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The River

The River Author Gary Paulsen
ISBN-10 9780307929617
Release 2012
Pages 132
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Because of his success surviving alone in the wilderness for fifty-four days, fifteen-year-old Brian, profoundly changed by his time in the wild, is asked to undergo a similar experience to help scientists learn more about the psychology of survival.

Brian s Return

Brian s Return Author Gary Paulsen
ISBN-10 0307433196
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 144
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Brian returns to the wilderness to discover where he truly belongs in this follow-up to the award-winning classic Hatchet from three-time Newbery Honor-winning author Gary Paulsen! As millions of readers of Hatchet, The River, and Brian's Winter know, Brian Robeson survived alone in the wilderness by finding solutions to extraordinary challenges. But now that's he's back to ordinary life, he can't make sense of high school life. He feels disconnected, more isolated than he did alone in the north woods. How can Brian discover his true path in life, and where he belongs? The answer is to return. Gay Paulsen skillfully explores the meaning of belonging and purpose, and reminds us of a crucial rule of the wilderness: expect the unexpected. “Bold, confident and persuasive.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred “Paulsen bases many of his protagonist’s experiences on his own, and the wilderness through which Brian moves is vividly observed.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Read all the Hatchet Adventures! Brian's Winter The River Brian's Return Brian's Hunt


Hatchet Author Gary Paulsen
ISBN-10 0330439731
Release 2005-07-01
Pages 128
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13-year old Brian Roberson was the only passenger on the plane when the accident happened He now has to use all his wits and a hatchet to survival in the wilderness... A Newberry Honor winner which has also become a juvenile classic. Vietnamese translation by To Nga. In Vietnamese. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

Brian s Hunt

Brian s Hunt Author Gary Paulsen
ISBN-10 9780375890475
Release 2003-12-23
Pages 160
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Brian sets out on the hunt of a lifetime in this follow-up to the award-winning classic Hatchet from three-time Newbery Honor-winning author Gary Paulsen! Brian Robeson has stood up to the challenge of surviving the wilderness in Hatchet, The River, Brian's Winter, and Brian's Return. Now, while camping alone on a lake in the woods, he finds a wounded and whimpering dog. As Brian treats her wounds, he worries about who or what did this to her. His instincts tell him to head north, quickly, to check on his Cree friends. With his new companion at his side, he sets out on the hunt. Gary Paulsen expertly delivers a riveting story that brilliantly combines two of his great themes: the human animal's place in nature, and the mysterious and wonderful bond between humans and dogs. “The Brian books reveal nature and humankind’s place in it with spare prose that seems ideally suited to the setting and plot.” —VOYA “Based on real incidents, this well-written sequel to Hatchet and its successors will be gobbled up by the author’s legions of fans.” —Kirkus Reviews Read all the Hatchet Adventures! Brian's Winter The River Brian's Return Brian's Hunt

The 53rd Parallel

The 53rd Parallel Author Carl Nordgren
ISBN-10 9781611530773
Release 2014-05-08
Pages 326
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In his evocative debut novel Carl Nordgren weaves an ambitious tale about the power of dreams, the hope of new beginnings, and the dangers of ghosts who haunt our past.In The 53rd Parallel, book one of the River of Lakes series, Brian Burke emigrates from 1950s West Ireland to the wilderness of Northwest Ontario with his partner Maureen O’Toole. He’s been exiled from his village, and she is running from her IRA past.The dreams of an Ojibway clan elder bring the Irish to the sacred place on the River, where they build The Great Lodge of Innish Cove. The dreams tell of a white man who will destroy the River and another who will protect it. While the Ojibway believe Brian and Maureen are the River’s guardians, Maureen’s IRA connections and the construction of a pulp mill upstream threaten to destroy the newly created Eden before it even begins.Under the watchful eye of a warrior spirit, the clan and their Irish companions risk all they love to protect the River and the promises it holds for their future. The fates of the two groups will intertwine as both seek to ward off the encroachment of the modern world.In The 53rd Parallel readers will find a rich tapestry that weaves together the literary influences of such giants as Peter Matthiessen, Ken Kesey, Jack London, and Ernest Hemingway (who briefly appears in Book 2 of the River of Lakes series).

