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The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Second Edition

The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance  Second Edition Author Rebecca Herold
ISBN-10 9781439855584
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 544
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Following in the footsteps of its bestselling predecessor, The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance, Second Edition is a one-stop, up-to-date resource on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security, including details on the HITECH Act, the 2013 Omnibus Rule, and the pending rules. Updated and revised with several new sections, this edition defines what HIPAA is, what it requires, and what you need to do to achieve compliance. The book provides an easy-to-understand overview of HIPAA privacy and security rules and compliance tasks. Supplying authoritative insights into real-world HIPAA privacy and security issues, it summarizes the analysis, training, and technology needed to properly plan and implement privacy and security policies, training, and an overall program to manage information risks. Instead of focusing on technical jargon, the book spells out what your organization must do to achieve and maintain compliance requirements on an ongoing basis.

The Definitive Guide to Complying with the HIPAA HITECH Privacy and Security Rules

The Definitive Guide to Complying with the HIPAA HITECH Privacy and Security Rules Author John J. Trinckes, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781466507685
Release 2012-12-03
Pages 472
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The Definitive Guide to Complying with the HIPAA/HITECH Privacy and Security Rules is a comprehensive manual to ensuring compliance with the implementation standards of the Privacy and Security Rules of HIPAA and provides recommendations based on other related regulations and industry best practices. The book is designed to assist you in reviewing the accessibility of electronic protected health information (EPHI) to make certain that it is not altered or destroyed in an unauthorized manner, and that it is available as needed only by authorized individuals for authorized use. It can also help those entities that may not be covered by HIPAA regulations but want to assure their customers they are doing their due diligence to protect their personal and private information. Since HIPAA/HITECH rules generally apply to covered entities, business associates, and their subcontractors, these rules may soon become de facto standards for all companies to follow. Even if you aren’t required to comply at this time, you may soon fall within the HIPAA/HITECH purview. So, it is best to move your procedures in the right direction now. The book covers administrative, physical, and technical safeguards; organizational requirements; and policies, procedures, and documentation requirements. It provides sample documents and directions on using the policies and procedures to establish proof of compliance. This is critical to help prepare entities for a HIPAA assessment or in the event of an HHS audit. Chief information officers and security officers who master the principles in this book can be confident they have taken the proper steps to protect their clients’ information and strengthen their security posture. This can provide a strategic advantage to their organization, demonstrating to clients that they not only care about their health and well-being, but are also vigilant about protecting their clients’ privacy.

Handbook for HIPAA HITECH Security

Handbook for HIPAA HITECH Security Author Margret Amatayakul
ISBN-10 1603598014
Release 2013
Pages 242
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"Handbook for HIPAA-HITECH Security details the final regulations brought about by HITECH changes to the HIPAA security rule and to the privacy rule as it applies to security. Learn practical and pragmatic ways to interpret the new regulations and ensurecompliance"--Provided by publisher.

The Privacy Officer s Handbook

The Privacy Officer s Handbook Author Mary D. Brandt
ISBN-10 1601467230
Release 2009
Pages 183
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The Privacy Officer's Handbook, Second Edition Mary D. Brandt, MBA, RHIA, CHE, CHPS The HIPAA Privacy Rule is detailed and complex. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) add new requirements that make compliance even more challenging. You need a guide to help you understand the regulations and how to put them into practice. This is it. "The Privacy Officer's Handbook, Second Edition, " is your go-to reference for quick, easy-to-understand solutions that will help you address complex privacy concerns. You'll find: Detailed, thorough explanations of the Privacy Rule and ARRA that are straightforward and easy to follow References to specific sections of the Privacy Rule and ARRA to help you find the information you need within the long, complex regulations Practical, easy-to-use forms that you can customize for your organization Instructions that will enable you to download all of the forms in the book and easily customize them for use at your facility What's new in the Second Edition?This new edition is a comprehensive guide that uses real-life situations illustrating a variety of privacy concerns to help your organization comply with HIPAA regulations. It continues the excellence of the earlier version, which delivered practical references privacy officers need to take charge of their organizations' HIPAA compliance. ARRA and HITECH have changed the healthcare privacy and security landscape with: Higher penalties New breach notification rules New rules governing restrictions requested by individuals New prohibitions on the sale of PHI Other rules pertaining to electronic health records, including accounting of disclosures Privacy and security requirements now extend to business associates and vendors of personal health records. Individuals, not just entities, are now subject to penalties. "The Privacy Officer's Handbook, Second Edition, "will help you ensure that your compliance program meets every nuance of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Essentials of Physician Practice Management

Essentials of Physician Practice Management Author Blair A. Keagy
ISBN-10 9781118429327
Release 2012-06-14
Pages 592
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Essentials of Physician Practice Management offers a practical reference for administrators and medical directors and provides a comprehensive text for those preparing for a career in medical administration, practice management, and health plan administration. Essentials of Physician Practice Management is filled with valuable insights into every aspect of medical practice management including operations, financial management, strategic planning, regulation and risk management, human resources, and community relations.

