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The new nonprofit almanac and desk reference

The new nonprofit almanac and desk reference Author Murray S. Weitzman
ISBN-10 0787957267
Release 2002-02-19
Pages 247
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The New Nonprofit Almanac and Desk Reference is a completely revised version of the INDEPENDENT SECTOR'S landmark publication. This accessible, user-friendly new edition of The Almanac produced jointly by INDEPENDENT SECTOR and the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute, provides key data, high-quality information, and insightful trend analysis about the nonprofit sector as a whole. This comprehensive volume defines the size and scope of the independent sector and compares it with the business and government sectors. The Almanac includes vital information about the number of organizations in the sector, the income originating from the independent sector, and the value of volunteers. It also analyzes statistical information about the number of people employed, their share of total wages and salaries, and general employment trends in the independent sector. This must-have reference includes an overview of the total private contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations and offers analyses of current giving trends and the effect of tax laws. It estimates the income derived from three major sources— private giving, government payments and private payments— and includes information on how the funding is distributed. The Almanac contains detailed financial information on reporting organizations and public charities as processed and analyzed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute from the newly created GuideStar/NCCS Nonprofit Database.This latest edition-which is the sixth in the series-provides chapter summaries with quick, fingertip facts and includes useful references to other nonprofit websites and government data sources.

Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management

Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management Author Bruce Alan Seaman
ISBN-10 9781849803526
Release 2010
Pages 352
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Nonprofit organizations are arguably the fastest growing and most dynamic part of modern market economies in democratic countries. This book explores the frontiers of knowledge at the intersection of economics and the management of these entities. The authors review the role, structure and behavior of private, nonprofit organizations as economic units and their participation in markets and systems of public service delivery, assess the implications of this knowledge for the efficient management of nonprofit organizations and the formulation of effective public policy, and identify cutting-edge questions for future research. Chapters address five broad categories of scholarship: development and management of the diverse economic resources supporting nonprofit organizations; market behavior of nonprofits; strategic economic decision-making; evaluation and performance of them; and impacts and implications of public policies affecting nonprofit organizations. Topics include: income diversification and crowd-out among income sources, paid and volunteer labor markets, competition and collaboration among nonprofits and for-profits, pricing and diversification of nonprofit products and services, performance measurement and regulation, contracting, franchising and federation practices, and government taxation and funding. The book will help nonprofit scholars identify new areas of productive research, help practicing managers understand the underlying economics of their decision-making, and offer teachers and students a concise and penetrating view of key economic dimensions to managing nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide

The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide Author Tom Adams
ISBN-10 9780470599846
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 384
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The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide In this dynamic resource, Tom Adams (an expert in succession planning who has worked with hundreds of organizations) shows how intentional leadership development and properly managed leadership transitions provide nonprofits with the rare opportunity to change direction, maintain momentum, and strengthen their capacity. This accessible guidebook is filled with illustrative stories, instructive lessons, best practices, and practical tools that can be used to ensure a successful nonprofit leadership transition. "It is terrific to have a book which so effectively addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of leadership in the nonprofit sector, replete with sound advice and concrete examples. Tom Adams brings a wealth of experience and savvy to the topic. Paid and volunteer leaders of nonprofits at all levels will benefit from reading it."—Irv Katz, president and CEO, National Human Services Assembly "The guide is one of its kind in providing a realistic frame for the world of nonprofit leaders. It is long overdue in the sector as a real tool for leaders. Maybe even more important, it helps nonprofit boards of directors and philanthropic organizations to understand the connection between their investment in leadership and achieving organizational goals." —Diane Bell McKoy, CEO, Associated Black Charities "Rich with instructive examples and advice, this book is grounded in the reality of nonprofits. It will be an extraordinarily useful guide to nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes." —Ruth McCambridge, editor in chief, Nonprofit Quarterly "Make no mistake: attracting and retaining top talent should be priority number one for the nonprofit sector. Adams's book offers practical advice for how to embed this priority into the sector's DNA. All who care about nonprofit effectiveness would be well-served to give this book a close read."—Kathleen P. Enright, president and CEO, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Author Joan E. Pynes
ISBN-10 9780470425442
Release 2008-12-16
Pages 480
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Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations book for free.

