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The Oracle

The Oracle Author William J. Broad
ISBN-10 9781440649349
Release 2007-01-30
Pages 336
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A gripping modern-day detective story about the scientific quest to understand the Oracle of Delphi Like Walking the Bible, this fascinating book turns a modern eye on an enduring legend. The Oracle of Delphi was one of the most influential figures in ancient Greece. Human mistress of the god Apollo, she had the power to enter into ecstatic communion with him and deliver his prophesies to men. Thousands of years later, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist William J. Broad follows a crew of enterprising researchers as they sift through the evidence of history, geology, and archaeology to reveal—as far as science is able—the source of her visions.

The Science of Yoga

The Science of Yoga Author William J Broad
ISBN-10 9781451641424
Release 2012-02-07
Pages 298
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Examines the health claims of modern yoga, drawing on scientific and cultural research to offer advice on how to recognize authentic yoga practice and gain actual benefits.

The Delphic Oracle Its Responses and Operations with a Catalogue of Responses

The Delphic Oracle  Its Responses and Operations  with a Catalogue of Responses Author Joseph Eddy Fontenrose
ISBN-10 0520033604
Release 1978-01-01
Pages 476
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The Delphic Oracle Its Responses and Operations with a Catalogue of Responses has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Delphic Oracle Its Responses and Operations with a Catalogue of Responses also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Delphic Oracle Its Responses and Operations with a Catalogue of Responses book for free.

Gnostic Visions

Gnostic Visions Author Luke A. Myers
ISBN-10 9781462005482
Release 2011-04
Pages 320
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Gnostic texts are filled with encounters of strange other worldly beings, journeys to visionary heavenly realms, and encounters with the presence and spirit of the divine. In Gnostic visions, author and Gnostic scholar Luke A. Myers presents evidence demonstrating how Gnostic visions were created and the connection these visions have to naturally occurring visionary compounds that are still in existence today. The culmination of more than ten years of research, "Gnostic Visions" advances the understanding of classical ethnobotany, Gnosticism, and the genesis of early Christian history. In this book the author discusses the prehistoric foundations of early human religion as well as the visionary religious traditions of the classical Greeks and Egyptians. Using these as a foundation, the book presents new and never before seen research explaining how Gnostic visions were created and what types of compounds were used by these ancient people to create them. "Gnostic Visions" presents evidence directly linking visionary Ayahuasca analogs with the creation of Gnostic and Hermetic visionary experiences. "Gnostic Visions" also describes the decline of Gnosticism, other visionary practices used in the Dark Ages and gives a brief tour of the visionary plants of the new world. In Gnostic visions, Myers tells of his personal experience with the divine and includes some of his own reflections of the importance of mankind's relationship to the natural world. He communicates that altered states of consciousness have been responsible for many of the most profound mystical religious experiences in human history.

The Seer in Ancient Greece

The Seer in Ancient Greece Author Michael Flower
ISBN-10 9780520259935
Release 2009-03-24
Pages 305
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"The seer (mantis), an expert in the art of divination, operated in ancient Greek society through a combination of charismatic inspiration and diverse skills ranging from examining the livers of sacrificed animals to spirit possession. Unlike the palm readers and mediums who exist on the fringe of modern society, many seers were highly paid, well respected, educated members of the elite who played an essential role in the conduct of daily life, political decisions, and military campaigns. Armies, for example, never went anywhere without one. This engaging book, the only comprehensive study of this fascinating figure, enters into the socioreligious world of ancient Greece to explore what seers did, why they were so widely employed, and how their craft served as a viable and useful social practice." -- Publisher's description.

100 Prophecies of the Delphic Oracle

100 Prophecies of the Delphic Oracle Author Myron Stagman
ISBN-10 0970926502
Release 2001-04
Pages 176
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The Prophecies of the Delphic Oracle, aside from their mystery and marvel, offer an ideal opportunity to describe the extraordinary culture and history of Ancient Greece.