Hipaa Compliance Handbook 2018 Edition

Hipaa Compliance Handbook  2018 Edition Author Patricia I. Carter
ISBN-10 1454885165
Release 2017-11-20
Pages 472
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HIPAA Compliance Handbook is intended for HIPAA coordinators, project managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals, health care record managers, and others who have the responsibility for implementing the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations. It contains easy-to-understand explanations of the legal and regulatory provisions. The 2018 Edition has been updated to include: Coverage of new guidance from OCR on access to PHI by individuals and fees for copies New section on ransomware A detailed account of Lincare, the second HHS civil monetary penalty case Summaries of 10 new HHS resolution agreements Information on the new Phase 2 Audits Updated State-by-State Guide to Medical Privacy Statutes

Determann s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law

Determann s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law Author Lothar Determann
ISBN-10 9781783476893
Release 2015-01-30
Pages 232
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Companies, lawyers, privacy officers, developers, marketing and IT professionals face privacy issues more and more frequently. Much information is freely available but it can be difficult to get a grasp on a problem quickly, without getting lost in det

Building a HIPAA Compliant Cybersecurity Program

Building a HIPAA Compliant Cybersecurity Program Author Eric C. Thompson
ISBN-10 9781484230602
Release 2017-11-11
Pages 297
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Use this book to learn how to conduct a timely and thorough Risk Analysis and Assessment documenting all risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), which is a key component of the HIPAA Security Rule. The requirement is a focus area for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) during breach investigations and compliance audits. This book lays out a plan for healthcare organizations of all types to successfully comply with these requirements and use the output to build upon the cybersecurity program. With the proliferation of cybersecurity breaches, the number of healthcare providers, payers, and business associates investigated by the OCR has risen significantly. It is not unusual for additional penalties to be levied when victims of breaches cannot demonstrate that an enterprise-wide risk assessment exists, comprehensive enough to document all of the risks to ePHI. Why is it that so many covered entities and business associates fail to comply with this fundamental safeguard? Building a HIPAA Compliant Cybersecurity Program cuts through the confusion and ambiguity of regulatory requirements and provides detailed guidance to help readers: Understand and document all known instances where patient data exist Know what regulators want and expect from the risk analysis process Assess and analyze the level of severity that each risk poses to ePHI Focus on the beneficial outcomes of the process: understanding real risks, and optimizing deployment of resources and alignment with business objectives What You’ll Learn Use NIST 800-30 to execute a risk analysis and assessment, which meets the expectations of regulators such as the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Understand why this is not just a compliance exercise, but a way to take back control of protecting ePHI Leverage the risk analysis process to improve your cybersecurity program Know the value of integrating technical assessments to further define risk management activities Employ an iterative process that continuously assesses the environment to identify improvement opportunities Who This Book Is For Cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance professionals working for organizations responsible for creating, maintaining, storing, and protecting patient information

Healthcare Information Privacy and Security

Healthcare Information Privacy and Security Author Bernard Peter Robichau
ISBN-10 9781430266778
Release 2014-06-23
Pages 194
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Healthcare IT is the growth industry right now, and the need for guidance in regard to privacy and security is huge. Why? With new federal incentives and penalties tied to the HITECH Act, HIPAA, and the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, medical practices and healthcare systems are implementing new software at breakneck speed. Yet privacy and security considerations are often an afterthought, putting healthcare organizations at risk of fines and damage to their reputations. Healthcare Information Privacy and Security: Regulatory Compliance and Data Security in the Age of Electronic Health Records outlines the new regulatory regime, and it also provides IT professionals with the processes and protocols, standards, and governance tools they need to maintain a secure and legal environment for data and records. It’s a concrete resource that will help you understand the issues affecting the law and regulatory compliance, privacy, and security in the enterprise. As healthcare IT security expert Bernard Peter Robichau II shows, the success of a privacy and security initiative lies not just in proper planning but also in identifying who will own the implementation and maintain technologies and processes. From executive sponsors to system analysts and administrators, a properly designed security program requires that that the right people are assigned to the right tasks and have the tools they need. Robichau explains how to design and implement that program with an eye toward long-term success. Putting processes and systems in place is, of course, only the start. Robichau also shows how to manage your security program and maintain operational support including ongoing maintenance and policy updates. (Because regulations never sleep!) This book will help you devise solutions that include: Identity and access management systems Proper application design Physical and environmental safeguards Systemwide and client-based security configurations Safeguards for patient data Training and auditing procedures Governance and policy administration Healthcare Information Privacy and Security is the definitive guide to help you through the process of maintaining privacy and security in the healthcare industry. It will help you keep health information safe, and it will help keep your organization—whether local clinic or major hospital system—on the right side of the law.

