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The Pope s Daughter

The Pope s Daughter Author Caroline P. Murphy
ISBN-10 0199741158
Release 2005-07-01
Pages 400
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The illegitimate daughter of Pope Julius II, Felice della Rovere became one of the most powerful and accomplished women of the Italian Renaissance. Now, Caroline Murphy vividly captures the untold story of a rare woman who moved with confidence through a world of popes and princes. Using a wide variety of sources, including Felice's personal correspondence, as well as diaries, account books, and chronicles of Renaissance Rome, Murphy skillfully weaves a compelling portrait of this remarkable woman. Felice della Rovere was to witness Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel, watch her father Pope Julius II lay the foundation stone for the new Saint Peter's, and see herself immortalized by Raphael in his Vatican frescos. With her marriage to Gian Giordano Orsini--arranged, though not attended, by her father the Pope--she came to possess great wealth and power, assets which she turned to her advantage. While her father lived, Felice exercised much influence in the affairs of Rome--even negotiating for peace with the Queen of France--and after his death, Felice persevered, making allies of the cardinals and clerics of St. Peter's and maintaining her control of the Orsini land through tenacity, ingenuity, and carefully cultivated political savvy. She survived the Sack of Rome in 1527, but her greatest enemy proved to be her own stepson Napoleone. The rivalry between him and her son Girolamo had a sudden and violent end, and brought her perilously close to losing everything she had spent her life acquiring. With a marvelous cast of characters, this is a spellbinding biography set against the brilliant backdrop of Renaissance Rome.

Murder of a Medici Princess

Murder of a Medici Princess Author Caroline P. Murphy
ISBN-10 9780195385830
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 397
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A vast treasure trove of newly discovered and unpublished documents illuminates the brilliant life and tragic death of Isabella de Medici, one of the brightest stars in Renaissance Italy, in this fast-paced narrative that reveals the culpability of her disapproving older brother in her murder by her jealous husband.

The Papacy Since 1500

The Papacy Since 1500 Author James Corkery
ISBN-10 9780521509879
Release 2010-08-12
Pages 275
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Structured by detailed studies of significant Popes, these essays explore the evolution of the papacy in the last 500 years.

The Pope s Daughter

The Pope s Daughter Author Dario Fo
ISBN-10 9781609452841
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 241
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Lucrezia Borgia is one of the most vilified women in modern history. The daughter of a notorious pope, she was twice betrothed before the age of eleven and thrice married—one husband was forced to declare himself impotent and thereby unfit and another was murdered by Lucrezia’s own brother, Cesar Borgia. She is cast in the role of murderess, temptress, incestuous lover, loose woman, femme fatale par excellence. But there are two sides to every story. Lucrezia Borgia is the only woman in history to have serve as the head of the Catholic Church. She successfully administered several of Renaissance Italy’s most thriving cities, founded one of the world’s first credit unions, and was a generous patron of the arts. She was mother to a prince and to a cardinal. She was a devoted wife to the Prince of Ferrara, and the lover of the poet Pietro Bembo. She was a child of the renaissance and, in many ways, the world’s first modern woman. In this richly imagined novel, Nobel laureate Dario Fo reveals Lucrezia’s humanity, her passion for life, her compassion for others, and her skill at navigating around her family’s evildoings. The Borgias are unrivalled for the range and magnitude of their political machinations and opportunism. Fo’s brilliance rests in his rendering their story as a shocking mirror image of the uses and abuses of power in our own time. Lucrezia herself becomes a model for how to survive and rise above those abuses. Part Wolf Hall, part House of Cards, The Pope's Daugther will appeal to readers of historical fiction and of contemporary fiction alike and will delight anyone fascinated by Renaissance Italy.

The Subtlest Soul

The Subtlest Soul Author Virginia Cox
ISBN-10 9780615778921
Release 2013-04-12
Pages 454
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{subtle. a. Guileful, cunning; wily; devious, underhand. Now rare} "The Subtlest Soul" is a novel of political intrigue, love, lust, betrayal, and espionage, set in the Italy of the Borgias and based on events recounted in Machiavelli's "Prince."

