events of the Arab Spring as the starting point, international contributors look at why the uprisings that rapidly spread across North Africa and the Middle East had a strong resonance in East Asia but failed to inspire similar revolts. Through direct engagement with non-western experiences of political transition the book demonstrates a unique coherence across two regions relatively under explored in democratization literature.

Islam Democracy and the State in North Africa

Islam  Democracy  and the State in North Africa Author John Pierre Entelis
ISBN-10 025321131X
Release 1997
Pages 228
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In the late 1980s Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia began to experience the trend toward economic liberalization and political democratization taking place at the time in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Misguided economic policies, bureaucratic mismanagement, political corruption, and cultural alienation combined to create a popular demand for change. It seemed for a time that a new and more open politics would transform the region. Instead, authoritarian states mobilized to repress the populist opposition led by politicized Islamist movements. Analyzing developments over the last two decades from the perspectives of political culture and political economy, America's leading scholars of North Africa provide insights into the region's continuing political crisis. Contributors are Lisa Anderson, Dale F. Eickelman, John P. Entelis, Clement M. Henry, Mark Tessler, Susan Waltz, John Waterbury, John O. Voll, and I. William Zartman.

The Arab Revolts

The Arab Revolts Author David A. McMurray
ISBN-10 9780253009685
Release 2013
Pages 260
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The 2011 eruptions of popular discontent across the Arab world, popularly dubbed the Arab Spring, were local manifestations of a regional mass movement for democracy, freedom, and human dignity. Authoritarian regimes were either overthrown or put on notice that the old ways of oppressing their subjects would no longer be tolerated. These essays from Middle East Report—the leading source of timely reporting and insightful analysis of the region—cover events in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen. Written for a broad audience of students, policymakers, media analysts, and general readers, the collection reveals the underlying causes of the revolts by identifying key trends during the last two decades leading up to the recent insurrections.

Moroccan Noir

Moroccan Noir Author Jonathan Smolin
ISBN-10 9780253010735
Release 2013-10-23
Pages 308
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Facing rising demands for human rights and the rule of law, the Moroccan state fostered new mass media and cultivated more positive images of the police, once the symbol of state repression, reinventing the relationship between citizen and state for a new era. Jonathan Smolin examines popular culture and mass media to understand the changing nature of authoritarianism in Morocco over the past two decades. Using neglected Arabic sources including crime tabloids, television movies, true-crime journalism, and police advertising, Smolin sheds new light on politics and popular culture in the Middle East and North Africa.

Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa

Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa Author Sherine Hafez
ISBN-10 9780253007612
Release 2013-06-05
Pages 414
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This volume combines ethnographic accounts of fieldwork with overviews of recent anthropological literature about the region on topics such as Islam, gender, youth, and new media. It addresses contemporary debates about modernity, nation building, and the link between the ideology of power and the production of knowledge. Contributors include established and emerging scholars known for the depth and quality of their ethnographic writing and for their interventions in current theory.

Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf

Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf Author Justin Gengler
ISBN-10 9780253016867
Release 2015-06-08
Pages 226
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The oil-producing states of the Arab Gulf are said to sink or swim on their capacity for political appeasement through economic redistribution. Yet, during the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring, in Bahrain and all across the Arab Gulf, ordinary citizens showed an unexpected enthusiasm for political protest directed against governments widely assumed to have co-opted their support with oil revenues. Justin Gengler draws on the first-ever mass political survey in Bahrain to demonstrate that neither is the state willing to offer all citizens the same bargain, nor are all citizens willing to accept it. Instead, shared social and religious identities offer a viable basis for mass political coordination. Challenging the prevailing rentier interpretation of political life in the Gulf states, Gengler offers new empirical evidence and a new conceptual framework for understanding the attitudes of ordinary citizens.

New Tunisian Cinema

New Tunisian Cinema Author Robert Lang
ISBN-10 9780231537193
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 448
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Tunisian cinema is often described as the most daring of all Arab cinemas, a model of equipoise between “East” and “West” and the defender of a fierce, sovereign style. Even during the repressive regime that ruled Tunisia from 1987 to 2011, a generation of filmmakers produced allegories of resistance that defied their society’s increasingly illiberal trends. In New Tunisian Cinema, Robert Lang reads eight contemporary Tunisian films, many by some of the nation’s best-known directors, including: Man of Ashes (1986), Bezness (1992), and Making Of (2006) by Nouri Bouzid; Halfaouine (1990) by Férid Boughedir; The Silences of the Palace (1994) by Moufida Tlatli; Essaïda (1997) by Mohamed Zran; Bedwin Hacker (2002) by Nadia El Fani; and The TV Is Coming (2006) by Moncef Dhouib. He explores the political economy and social, historical, and psychoanalytic dimensions of these works and the strategies filmmakers deployed to preserve cinema’s ability to shape debates about national identity. These debates, Lang argues, not only helped initiate the 2011 uprising that ousted Ben Ali’s regime but also did much to inform and articulate the social, political, and cultural aspirations of the Tunisian people in the new millennium.

Liberalization Against Democracy

Liberalization Against Democracy Author Stephen Juan King
ISBN-10 0253215838
Release 2003
Pages 161
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Annotation Local-level study of a rural Tunisian town that illustrates why market-oriented economic reforms have not necessarily led to politicl liberalization. Indiana Series in Middle East Studies Mark Tessler, general editor.

