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The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making

The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making Author Scott Plous
ISBN-10 0070504776
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 320
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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING offers a comprehensive introduction to the field with a strong focus on the social aspects of decision making processes. Winner of the prestigious William James Book Award, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING is an informative and engaging introduction to the field written in a style that is equally accessible to the introductory psychology student, the lay person, or the professional. A unique feature of this volume is the Reader Survey which readers are to complete before beginning the book. The questions in the Reader Survey are drawn from many of the studies discussed throughout the book, allowing readers to compare their answers with the responses given by people in the original studies. This title is part of The McGraw-Hill Series in Social Psychology.

Judgment and Decision Making

Judgment and Decision Making Author David K. Hardman
ISBN-10 9781405123983
Release 2009-02-09
Pages 221
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Judgment and Decision Making is a refreshingly accessibletext that explores the wide variety of ways people make judgments. An accessible examination of the wide variety of ways peoplemake judgments Features up-to-date theoretical coverage, includingperspectives from evolutionary psychology and neuroscience Covers dynamic decision making, everyday decision making,individual differences, group decision making, and the nature ofmind and brain in relation to judgment and decision making Illustrates key concepts with boxed case studies andcartoons

Rational Choice in an Uncertain World

Rational Choice in an Uncertain World Author Reid Hastie
ISBN-10 9781412959032
Release 2010-01
Pages 374
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In the Second Edition of Rational Choice in an Uncertain World the authors compare the basic principles of rationality with actual behaviour in making decisions. They describe theories and research findings from the field of judgment and decision making in a non-technical manner, using anecdotes as a teaching device. Intended as an introductory textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, the material not only is of scholarly interest but is practical as well. The Second Edition includes: - more coverage on the role of emotions, happiness, and general well-being in decisions - a summary of the new research on the neuroscience of decision processes - more discussion of the adaptive value of (non-rational heuristics) - expansion of the graphics for decision trees, probability trees, and Venn diagrams.

Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making

Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making Author Derek J. Koehler
ISBN-10 9780470752913
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 680
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The Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making is a state-of-the art overview of current topics and research in the study of how people make evaluations, draw inferences, and make decisions under conditions of uncertainty and conflict. Contains contributions by experts from various disciplines that reflect current trends and controversies on judgment and decision making. Provides a glimpse at the many approaches that have been taken in the study of judgment and decision making and portrays the major findings in the field. Presents examinations of the broader roles of social, emotional, and cultural influences on decision making. Explores applications of judgment and decision making research to important problems in a variety of professional contexts, including finance, accounting, medicine, public policy, and the law.

Decision Making and Rationality in the Modern World

Decision Making and Rationality in the Modern World Author Keith E. Stanovich
ISBN-10 0195328124
Release 2010
Pages 196
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In Decision Making and Rationality in the Modern World, Keith E. Stanovich demonstrates how work in the cognitive psychology of decision making has implications for the large and theoretically contentious debates about the nature of human rationality. Written specifically for undergraduate psychology students, the book presents a very practical approach to decision making, which is too often perceived by students as an artificial set of skills used only in academia and not in the real world. Instead, Stanovich shows how good decision-making procedures support rational behavior that enables people to act most efficiently to fulfill their goals. He explains how the concept of rationality is understood in cognitive science in terms of good decision making and judgment. Books in the Fundamentals of Cognition series serve as ideal instructional resources for advanced courses in cognitive psychology. They provide an up-to-date, well-organized survey of our current understanding of the major theories of cognitive psychology. The books are concise, which allows instructors to incorporate the latest original research and readings into their courses without overburdening their students. Focused without being too advanced--and comprehensive without being too broad--these books are the perfect resource for both students and instructors.

Thinking and Reasoning

Thinking and Reasoning Author Ken Manktelow
ISBN-10 9781841697413
Release 2012
Pages 314
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The area of psychological research reviewed in this book is one that is not only increasing in popularity in college curricula, but is also making an ever larger impact on the world outside the classroom. Drawing upon research originally cited in Ken Manktelow’s highly successful publication Reasoning and Thinking, this completely rewritten textbook reflects on the revolutionary changes that have occurred in the field in recent years, stemming from the huge expansion in research output, as well as new methods and explanations, and the appearance of numerous books on the subject aimed at the popular market. The main areas covered are probability judgment, deductive and inductive reasoning, decision making, hypothetical thinking and rationality. In each case, the material is almost entirely new, with topics such as the new paradigm in reasoning research, causal reasoning and counterfactual thinking appearing for the first time. The book also presents an extended treatment of decision making research, and contains a chapter on individual and cultural influences on thinking. Thinking and Reasoningprovides a detailed, integrated and approachable treatment of this area of cognitive psychology, and is ideal reading for intermediate and advanced undergraduate students; indeed, for anyone interested in how we draw conclusions and make choices.

Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination

Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination Author Scott Plous
ISBN-10 0072554436
Release 2003
Pages 609
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Used as a main text or supplementary text for courses on prejudice, discrimination, and diversity. Interdisciplinary in scope and approach, this anthology combines research articles, opinion polls, legal decisions, news reports, personal narratives, and more. It focuses on perpetrators, bystanders, and social institutions.

The Self

The Self Author Jonathon Brown
ISBN-10 9781136871993
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 368
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Although social psychology has been traditionally focused on interpersonal relationships, the cognitive revolution in psychology has had the effect of refocusing some social psychology on intra-psychic processes. This area of psychology has become very popular in recent years, yet there is currently no other textbook available for the study of the self. Republished in its original form by Psychology Press in 2007, this book carefully documents the changing conceptions and the value accorded the self in psychology over time. It further outlines the many alternative conceptions of this increasingly central domain in social psychology. New research and conceptions are juxtaposed with the classic and traditional, providing the reader with a comprehensive introduction to the study of the self.

Decision traps

Decision traps Author J. Edward Russo
ISBN-10 0671726099
Release 1990
Pages 280
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Two experts in business management show how to avoid the ten common pitfalls that ensanre decision makers. The very latest research in the fields of business and psychology has been distilled into practical training methods that will save readers from ever making a bad decision again.

Shaping Organization Form

Shaping Organization Form Author Gerardine DeSanctis
ISBN-10 0761904956
Release 1999-07-20
Pages 523
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Shaping Organization Form considers the role of new communication technologies in shaping organizations today and in the future. Four key themes are considered in depth: changes in technology, changes in organizational form, and their mutual influence on one another; evolutionary processes in organizations and the ways in which technology can influence these processes; the development of organizational communities and inter-organizational relationships that are mediated by electronic communication systems; and major controversies surrounding electronically mediated organizations and directions for future research that flow out of these controversies.

Why Decisions Fail

Why Decisions Fail Author Paul C. Nutt
ISBN-10 9781442965997
Release 2009-03-05
Pages 544
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Why Decisions Fail has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Why Decisions Fail also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Why Decisions Fail book for free.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials

Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials Author Glenn E. Good
ISBN-10 0393704580
Release 2006
Pages 443
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In an age when actual psychotherapeutic practice is predominantly eclectic, most psychotherapy textbooks are outdated and impractically bound in theoretical pigeon holes. Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials incorporates into a single source the latest advances in the field and focuses on psychotherapy's core processes--rather than ideologies--to provide a comprehensive and imminently pragmatic textbook for learning integrative counseling and psychotherapy.The central lessons of this book are framed on one side by a theoretical overview in which essential therapeutic concepts and techniques are synthesized, and on the other side by a detailed review of frequently encountered concerns such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, couple/marital issues, and psychopharmacology. From the general to the specific, Good and Beitman keep their discussion grounded in the core processes of psychotherapy--engagement, pattern search, change, and termination--that facilitate therapeutic change.In Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials, students have a textbook that seamlessly connects their classroom experience with their actual work with clients, preparing them to be effective clinicians.

Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust Author David Heiden
ISBN-10 0877229120
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 209
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In Dust to Dust, an American physician takes us on an intensely narrated visual journey through the refugee camps of eastern Sudan, where the reality of medical work dissolved into the haunting experience of being part of the catastrophic Ethiopian famine of 1985. Through personal journal entries and alarming but compelling photographs, David Heiden reveals the horror of the camps, the inhumane morass of bureaucracy and political partisanship, and the fierce and noble fight for survival among people whose situation the rest of the world viewed as hopeless. In spare prose the author recounts a series of disasters--political, climactic, and medical--that culminate in near-total social and personal breakdown. Western doctors and nurses, Ethiopian health workers, and Sudanese camp administrators attempt to weave their own meanings, often at odds with each other, often recognizing that each is struggling to control what, in fact, cannot be controlled. The demoralizing frustrations, the small victories, and the shared perils of the environment are portrayed in parallel through words and photographs. As the reader relives the relief workers' battles against usually curable or preventable cases of measles, tuberculosis, malaria, meningitis, and malnutrition, images of African people suffering and dying, sometimes surviving, are juxtaposed to reveal their common humanity yet extreme cultural distance. Photographs of the skeletal bodies of starving children playing in streams that are infested with cholera, of the serene face of a new mother who has miraculously delivered a healthy infant in the squalor and chaos of a refugee camp, all eloquently portray the dogged hope of these victims. Unlikethe relentless news wire photos of Ethiopian refugees that shocked Western viewers into dazed immunity, Heiden's images are those of a sensitive participant-observer. He presents the relief agency volunteers as altruistic individuals working against impossible odds to do some simple good, while grappling with their own Western notions of justice, responsibility, privilege, and comfort. Despite language barriers and cultural differences, genuine connections arise between volunteers and refugees, yielding riches for both. David Heiden reveals the human face of disaster, the personal effect of wanting to make a difference, and the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit.

The Individual in a Social World

The Individual in a Social World Author Stanley Milgram
ISBN-10 1905177127
Release 2010
Pages 425
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This third expanded and definitive collection of essays by Stanley Milgram, the creator of the iconoclastic 'obedience experiments' and the originator of the concept of 'six degrees of separation'. Original, thought provoking and fascinating. Milgram was years ahead of his time, and this book should be read by every social scientist who is interested in behaviour beyond the laboratory. Richard Wiseman, author of Quirkology

The Person and the Situation

The Person and the Situation Author Lee Ross
ISBN-10 9781905177448
Release 2011
Pages 288
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How does the situation we're in influence the way we behave and think? Professors Ross and Nisbett eloquently argue that the context we find ourselves in substantially affects our behavior in this timely reissue of one of social psychology's classic textbooks. With a new foreword by Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point.

Taking Sides Clashing Views in Social Psychology

Taking Sides  Clashing Views in Social Psychology Author Wind Goodfriend
ISBN-10 1259870790
Release 2017-03-22
Pages 304
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The Taking Sides Collection on McGraw-Hill Create® includes current controversial issues in a debate-style format designed to stimulate student interest and develop critical thinking skills. This Collection contains a multitude of current and classic issues to enhance and customize your course. You can browse the entire Taking Sides Collection on Create or you can search by topic, author, or keywords. Each Taking Sides issue is thoughtfully framed with Learning Outcomes, an Issue Summary, an Introduction, and an "Exploring the Issue" section featuring Critical Thinking and Reflection, Is There Common Ground?, Additional Resources, and Internet References. Go to the Taking Sides Collection on McGraw-Hill Create® at and click on "Explore this Collection" to browse the entire Collection. Select individual Taking Sides issues to enhance your course, or access and select the entire Goodfriend: Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Social Psychology, 6/e book here for an easy, pre-built teaching resource. Visit for more information on other McGraw-Hill titles and special collections.

Basic Group Processes

Basic Group Processes Author Paul Paulus
ISBN-10 9781461255789
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 356
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Research on groups has been a major focus of concern among psychologists and sociologists for many years. The study of groups certainly deserves a central role in these disciplines since much of our behavior occurs in groups and many important social phenomena involve groups. Issues such as leadership, conformity, group decision-making, group task performance, and coalition formation have had a long history of research. However, recently a number of other areas of research have blossomed that provide interesting new perspectives on group processes (e.g., social impact). In addition, topics of research have developed outside the commonly ac cepted domain of group dynamics (e.g., self-disclosure) which seem to be concerned with rather basic group processes. Basic Group Processes was designed to bring together in one volume a repre sentative sample of the broad range of work currently being done in the area of groups. Some of the chapters provide a review of the literature while others focus more specifically on current programs of research. All, however, provide new insights into basic group processes and a number provide broad integrative schemes. All of the authors were asked to emphasize theoretical issues rather than a detailed presenta tion of research. Basic Group Processes suggests that research on groups is a lively enterprise and forging interesting new theoretical and empirical directions.