The Professor of Secrets

The Professor of Secrets Author William Eamon
ISBN-10 9781426206504
Release 2010
Pages 368
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Examines the life and work of sixteenth-century physician Leonardo Fioravanti, and describes the medical community and practices of Renaissance Italy.

Read On Biography Reading Lists for Every Taste

Read On   Biography  Reading Lists for Every Taste Author Rick Roche
ISBN-10 9781610691796
Release 2012-03-07
Pages 163
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Categorizing hundreds of popular biographies according to their primary appeal—character, story, setting, language, and mood—and organizing them into thematic lists, this guide will help readers' advisors more effectively recommend titles. • A chronology of the history of the biography genre • Brief reviews of over 450 high interest biographies

The Montefeltro Conspiracy

The Montefeltro Conspiracy Author Marcello Simonetta
ISBN-10 9780385526807
Release 2008-06-03
Pages 304
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A brutal murder, a nefarious plot, a coded letter. After five hundred years, the most notorious mystery of the Renaissance is finally solved. The Italian Renaissance is remembered as much for intrigue as it is for art, with papal politics and infighting among Italy’s many city-states providing the grist for Machiavelli’s classic work on take-no-prisoners politics, The Prince. The attempted assassination of the Medici brothers in the Duomo in Florence in 1478 is one of the best-known examples of the machinations endemic to the age. While the assailants were the Medici’s rivals, the Pazzi family, questions have always lingered about who really orchestrated the attack, which has come to be known as the Pazzi Conspiracy. More than five hundred years later, Marcello Simonetta, working in a private archive in Italy, stumbled upon a coded letter written by Federico da Montefeltro, the Duke of Urbino, to Pope Sixtus IV. Using a codebook written by his own ancestor to crack its secrets, Simonetta unearthed proof of an all-out power grab by the Pope for control of Florence. Montefeltro, long believed to be a close friend of Lorenzo de Medici, was in fact conspiring with the Pope to unseat the Medici and put the more malleable Pazzi in their place. In The Montefeltro Conspiracy, Simonetta unravels this plot, showing not only how the plot came together but how its failure (only one of the Medici brothers, Giuliano, was killed; Lorenzo survived) changed the course of Italian and papal history for generations. In the course of his gripping narrative, we encounter the period’s most colorful characters, relive its tumultuous politics, and discover that two famous paintings, including one in the Sistine Chapel, contain the Medici’s astounding revenge.

Remembering the Renaissance

Remembering the Renaissance Author Kenneth Gouwens
ISBN-10 9004109692
Release 1998
Pages 232
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This study, drawing extensively upon manuscript sources, provides the first comprehensive account of how Rome's humanist community coped with the 1527 sack of the city, an event traditionally viewed as signaling the transition from the Renaissance to the Catholic Reformation.

The Life of Cesare Borgia of France

The Life of Cesare Borgia of France Author Rafael Sabatini
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433082344361
Release 1912
Pages 465
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The Life of Cesare Borgia of France has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Life of Cesare Borgia of France also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Life of Cesare Borgia of France book for free.

One Thousand White Women

One Thousand White Women Author Jim Fergus
ISBN-10 1429938846
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 304
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One Thousand White Women is the story of May Dodd and a colorful assembly of pioneer women who, under the auspices of the U.S. government, travel to the western prairies in 1875 to intermarry among the Cheyenne Indians. The covert and controversial "Brides for Indians" program, launched by the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, is intended to help assimilate the Indians into the white man's world. Toward that end May and her friends embark upon the adventure of their lifetime. Jim Fergus has so vividly depicted the American West that it is as if these diaries are a capsule in time.