The Tax Law of Charitable Giving

The Tax Law of Charitable Giving Author Bruce R. Hopkins
ISBN-10 9780471698432
Release 2005-02-22
Pages 816
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The Tax Law of Charitable Giving, Third Edition is completely revised, revamped, and updated. Written in plain English, it can help lawyers, managers, and development directors in tax-exempt organizations make sure they are up to date on all current regulations pertaining to charitable gifts, and that they are well prepared to make decisions about their organization’s fund-development program. Written by the country’s leading legal authority on tax-exempt organizations and charitable giving, this Third Edition features coverage of: New rules concerning charitable contributions of used vehicles and intellectual property New rules addressing the concepts of income and principal New characterization and ordering rules applicable to charitable remainder trusts Applying the public policy doctrine to the availability of the charitable deduction The impact of the tax cut legislation on the charitable giving rules The Tax Law of Charitable Giving, Third Edition is a go-to resource for nonprofit lawyers, nonprofit accountants, fundraising professionals, nonprofit executives, directors and managers, nonprofit consultants, financial planners, insurance companies, and corporate and (big) individual donors.

The Law of Tax Exempt Organizations

The Law of Tax Exempt Organizations Author Bruce R. Hopkins
ISBN-10 9780470127940
Release 2007-07-27
Pages 896
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Written in plain English and supplemented annually, The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, Ninth Editioncan help the lawyers and managers of tax-exempt organizations make sure that they are up-to-date on all current regulations pertaining to tax-exempt organizations, and well-prepared to make decisions about their organization s actions and future.

The Handbook of Community Practice

The Handbook of Community Practice Author Marie Weil
ISBN-10 9781452289977
Release 2012-08-29
Pages 968
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The Second Edition of The Handbook of Community Practice is expanded and updated with a major global focus and serves as a comprehensive guidebook of community practice grounded in social justice and human rights. It utilizes community and practice theories and encompasses community development, organizing, planning, social change, policy practice, program development, service coordination, organizational cultural competency, and community-based research in relation to global poverty and community empowerment. This is also the first community practice text to provide combined and in-depth treatment of globalization and international development practice issues—including impacts on communities in the United States and on international development work. The Handbook is grounded in participatory and empowerment practices, including social change, social and economic development, feminist practice, community-collaborative, and engagement in diverse communities. It utilizes the social development perspective and employs analyses of persistent poverty, asset development, policy practice, and community research approaches as well as providing strategies for advocacy and social and legislative action. The handbook consists of forty chapters which challenge readers to examine and assess practice, theory, and research methods. As it expands on models and approaches, delineates emerging issues, and connects policy and practice, the book provides vision and strategies for local to global community practice in the coming decades. The handbook will continue to stand as the central text and reference for comprehensive community practice, and will be useful for years to come as it emphasizes direction for positive change, new developments in community approaches, and focuses attention on globalization, human rights, and social justice. It will continue to be used as a core text for multiple courses within programs, will have long term application for students of community practice, and will provide practitioners with new grounding for development, planning, organizing, and empowerment and social change work.

The Nonprofit Almanac

The Nonprofit Almanac Author Brice S. McKeever
ISBN-10 1442275936
Release 2016-10-12
Pages 318
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The Nonprofit Almanac, Ninth Edition, completely updated to include the most recent data available, assembles into one compact and well-organized volume an accessible and reader-friendly bible of data on America s extraordinary and rapidly growing civic sector. In many cases, the data cover spans of ten years or more, allowing for a detailed retrospective look at trends in the sector. This edition, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Urban Institute s Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, traces the growth of nonprofits in the post-recession period, providing insights into which subsectors have not fully recovered from the recession and which flourished throughout the period. Other key results include the shifting of revenue streams for nonprofits, as well as post-recession trends in giving and volunteering. New to this edition is a series of analyses on nonprofit growth and finances at the metropolitan level. Building on the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy s two decades of experience in analyzing the size, scope, and performance of the nonprofit field, The Nonprofit Almanac, Ninth Edition, is an invaluable reference for managers of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporate social responsibility programs, as well as scholars, teachers, students, and journalists."

