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The Right to Write

The Right to Write Author Julia Cameron
ISBN-10 9781781809846
Release 2017-12-05
Pages 304
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'We should write because it is human nature to write' Julia Cameron

In The Right to Write, Julia Cameron's most revolutionary book, the author asserts that conventional writing wisdom would have you believe in a false doctrine that stifles creativity.

This isn't a book of rules and certainly not about how to write that query letter, how to find a market for your work, or how to find an agent. It's about using writing to bring clarity and passion to the act of living. The secrets in breaking loose from the grip of your established thought process, to unleash the wave of creativity striving to express itself within.

Here are techniques and illustrative stories to help you make writing a natural, intensely personal part of life. And this book includes the details of Cameron's own writing processes when creating her best selling books, which include the phenomenal and world famous The Artist's Way and Vein of Gold.

For those jumping into the writing life for the first time and for those already living it, the art of writing will never be the same after reading this book. Provocative, thoughtful and exciting, you'll return to it again and again as you seek to liberate and cultivate the writer residing within you.

The Right to Write

The Right to Write Author Julia Cameron
ISBN-10 178180981X
Release 2017-12-05
Pages 304
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'We should write because it is human nature to write' Julia Cameron For those jumping into the writing life for the first time and for those already living it, the art of writing will never be the same after reading this book. Provocative, thoughtful and exciting, The Right to Write will draw you back again and again as you seek to liberate and cultivate the writer residing within you. This isn't a book of rules, which can stifle creativity - it's a book about using writing to bring clarity and passion to the act of living. The secret is in breaking loose from the grip of your established thought process to unleash the wave of creativity which is striving to express itself. With the techniques and illustrative stories in The Right to Write, you'll learn how to make writing a natural and intensely personal part of your life. You'll also discover the details of Cameron's own writing processes, the ones she uses to create her poetry, plays, essays, novels and bestselling books, including the world famous The Artist's Way.

How to Write Right

How to Write   Right Author Pat Grayson
ISBN-10 9780980802344
Release 2010-11
Pages 141
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Become the writer you have always wanted to be! Pat is a writer, a writing coach and a publisher. As you read 'How to Write - Right!' you will see that is also a teacher - and so, your book and writing skill are waiting for you at the end of the book.

Write the Right Words

Write the Right Words Author Sandra E. Lamb
ISBN-10 9781429926980
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 256
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A Warm and Practical Guide to Writing the Perfect Card Message Are you at a complete loss for words when a birthday card or congratulatory card circulates at the office? When was the last time you mailed a "thinking of you" card to a faraway family member, just to say hello? What should you write to a grieving friend? How do you comfort a colleague in a time of need? Every greeting card needs a personal, handwritten message to make it complete. In this comprehensive, encouraging guide, journalist and lifestyle expert Sandra Lamb offers a wealth of advice, inspiration, and examples for anyone who wants to add the perfect personal touch to their card messages---as well as anyone who wants to know the etiquette of when and what to write. Something as small as a heartfelt message on a greeting card can help remedy our hectic, e-mail--dependent lives. Lamb provides tips and sample messages for every occasion under the sun, both happy and somber (thank-you, birthday, birth and adoption, condolence), and explains the meanings of possibly unfamiliar holidays and religious rituals to aid in the writing of appropriate messages. This personal, indispensable guide will help you rekindle the joy of putting pen to paper and truly connect with loved ones and friends.

Write Right

Write Right Author Jan Venolia
ISBN-10 9780307784186
Release 2011-02-09
Pages 224
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The newest edition of Jan Venolia’s best-selling guide, Write Right! is an essential resource for writers with 500,000+ copies sold since publication. In this age of electronic correspondence and self-produced documents, we need a useful and reliable writing guide more than ever. Write Right! covers the essentials of good writing in a concise and easy-to-follow format. The new edition of this classic handbook takes you through the entire writing process, from understanding the parts of speech to constructing a correct sentence to fine-tuning the mechanics. And with clever drawings and amusing quotations to illustrate its points, Write Right! shows that language can be fun as well as an effective communication tool. Whether it's used to find a quick answer to a nagging question or to develop stronger writing skills, this handy reference is the ideal resource for writers of all levels. Includes a resource section with a list of helpful websites and a glossary to quickly define difficult terms. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Right Way to Write Publish and Sell Your Book

The Right Way to Write  Publish and Sell Your Book Author Patricia L. Fry
ISBN-10 0977357627
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 340
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A definitive guide to writing, publishing and promoting a book for all genres and including all publishing options.

