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The Political Economy of Sugar Production in Colonial Kenya

The Political Economy of Sugar Production in Colonial Kenya Author Godriver Wanga-Odhiambo
ISBN-10 9781498511643
Release 2016-07-29
Pages 306
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This book describes the Asian agency in sugar production in colonial Nyanza and additionally examines the Asian initiative and the development of commercial cane farming in Central Nyanza. It provides a different perspective on the Asian initiative in agriculture by showing how Asians were involved in sugarcane farming and how production of sugar in colonial Nyanza was eventually made possible by Asian capital. This study relies mainly on primary sources, secondary sources, and oral interviews. The archival sources were derived from the Kenya National Archives. The primary materials included annual reports of the Department of Agriculture, District annual reports, Provincial reports, monthly intelligence reports, colonial officials’ correspondence, and correspondence from East Africa India National Congress. Oral interviews were also conducted to verify some information while the secondary sources were used to supplement the sources. This work is unique first due to its extensive use of archival sources, as most of these archival sources have not been used by other scholars in the field. Secondly, it deals with all parts of the sugar production process; it shows the connection to the current sugar situation in Kenya and also provides a framework in which to understand the persistent insufficiency in Kenya’s sugar industry. This work provides an important contribution to Kenyan economic history.

The Spread of Modern Industry to the Periphery since 1871

The Spread of Modern Industry to the Periphery since 1871 Author Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke
ISBN-10 9780191068089
Release 2017-03-23
Pages 416
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Ever since the Industrial Revolution of the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, industrialization has been the key to modern economic growth. The fact that modern industry originated in Britain, and spread initially to north-western Europe and North America, implied a dramatic divergence in living standards between the industrial North (or 'West') and a non-industrial, or even de-industrializing, South (or 'Rest'). This nineteenth-century divergence, which had profound economic, military, and geopolitical implications, has been studied in great detail by many economists and historians. Today, this divergence between the 'West' and the 'Rest' is visibly unravelling, as economies in Asia, Latin America and even sub-Saharan Africa converge on the rich economies of Europe and North America. This phenomenon, which is set to define the twenty-first century, both economically and politically, has also been the subject of a considerable amount of research. Less appreciated, however, are the deep historical roots of this convergence process, and in particular of the spread of modern industry to the global periphery. This volume fills this gap by providing a systematic, comparative, historical account of the spread of modern manufacturing beyond its traditional heartland, to Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, or what we call the poor periphery. It identifies the timing of this convergence, finding that this was fastest in the interwar and post-World War II years, not the more recent 'miracle growth' years. It also identifies which driving forces were common to all periphery countries, and which were not.

Never Be Silent

Never Be Silent Author Durrani, Shiraz
ISBN-10 9781869886059
Release 2016-11-25
Pages 280
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“We will never be silent until we get land to cultivate and freedom in this country of ours” …so sang Mau Mau activists. The struggle for independence in Kenya was waged at many levels. Never be Silent explores how this struggle was reflected in the communications field. It looks at publishing activities of the main contending forces and explores internal contradictions within each community. It documents the major part played by the communications activities of the organised working class and Mau Mau in the achievement of independence in Kenya. The book contributes to a reinterpretation of colonial history in Kenya from a working class point of view and also provides a new perspective on how communications can be a weapon for social justice in the hands of liberation forces.

From Mau Mau to Harambee

From Mau Mau to Harambee Author Tom G. Askwith
ISBN-10 UOM:39015037499475
Release 1995
Pages 221
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From Mau Mau to Harambee has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from From Mau Mau to Harambee also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full From Mau Mau to Harambee book for free.

Smallholder Agriculture in Colonial Kenya

Smallholder Agriculture in Colonial Kenya Author Anne Thurston
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106007878231
Release 1987
Pages 141
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Smallholder Agriculture in Colonial Kenya has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Smallholder Agriculture in Colonial Kenya also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Smallholder Agriculture in Colonial Kenya book for free.