HIPAA Compliance Handbook

HIPAA Compliance Handbook Author Patricia I. Carter
ISBN-10 1454872128
Release 2016-11-30
Pages 336
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HIPAA Compliance Handbook is intended for HIPAA coordinators, project managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals, health care record managers, and others who have the responsibility for implementing the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations. It contains easy-to-understand explanations of the legal and regulatory provisions. The 2017 Edition has been updated to include: Coverage of new guidance from OCR on access to PHI by individuals and fees for copies New section on ransomware A detailed account of Lincare, the second HHS civil monetary penalty case Summaries of 10 new HHS resolution agreements Information on the new Phase 2 Audits Updated State-by-State Guide to Medical Privacy Statutes

HIPAA Plain and Simple

HIPAA Plain and Simple Author Carolyn P. Hartley
ISBN-10 1603596577
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 329
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A compendium of revised statutes, regulations, and other information related to Hipaa privacy, security, transactions, code sets, and meaningful use, as well as observations on electronic medical records and patient communications.


HIPAA Author Katie Dillon Kenney
ISBN-10 1454890436
Release 2017-11-16
Pages 1404
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In today's health care industry, good cyber hygiene and preparedness can save an organization's business should it fall victim to a cyberattack or experience a major breach incident. Threats and various attacks are multiplying by the day. To stay ahead of the risk that exists in this evolving environment, health care organizations must prioritize preparedness and invest in their privacy and security compliance programs. HIPAA: A Guide to Health Care Privacy and Security Law helps organizations prepare today for tomorrow's threats. Readers will gain a better understanding of topics including: The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Permitted uses and disclosures of PHI Breach obligations and response Preparing for an OCR investigation Readers will find a comprehensive analysis of the regulations, as well as practical compliance strategies. It contains sample HHS/OCR data request sheets, incident response forms, sample template business associate agreements, and a breach assessment form. In addition, this definitive resource keeps you abreast of the latest developments and issues, including: Court cases and FTC enforcement actions involving privacy and security issues New OCR Enforcement table with summary of cases and outcomes Practical tips and strategies for breach preparedness and response Discussion of National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics May 2017 report on HIPAA implementation


Plagued Author Bruce McCully
ISBN-10 1976456258
Release 2017-10-18
Pages 202
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Healthcare is Plagued with Cybersecurity Time Bombs, Weak Network Security, 'Set It And Forget It' Mentality, and Ineffective User Training.Too many healthcare offices are either vulnerable to cybercrime or are spending an arm and a leg just to miss the basic HIPAA compliance standards Plagued: The CEO's Ultimate Guide to HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity delivers clarity to what needs to change."Last year we audited over 8467 Computers and found healthcare organizations are paying triple the bill and getting shoddy security and missing compliance bus by miles."Every single healthcare CEO or doctor that Bruce has interviewed in the past ten years have been overwhelmed when it comes to (1) keeping their patient information safe, (2) complying to complicated government compliance standards, and most importantly (3) being able to even stay profitable in a time when operating costs continue to sky rocket. One of the biggest costs impacting healthcare has been the rise of malicious cyberattacks, data breaches and leaks, all of which are impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare. The biggest pitfall of most healthcare IT to date has been ineffective IT Security strategies, which fail to evolve in an ever-evolving threat environment. Bruce's solution is painless and simple. Instead of settling for mediocre solutions that either (1) cost your business an arm and a leg or (2) fail to protect the personal data that the government and (more importantly) your patients entrust to you, why not get an IT solution that leverages HIPAA compliance guidelines instead of fighting them?Plagued is written for the healthcare CEO-the executive that doesn't have time to read tomes of legislation, books chock full of technical jargon and problem-pointing books that all fail in giving you a guideline on how Healthcare IT can effectively implement HIPAA standards while keeping your business completely secure in an era of malicious healthcare attacks.