Right Before You Write

Right Before You Write Author Jonathan O'Brien
ISBN-10 0981621600
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 315
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Author Jonathan O'Brien contends that the majority of grant proposals are lost before the actual writing begins. While most grant writing books launch right into the details of filling in the blanks, wording specific responses to specific questions, finding grant money and creating budgets, O'Brien first takes the reader through the process of "retooling your gray matter;" that is, reverse engineering the way one thinks about a grant proposal before the writing begins. What makes this book unique is how O'Brien mixes his 30+ years of creative experiences with his madcap teaching style to demonstrate how FUNdamental storytelling principles used by Hollywoods top screenwriters help better applicants' writing by bettering their thinkingand better their ability to win grants for worthy causes. Because of his innovative approach, one of O'Brien's educational program designs is permanently enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution.

The Writing Diet

The Writing Diet Author Julia Cameron
ISBN-10 1585425710
Release 2007
Pages 234
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Illuminating a lesser-known benefit that has been experienced by several of the author's readers, a weight-loss program based on a theory about the relationship between blocked creativity and overeating demonstrates how to use journaling to examine and treat unhealthy food habits.

Write it Right

Write it Right Author Dr John Peck
ISBN-10 9780230367975
Release 2005-08-05
Pages 208
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Feedback from users of the Student's Guide to Writing suggested that some students find it hard to make time to read a book from cover to cover, and need a quick, problem-solving approach to improving their writing. This is what is offered in Peck and Coyle's new book Write it Right. Write it Right offers advice in short 'modules' which target particular tasks (such as applications or essays) or common problems (like punctuation). It will be ideal for students who are short of time, but nevertheless want to improve their writing.

Write Right

Write Right Author Roger A. Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781420840483
Release 2005-07-01
Pages 96
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In 'THREE SCREENPLAYS -A Cineaste Reader' one finds the completed screenplays of three, as yet, unproduced films. These are working scripts that actors, directors and producers read everyday, and use to make their decisions on whether this proposed film will be actually made. Will this story entice, intrigue and convince the average movie- goers enough for them to shell out their eight bucks to see it? Will it make enough money to make it all worthwhile? This is the beginning - the early creation that eventually evolves into the blockbuster we see on the big screen. But one need not have any particular knowledge 'about' film, or the 'movies' to enjoy reading in this fast paced writing style. If one has ever enjoyed a particular movie and wondered just how it all began -enjoys more than just 'watching' a movie... Then here are three very different stories, each set separately in modern screenplay format. Stories about international intrigue, families, the young - and the old. Gangsters, corrupt politicians, terrorists - blowups, shootings, crashes, drug deals. Sex. It is all here. AND COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!

Write Better Right Now

Write Better Right Now Author Mary-Kate Mackey
ISBN-10 9781632659385
Release 2016-12-26
Pages 224
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In almost any career, you must know how to write—even if it’s not part of your job description. But if you are a reluctant writer, producing even the simplest memo may be a struggle. Write Better Right Now is the springboard to get you ahead in any job, passion project, or situation that requires writing skills. No matter what you are called upon to do—blog posts, speeches, web content, press releases, or more—this step-by-step manual gives you the solid techniques you need to get the task done. Write Better Right Now works because it is: *Short—It takes a concise approach, from first thoughts to final edits, and its “mix-and-match” structure means you only have to read the sections you need. *Practical—It is loaded with summations, short cuts, tips, cheat sheets, and hands-on exercises. *Solution-driven—Knowing where you’ve gone wrong is half the battle. Write Better Right Now offers you the tools to identify your own problem patterns and choose the quickest and most appropriate fixes. You can improve your writing today. With straightforward guidance, Write Better Right Now is the quick read for productive people who need to create clear and crisp communication—right now.

