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The New Deal as a Triumph of Social Work

The New Deal as a Triumph of Social Work Author S. Miller
ISBN-10 9781137527813
Release 2016-04-13
Pages 162
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The New Deal as a Triumph of Social Work concerns the 'hand' the New Deal plays from the perspective of early American History in which government and business cooperation is assumed and economic rights are addressed collectively whereas political rights are considered individually. The New Deal reconfigures this 'ratio' of rights by folding 'social work' into the aims of government. Miller describes the vital part Frances Perkins and her personal history play in this development.

Australian Women in Advertising in the Twentieth Century

Australian Women in Advertising in the Twentieth Century Author J. Dickenson
ISBN-10 9781137514349
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 144
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When did Australian women first enter the advertising industry? The stereotypical advertising executive might be a pony-tailed, Ferrari-driving, young-ish man, but women have worked in Australian advertising agencies from the first years of the modern industry, and today they comprise half of the industry's workforce. Australian Women in Advertising in the Twentieth Century rescues these women from their obscurity. By employing a broader definition of advertising than usual, this study reveals the important role women have played in the development of the Australian advertising industry, sheds light on women's struggle to reach the higher echelons of the industry, and considers why the popular image of the advertising executive is at such variance from the reality. The experiences of these remarkable women across a century of Australian advertising provide valuable information on the role of gender in the development of this ubiquitous industry, as well as the encroachment of consumer culture.

Networks Governance Partnership Management and Coalitions Federation

Networks Governance  Partnership Management and Coalitions Federation Author Christophe Assens
ISBN-10 9781137566638
Release 2016-05-12
Pages 76
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This book explores the governance of networks. A network's governance mechanisms are based on trust and confidence, which go beyond a simple economic logic. As the network's boundaries expand to include clusters of businesses and stakeholders and the emergence of coalitions of all kinds, the trust will gradually dilute and the network's unifying role will be lost. The organization then evolves into the form of a network of networks, where the challenge is to bring together coalitions. Using examples from the European Union and the Regional Health Federation of Networks, this book explores the political and socio-economic challenges, including the decision making and division of tasks, faced by network organizations which move to a federation model of governance.

Challenging Authority

Challenging Authority Author Frances Fax Piven
ISBN-10 9780742563407
Release 2008-07-11
Pages 200
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Argues that ordinary people exercise extraordinary political courage and power in American politics when, frustrated by politics as usual, they rise up in anger and hope, and defy the authorities and the status quo rules that ordinarily govern their daily lives. By doing so, they disrupt the workings of important institutions and become a force in American politics. Drawing on critical episodes in U.S. history, Piven shows that it is in fact precisely at those seismic moments when people act outside of political norms that they become empowered to their full democratic potential.

Neoliberal Environments

Neoliberal Environments Author Nik Heynen
ISBN-10 9781135983307
Release 2007-11-13
Pages 310
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This volume explores the nexus between nature, markets, deregulation and valuation, using theoretically sharp and empirically rich real-world case studies and analyses of actually existing policy from around the world and across a range of resources. In short, it answers the questions: does neoliberalizing nature work and what work does it do? More specifically, this volume provides answers to a series of urgent questions about the effects of neoliberal policies on environmental governance and quality. What are the implications of privatizing public water utilities in terms of equity in service provision, resource conservation and water quality? Do free trade agreements erode the sovereignty of nations and citizens to regulate environmental pollution, and is this power being transferred to corporations? What does the evidence show about the relationship between that marketization and privatization of nature and conservation objectives? Neoliberal Environments productively engages with all of these questions and more. At the same time, the diverse case studies collectively and decisively challenge the orthodoxies of neoliberal reforms, documenting that the results of such reforms have fallen far short of their ambitions.

Media and the American Mind

Media and the American Mind Author Daniel J. Czitrom
ISBN-10 9780807899205
Release 2010-02-03
Pages 268
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In a fascinating and comprehensive intellectual history of modern communication in America, Daniel Czitrom examines the continuing contradictions between the progressive possibilities that new communications technologies offer and their use as instruments of domination and exploitation.

Black Feminist Thought

Black Feminist Thought Author Patricia Hill Collins
ISBN-10 9781135960131
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 283
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In spite of the double burden of racial and gender discrimination, African-American women have developed a rich intellectual tradition that is not widely known. In Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins explores the words and ideas of Black feminist intellectuals as well as those African-American women outside academe. She provides an interpretive framework for the work of such prominent Black feminist thinkers as Angela Davis, bell hooks, Alice Walker, and Audre Lorde. The result is a superbly crafted book that provides the first synthetic overview of Black feminist thought.

