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The Recycling Myth Disruptive Innovation to Improve the Environment

The Recycling Myth  Disruptive Innovation to Improve the Environment Author Jack Buffington
ISBN-10 9781440843082
Release 2015-12-14
Pages 157
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This book states the harsh truth: that despite best intentions, our current environmental practices are doing more harm than good, and that the solution lies in creating supply chains of the future that design, produce, consume, and reuse materials in a manner that is balanced economically and environmentally. • Supplies an informed perspective from a leader in the consumer beverage industry at one of the world's largest producers of packaged beverages and a researcher in Sweden in the fields of environmental science and supply chain logistics • Presents a bold counterargument to the idea that recycling and sustainability programs are inherently beneficial and introduces a new system that will benefit both our environment and economy—without asking consumers to consume less • Explains why recycling and sustainability programs are ineffective because they focus solely on doing less harm rather than improving both the economy and the environment

The Recycling Myth

The Recycling Myth Author Jack Buffington
ISBN-10 1440843074
Release 2015-12
Pages 158
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"The recycling myth is the perspective that is preached by industry, government, advocacy groups and even consumers that if we all do our part and recycle, this problem of litter and packaging waste can be eliminated. The goal of this book is an awakening that we must do a lot more than collect a beverage container to solve the problem of waste; we must enable an innovation engine toward science, technology and supply chain logistics for real solutions to achieve a paradigm shift in consumer products"--

Junk Raft

Junk Raft Author Marcus Eriksen
ISBN-10 9780807056400
Release 2017
Pages 216
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Over the past several years, the news media has brought the Great Pacific garbage patch -- that famous Texas-sized patch of litter swirling in the ocean -- into the public consciousness. When Marcus Eriksen co-founded the 5 Gyres Institute and set out to study marine pollution, he found that the reality is even more dire: instead of a stable mass of litter, he discovered that a plastic smog of microparticles permeates the world's oceans, defying easy clean-up efforts. What's more, these microplastics have seeped into the food chain, threatening marine animals and humans alike. Far from being a gloomy treatise on an environmental catastrophe, Junk Raft tells the exciting story of Eriksen's fight to raise awareness and solve the problem of plastic pollution. The backbone of the book is Eriksen's voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii aboard his homemade junk raft, and along the way he recounts his successful efforts to fight corporate influence and demand that plastics producers take responsibility for a problem they've created. Eriksen provides concrete, actionable solutions and an empowering message that it's up to bold, brash, unapologetically activist citizen scientists to challenge the status quo for the sake of the planet.

Public Utilities Second Edition

Public Utilities  Second Edition Author David E. McNabb
ISBN-10 9781785365539
Release 2016-10-28
Pages 512
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A thoroughly updated introduction to the current issues and challenges facing managers and administrators in the investor and publicly owned utility industry, this engaging volume addresses management concerns in five sectors of the utility industry: electric power, natural gas, water, wastewater systems and public transit.

Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation

Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation Author Saeed Parto
ISBN-10 9789280811278
Release 2007
Pages 305
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Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation book for free.

Where the River Flows

Where the River Flows Author Sean W. Fleming
ISBN-10 9781400885022
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 216
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Rivers are essential to civilization and even life itself, yet how many of us truly understand how they work? Why do rivers run where they do? Where do their waters actually come from? How can the same river flood one year and then dry up the next? Where the River Flows takes you on a majestic journey along the planet's waterways, providing a scientist's reflections on the vital interconnections that rivers share with the land, the sky, and us. Sean Fleming draws on examples ranging from common backyard creeks to powerful and evocative rivers like the Mississippi, Yangtze, Thames, and Congo. Each chapter looks at a particular aspect of rivers through the lens of applied physics, using abundant graphics and intuitive analogies to explore the surprising connections between watershed hydrology and the world around us. Fleming explains how river flows fluctuate like stock markets, what "digital rainbows" can tell us about climate change and its effects on water supply, how building virtual watersheds in silicon may help avoid the predicted water wars of the twenty-first century, and much more. Along the way, you will learn what some of the most exciting ideas in science—such as communications theory, fractals, and even artificial life—reveal about the life of rivers. Where the River Flows offers a new understanding of the profound interrelationships that rivers have with landscapes, ecosystems, and societies, and shows how startling new insights are possible when scientists are willing to think outside the disciplinary box.

