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The Royalist Republic

The Royalist Republic Author Helmer J. Helmers
ISBN-10 9781316240946
Release 2015-01-08
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In 1649, Charles I was executed before Whitehall Palace in London. This event had a major impact not only in the British Isles, but also on the continent, where British exiles, diplomats and agents waged propaganda battles to conquer the minds of foreign audiences. In the Dutch Republic, above all, their efforts had a significant impact on public opinion, and succeeded in triggering violent debate. This is the first book-length study devoted to the continental backlash of the English Civil Wars. Interdisciplinary in scope and drawing on a wide range of sources, from pamphlets to paintings, Helmer Helmers shows how the royalist cause managed to triumph in one of the most unlikely places in early modern Europe. In doing so, Helmers transforms our understanding of both British and Dutch political culture, and provides new contexts for major literary works by Milton, Marvell, Huygens, and many others.

The Royalist Republic

The Royalist Republic Author Helmer Jon Helmers
ISBN-10 OCLC:727112317
Release 2011
Pages 313
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The Royalist Republic has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Royalist Republic also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Royalist Republic book for free.

Early Modern Women s Writing

Early Modern Women s Writing Author Martine van Elk
ISBN-10 9783319332222
Release 2017-01-09
Pages 299
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This book is the first comparative study of early modern English and Dutch women writers. It explores women’s rich and complex responses to the birth of the public sphere, new concepts of privacy, and the ideology of domesticity in the seventeenth century. Women in both countries were briefly allowed a public voice during times of political upheaval, but were increasingly imagined as properly confined to the household by the end of the century. This book compares how English and Dutch women responded to these changes. It discusses praise of women, marriage manuals, and attitudes to female literacy, along with female artistic and literary expressions in the form of painting, engraving, embroidery, print, drama, poetry, and prose, to offer a rich account of women’s contributions to debates on issues that mattered most to them.

The Invention of News

The Invention of News Author Andrew Pettegree
ISBN-10 9780300179088
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 445
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Lays out the history of news and its dissemination, from medieval pilgrim tales to the birth of the newspaper.

A Miracle Mirrored

A Miracle Mirrored Author C. A. Davids
ISBN-10 0521462479
Release 1995
Pages 539
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A 1996 comparative study of the Netherlands from the late sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth century.

The Cambridge Companion to the Dutch Golden Age

The Cambridge Companion to the Dutch Golden Age Author Helmer J. Helmers
ISBN-10 9781316780329
Release 2018-08-31
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During the seventeenth century, the Dutch Republic was transformed into a leading political power in Europe, with global trading interests. It nurtured some of the period's greatest luminaries, including Rembrandt, Vermeer, Descartes and Spinoza. Long celebrated for its religious tolerance, artistic innovation and economic modernity, the United Provinces of the Netherlands also became known for their involvement with slavery and military repression in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. This Companion provides a compelling overview of the best scholarship on this much debated era, written by a wide range of experts in the field. Unique in its balanced treatment of global, political, socio-economic, literary, artistic, religious, and intellectual history, its nineteen chapters offer an indispensable guide for anyone interested in the world of the Dutch Golden Age.

The Literature of the Arminian Controversy

The Literature of the Arminian Controversy Author Freya Sierhuis
ISBN-10 9780191066641
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 320
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The Literature of the Arminian Controversy highlights the importance of the Arminian Controversy (1609-1619) for the understanding of the literary and intellectual culture of the Dutch Golden Age. Taking into account a wide array of sources, ranging from theological and juridical treatises, to pamphlets, plays and and libel poetry, it offers not only a deeper contextualisation of some of the most canonical works of the period, such as the works of Dirck Volckertz. Coornhert, Hugo Grotius and Joost van den Vondel, but also invites the reader to rethink the way we view the relation between literature and theology in early modern culture. The book argues how the controversy over divine predestination acted as a catalyst for literary and cultural change, tracing the impact of disputed ideas on grace and will, religious toleration and the rights of the civil magistrate in satirical literature, poetry and plays. Conversely, it reads the theological and political works as literature, by examining the rhetoric and tropes of religious controversy. Analysing the way in which literature shapes the political and religious imaginary, it allows us to look beyond the history of doctrine, or the history of political rights, to include the emotive and imaginative power of such narrative, myth and metaphor.

The Poetics of Scientific Investigation in Seventeenth Century England

The Poetics of Scientific Investigation in Seventeenth Century England Author Claire Preston
ISBN-10 9780191009976
Release 2015-12-17
Pages 304
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The writing of science in the period 1580-1700 is artfully, diffidently, carelessly, boldly, and above all self-consciously literary. The Poetics of Scientific Investigation in Seventeenth-Century English Literature considers the literary textures of science writing — its rhetorical figures, neologisms, its uses of parody, romance, and various kinds of verse. The experimental and social practices of science are examined through literary representations of the laboratory, of collaborative retirement, of virtual, epistolary conversation, and of an imagined paradise of investigative fellowship and learning. Claire Preston argues that the rhetorical, generic, and formal qualities of scientific writing are also the intellectual processes of early-modern science itself. How was science to be written in this period? That question, which piqued natural philosophers who were searching for apt conventions of scientific language and report, was initially resolved by the humanist rhetorical and generic skills in which they were already highly trained. At the same time non-scientific writers, enthralled by the developments of science, were quick to deploy ideas and images from astronomy, optics, chemistry, biology, and medical practices. Practising scientists and inspired laymen or quasi-scientists produced new, adjusted, or hybrid literary forms, often collapsing the distinction between the factual and the imaginative, between the rhetorically ornate and the plain. Early-modern science and its literary vehicles are frequently indistinguishable, scientific practice and scientific expression mutually involved. Among the major writers discussed are Montaigne, Bacon, Donne, Browne, Lovelace, Boyle, Sprat, Oldenburg, Evelyn, Cowley, and Dryden.