Egypt in the Future Tense

Egypt in the Future Tense Author Samuli Schielke
ISBN-10 9780253015891
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 280
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Against the backdrop of the revolutionary uprisings of 2011–2013, Samuli Schielke asks how ordinary Egyptians confront the great promises and grand schemes of religious commitment, middle class respectability, romantic love, and political ideologies in their daily lives, and how they make sense of the existential anxieties and stalled expectations that inevitably accompany such hopes. Drawing on many years of study in Egypt and the life stories of rural, lower-middle-class men before and after the revolution, Schielke views recent events in ways that are both historically deep and personal. Schielke challenges prevailing views of Muslim piety, showing that religious lives are part of a much more complex lived experience.

All in the Family

All in the Family Author Michael Herb
ISBN-10 9781438406527
Release 1999
Pages 352
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A new and provocative argument about monarchism in the Middle East.

Area Studies and Social Science

Area Studies and Social Science Author Mark A. Tessler
ISBN-10 0253212820
Release 1999
Pages 164
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"The volume edited by Mark Tessler addresses a set of critical issues confronting all social scientists whose field of inquiry is extra-American.... Tessler and his contributors succeed admirably in their goal." —American Historical Review How should scholars construct knowledge about politics, economics, and international relations in major world regions? According to the contributors to this lively volume, the conflicting approaches of regional specialists and discipline-oriented social scientists must be combined to provide a firm foundation for studying the contemporary politics of the Middle East. Contributors are Lisa Anderson, Anne Banda, Laurie A. Brand, Laura Zittrain Eisenberg, John P. Entelis, Clement M. Henry, Magda Kandil, Baghat Korany, Jodi Nachtwey, Augustus Richard Norton, and Mark Tessler.

Handbook of Political Science Research on the Middle East and North Africa

Handbook of Political Science Research on the Middle East and North Africa Author Bernard Reich
ISBN-10 0313273723
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 392
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A detailed picture and analysis of the state of the field, an agenda for future research, and a detailed, annotated bibliography of the best research published thus far.

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East Author Evelyn A. Early
ISBN-10 0253214904
Release 2002
Pages 411
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"[A] timely, well-researched and written analysis of popular and private life that is too often underestimated or overlooked yet which constitutes the majority of human existence in a region too often viewed from the narrow constraints of the state and its unrepresentative elites." —John Entelis "The broadening of Islamic studies (or regional studies on Islam) to include study of ordinary people, their daily lives, and popular cultures has been long overdue. [An] extremely interesting and innovative study which, in its own way, successfully challenges the pervasive misperception of the Middle East simply as a conflict-prone region." —Journal of Islamic Studies "... provides useful background reading for introductory courses to everyday history of the Middle East." —Journal of Palestine Studies "presents a grassroots look at what it is like to actually live in the Muslim Middle East... from Aghanistan and Iran to Morocco. [It] shows how religion is an important part, but not the sole part, of these people's lives." —Middle East Insight "This book is a welcome addition to the literature...." —The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Focusing on the experiences of ordinary men, women, and children from across the Middle East, from Iran and Afghanistan in the east to Morocco in the west, the 35 stories, poems, and essays collected in this anthology vividly convey an intimate sense of life in the Middle East today. Newly revised and updated to reflect recent changes in Middle East politics and society, this anthology will engage students and scholars of this vast and complex region. Contributors include Lila Abu-Lughod, Jon W. Anderson, Walter Armbrust, Bishara Bahbah, Brian Barber, Anne H. Betteridge, Annabelle Boucher, Donna Lee Bowen, Steven C. Caton, Dawn Chatty, Driss Chraibi, Susan Shaefer Davis, Kevin Dwyer, Evelyn A. Early, Christine Eickelman, Dale Eickelman, Elizabeth Fernea, Angel Foster, Erika Friedl, Steve Howard, Michael E. Jansen, Margaret Mills, Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Emily Nasrallah, Kristina Nelson, Susan Ossman, Tayib Salih, Diane Singerman, Susan Slyomovics, Jenny White, and Quintan Wiktorowicz.

Democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world

Democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world Author Nicola Christine Pratt
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105122849933
Release 2007
Pages 236
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Representing a departure from studies of Middle East politics and democratisation, this book employs theories and concepts to the study of democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world. It examines the role of non-state actors, civil society, in the maintenance of or resistance to the discourse that underpins authoritarian politics.

Political Science Research in the Middle East and North Africa

Political Science Research in the Middle East and North Africa Author Janine A. Clark
ISBN-10 9780190882969
Release 2018
Pages 328
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"Political Research in the Middle East and North Africa focuses specifically on doing research in one of the most important regions in contemporary world politics. It is also one of the most difficult areas to do research in given the current high levels of violence, political instability, and authoritarianism that plague the region. Gathering together a large and diverse group of researchers who study the region, Janine Clark and Francesco Cavatorta's volume will serve as a foundational methods guide for young academics on how to conceive and carry out their research projects. At the same time the topics in the book provide a useful refresher to more established scholars so that their methodological training and ethical considerations keep pace with novel approaches and changing obstacles in the field. What makes this volume especially useful is its focus on methodological 'lessons learned' from the contributors' first hand experiences. Each chapter deals with the challenges of implementing qualitative and quantitative methods in the field, the real-life obstacles encountered and the possible solutions to overcoming them. It will therefore be an invaluable companion book to more standard methods books, which focus on the 'how to' of methods but are often devoid of any real discussion of the challenges of on-the-ground fieldwork."--Publisher's summary.

Democracy s Fourth Wave

Democracy s Fourth Wave Author Philip N. Howard
ISBN-10 9780199936977
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 145
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In 2011, the international community watched as citizens mobilized through the Internet and digital media to topple three of the world's most entrenched dictators: Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, and Qaddafi in Libya. This book examines not only the unexpected evolution of events during the Arab Spring, but the longer history of desperate-and creative-digital activism through the Arab world.