Have You Been to Delphi

Have You Been to Delphi Author Roger Lipsey
ISBN-10 0791447812
Release 2001-01-11
Pages 308
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A fascinating collection of tales and lore from the ancient Oracle at Delphi, this book provides both a collection of good stories and finds spiritual enlightenment weaved throughout these diverse offerings.

Navel of the Earth

Navel of the Earth Author Marios Koutsoukos
ISBN-10 1540741281
Release 2016-11-30
Pages 172
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The oracle of Delphi, the sacred abode of the raving prophetess, the Pythia, was for centuries one of the most celebrated and influential religious centers in the ancient Greek world. There, the magnificent temple of Apollo was not only gilded in riches of gold and bronze but also in the jewels of everlasting wisdom: the Delphic Admonitions. These were brief "catchphrases" conveying moral, philosophical and even practical teachings, inscribed on pillars around the temple. They were attributed to the Seven Sages of antiquity, a group of philosophers who laid the cornerstone in the edifice of western culture and intellect. This work contains a selection of 120 of the most principle Delphic Admonitions translated in English and each one is presented with an accompanying historical and philological commentary so that the reader may understand them both in the context of the ancient world as well as in that of their application to modern-day life. Complete with a detailed introduction exploring the many mysteries surrounding Delphi's long and fascinating history, an appendix containing the Delphic Admonitions in the original ancient Greek and numerous references to classical Greek and Roman literature, "Navel of the Earth" is, in effect, an anthology of history, philosophy and theology as well as a useful handbook for those wishing to embark on the mysterious and rewarding journey of rediscovering the sublime wisdom of antiquity.

The Parthenon Enigma

The Parthenon Enigma Author Joan Breton Connelly
ISBN-10 9780385350501
Release 2014-01-28
Pages 512
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Built in the fifth century b.c., the Parthenon has been venerated for more than two millennia as the West’s ultimate paragon of beauty and proportion. Since the Enlightenment, it has also come to represent our political ideals, the lavish temple to the goddess Athena serving as the model for our most hallowed civic architecture. But how much do the values of those who built the Parthenon truly correspond with our own? And apart from the significance with which we have invested it, what exactly did this marvel of human hands mean to those who made it? In this revolutionary book, Joan Breton Connelly challenges our most basic assumptions about the Parthenon and the ancient Athenians. Beginning with the natural environment and its rich mythic associations, she re-creates the development of the Acropolis—the Sacred Rock at the heart of the city-state—from its prehistoric origins to its Periklean glory days as a constellation of temples among which the Parthenon stood supreme. In particular, she probes the Parthenon’s legendary frieze: the 525-foot-long relief sculpture that originally encircled the upper reaches before it was partially destroyed by Venetian cannon fire (in the seventeenth century) and most of what remained was shipped off to Britain (in the nineteenth century) among the Elgin marbles. The frieze’s vast enigmatic procession—a dazzling pageant of cavalrymen and elders, musicians and maidens—has for more than two hundred years been thought to represent a scene of annual civic celebration in the birthplace of democracy. But thanks to a once-lost play by Euripides (the discovery of which, in the wrappings of a Hellenistic Egyptian mummy, is only one of this book’s intriguing adventures), Connelly has uncovered a long-buried meaning, a story of human sacrifice set during the city’s mythic founding. In a society startlingly preoccupied with cult ritual, this story was at the core of what it meant to be Athenian. Connelly reveals a world that beggars our popular notions of Athens as a city of staid philosophers, rationalists, and rhetoricians, a world in which our modern secular conception of democracy would have been simply incomprehensible. The Parthenon’s full significance has been obscured until now owing in no small part, Connelly argues, to the frieze’s dismemberment. And so her investigation concludes with a call to reunite the pieces, in order that what is perhaps the greatest single work of art surviving from antiquity may be viewed more nearly as its makers intended. Marshalling a breathtaking range of textual and visual evidence, full of fresh insights woven into a thrilling narrative that brings the distant past to life, The Parthenon Enigma is sure to become a landmark in our understanding of the civilization from which we claim cultural descent.