Charles XI and Swedish Absolutism 1660 1697

Charles XI and Swedish Absolutism  1660 1697 Author A. F. Upton
ISBN-10 0521573904
Release 1998-06-04
Pages 281
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The reading public outside Sweden knows little of that country's history, beyond the dramatic and short-lived era in the seventeenth century when Sweden under Gustavus Adolphus became a major European power by her intervention in the Thirty Years War. In the last decades of the seventeenth century another Swedish king, Charles XI, launched a less dramatic but remarkable bid to stabilize and secure Sweden's position as a major power in northern Europe and as master of the Baltic Sea. This project, which is almost unknown to students of history outside Sweden, involved a comprehensive overhaul of the government and institutions of the kingdom, on the basis of establishing Sweden as a model of absolute monarchy. This 1998 book gives an account of what was achieved under the absolutist direction of a distinctly unglamorous, but pious and conscientious ruler.

The Anglo Dutch Moment

The Anglo Dutch Moment Author Jonathan I. Israel
ISBN-10 0521544068
Release 2003-10-30
Pages 520
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This book sets the Glorious Revolution in its full British, European and American context, and to show how fundamentally our picture of the English Revolution, as well as of the Revolutionary process of 1688-91, is now being transformed.

The Social Life of Coffee

The Social Life of Coffee Author Brian Cowan
ISBN-10 9780300133509
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 384
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What induced the British to adopt foreign coffee-drinking customs in the seventeenth century? Why did an entirely new social institution, the coffeehouse, emerge as the primary place for consumption of this new drink? In this lively book, Brian Cowan locates the answers to these questions in the particularly British combination of curiosity, commerce, and civil society. Cowan provides the definitive account of the origins of coffee drinking and coffeehouse society, and in so doing he reshapes our understanding of the commercial and consumer revolutions in Britain during the long Stuart century. Britain’s virtuosi, gentlemanly patrons of the arts and sciences, were profoundly interested in things strange and exotic. Cowan explores how such virtuosi spurred initial consumer interest in coffee and invented the social template for the first coffeehouses. As the coffeehouse evolved, rising to take a central role in British commercial and civil society, the virtuosi were also transformed by their own invention.

The Jacobin Republic 1792 1794

The Jacobin Republic 1792 1794 Author Marc Bouloiseau
ISBN-10 0521289181
Release 1983-11-17
Pages 251
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The Jacobin Republic was the most difficult and dangerous phase of the Revolution, when events begun in 1789 reached their climax. The Republic was brief, barely two years, but it put up a victorious struggle against the armies of the European Coalition and against the forces of the counter-revolution.

Damnable Practices

Damnable Practices Author Sarah F. Williams
ISBN-10 1472420837
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 220
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Recent scholarship has explored the representations of witchcraft and malfeasance in English street literature; but until now the role of music and embodied performance in communicating female transgression has not been accounted for. Sarah Williams carefully considers the broadside ballad as a dynamic performative work situated in a unique cultural context. Employing techniques drawn from music analysis, gender studies, performance studies, and the histories of print and theater, she contends that broadside ballads and their music made connections between various degrees of female crime, the supernatural, and cautionary tales about and for women.

British Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century

British Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century Author Sarah Hutton
ISBN-10 9780199586110
Release 2015
Pages 286
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Sarah Hutton presents a rich historical study of one of the most fertile periods in modern philosophy. It was in the seventeenth century that Britain's first philosophers of international stature and lasting influence emerged, and the seventeenth century is normally regarded as the dawn of modernity following the breakdown of the Aristotelian synthesis which had dominated intellectual life since the middle ages. In this period of transformational change, Bacon,Hobbes, Locke are acknowledged to have contributed significantly to the shape of European philosophy from their own time to the present day. But these figures did not work in isolation. Sarah Huttonplaces them in their intellectual context, including the social, political and religious conditions in which philosophy was practised, and shows the importance of figures normally regarded as 'minor' players in philosophy (e.g. Herbert of Cherbury, Cudworth, More, Burthogge, Norris, Toland) as well as others who have been completely overlooked, notably female philosophers. Instead of emphasizing the break between seventeenth-century philosophy and its past, she traces continuities between theRenaissance and seventeenth century, across the seventeenth century and into the eighteenth century, while at the same time acknowledging the major changes which occurred.

Thinking About Art

Thinking About Art Author Penny Huntsman
ISBN-10 9781118905203
Release 2015-11-04
Pages 304
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Thinking about Art explores some of the greatest works of art and architecture in the world through the prism of themes, instead of chronology, to offer intriguing juxtapositions of art and history. The book ranges across time and topics, from the Parthenon to the present day and from patronage to ethnicity, to reveal art history in new and varied lights. With over 200 colour illustrations and a wealth of formal and contextual analysis, Thinking about Art is a companion guide for art lovers, students and the general reader, and is also the first A-level Art History textbook, written by a skilled and experienced teacher of art history, Penny Huntsman. The book is accompanied by a companion website at

English Literature

English Literature Author Henry Coppée
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B275518
Release 1873
Pages 476
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English Literature has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from English Literature also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full English Literature book for free.

Dutch Atlantic Connections 1680 1800

Dutch Atlantic Connections  1680 1800 Author Gert Oostindie
ISBN-10 9789004271319
Release 2014-06-20
Pages 452
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This title is available online in its entirety in Open Access. Dutch Atlantic Connections reevaluates the role of the Dutch in the Atlantic between 1680-1800. It shows how pivotal the Dutch were for the functioning of the Atlantic sytem by highlighting both economic and cultural contributions to the Atlantic world.