Peak Plastic

Peak Plastic Author Jack Buffington
ISBN-10 1440864160
Release 2018-11-30
Pages 180
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Shows why plastics, in aggregate, have become a toxin to humans, wildlife, and the planet, and proposes novel solutions that involve neither traditional recycling nor giving up plastic. * Provides a realistic solution for our use of plastic: not to eliminate it, but to innovate it * Views plastic not only as a known environmental and health hazard but as a material critical to our future and therefore worth revising for future use * Explains and what we must do--and by when--in order to be able to keep using plastic without harming the planet or our health * Shows the links between the environmental, toxicological, and socioeconomic challenges in our use of plastic, and how these dangers can be remedied by supply chain innovation * Introduces two significant disruptive innovations that if implemented, will save us from the growing problem posed by synthetics

Managing Innovation Design and Creativity

Managing Innovation  Design and Creativity Author Bettina von Stamm
ISBN-10 9780470510667
Release 2008-05-19
Pages 592
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Innovation is the major driving force in organisations today. With the rise of truly global markets and the intensifying competition for customers, employees and other critical resources, the ability to continuously develop successful innovative products, services, processes and strategies is essential. While creativity is the starting point for any kind of innovation, design is the process through which a creative idea or concept is translated into reality. Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity, 2nd Edition brings these three strands together in a discussion built around a collection of up-to-date case studies.

Global Warming and Social Innovation

Global Warming and Social Innovation Author Andre Faaij
ISBN-10 9781136564918
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 256
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Societies need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 80 per cent in order to counter the risks of climate change. This study envisions a climate neutral society - one where the output of polluting gases is minimised by social innovations set up in households, by local authorities, through developments in information and communications technologies and dematerialization, and through the shift towards product service systems and emissions trading. The work discusses the possibilities for steering and orchestrating this long-term transition towards a climate-friendly society, mapping paths through current dilemmas in climate policy and exploring the legal issues of making this transition.

Stroke Diary

Stroke Diary Author Thomas G. Broussard, Jr. Ph.d.
ISBN-10 1502978040
Release 2015-03-27
Pages 342
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Stroke and brain injury resulting in aphasia and losing the ability to read, write, or speak is a devastating disability. This primer provides an array of tools for aphasia therapy and rehabilitation that spur learning for recovery, and to regain those lost skills. On September 26, 2011, Tom Broussard, a recent Ph.D. with an emphasis on helping people with disabilities get work, experienced his stroke in the area of the brain called Broca's area rending him unable to read, write or speak well. Aphasia, the impairment of language, was the result. He kept a diary using drawings, charts and graphic representations including using mostly real words that didn't make much sense. Losing his language meant losing his grammar and syntax. Writing his diary, recording his voice and studying his brain for 9 months, he experienced what the scientists call, "spontaneous recovery." In addition to his own voice, he developed another "voice" (or two) that helped him understand the condition of his thinking and how thinking works. Broussard has been speaking to hospitals, clinics and a wide audience of people with strokes, caregivers, students, and medical professionals with an interest in how our brain works and how recovery is accomplished by someone who saw his brain from the inside. It is a valuable resource with an inspiring story that touches everyone connected to strokes and aphasia.

Renewing Innovation Systems in Agriculture and Food

Renewing Innovation Systems in Agriculture and Food Author E. Coudel
ISBN-10 9789086862146
Release 2013
Pages 240
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Present-day society asks more from agriculture than just the production of food. Agriculture is now required to be concerned with the quality of food, ecosystem services, inclusion of marginalized populations, revitalization of rural territories, energy production, etc.This opening up of the future of agriculture encourages rural actors to experiment with new farming systems, using imagination, creativity and determination to replace dominant models. At the same time, low-cost mass-production systems continue on their way, with promises of a future based on green technologies. In this discussion it is important to consider what kind of sustainable development societies really want. Which innovations will help in achieving these developments? What role can research and public policies play in supporting the emergence of these innovations? This book takes the debate beyond the purely technical options and considers social and institutional innovations as well. It demonstrates that innovation is the result of a confrontation between visions of actors who often have divergent interests. There is no single path towards sustainable development and we must find ways to encourage the emergence and co-existence of different types of agriculture and food systems. The success of transitions will not only depend on our capacity to rethink existing models, but especially on our willingness to embark on a creative learning process from which we will inevitably emerge transformed.