Start Calligraphy

Start Calligraphy Author Jon Gibbs
ISBN-10 0716020971
Release 2000-12-01
Pages 222
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Mark Linley has been an art teacher for many years, running several very popular evening and holiday courses. Back in 1989, he was employed as a health education graphic artist in his local schools, adding a new dimension to teaching by encouraging children to learn while they draw. Mark's infectious enthusiasm and passion for drawing shines out from his highly successful series of drawing books. His motto is that, "You can learn to do anything if you think you can. If you draw something badly you are looking at it the wrong way. Anyone can draw if they want to, as long as they observe carefully". All of the books share Mark's uniquely inspirational ethos: "If you can hold a pencil, you can draw. It's a question of knowing how to look! That, and positive thinking, of course". He unlocks your hidden talents and proves that drawing can be an extremely rewarding pastime. As Mark himself says: "If you have never drawn anything except breath, don't worry; I have ways of teaching you!" From simple, but effective, 'dot stipple' techniques, to more tricky issues of perspective and proportion, Mark explains all clearly and concisely, without condescension or use of complicated terminology, so that you can just focus on enjoying your new-found skill!

Write Right Right Now

Write Right Right Now Author Walter M. Perkins
ISBN-10 061580750X
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 210
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"Write right - right now - the book by Walter M. Perkins is entertaining and informative for anyone who has ever wanted to write AND publish a book but did not know the steps. The book is broken into easy-to-understand components. Perkins emphasizes the business aspects of writing a book and sheds light on issues such as doing business with graphic designers, agents, publishers, and printers"-- Taken from November 7, 2014.

Speech Right

Speech Right Author Chuck Snearly
ISBN-10 159330689X
Release 2010-11
Pages 182
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Whatever one's current skill level, "Speech Right" is an ideal resource for writing the speech right.

The Artist s Way Morning Pages Journal

The Artist s Way Morning Pages Journal Author Julia Cameron
ISBN-10 9780143129417
Release 2016-11-08
Pages 304
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Elegantly repackaged, The Morning Pages Journal is one of The Artist's Way's most effective tools for cultivating creativity, personal growth, and change. Now more compact and featuring spiral binding to make for easier use, these Morning Pages invite you to do three pages daily of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness, which provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize, and synchronize the day at hand. This daily writing, coupled with the twelve-week program outlined in The Artist's Way, will help you discover and recover your personal creativity, artistic confidence, and productivity. The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal includes an introduction by Julia Cameron, complete instructions on how to use the Morning Pages and benefit fully from their daily use, and inspiring quotations that will guide you through the process.

Ambrose Bierce s Write It Right

Ambrose Bierce s Write It Right Author Jan Freeman
ISBN-10 0802719708
Release 2009-11-19
Pages 240
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In 1893, Ambrose Bierce declared "I am for preserving the ancient, primitive distinction between right and wrong." In Write it Right, originally published in 1909, Bierce turned this considerable zeal on the English language. The result revealed that the satirical author of The Devil's Dictionary had a keen ear for the vernacular--and that he hated it. This slim volume of his 300 or so reviled words and expressions contains many we use today with no hesitation at all. (Of "electrocution" he says, "To one having even an elementary knowledge of Latin grammar this word is no less than disgusting, and the thing meant by it is felt to be altogether too good for the word's inventor.") Jan Freeman, author of the weekly column "The Word" for the Boston Globe, annotates Bierce's rulings with style, humor, and in-depth research, revealing what Bierce got right--and what he didn't--and giving insight into how the language has changed over the past century. Write it Right, with its incisive wit and insight into the history of American English, is the perfect gift for word curmudgeons everywhere.

Write Or is it Right Every Time

Write  Or is it Right   Every Time Author Lottie Stride
ISBN-10 9781606523001
Release 2011-05-12
Pages 144
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An Apple a Day Keeps the Low Marks Away! Whether you're writing a report or a creative essay, the more you understand about the workings of the English language, the better you'll do. Write (Or Is That "Right"?) Every Time provides a fun-and-easy way to tackle tenses, sort out spelling slip-ups, put a full stop to punctuation problems, and conquer clauses. The book is divided into bite-size chunks, including: Goodness Gracious Grammar: Fun ways to tackle the parts of speech, tenses, conjunctions, and clauses, with rule breakers and amusing examples of bad grammar. Spelling Made Simple: Easy techniques to learn the rules-and exceptions- so you become a spelling whiz (or should that be whiz?). Punctuation Perfection: Effortless ways to conquer those punctuation dilemmas. From exclamation points, colons, and hyphens to all the commas in between.