The Universe Below

The Universe Below Author William J Broad
ISBN-10 9780684838526
Release 1998-06-16
Pages 432
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Explores the depths of Earth's oceans to discover a long-hidden world of alien creatures, vanished civilizations, and lost ships, and describes the new technologies that make such expeditions possible

The Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi Author Charles River Charles River Editors
ISBN-10 198575732X
Release 2018-02-21
Pages 64
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*Includes pictures *Includes ancient descriptions of the oracle *Includes a bibliography for further reading "Not often nor regularly, but occasionally and fortuitously, the room in which they seat the god's consultants is filled with a fragrance and breeze, as if the adyton were sending forth the essences of the sweetest and most expensive perfumes from a spring." - Plutarch "[T]he seat of the oracle is a cavern hollowed down in the depths...from which arises pneuma [breath, vapor, gas] that inspires a divine state of possession." - Strabo, Geography 9.3.5 The Oracle of Delphi was one of the greatest religious institutions in Ancient Greece and one which played a significant role not only in the formation and collective decisions of Hellenic localities and city-states but also in the personal lives of Greeks known and unknown. The site was dedicated to the god Apollo, and the Greeks believed the god spoke his oracles through his prophetess known as the Pythia. The judgments and decisions rendered by the oracle were so important to the Greeks that they often put them above all other interests, even security threats posed by the likes of the Persians, and Delphi was popular even amongst outsiders. The Pythia delivered the god's oracles to such famous persons as Midas and Croesus, and it provided consultations during such important historical moments as the Persian War and the Peloponnesian War. Many authors of antiquity mention the oracle for one reason or another, and there even survive epigraphic collections that preserve the god's words on stone. The ancient Greeks called Delphi the omphalos ("navel") of the Earth, and the black rock that symbolized this imagined center stands at the site to this very day. Sitting at the foot of Mt. Parnassos, Delphi overlooks the Gulf of Corinth, and it is no wonder why the setting mesmerized contemporaries. The majestic, almost magical, aspect of the site, bordered by precipitous cliffs and craggy footpaths on a hillside that is dotted with deep, dark caves and lined by gargling streams of pure water, never fails to inspire a sense of awe and wonder in its visitors, even to this very day. Despite the oracle's fame and popularity, however, modern knowledge of Delphi remains limited in certain respects. Cultic history has become so intertwined with cultic myth that the lines separating one from another have been nearly lost. Modern scholars studying the oracle of Delphi have tried to pull the shroud of mythology away from historical facts to illuminate the realities of the Apolline cult, but the job has often proved trickier than imagined. If anything, the work of scholars has deepened the mysticism of Delphi rather than dispel it, in large measure due to documenting fascinating and mysterious stories about the oracle. Certain aspects of the Delphic cult will likely always be impossible to describe with any degree of accuracy or certainty, despite scholars' best attempts at imaginative reconstruction, because its foundation and function depended entirely upon religious belief in Apollo and his prophetic gift, which no amount of scholarship can fully explain. The Oracle of Delphi: The Ancient World's Most Famous Seer examines the history and mysteries surrounding the influential Greek oracle, including the historical buildings of the site and the cultic traditions recorded by ancient writers, in an attempt to separate truth from fiction as much as possible. Along with pictures and a bibliography, you will learn about the Delphic Oracle like never before, in no time at all.

The Ancient Oracles

The Ancient Oracles Author Richard Stoneman
ISBN-10 0300140428
Release 2011
Pages 270
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For more than a thousand years, Greeks from all walks of life consulted oracles for guidance received directly from the gods. This colorful and wide-ranging survey encompasses the entire history of Greek oracles and focuses fresh attention on philosophical, psychological, and anthropological aspects of oracular consultation. It also examines how Greek oracles' practices were distinctive compared to those of their neighbors, especially in Egypt, Babylon, and Israel. Richard Stoneman weaves a fascinating historical tapestry, taking into account the different kinds of oracles (healers, advisors, prophets, and others), their most important sanctuaries, debates about them among ancient thinkers, and Christian attacks on them. Delving into the reasons behind the oracles' enduring position at the heart of Greek culture, Stoneman offers fresh insights into pagan religious practice and the history of Greek intellectual and spiritual life.