An Easy Out

An Easy Out Author Jack Buffington
ISBN-10 0313345023
Release 2007
Pages 185
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Argues that outsourcing is a neutral proposition, versus a positive or a negative one, and that companies too often assume that outsourcing will solve their problems through cost reduction while they overlook opportunities to increase real productivity.

Dynamic Sustainabilities

Dynamic Sustainabilities Author Melissa Leach
ISBN-10 9781849710930
Release 2010
Pages 212
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Introducing a new pathways approach for understanding and responding to sustainability challenges, this title explores practical ways forward for building pathways to sustainability.

Innovative Business Practices

Innovative Business Practices Author Demetris Vrontis
ISBN-10 9781443849937
Release 2013-07-16
Pages 403
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This second decade of the millennium finds the world changing at a once unimaginable pace. Businesses, tangled in the interwoven threads of galloping globalization, technological advances, cultural diversity, economic recession and deep-rooted human social evolution, struggle to keep up with incessant changes; consequently and inexorably experiencing severe difficulties and disorientation. Executives, much bewildered, habitually turn to conventional, time-honoured strategies and practices, which increasingly fail to offer the much-sought answers and means to survival, competitiveness and growth. We are currently experiencing a business era of turbulence and dynamic change – an era that inherently rejects conventionality and orthodox business theory to reward businesses embracing agility, reflex-style adaptability, innovation and creativity. This turbulence is, however, not a parenthesis or even a pattern, but the new reality in which each business must reinvent and redefine itself. This is a new reality of stakeholders that shift focus from the external to the internal, from the tangible to the intangible, and from fact to perception. This book presents research and paradigms that transcend classical theory in order to examine how business practice is positively affected by these conditions. Across a multitude of sectors and organisational types, scholars of different business specialisations set the theoretical foundations of contemporary thinking and present their practical implementations.

Sustainability Strategies

Sustainability Strategies Author R. Orsato
ISBN-10 9780230236851
Release 2016-01-13
Pages 268
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By analysing the rationales for sustainability strategies, this book addresses a timely question for managers, academics and MBAs: 'when does it pay to be green?' Based on solid theoretical foundations and empirical research, it clarifies the elements involved in the formation and evaluation of sustainability strategies in firms.

The Science of Cooking

The Science of Cooking Author Peter Barham
ISBN-10 3540674667
Release 2000-10-04
Pages 244
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A kitchen is no different from most science laboratories and cookery may properly be regarded as an experimental science. Food preparation and cookery involve many processes which are well described by the physical sciences. Understanding the chemistry and physics of cooking should lead to improvements in performance in the kitchen. For those of us who wish to know why certain recipes work and perhaps more importantly why others fail, appreciating the underlying physical processes will inevitably help in unravelling the mysteries of the "art" of good cooking. Strong praise from the reviewers - "Will be stimulating for amateur cooks with an interest in following recipes and understanding how they work. They will find anecdotes and, sprinkled throughout the book, scientific points of information... The book is a pleasant read and is an invitation to become better acquainted with the science of cooking." - NATURE "This year, at last, we have a book which shows how a practical understanding of physics and chemistry can improve culinary performance... [Barham] first explains, in a lucid non-textbooky way, the principles behind taste, flavour and the main methods of food preparation, and then gives fool-proof basic recipes for dishes from roast leg of lab to chocolate soufflé." - FINANCIAL TIMES WEEKEND "This book is full of interesting and relevant facts that clarify the techniques of cooking that lead to the texture, taste and aroma of good cuisine. As a physicist the author introduces the importance of models in preparing food, and their modification as a result of testing (tasting)."- THE PHYSICIST "Focuses quite specifically on the physics and food chemistry of practical domestic cooking in terms of real recipes... Each chapter starts with an overview of the scientific issues relevant to that food group, e.g. toughness of meat, thickening of sauces, collapse of sponge cakes and soufflés. This is followed by actual recipes, with the purpose behind each ingredient and technique explained, and each recipe followed by a table describing some common problems, causes and solutions. Each chapter then ends with suggested experiments to illustrate some of the scientific principles exploited in the chapter." - FOOD & DRINK NEWSLETTER

California Water Myths

California Water Myths Author Ellen Hanak
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105063786193
Release 2009-12
Pages 30
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California Water Myths has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from California Water Myths also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full California Water Myths book for free.