Isabella de Medici

Isabella de Medici Author Caroline P. Murphy
ISBN-10 9780571266050
Release 2011-02-03
Pages 416
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Isabella de' Medici was the hostess of a glittering circle in Renaissance Florence. Beautiful and liberated, she not only matched the intellectual accomplishments of her male contemporaries, but sought sexual parity also, engaging in an adulterous affair with her husband's cousin. It was this affair - and her very success as First Lady of Florence - that led to her death at the hands of her husband at the age of just thirty-four. She left behind a remarkable story, and as her legacy a son who became the best of the Orsini Dukes, immortalised by Shakespeare as Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night. Caroline P. Murphy illuminates this often misunderstood figure, and in the process brings to life the home of creativity, the city of Florence itself.

Lawyers and Statecraft in Renaissance Florence

Lawyers and Statecraft in Renaissance Florence Author Lauro Martines
ISBN-10 9781400878048
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 546
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Lawyers at work-in diplomacy, in relations with the Church, in territorial government, in the formulation of policy, in administration, and in the political struggle provide the unifying theme in this analysis of the exercise of political power in Renaissance Florence. Professor Martines studies the actual techniques of government, the hidden legal and constitutional questions raised by everyday affairs, and the responses of individual lawyers to the pressures of politics. He shows precisely how Florentine lawyers, both republicans and oligarchs, viewed the state. An appendix lists and briefly characterizes the some 200 lawyers who practiced in Florence during the period 1380 to 1530. Originally published in 1968. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.


Theodora Author Paolo Cesaretti
ISBN-10 9780865652804
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 400
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This book is a gripping, long-overdue biography of one of the most intriguing and powerful female figures of Western history: Theodora of Byzantium. Ruthlessly criticized and reviled by her contemporaries, Theodora, the beautiful wife of Emperor Justinian, began her life as the daughter of a bear-keeper and rose to be Justinian's partner in politics as well as in life, ruling from 527 to 548. She stood by his side in Constantinople as he built a ôsecond Rome,ö waging battles against the Goths and Vandals, quelling nationalist unrest in Egypt, and suppressing a rebellion at their doorstep by mercilessly slaughtering 30,000 in Constantinople's stadium. Theodora's political savvy saved Justinian's empire time and time again. When the European editions of Theodora were published, it was hailed as the ôBook of the Year.ö Author Paolo Cesaretti received the Ginzano Cavour Prize for sifting through a vast range of documentary material to deliver a richly entertaining story of an ambitious and cunning woman who defied the conventions of her time and triumphed over those who sought to defame and destroy her.

Renaissance Woman

Renaissance Woman Author Gaia Servadio
ISBN-10 1850434212
Release 2005-05-06
Pages 274
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The Renaissance created a new vision of womanhood and indeed a "New Woman", proposes Gaia Servadio in this fresh take on Renaissance history. Servadio dates the birth of this development not to the traditionally quoted year of 1492 but to the invention of the printing press in 1456, which made books--and hence education--available to women. Central to her story are the lives of women such as Vittoria Colonna, whose extraordinary mutual love with Michelangelo is told here; Tullia d'Aragona, poet and the best known courtesan of her age, and French poet Louise Labé, who fought battles in male clothes. She follows these new women through the rise--and fall--of the Renaissance in Italy and France, moving northwards to the Low Countries and, in the person of Elizabeth I, to England. They are placed center stage to the Renaissance's power plays, paintings and architecture, courtesans and popes, music and manners, fashion, food, cosmetics, changing societies and the language of poetry and symbols.

Twilight of the Habsburgs

Twilight of the Habsburgs Author Alan Palmer
ISBN-10 0871136651
Release 1997-02
Pages 400
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Presents a biography of the emperor of Austria as well as a history of Europe during his reign

We Don t Die We Kill Ourselves

We Don t Die We Kill Ourselves Author Roger L. De Haan
ISBN-10 0924748672
Release 2006-01
Pages 320
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Most of us who live in the West are committing slow suicide. The problem? Our nutrient-and mineral-deficient, toxic-chemical-laced diet. Malnutrition has reached pandemic proportions in the industrialized world; malnutrition due not to a lack of food but to an abundance of food that is lacking in true nutritional value and content. Unless something is done now to turn the tide, this nutritional crisis threatens not only our generation but future generations as well.