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The Next Elvis

The Next Elvis Author Barbara Barnes Sims
ISBN-10 9780807158005
Release 2014-08-11
Pages 240
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An American institution, Sun Records has a history with many chapters -- its Memphis origins with visionary Sam Phillips, the breakthrough recordings of Elvis Presley, and the studio's immense influence on the sound of popular music. But behind the company's chart toppers and legendary musicians there exists another story, told by Barbara Barnes Sims. In the male-dominated workforce of the 1950s, 24-year-old Sims found herself thriving in the demanding roles of publicist and sales promotion coordinator at Sun Records. Sims's job placed her in the studio with Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, Carl Perkins, and other Sun entertainers, as well as the unforgettable Phillips, whose work made the music that defined an era. The Next Elvis: Searching for Stardom at Sun Records chronicles Sims's career at the studio, a pivotal time at this recording mecca, as she darted from disc jockeys to distributors. Sims not only entertains with personal stories of big personalities, but also brings humor to the challenges of a young woman working in a fast and tough industry. Her disarming narrative ranges from descriptions of a disgraced Jerry Lee Lewis to the remarkable impact and tragic fall of DJ Daddy-O Dewey to the frenzied Memphis homecoming of Elvis after his military service. Collectively, these vignettes offer a rare and intimate look at the people, the city, and the studio that permanently shifted the trajectory of rock 'n' roll.


Subversives Author Stanley Harrold
ISBN-10 0807128058
Release 2003
Pages 280
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Risking beatings, mob violence, imprisonment, and death, these men and women distributed abolitionist literature, purchased the freedom of slaves, sued to prevent families from being separated, and aided escape efforts.".

Sam Phillips The Man Who Invented Rock n Roll

Sam Phillips  The Man Who Invented Rock  n  Roll Author Peter Guralnick
ISBN-10 9780316341844
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 784
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The author of the critically acclaimed Elvis Presley biography Last Train to Memphis brings us the life of Sam Phillips, the visionary genius who singlehandedly steered the revolutionary path of Sun Records. The music that he shaped in his tiny Memphis studio with artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Ike Turner, Howlin' Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash, introduced a sound that had never been heard before. He brought forth a singular mix of black and white voices passionately proclaiming the vitality of the American vernacular tradition while at the same time declaring, once and for all, a new, integrated musical day. With extensive interviews and firsthand personal observations extending over a 25-year period with Phillips, along with wide-ranging interviews with nearly all the legendary Sun Records artists, Guralnick gives us an ardent, unrestrained portrait of an American original as compelling in his own right as Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, or Thomas Edison.

Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips Author Peter Guralnick
ISBN-10 9780297856542
Release 2015-11-12
Pages 384
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Rock 'n' roll was born in rural Alabama, 1923, in the form of Sam Phillips, the youngest son of a large family living in a remote colony called the Lovelace Community. His father had a gift for farming, which was brought to an end by the Depression. His mother picked guitar and showed the kind of forbearance that allowed her to name her son after the doctor who delivered him drunk and then had to be put to bed himself. And yet from these unprepossessing origins, in 1951 Phillips made what is widely considered to be the first rock 'n' roll record, Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston's 'Rocket 88'. Just two years later a shy eighteen-year-old kid with sideburns, fresh out of high school, wandered into his recording studio to make a record 'for his mother', secretly hoping that it might somehow get him noticed. His name was Elvis Presley. Elvis's success, and the subsequent triumph of rock 'n' roll, was initially propelled to an almost astonishing degree by a limited number of releases by Carl 'Blue Suede Shoes' Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis - all from this tiny, one-man label. An engaging mix of biography and anecdote, Peter Guralnick's book brilliantly recreates one shining moment in the history of popular culture. And Sam Phillips was the man who brought it all about.