Hacking For Dummies

Hacking For Dummies Author Kevin Beaver
ISBN-10 9781118380956
Release 2013-01-10
Pages 408
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Updated for Windows 8 and the latest version of Linux The best way to stay safe online is to stop hackers before they attack - first, by understanding their thinking and second, by ethically hacking your own site to measure the effectiveness of your security. This practical, top-selling guide will help you do both. Fully updated for Windows 8 and the latest version of Linux, Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition explores the malicious hacker's mindset and helps you develop an ethical hacking plan (also known as penetration testing) using the newest tools and techniques. More timely than ever, this must-have book covers the very latest threats, including web app hacks, database hacks, VoIP hacks, and hacking of mobile devices. Guides you through the techniques and tools you need to stop hackers before they hack you Completely updated to examine the latest hacks to Windows 8 and the newest version of Linux Explores the malicious hackers's mindset so that you can counteract or avoid attacks completely Suggests ways to report vulnerabilities to upper management, manage security changes, and put anti-hacking policies and procedures in place If you're responsible for security or penetration testing in your organization, or want to beef up your current system through ethical hacking, make sure you get Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition.

Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies

Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies Author Kevin Beaver
ISBN-10 9781118084922
Release 2011-05-09
Pages 384
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Become a cyber-hero - know the common wireless weaknesses "Reading a book like this one is a worthy endeavor toward becoming an experienced wireless security professional." --Devin Akin - CTO, The Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Program Wireless networks are so convenient - not only for you, but also for those nefarious types who'd like to invade them. The only way to know if your system can be penetrated is to simulate an attack. This book shows you how, along with how to strengthen any weak spots you find in your network's armor. Discover how to: Perform ethical hacks without compromising a system Combat denial of service and WEP attacks Understand how invaders think Recognize the effects of different hacks Protect against war drivers and rogue devices

Computer and Information Security Handbook

Computer and Information Security Handbook Author John R. Vacca
ISBN-10 9780128039298
Release 2017-05-10
Pages 1280
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Computer and Information Security Handbook, Third Edition, provides the most current and complete reference on computer security available in one volume. The book offers deep coverage of an extremely wide range of issues in computer and cybersecurity theory, applications, and best practices, offering the latest insights into established and emerging technologies and advancements. With new parts devoted to such current topics as Cloud Security, Cyber-Physical Security, and Critical Infrastructure Security, the book now has 100 chapters written by leading experts in their fields, as well as 12 updated appendices and an expanded glossary. It continues its successful format of offering problem-solving techniques that use real-life case studies, checklists, hands-on exercises, question and answers, and summaries. Chapters new to this edition include such timely topics as Cyber Warfare, Endpoint Security, Ethical Hacking, Internet of Things Security, Nanoscale Networking and Communications Security, Social Engineering, System Forensics, Wireless Sensor Network Security, Verifying User and Host Identity, Detecting System Intrusions, Insider Threats, Security Certification and Standards Implementation, Metadata Forensics, Hard Drive Imaging, Context-Aware Multi-Factor Authentication, Cloud Security, Protecting Virtual Infrastructure, Penetration Testing, and much more. Written by leaders in the field Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the latest security technologies, issues, and best practices Presents methods for analysis, along with problem-solving techniques for implementing practical solutions

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance Author Branden R. Williams
ISBN-10 9780128016510
Release 2014-11-07
Pages 386
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Identity theft and other confidential information theft have now topped the charts as the leading cybercrime. In particular, credit card data is preferred by cybercriminals. Is your payment processing secure and compliant? The new Fourth Edition of PCI Compliance has been revised to follow the new PCI DSS standard version 3.0, which is the official version beginning in January 2014. Also new to the Fourth Edition: additional case studies and clear guidelines and instructions for maintaining PCI compliance globally, including coverage of technologies such as NFC, P2PE, CNP/Mobile, and EMV. This is the first book to address the recent updates to PCI DSS. The real-world scenarios and hands-on guidance are also new approaches to this topic. All-new case studies and fraud studies have been added to the Fourth Edition. Each chapter has how-to guidance to walk you through implementing concepts, and real-world scenarios to help you relate to the information and better grasp how it impacts your data. This book provides the information that you need in order to understand the current PCI Data Security standards and how to effectively implement security on network infrastructure in order to be compliant with the credit card industry guidelines, and help you protect sensitive and personally-identifiable information. Completely updated to follow the most current PCI DSS standard, version 3.0 Packed with help to develop and implement an effective strategy to keep infrastructure compliant and secure Includes coverage of new and emerging technologies such as NFC, P2PE, CNP/Mobile, and EMV Both authors have broad information security backgrounds, including extensive PCI DSS experience