Worlds Between

Worlds Between Author Carl Nordgren
ISBN-10 9781611531336
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 190
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In Worlds Between, book two of the River of Lakes series, readers are immersed in the idyllic setting of the fishing camp Maureen and Brian have built with Joe Loon's clan along the English River. The visit of IRA sympathizers, the building of a hydro-electric dam, and a dangerous accident provide a chilling reminder that old threats still lurk even as new dangers emerge. Even as she celebrates the extraordinary birth of her child, Maureen continues to battle the ghosts of her IRA past. Brian grasps at the fraying promises of Eden as his world is torn apart. The Ojibway find their land and traditions further curtailed by the encroachment of the modern world. And This Man watches out over all.In this evocative series spanning oceans and decades, award-winning author Carl Nordgren weaves a tale about the power of dreams and the dangers of ghosts who haunt our past.

Kasai Outback

Kasai  Outback Author Brian D. Wood
ISBN-10 9781456863937
Release 2011-04-14
Pages 310
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Its been six months since Dr. Jackson ONeil discovered dinosaurs living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and now hes at it again, this time heading to the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, to help out his childhood hero, Dr. John Tice, and his daughter, Maya, when mysterious disappearances start to occur out in the bush. But what Jackson and his best friend, Dr. Marshall Fredericks, and his girlfriend, Dr. Lauren Kimble, discover is a creature almost too terrifying to comprehend: a beast which was thought to have gone extinct thousands of years ago. And when Jacksons suddenly needed in Africa again, he will be on a race against the clock as a deadly force of nature appears to destroy a city. Jackson will be racing the police to fi nd a murderous animal smuggler before he comprehends Jacksons task of return to Africa and prevent a group of rebel soldiers from destroying Kasai forever.

Beyond the Badlands Badlands Series 2

Beyond the Badlands  Badlands Series  2 Author Brian J. Jarrett
ISBN-10 1494383896
Release 2013-12-11
Pages 288
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Who survived The Badlands to make it to the city by the river? Was the city truly a safe haven, or just another dead end, teeming with hordes of the infected? What else is in store for those who survived? In the dramatic second installment of Into the Badlands, the fate of the survivors and the truth about the city by the river is finally revealed. For some the journey has ended, but for those who remain, surviving the end of the world will be only the beginning.

Brian McDone Series Three Mystery Novels Dying Eyes 1 Buried Slaughter 2 Nameless Kill 3

Brian McDone Series  Three Mystery Novels  Dying Eyes  1  Buried Slaughter  2  Nameless Kill  3 Author Ryan Casey
Release 2014-06-26
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This is a specially priced box set of the first three books in the Brian McDone crime mystery series. Save 30% versus buying the individual books! ________________ D Y I N G E Y E S What secrets hide behind dying eyes? With the Christmas and New Year chaos out of the way, it's time for the Preston Police Department to put their feet up and return to normality. But for DS Brian McDone, there is no respite from the frenzy. An unidentified young woman is found brutally murdered in a seedy section of the city, her body laced with bruises, her sharp fingernails digging into her palms. Her eyes are staring up at something in pure fear. Nobody knows who she is. As Brian and his team begin to piece together the clues, the answers lead him to places he would least expect. The further Brian digs, one question soon becomes apparent: who can he trust? The answer, it seems, may be life-threatening. The first in a new series from bestselling author Ryan Casey, Dying Eyes is a dark detective mystery with complex characters and a twisting, turning plot that is sure to please fans of the genre. If you enjoy hit Danish TV phenomenon, The Killing, you'll love Dying Eyes. "With twists and turns aplenty, the story is both riveting and horrifying, and it is well-worth reading and re-reading." - T.A. Dean B U R I E D S L A U G H T E R Two years after the shocking events of the Nicola Watson case, Brian McDone's life is finally back on track. He's working in the lower ranks of the police department, but his personal life and mental stability are stronger and more important to him than ever. That is until news breaks of a series of brutal, ritualistic murders in the idyllic Lancashire countryside. Seven bodies are found, decapitated, bones stripped of flesh, heads piled on top of one another. The police are clueless. Brian is intrigued. Too intrigued. As Brian grows obsessed with the case, he finds himself drawn out of his peaceful life and into the dangerous depths of the investigation. In a race against time, Brian must put all he cares about on the line, as he faces a ruthless, cunning and methodical killer who isn't afraid to make things personal. The second in the series from bestselling author Ryan Casey, Buried Slaughter is a dark detective mystery with complex characters and a twisting, thrilling plot. If you enjoy Danish TV hits The Killing and The Bridge, you'll love Buried Slaughter. N A M E L E S S K I L L Brian McDone is ready for a break. He's exhausted in his new Detective Inspector role, worried about his distant work partner, and he keeps on getting irritating pains in his chest. All he needs is a holiday. But the killers of Preston have other ideas. A dead girl is found face down in a stream with her hands bound. Creepy antlers and strange clothing clutch her head, as flies swarm her naked skin. Nobody knows her name. As Detective Inspector Brian McDone digs deeper into the harrowing mystery, he discovers a sequence of shocking and horrifying revelations and secrets. Secrets that don't just threaten the lives of others, but the life of McDone himself. Nameless Kill is the third book in the Brian McDone crime mystery series, full of dark drama and edge-of-your-seat suspense. mystery, crime thriller, suspense, brian mcdone, crime box set, british mysteries, mystery series