Sun Records An Oral History Second Edition

Sun Records  An Oral History  Second Edition Author John Floyd
ISBN-10 9781942531098
Release 2015-06-25
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The tiny Sun studio at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee may not have looked like much from the outside, but inside musical miracles were being performed daily by its enigmatic owner, Sam Phillips. Phillips began more or less as a talent scout for other record labels, such as the legendary Chess Records of Chicago. However, after discovering a wealth of talent in his own backyard in the Mid-South area, Phillips began his own record label – Sun – with an emblematic rising sun and rooster logo. A white man who loved and understood African-American music, Phillips recorded soon-to-be blues icons such as Howlin’ Wolf, Rufus Thomas, and B.B. King. A seismic shift occurred during one session in 1951 when Phillips recorded “Rocket 88” with Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner. That shift was to become known as rock and roll. A shy white boy named Elvis Presley came in the studio to record a song for his mother’s birthday. Phillips recognized something in the young man, and a moment of silliness in the studio ruptured into the first record of the future King of Rock & Roll, “That’s All Right.” Elvis shot to stardom; Sun Records didn’t stop there. Hot on his heels came Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash. However, there wasn’t a day that the studio wasn’t searching for other artists, other hits. Sun Records: An Oral History (Second Edition) brings to readers the voices of the pillars of Sun Records, the artists, producers, and engineers who made the place tick. Rufus Thomas (the first hit-maker for Sun), Scotty Moore, Rosco Gordon, Little Milton Campbell, Billy Lee Riley, producer and musician Roland Janes, producer Cowboy Jack Clement, and others all tell their inimitable stories about the making of a music empire, the label that put rock and roll on the world map. Music journalist and critic John Floyd has woven together dozens of priceless stories and anecdotes with his own insightful and artful narrative to make this book definitive for anyone interested in Sun Records or the birth and rise of rock and roll. For example, there are firsthand accounts of the early Elvis sessions by Scotty Moore, Billy Lee Riley’s own account of his legendary drunken rampage in the Sun studio, and a transcript of the back-and-forth hell and damnation conversation between a reluctant Jerry Lee Lewis and Sam Phillips just prior to the recording of “Great Balls of Fire.” This Second Edition updates the masterful original book which was critically acclaimed and considered one of the canon of must-have music books.

Dead Elvis

Dead Elvis Author Greil Marcus
ISBN-10 0674194225
Release 1999
Pages 233
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In life, Elvis Presley went from childhood poverty to stardom, from world fame to dissipation and early death. As Greil Marcus shows in this remarkable book, Presley's journey after death takes him even further, pushing him beyond his own frontiers to merge with the American public consciousnessâe"and the American subconscious. As he listens in on the public conversation that recreates Elvis after death, Marcus tracks the path of Presley's resurrection. He grafts together scattered fragments of the eclectic dialogueâe"snatches of movies and music, books and newspapers, photographs, posters, cartoonsâe"and amazes us with not only what America has been saying as it raises its late king, but also what this strange obsession with a dead Elvis can tell us about America itself.

The Enduring Vision A History of the American People Concise

The Enduring Vision  A History of the American People  Concise Author Paul S. Boyer
ISBN-10 9781133713548
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 880
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THE ENDURING VISION, CONCISE EDITION, is an engaging narrative that integrates political, social, and cultural history within a chronological framework. Known for its focus on the environment and the land, the text is also praised for its innovative coverage of cultural history, public health and medicine, and the West--including Native American history. The Seventh Edition brings the work fully up to date, and was carefully revised to create a sharper narrative. Chapters 26 through 29 have been reorganized to consolidate coverage of the Cold War, the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War, so that each is addressed cohesively. Available in the following split options: THE ENDURING VISION, CONCISE Seventh Edition (Chapters 1-31); Volume 1: To 1877 (Chapters 1-16); Volume 2: From 1865 (Chapters 16-31). Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Elvis Author Terry Collins
ISBN-10 9781429662666
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 32
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"In graphic novel format, explores the life of Elvis Presley and describes his return to stardom through his '68 Comeback Special"--Provided by publisher.

Paranoia Power

Paranoia   Power Author Gene N. Landrum
ISBN-10 9781600379550
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 444
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Landrum's 13th book is a self-help work on the inhibiting inner fears that either motivate or debilitate. As a pundit once said, "Hesitate and you are lost." Why do most people hesitate? Fear! The fear of not being good enough or the fear that comes from thinking too much. We are afraid of those things we don't understand but the true visionaries jump right into those fears and they magically disappear. Fear was the fuel of the passions of Elvis. In the case of director Steven Speilberg, he had a deep-seated fear of the dark. The only time he wasn't afraid when in a theater where he escaped into the fantasy of make-believe. What did that have to with his accumulating $2 billion? Plenty! He told the media, "When I was in my 20's I would get sort of nauseous stage fright. My insecurities are the fuel for my stories."

Johnny Cash and Philosophy

Johnny Cash and Philosophy Author John Huss
ISBN-10 9780812697780
Release 2011-08-31
Pages 288
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Interest in the Man in Black has grown since his death in 2003, with increased record sales, cover videos by groups like Nine Inch Nails, and the 2006 biopic Walk the Line cementing his fame. This book honors Cash by examining the many philosophical issues and concepts within his music. From the gender confusion of “A Boy Named Sue” to the ethics of "shooting a man just to watch him die,” philosophers who are fans of Johnny Cash explore the meaning and continuing importance of his work and legacy.