Self Reliance in Kenya

Self Reliance in Kenya Author Philip M. Mbithi
ISBN-10 9171061215
Release 1977-01-01
Pages 177
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Self Reliance in Kenya has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Self Reliance in Kenya also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Self Reliance in Kenya book for free.

Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche

Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche Author Luce Irigaray
ISBN-10 0231070837
Release 1991
Pages 190
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Published in France in 1980, Marine Lover is the first in a trilogy in which Luce Irigaray links the interrogation of the feminine in post-Hegelian philosophy with a pre-Socratic investigation of the elements. Irigaray undertakes to interrogate Nietzche, the grandfather of poststructuralist philosophy, from the point of view of water. According to Irigaray, water is the element Nietzsche fears most. She uses this element in her narrative because for her there is a complex relationship between the feminine and the fluid. Irigaray's method is to engage in an amorous dialogue with the male philosopher. In this dialogue, she ruptures conventional discourse and writes in a lyrical style that defies distinction between theory, fiction, and philosophy.

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Africa

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Africa Author Kym Anderson
ISBN-10 0821376640
Release 2009-03-13
Pages 656
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The vast majority of the world s poorest households depend on farming for their livelihoods. During the 1960s and 1970s, most developing countries imposed pro-urban and anti-agricultural policies, while many high-income countries restricted agricultural imports and subsidized their farmers. Both sets of policies inhibited economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries. Although progress has been made over the past two decades to reduce those policy biases, many trade- and welfare-reducing price distortions remain between agriculture and other sectors and within the agricultural sector of both rich and poor countries. Comprehensive empirical studies of the disarray in world agricultural markets appeared approximately 20 years ago. Since then, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has provided estimates each year of market distortions in high-income countries, but there have been no comparable estimates for the world s developing countries. This volume is the third in a series (other volumes cover Asia, Europe s transition economies, and Latin America and the Caribbean) that not only fills that void for recent years but extends the estimates in a consistent and comparable way back in time and provides analytical narratives for scores of countries that shed light on the evolving nature and extent of policy interventions over the past half-century. 'Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Africa' provides an overview of the evolution of distortions to agricultural incentives caused by price and trade policies in the Arab Republic of Egypt plus 20 countries that account for about of 90 percent of Sub-Saharan Africa s population, farm households, agricultural output, and overall GDP. Sectoral, trade, and exchange rate policies in the region have changed greatly since the 1950s, and there have been substantial reforms since the 1980s. Nonetheless, numerous price distortions in this region remain, others have been added in recent years, and there has also been some backsliding, such as in Zimbabwe. The new empirical indicators in these country studies provide a strong evidence-based foundation for assessing the successes and failures of the past and for evaluating policy options for the years ahead.

Gender Land and Livelihoods in East Africa

Gender  Land and Livelihoods in East Africa Author Ritu Verma
ISBN-10 0889369291
Release 2001-01
Pages 263
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Gender, Land, and Livelihoods in East Africa: Through farmers eyes

Moving the Maasai

Moving the Maasai Author L. Hughes
ISBN-10 9780230246638
Release 2006-01-10
Pages 238
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This is the scandalous story of how the Maasai people of Kenya lost the best part of their land to the British in the 1900s. Drawing upon unique oral testimony and extensive archival research, Hughes describes the intrigues surrounding two enforced moves and the 1913 lawsuit, while explaining why recent events have brought the story full circle.

Controversial Chiefs in Colonial Kenya

Controversial Chiefs in Colonial Kenya Author Evanson N. Wamagatta
ISBN-10 9781498521482
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 206
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This book documents the life of Senior Chief Waruhiu, one of colonial Kenya’s most controversial chiefs, from his birth in 1890 to his death in 1952.

African Perspectives on Development

African Perspectives on Development Author Ulf Himmelstrand
ISBN-10 0852552203
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 342
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Theoretical perspectives on the crisis of development theories.