Hatchet the River also Published As The Return

Hatchet   the River  also Published As  The Return Author Gary Paulsen
ISBN-10 0385303882
Release 1992
Pages 118
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Hatchet the River also Published As The Return has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hatchet the River also Published As The Return also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hatchet the River also Published As The Return book for free.

Beethoven s Tenth

Beethoven s Tenth Author Brian Harvey
ISBN-10 9781459808713
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 160
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Piano tuner Frank Ryan is paid in kind by an aging music teacher with an old manuscript that turns out to be Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony. Launched into a world of intrigue and violence, Ryan, an unlikely sleuth, realizes he must use his wits to conquer his enemies and solve the mystery of the manuscript. In the process Ryan discovers whom he can trust and what he is made of. The first in a series featuring Frank Ryan, Beethoven’s Tenth is a smart page-turner.

Skinner s Festival Bob Skinner series Book 2

Skinner s Festival  Bob Skinner series  Book 2 Author Quintin Jardine
ISBN-10 9780755353545
Release 2008-11-13
Pages 300
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Countdown to disaster for Edinburgh's hardest cop... Terrorists strike at the heart of the Edinburgh Festival in Skinner's Festival, Quintin Jardine's second novel in the ever popular Bob Skinner series. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and Val McDermid. 'Robustly entertaining' - Irish Times An explosion rocks Princes Street in the midst of the Edinburgh Festival. Responsibility is claimed by a group supposedly demanding political separation from Britain, but as atrocities escalate Skinner realises this is no gang of fanatics, but a highly professional team. The Fighters for an Independent Scotland want the English out of Scotland too and they're ready to back up their demands with bombings, murders and blackmail threats aimed at wreaking havoc at the Edinburgh Festival of the Arts. But the Fighters haven't reckoned with Assistant Chief Constable Bob Skinner, head of the Edinburgh CID and security adviser to Secretary of State Alan Ballantyne. Even as craven Ballantyne vows empty defiance of the Fighters, defending his principles with the blood of innocent coppers and bystanders, Skinner assembles a crack task force, carries the ball when the Secretary fumbles on the air, and wrestles with the beast within, who emerges with periodic ferocity to foil a clever, greedy scheme involving the crown jewels and Skinner's own daughter. What readers are saying about Skinner's Festival: 'Gripping, plot twisting brilliance, a true thriller' 'Suspense from beginning to end' 'Totally absorbing' 'Couldn't put it down'