Nonprofit Nation

Nonprofit Nation Author Michael O'Neill
ISBN-10 0787966827
Release 2002-11-29
Pages 336
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In Nonprofit Nation, the new edition of his classic work, O'Neill takes a fresh look at the nonprofit sector and the power it has to use its growing visibility and strength. Like the first edition, this new book is an up-to-date, comprehensive guide to understanding the nonprofit sector. Identifying and examining the major nonprofit subsectors-health care, arts, social service, and religious organizations, for example-and detailing their particular concerns and impact enable O'Neill to explore their influence on business, government and society. The new edition also features: Expanded sections on scope and impact Updated and enlarged statistical information New insights on the development of the nonprofit sector A new section on theories of the nonprofit sector

The Jossey Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management

The Jossey Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management Author David O. Renz
ISBN-10 9781118852941
Release 2016-08-10
Pages 816
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The go-to nonprofit handbook, updated and expanded for today's leader The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is the bestselling professional reference and leading text on the functions, processes, and strategies that are integral to the effective leadership and management of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. Now in its fourth edition, this handbook presents the most current research, theory, and practice in the field of nonprofit leadership and management. This practical, relevant guide is invaluable to the effective practice of nonprofit leadership and management, with expanded attention to accountability, transparency, and organizational effectiveness. It also extensively covers the practice of social entrepreneurship, presented via an integrative perspective that helps the reader make practical sense of how to bring it all together. Nonprofit organizations present unique opportunities and challenges for meeting the needs of societies and their communities, yet nonprofit management is more complex and challenging than ever. This Handbook provides a framework to help you lead and manage efficiently and effectively in this new environment. Building on solid current scholarship, the handbook provides candid, practical guidance from nationally-recognized leaders who share their insights on: The relationship between board performance and organizational effectiveness Managing internal and external stakeholder relationships Financial viability and sustainability and how to enhance both for the long term Strategies to successfully attract, retain, and mobilize the very best of staff and volunteers The fourth edition of the handbook also includes content relevant to associations and membership organizations. The content of the handbook is supplemented and enriched by an extensive set of online supplements and tools, including reading lists, web references, checklists, PowerPoint slides, discussion guides, and sample exams. Running your nonprofit or nongovernmental organization effectively in today's complex and challenging environment demands more knowledge and skill than ever, deployed in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. Grounded in the most useful modern scholarship and theory, and explained from the perspective of effective practice, The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is a pivotal resource for successful nonprofit leaders in these turbulent times.

Engine of Impact

Engine of Impact Author William F. Meehan III
ISBN-10 9781503603622
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 280
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We are entering a new era—an era of impact. The largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history will soon be under way, bringing with it the potential for huge increases in philanthropic funding. Engine of Impact shows how nonprofits can apply the principles of strategic leadership to attract greater financial support and leverage that funding to maximum effect. As Good to Great author Jim Collins writes in his foreword, this book offers "a detailed roadmap of disciplined thought and action for turning a good nonprofit into one that can achieve great impact at scale." William F. Meehan III and Kim Starkey Jonker identify seven essential components of strategic leadership that set high-achieving organizations apart from the rest of the nonprofit sector. Together, these components form an "engine of impact"—a system that organizations must build, tune, and fuel if they hope to make a real difference in the world. Drawing on decades of teaching, advising, grantmaking, and research, Meehan and Jonker provide an actionable guide that executives, staff, board members, and donors can use to jumpstart their own performance and to achieve extraordinary results for their organization. Along with setting forth best practices using real-world examples, the authors outline common management challenges faced by nonprofits, showing how these challenges differ from those faced by for-profit businesses in important and often-overlooked ways. By offering crucial insights on the fundamentals of nonprofit management, this book will help leaders equip their organizations to fire on all cylinders and unleash the full potential of the nonprofit sector. Visit for additional information.

Nonprofit Trusteeship in Different Contexts

Nonprofit Trusteeship in Different Contexts Author Rikki Abzug
ISBN-10 9781351152341
Release 2017-11-28
Pages 167
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Critical interest in the characteristics, make-up and management of nonprofit organizations has seldom been higher. As this impetus grows, this important book draws on advances in neo-institutional organizational theory to explore the environmental and contextual influences on the structure and composition of boards of nonprofit organizations. Using information theoretic modelling, the book studies the interactions of time, place and organizational types (including faith affiliation) on US nonprofit boards, using unique quantitative data, collected from over 300 prestigious nonprofit organizations in a range of major US cities. With examples drawn from a variety of nonprofit sectors, including hospitals, museums, orchestras, universities, family services and community foundations, the book examines how boards evolve over time, in often unexpected ways; and in ways which reflect the regional, industrial and religious differences in the same period. Detailing the important implications for theory, practice and policy, this is the first book-length treatment of this topic to feature such a range of industries, geographic areas, and time frames. It offers a refreshing narrative and scientific approach; new and comprehensive subject matter; and a sweeping new time frame for literature in the field.