Kenya s Past as Prologue

Kenya  s Past as Prologue Author Fouere, Marie-Aude
ISBN-10 9789966028518
Release 2015-06-16
Pages 266
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During the run-up to Kenya's 2013 general elections, crucial political and civic questions were raised. Could past mistakes, especially political and ethnic-related violence, be avoided this time round? Would the spectre of the 2007 post-electoral violence positively or negatively affect debates and voting? How would politicians, electoral bodies such as the IEBC, the Kenyan civil society, and the international community weigh in on the elections? More generally, would the 2013 elections bear witness to the building up of an electoral culture in Kenya, characterized by free and fair elections, or would it show that voting is still weakened by political malpractices, partisan opinions and emotional reactions? Would Kenya's past be inescapable or would it prepare the scene for a new political order? Kenyaís Past as Prologue adopts a multidisciplinary perspective ñ mainly built upon field-based ethnography and a selection of case studies ñ to answer these questions. Under the leadership of the French Institute for Research in Africa (Institut francais de recherche en Afrique, IFRA), political scientists, historians and anthropologists explore various aspects of the electoral process to contribute in-depth analyses of the last elections. They highlight the structural factors underlying election and voting in Kenya including the political system, culture and political transition. They also interrogate the short-term trends and issues that influence the new political order. The book provides insight into specific case studies, situations and contexts, thus bringing nuances and diversity into focus to better assess Kenya's evolving electoral democracy.


Dust Author Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
ISBN-10 9780307961211
Release 2014-01-28
Pages 384
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From a breathtaking new voice, a novel about a splintered family in Kenya—a story of power and deceit, unrequited love, survival and sacrifice. Odidi Oganda, running for his life, is gunned down in the streets of Nairobi. His grief-stricken sister, Ajany, just returned from Brazil, and their father bring his body back to their crumbling home in the Kenyan drylands, seeking some comfort and peace. But the murder has stirred memories long left untouched and unleashed a series of unexpected events: Odidi and Ajany’s mercurial mother flees in a fit of rage; a young Englishman arrives at the Ogandas’ house, seeking his missing father; a hardened policeman who has borne witness to unspeakable acts reopens a cold case; and an all-seeing Trader with a murky identity plots an overdue revenge. In scenes stretching from the violent upheaval of contemporary Kenya back through a shocking political assassination in 1969 and the Mau Mau uprisings against British colonial rule in the 1950s, we come to learn the secrets held by this parched landscape, buried deep within the shared past of the family and of a conflicted nation. Here is a spellbinding novel about a brother and sister who have lost their way; about how myths come to pass, history is written, and war stains us forever.

Farming Systems of the African Savanna

Farming Systems of the African Savanna Author A. Ker
ISBN-10 9780889367937
Release 1995
Pages 166
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Farming Systems of the African Savanna: A continent in crisis

The Migration Experience in Africa

The Migration Experience in Africa Author Jonathan Baker
ISBN-10 9171063668
Release 1995
Pages 353
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Area, Tanzania, by Vesa-Matti Loiske

British Policy in Kenya Colony

British Policy in Kenya Colony Author Marjorie Ruth Dilley
ISBN-10 0714616559
Release 1966
Pages 300
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At the time of this book’s original publication in 1938 the state if Kenya was exciting much interest and controversy and Miss Dilley’s work was recongnized as an important contribution towards understanding what was at once the most fascinating and the most difficult of all the colonial problems facing the British government. This book is a specific study of British policy in Kenya during this period as the author felt this was particularly pertinent in light of the complexity of the situation in Kenya. The work begins with a survey of the geography, racial groups, history and government organizations of Kenya Colony and Miss Dilley than traces the development and application of the policy which the British Government expressly undertook to maintain – a trusteeship for native races. She also gives a fair and lucid account of the growth of political organizations among the European settlers and describes the history of such past controversies as the ‘Indian Question’ and land alienation. Finally there is a brief section on the application of the principle of trusteeship which deals with the labour question and the industrial and agricultural problems of the colony.