Echoes from the Blockhouse

Echoes from the Blockhouse Author Brian Harbert
ISBN-10 9781457500367
Release 2011-03
Pages 368
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March 3, 1778 ... marks the tragic death of Thomas Harbert (Sr). In the mid-1760's -Thomas, an early frontiersman and pioneer - and his wife Isabelle - left the English Colony of New Jersey and moved their young family westward... eventually settling in the District of West Augusta, Virginia. On what is now known as Ten-Mile Creek, in the Jones' Run Community, Harrison County, WV - Gomas and an enterprising group of settlers constructed the Harbert Blockhouse as a defense against the many harsh elements of this newly-opened AppalachianWilderness. On this fateful date - as some children were playing nearby - they noted the approach of some Shawnee warriors who were known to be about avenging the death of their mighty Shawnee chieftain, Keigh-tugh-qua, or "the Cornstalk."Gey subsequently attacked the barnlike structure of Fort Harbert, and in the ensuing battleGomas was killed while grappling with a Shawnee warrior who had forced himself into the Fort. In addition to the tragic death of Gomas and his young daughter Celia, four other adults were wounded; and six or seven children in the yard were killed or taken prisoners. One indian was killed, and two badly wounded. Surviving Gomas were his wife Isabelle and Fve sons: Samuel Harbert (18), Edward (15), William (13), Gomas Jr. (10), and John (9). Brian C. Harbert lives on HarbertMountain Road in rural Alexander County, North Carolina, with his wife Alice and extended family. He has three children: David, Rachel & Ryan who are all grown. He is an R.N. at a local hospital in the Critical Care Unit. His interest in genealogy was kindled by the work began by his grandfather, Hallie Lafayette Harbert who wrote a booklet entitled: "History of the Descendants of Noah J. Harbert..". [Hallie's grandfather]. Having begun with the information in his grandfather's work, he began "surFng the web" and stumbled upon several very helpful sites. He has compiled a family database of over 7,000 names! He keeps hoping he'll get Fnished at some point, but as of this time, he sees no end in sight! David Harbert was born in Morgantown, WV; near Decker's Creek whereGomas Harbert made his Frst home inWV. David and his wife Linda live in LumberportWV. He has a set of twins Tim and Cathy who are grown and have their own families. He grew up on Jones Run about 4 miles from the location of the Harbert Blockhouse. David's father, Max is the person responsible for David's interest in the Harbert Family history. His father is a treasure trove of information about the Harbert's who lived around Lumberport. David's lifelong dream has been to put the family history down on paper so others can learn about the amazing people who have and still do make up the Harbert Family.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Catalog of Copyright Entries  Third Series Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105119498793
Release 1976
Pages 1522
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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series book for free.

The Promise The Restoration Series Book 2

The Promise  The Restoration Series Book  2 Author Dan Walsh
ISBN-10 9781441243072
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 304
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For the last five months, Tom Anderson has been without a job, a fact he's been hiding from his wife Jean--and everyone else. He leaves each morning, pretending nothing has changed, and spends his disheartening day rotating through two coffee shops and the library, using their wi-fi to search for a job on the internet. The stress of keeping this secret is beginning to put serious strain on his marriage and it looks like the legacy that began with his father is still at work, slowly destroying the bond between Tom and Jean. Can their mutual trust--and love--be restored? Combining the literary talents of Dan Walsh and the relationship expertise of Gary Smalley, The Restoration Series pulls back the curtain of a family that has laid their foundation on shifting sand, but is slowly rediscovering genuine love and the power of forgiveness.

On the Hockey Highway

On the Hockey Highway Author Brian McFarlane
ISBN-10 1551682451
Release 2007-04-27
Pages 199
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When brothers Max and Marty Mitchell move to a new town in 1930s Canada, they find difficulty and threatening opposition in the town against their aspirations to start a hockey team.


Yarra Author Kristin Otto
ISBN-10 9781921520006
Release 2009
Pages 245
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It was John Wedge, Batman's private surveyor, who named the Yarra Yarra. In September 1835 he was at the Turning Basin with some Kulin and heard them identify the river as it came over the Falls as, he wrote, 'Yarrow Yarrow'. It was only some months later that Wedge discovered they had been referring to the pattern and movement of water over the Falls, not the river itself. And ever since, it has been the Yarra's fate to be misunderstood: maligned for its muddiness, ill-used as sewer and tip; scooped, sculpted, straightened and stressed, 'cleaned up' to the detriment of its natural inhabitants; built-over, under and beside; worked mercilessly and then bridged almost to maritime extinction. In Kristin Otto's superbly entertaining new history, the whole sorry tale is laid bare. From the creation stories of Kulin owners and geologist blow-ins (and Robert Hoddle's bad-tempered expedition to the headwaters) to the twenty-first-century waterside building boom, Otto traces the course of Melbourne's murky river.