Star Warriors

Star Warriors Author William J Broad
ISBN-10 9780671628208
Release 1986-10-15
Pages 256
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Star Warriors has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Star Warriors also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Star Warriors book for free.

Voices of Ancient Greece and Rome Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life

Voices of Ancient Greece and Rome  Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life Author David Matz
ISBN-10 9780313387395
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 268
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Collecting documents culled from the writings of ancient Greek and Roman authors, this book provides a glimpse of what life was like in ancient times and illustrates the relevance of these long-ago civilizations to modern life. • Over 40 documents, excerpted from the writings of ancient Greek and Roman authors, such as Plutarch's description of the banishment from Athens of a just man • A timeline of the ancient Greco-Roman world provides a chronology of important events • A glossary containing descriptions/definitions of many Greek and Roman words and terms, such as "strategos"

The Double Tongue

The Double Tongue Author William Golding
ISBN-10 0374526370
Release 1999-10-01
Pages 165
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The Double Tongue is William Golding's last and perhaps most superbly imaginative novel. It is a fictional memoir of an aged prophetess at Delphi, the most sacred oracle of ancient Greece, just prior to Greece's domination by the Roman Empire. As a young girl, Arieka is ugly, unconventional, a source of great shame to her uppity parents, who fear they'll never marry her off. But she is saved by Ionides, the High Priest of the Delphic temple, who detects something of a seer (and a friend) in her and whisks her off to the shrine to become the Pythia - the earthly voice of the god Apollo. Arieka has now spent a lifetime at the mercy of a god, a priest, and her devotees, and has witnessed firsthand the decay of Delphi's fortunes and its influence in the world. Her reflections on the mysteries of the oracle, which her own weird gifts embody, are matched by her feminine insight into the human frailties of the High Priest himself, a true Athenian with a wicked sense of humor, whose intriguing against the Romans brings about humiliation and disaster. This extraordinary short novel, left in draft at the author's death in 1993, is a psychological and historical triumph. Golding has created a vivid and comic picture of ancient Greek society as well as an absolutely convincing portrait of a woman's experience, something rare in the Golding oeuvre. Arieka the Pythia is one of his finest creations. Left in draft at the author's death in 1993, this extraordinary short novel is a psychological and historical triumph. An aged prophetess at Delphi, the most sacred oracle in ancient Greece, looks back over her strange life as the Pythia, the voice of the god Apollo. Golding was the author of Lord of the Flies, and a Nobel Laureate.

The Origin Map

The Origin Map Author Thomas G. Brophy
ISBN-10 9780595241224
Release 2002
Pages 188
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On a desolate plain in the Egyptian Sahara desert, west of Aswan, there is a very remote prehistoric site called Nabta Playa. There, a recently discovered complex of extremely ancient man-made megalithic structures have baffled the archaeologists who excavated them. An insight into the meaning and use of the megaliths led to a step-by-step sequence of discoveries, verified by measure and calculation, revealing that the megalithic architecture at Nabta Playa is a unified and detailed astrophysical map of truly astonishing accuracy, with no less than staggering implications. Written for the educated general reader, with technical appendices, the discovery of how to decipher the system of megalithic structures is reported with gripping clarity.

The Last Oracle

The Last Oracle Author James Rollins
ISBN-10 0061792888
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 608
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In Washington, D.C., a homeless man takes an assassin's bullet and dies in Commander Gray Pierce's arms. A bloody coin clutched in the dead man's hand—an ancient relic that can be traced back to the Greek Oracle of Delphi—is the key to a conspiracy that dates back to the Cold War and threatens the very foundation of humanity. For what if it were possible to bioengineer the next great prophet—a new Buddha, Muhammad, or even Jesus? Would this Second Coming be a boon . . . or would it initiate a chain reaction that would result in the extinction of humankind? Vital seconds are ticking rapidly away as Pierce races across the globe in search of answers, one step ahead of ruthless killers determined to reclaim the priceless artifact. Suddenly the future of all things is balanced on the brink between heaven and hell—and salvation or destruction rests in the hands of remarkable children.