A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms and Concepts

A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms and Concepts Author David Horton Smith
ISBN-10 9780253112224
Release 2006-11-08
Pages 360
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This reference work defines more than 1,200 terms and concepts that have been found useful in past research and theory on the nonprofit sector. The entries reflect the importance of associations, citizen participation, philanthropy, voluntary action, nonprofit management, volunteer administration, leisure, and political activities of nonprofits. They also reflect a concern for the wider range of useful general concepts in theory and research that bear on the nonprofit sector and its manifestations in the United States and elsewhere. This dictionary supplies some of the necessary foundational work on the road toward a general theory of the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice

Nonprofit Management  Principles and Practice Author Michael J. Worth
ISBN-10 9781452243092
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 453
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Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice is a comprehensive textbook written for the Nonprofit Management course, covering the scope and structure of the nonprofit sector, leadership of nonprofits, managing the nonprofit organization, fundraising, earned income strategies, financial management, nonprofit lobbying and advocacy, managing international and global organizations, and social entrepreneurship. Written specifically for students, this text integrates research, theory, and the practitioner literature and includes more than is found in the more prescriptive, practitioner-oriented alternatives. Providing an overview suitable for students enrolled in their first course in the field, the book also includes cases and discussions of advanced issues for those with experience. Key Features: - Includes a chapter on Social Entrepreneurship, which examines the theories behind this concept as well as the successful practices of high-impact nonprofits around the world - Takes a balanced approach to varied perspectives and controversial issues and encompasses traditional concepts as well as new approaches and thinking - Integrates social sciences research, management theory, and practitioner literature Includes mini-cases to enhance student understanding of the issues involved in real-world situations - Chapter-ending suggestions for further reading and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter help students apply chapter content to actual nonprofit organizations.

Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan

Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan Author Institute of Medicine
ISBN-10 9780309264273
Release 2013-04-12
Pages 794
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As of December 2012, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in Iraq have resulted in the deployment of about 2.2 million troops; there have been 2,222 US fatalities in OEF and Operation New Dawn (OND)1 and 4,422 in OIF. The numbers of wounded US troops exceed 16,000 in Afghanistan and 32,000 in Iraq. In addition to deaths and morbidity, the operations have unforeseen consequences that are yet to be fully understood. In contrast with previous conflicts, the all-volunteer military has experienced numerous deployments of individual service members; has seen increased deployments of women, parents of young children, and reserve and National Guard troops; and in some cases has been subject to longer deployments and shorter times at home between deployments. Numerous reports in the popular press have made the public aware of issues that have pointed to the difficulty of military personnel in readjusting after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of those who have served in OEF and OIF readjust with few difficulties, but others have problems in readjusting to home, reconnecting with family members, finding employment, and returning to school. In response to the return of large numbers of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with physical-health and mental-health problems and to the growing readjustment needs of active duty service members, veterans, and their family members, Congress included Section 1661 of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2008. That section required the secretary of defense, in consultation with the secretary of veterans affairs, to enter into an agreement with the National Academies for a study of the physical-health, mental-health, and other readjustment needs of members and former members of the armed forces who were deployed in OIF or OEF, their families, and their communities as a result of such deployment. The study consisted of two phases. The Phase 1 task was to conduct a preliminary assessment. The Phase 2 task was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the physical, psychologic, social, and economic effects of deployment on and identification of gaps in care for members and former members, their families, and their communities. The Phase 1 report was completed in March 2010 and delivered to the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the relevant committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The secretaries of DOD and VA responded to the Phase 1 report in September 2010. Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan: Assessment of Readjustment Needs of Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families fulfills the requirement for Phase 2.

Nuevos Senderos

Nuevos Senderos Author Diana Campoamor
ISBN-10 1611922356
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 303
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These essays provide historical studies, sociological surveys and analyses of policies and practices in the philanthropic community, not only in the United States but, for comparison's sake, in Mexico and Argentina as well. While descriptive and analytical, this collection also identifies, for policymakers and practitioners, opportunities for more and better involvement in serving Latinos.

Internal Revenue Service Data Book 2013

Internal Revenue Service Data Book  2013 Author Internal Revenue Service (U S )
ISBN-10 0160923980
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 82
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Covers October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005. Provides data on collecting Federal tax revenue, enforcing tax law, assisting taxpayers, managing the internal revenue system. Includes lists of key IRS officials, and an organizational chart of the IRS.