The Seventies Now

The Seventies Now Author Stephen Paul Miller
ISBN-10 0822321661
Release 1999
Pages 413
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Explores the practice of surveillance the America of the 1970s through the discussion of a wide range of political and cultural phenomena--Watergate, the Ford presidency, Andy Warhol, disco music, the major films of the 70s, writers in the 70s (particular

Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Culture

Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Culture Author Stephen Paul Miller
ISBN-10 9780817355630
Release 2010
Pages 456
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This collection of essays is the first to address this often obscured dimension of modern and contemporary poetry: the secular Jewish dimension. Editors Daniel Morris and Stephen Paul Miller asked their contributors to address what constitutes radical poetry written by Jews defined as "secular," and whether or not there is a Jewish component or dimension to radical and modernist poetic practice in general. These poets and critics address these questions by exploring the legacy of those poets who preceded and influenced them--Stein, Zukofsky, Reznikoff, Oppen, and Ginsberg, among others.

New Worlds from Below

New Worlds from Below Author Tessa Morris-Suzuki
ISBN-10 9781760460914
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 280
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In Asia today, the grand ideologies of the past have lost their power over the popular imagination. Even in many of the region’s democracies, popular engagement in the political process faces profound challenges. Yet amidst this landscape of political disenchantment, groups of ordinary people across Asia are finding new ways to take control of their own lives, respond to threats to their physical and cultural survival, and build better futures. This collection of essays by prominent scholars and activists traces the rise of a quiet politics of survival from the villages of China to Japan’s Minamata and Fukushima, and from the street art of Seoul and Hong Kong to the illegal markets of North Korea. Introducing an innovative conceptual framework, New Worlds from Below shows how informal grassroots politics in Northeast Asia is generating new ideas and practices that have region-wide and global relevance.

The Roosevelt I Knew

The Roosevelt I Knew Author Frances Perkins
ISBN-10 9781101535356
Release 2011-06-28
Pages 416
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A vivid and intimate portrait of the New Deal president by the first woman ever appointed to the U.S. Cabinet. When Frances Perkins first met Franklin D. Roosevelt at a dance in 1910, she was a young social worker and he was an attractive young man making a modest debut in state politics. Over the next thirty-five years, she watched his career unfold, becoming both a close family friend and a trusted political associate whose tenure as secretary of labor spanned his entire administration. FDR and his presidential policies continue to be widely discussed in the classroom and in the media, and The Roosevelt I Knew offers a unique window onto the man whose courage and pioneering reforms still resonate in the lives of Americans today.

Western Empires Christianity and the Inequalities between the West and the Rest

Western Empires  Christianity and the Inequalities between the West and the Rest Author Sampie Terreblanche
ISBN-10 9780143531555
Release 2014-09-30
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The acute problem of inequality in the world was brought centre stage by the sensational appearance of French economist Thomas Piketty's bestselling book Capital in the Twenty-first Century. In Western Empires, Christianity, and the Inequalities between the West and the Rest 1500-2010, Sampie Terreblanche studies the matter from a political economic perspective, and brings five centuries of global history to bear in his focus on global, as opposed to internal national, inequalities. The unprecedented accumulation of wealth in the Western world has come at a dire cost to the Restern world (a term the author coins), and empire-building is at the root of it. The last 500 years have seen successive epochs of empire followed by war and systemic chaos. During this time, the "haves" of world history have systematically channeled global resources towards the West through cunning and conquest - a process in which Christian missionary societies played a key role as the soft avant-garde, followed by the hardware. The book deals with several concepts of empire, and the forces through which empires have been rolled out through history: arms, money, ideology, religion. What fed into the Eurocentrism and notion of superiority which paved the way for a lamentable history of slavery, exploitation and the unremitting accumulation of wealth and power? The book shows how clearly dangerous a world we live in, with the scales as precipitously tipped as they are. Ten years in the writing, and in many ways the apex of this decorated author's life work, Western Empires is a book for everyone who wishes to understand, or address, the extreme concentration of wealth in the hands of the global few and the hopeless poverty of the many.

Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America

Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America Author John M. Herrick
ISBN-10 9780761925842
Release 2005
Pages 534
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The Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America is a unique reference book that provides readers with basic information about the history of social welfare in North America, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Since many themes and issues are similar in the three nations, entries provide comparative information about common as well as distinctive concerns and developments. Significant events, influential people, legislation, social problems, and societal responses are described in detail. Editors include specialists in the social welfare history of each nation, and they have collaborated with scholars from a variety of academic disciplines to prepare entries of varying length addressing these issues. Included in each entry are suggestions for further reading that will guide readers to the rich resources available for learning about the history of North American social welfare. The Encyclopedia also provides cross-references for important topics.

Restorative Commons

Restorative Commons Author Lindsay Campbell
ISBN-10 016086416X
Release 2011-04
Pages 287
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NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT- OVERSTOCK SALE -- Significantly reduced list price Edited by Lindsay Campbell and Anne Wiesen. Foreword by Oliver Sacks, M.D. Offers a starting point for a multidisciplinary understanding of Restorative Commons. Focuses on open space and its interface with the built environment. Considers sites restorative if they contribute to the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the landscape. Individual health includes physical, mental, emotional, and social health; community health is considered in terms of rights, empowerment, and neighborhood efficacy; and landscape health is measured by ecosystem function and resilience, all of which act together in a complex web of relationships. Related products: Trails and Landscapes resources collection can be found here: https: // Cultural Landscapes resources collection can be found here: https: // Renovation & Historic Preservation resources collection can be found here: https: // "

Apartheid s Reluctant Uncle

Apartheid s Reluctant Uncle Author Thomas Borstelmann
ISBN-10 9780195079425
Release 1993
Pages 298
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Despite the unsavory racism of Malan's government - Borstelmann shows that Pretoria fomented violence among black groups in the late 1940s, just as it has done recently between the ANC and Inkatha - the U.S. saw South Africa as a dependable and important ally. In addition, America was almost completely dependent on southern Africa for its uranium supply, and was willing to go to great lengths to secure the critical fuel for its nuclear arsenal. Borstelmann also notes that race relations in the segregated U.S. played a role in Washington's policies, with few white Americans greatly disturbed by the establishment of apartheid. As South Africa finally nears an end to almost fifty years of formal apartheid (and as Truman nears canonization, following the recent presidential election), Borstelmann's account comes as a startling reminder of America's early links to Pretoria's racist system

The scene of my selves

The scene of my selves Author Terence Diggory
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110438319
Release 2001-05
Pages 417
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Introduction / Terence Diggory and Stephen Paul Miller -- Community. Community "Intimate" or "Inoperative": New York School Poets and Politics from Paul Goodman to Jean-Luc Nancy / Terence Diggory -- John Ashbery. An Ashbery Primer / Thomas Lisk. The Strength of Ashbery: Narrative and Nostalgia / Albert Cook. The Demands of Reading: Mapping, Travel and Ekphrasis in the Poetry from the 1950s of John Ashbery and Elizabeth Bishop / James McCorkle -- Frank O'Hara. "I Want To Be at Least as Alive as the Vulgar": Frank O'Hara's Poetry and the Cinema / Andrew Epstein. Strange Fruit: O'Hara, Race and the Color of Time / Benjamin Friedlander. Frank O'Hara, Flaneur of New York / Susan Rosenbaum. O'Hara, Judd and Cold War Accommodation: Perceptions Equalizing Ground and Figure / Stephen Paul Miller -- Barbara Guest. The Gendered Marvelous: Barbara Guest, Surrealism and Feminist Reception / Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Becoming "a Compleat Travel Agency": Barbara Guest's Negotiations with the Fifties Feminine Mystique / Lynn Keller. Reading Barbara Guest: The View from the Nineties / Linda A. Kinnahan. Another Poet Among Painters: Barbara Guest with Grace Hartigan and Mary Abbott / Sara Lundquist -- James Schuyler. James Schuyler's "A Picnic Cantata": The Art of the Ordinary / Paul Bauschatz. James Schuyler's "Spots of Time" / Robert Thompson. "Arm the Paper Arm": Kenneth Koch's Postmodern Comedy / David Chinitz. Kenneth Koch's Poetics of Pleasure / Theodore Pelton. Kenneth Koch's "Serious Moment" / David Spurr -- Contingency. Contingency as Compositional Principle in Fifties Poetics / Charles Altieri.

The Culture of the New Capitalism

The Culture of the New Capitalism Author Richard Sennett
ISBN-10 0300119925
Release 2007-01
Pages 214
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A provocative and disturbing look at the ways new economic facts are shaping our personal and social values.