The Unofficial Encyclopedia of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Unofficial Encyclopedia of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Author Nick Talevski
ISBN-10 0313300321
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 402
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Explores the history of the different rock and roll performers, producers, deejays, and songwriters who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Stars in Khaki

Stars in Khaki Author James E. Wise
ISBN-10 UOM:39015049982112
Release 2000-01
Pages 241
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This book is filled with celebrity profiles of motion picture starts who served in the U.S. Army and air services from World War I through the Vietnam War. Photos.

The Gospel Side of Elvis

The Gospel Side of Elvis Author Joe Moscheo
ISBN-10 9781599950259
Release 2007-08-13
Pages 300
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Gospel music was a significant part of not only who Elvis became as a man, but as an artist as well. As Elvis mania continues to consume generation after generation throughout the world, fans still crave new insights into the person of Elvis Presley. This book takes a look at his roots and the role of gospel in his foundational years, as well as the comfort, solace, and strength it offered him in the years of his meteoric rise in popularity. With the addition of "150 Little Known facts about Elvis" and eight unique appendices not included in the original hardcover book, this paperback edition THE GOSPEL SIDE OF ELVIS reveals much about the Elvis so many have yet to discover and is sure to become a collector's treasure.

Lady Gaga Looking for Fame

Lady Gaga  Looking for Fame Author Paul Lester
ISBN-10 9780857129963
Release 2010-09-06
Pages 190
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Lady Gaga: Looking For Fame - The Life Of A Pop Princess is the electrifying biography by Paul Lester and explores Stefani Germanotta's rapid rise to global stardom in the guise of the outrageous Lady Gaga. Hers has been a triumph achieved with the help of wild image-making, infectious pop hits and a teasing strand of ambiguous sexuality that has turned her into a gay icon. At heart it’s the story of a unique self-made phenomenon – a Madonna for today. As an adoring fan of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, Lady Gaga took the essence of 80s glam and reinvented it for the digital age. Commercially successful and critically accepted she shot from obscurity on Manhattan’s Lower East Side club scene to worldwide fame in just a couple of years. This is the story of her high-speed rise in the fame game, told with a mix of admiration and sharp journalistic insight.

I Walked the Line

I Walked the Line Author Vivian Cash
ISBN-10 9781847395955
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 336
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When Johnny Cash died in September 2003, the world mourned the loss of the greatest country music star of all time. I Walked the Line is the life story of Vivian Cash, Johnny's first wife and the mother of his four daughters. It is a tale of long-kept secrets, lies revealed, betrayal and, at last, the truth. Johnny and Vivian were married for nearly fourteen years. These years spanned Johnny's military service in Germany, his earliest musical inclinations, their struggling newlywed years, Johnny's first record deal with Sun Records (alongside Elvis Presley), his astounding rise to stardom, and his well-known battles with pills and the law. Vivian decided that, near the end of her life and with backing from Johnny, she should tell the whole story, even the parts at odds with the iconic Cash family image such as Johnny's drug problems; Vivian's confrontation with June Carter about her affair with Johnny and, most sensationally, the Cash family secret of June's lifelong addiction to drugs and the events leading up to her death. Also revealed are unpublished love letters between the couple, family photographs and artefacts. I Walked the Line is a powerful memoir of joy and happiness, injustice and triumph and is an essential read for all Cash fans.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Author Hourly History
ISBN-10 1985229579
Release 2018-02-21
Pages 44
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Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was much more than a cultural icon; he was a reliable barometer of the world he grew up in. Long before the cultural revolutions of the '60s and '70s, Elvis was sparking a dynastic change of hands in American society. And by his own admission, much of it was by accident. Whenever his performances caused a stir, Elvis was always the first to ask what all the fuss was about. When questioned if he was trying to provoke a response from his audience, Elvis innocently replied that he was just doing what came naturally. Inside you will read about... - Elvis and His Twin - That's All Right - Presley's Controversial Rise - Elvis Joins the Army - Comeback in Las Vegas - Last Years and Death And much more! According to Elvis, as much as James Dean was a "rebel without a cause," he was a rebel completely by accident. If we believe him, everything he did that led to his rise to stardom was just some sort of cosmic alignment of happenstance. Elvis claimed that when he went into Sun Records to record his first song, he wasn't looking to become famous; he maintained that he just wanted to record a song for his mom's birthday. This book will let you decide for yourself as you learn about the life, the legend, and the unmistakable icon-Elvis Presley.

The Rock Who s who

The Rock Who s who Author Brock Helander
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822029731593
Release 1996
Pages 849
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Identifies rock singers, musicians, and composers, and provides complete discographies for each artist