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The Rage

The Rage Author Jaci J
ISBN-10 1503016889
Release 2014-11-05
Pages 290
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The Hell's Disciples MC Series book 3 They say love comes in all shapes and sizes, and is found in the most unexpected places. I wasn't looking for anything when I knocked on that big, wooden door, but what I got was a rude ass, leather wearing biker who made me feel, and want things I never thought were possible. Rampage is crude, rude, and tough. He's everything I'm not, but he's everything I need. He's my strength when I'm weak, my shoulder to lean on when the weight of my world gets too heavy. He's my voice when I don't have one, and he holds me up when I need it the most. Love is for the weak. It does nothing but hurt your pathetic feelings, break your weak little heart, and give you the worst f*****g headache of your life. If you let that shit in, it will break what was never broken in the first place, and now it's trying to sneak in and break me. A little smartass angel has found a way to work her way in without permission, wreaking havoc on my rule of never loving anyone. Lailah is the soft to my hard, the social to my antisocial, the innocent to my corrupt, and the sweet to my mean. She's the eternal optimist when it comes to love, and without even knowing she's doing it, she's trying to make me a goddamn believer. I may not believe in love, but I do believe in Lailah. She's the calm to my rage, and that is what I do I believe in. 90,000+ Words. 18+ Due to language, some blood, sex, & a little drug use

Korrupted Angels

Korrupted Angels Author Geri Glenn
Release 2018-02-02
Pages 87
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Korrupted Angels has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Korrupted Angels also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Korrupted Angels book for free.


Combust Author Drew Elyse
ISBN-10 1975691970
Release 2017-08-23
Pages 300
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Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple. Man whore. Ex-con. All-around asshole. Daz is called a lot of seedy things. But his brothers know there's more to him even if it is buried deep beneath the surface. A Disciple will fight like a savage and never give up. As a stripper, Avery is no stranger to judgment. That doesn't stop her from assuming Daz is nothing more than a hot body, though. But when tragedy lets her see behind the cocky-jackass exterior, there's no denying the truth. For this biker to go down, there has to be more than sparks-he needs full combustion.

Link d Up

Link d Up Author Harley Stone
ISBN-10 1986158403
Release 2018-03-02
Pages 174
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18+ for language and sexual situations... President Tyler "Link" Lincoln of the Dead Presidents MC, runs a club dedicated to helping military vets readjust to society. When his sergeant at arms is arrested for the attempted murder of a prominent Seattle figure, Link's search for a lawyer brave enough to fight for justice leads him to an alluring defense attorney with a bleeding heart and a steel backbone. This isn't the first time Emily Stafford's commitment to defending the falsely accused has put her in harm's way. Smart, cautious, and independent, she knows how to defend herself. At least, she did until she joined forces with one sexy, overbearing, tattooed MC president. Flames run hot as Link and Emily seek shelter in the club's converted fire station, working against the clock to uncover the truth and save a somewhat innocent man.

The Filthy Few Iron Disciples MC

The Filthy Few  Iron Disciples MC Author Daniella Tucci
ISBN-10 1500286540
Release 2014-06-23
Pages 342
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Cade, president of the Iron Disciples Motorcycle Club, a hardened badass, and one of the Filthy Few-members who've sold their souls and demonstrated the highest act of loyalty...killing for their club. The Disciples are local legends, true one percenters-the few who don't just live on the fringe of society but operate far from it. Ultra successful financial advisor Morgan Swift knows nothing about THE LIFE until she steps off the curb into the path of Cade's Harley... She ends up in his apartment, trusting a murderer to heal her wounds...two people from completely different worlds, they aren't meant to be together, they can't possibly coexist. Being in close proximity to such a raw, alpha like Cade has Morgan's body betraying her at every turn...never before has a man made her feel this alive, this frightened, this...wet. How can Cade trust the civilian woman he is falling for when she demands full disclosure? How can he explain to her the meaning of the Filthy Few patch on his chest without her equating him to nothing more than a serial killer? In the face of impossible danger Cade is forced to make a deal with the devil, and it's a decision Morgan will never understand.

The One Percenter Encyclopedia

The One Percenter Encyclopedia Author Bill Hayes
ISBN-10 9780760360538
Release 2018-04-03
Pages 256
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Ever wonder how the Hells Angels got their name, or about that little demonic critter on the Pagan's patch? What about the local one-percenter motorcycle club that hangs out at the corner bar? What goes on there? This book answers these questions and more. The One-Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite features concise entries that include information on founding chapters, founding dates, number of chapters and members, club and leadership biographies, and more. This book covers all the major clubs--Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, Mongols, Vagos--as well as lesser-known clubs from around the world.


Instigation Author Cat Mason
Release 2017-06-30
Pages 250
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Cheyenne West grew up living and breathing the club life. Being the daughter of a founding member, the Twisted Mayhem MC is the only family she has ever known. While coming to terms with the secret life of her traitorous husband, and the guilt that comes along with having slept with the enemy, Shy learns that the danger is far from over. For M.C. playboy, Jason Schrader, life is all about chasing the next rush. Taking every day at full-throttle, Schrader lives every octane-fueled minute like it could be his last. When ties are severed with a former ally, threats come at the club from every direction, putting everyone he cares about at risk. After a club vote puts Schrader in charge of keeping Cheyenne safe, he makes it his mission to put a smile back on her face. One adrenaline-laced kiss changes everything. The spark that ignites between them has Schrader addicted from the jump and ready to fight for something he never knew he was capable of wanting. There is a war raging in Legion Falls and the battle lines are drawn in blood as the club is faced with new enemies. Can Schrader hold onto his new addiction while the bullets fly? Or will Troy’s secrets come back to haunt Cheyenne and light fire to everything she touches?


Engage Author Drew Elyse
ISBN-10 1986541975
Release 2016-10-27
Pages 274
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Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple. They came for her in the night. When she wakes, she's in a cell. She has no idea if it will help, but it is the only option she has: She tells them she belongs to the Savage Disciples MC. A Disciple will fight like a savage when it counts. Years ago, he lost everything. Now, the club is the only thing Jager allows himself to care about. Nothing matters but his Savage Disciple brothers. At least, until she arrives and he has a decision to make. This biker has no idea what choosing to engage could mean to a Disciple's daughter.


Cruise Author Drew Elyse
ISBN-10 1983683167
Release 2018-01-10
Pages 316
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Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple. After giving up eighteen months of his life for his club, the Disciples' president is finally tasting freedom again. Stone knows there's only one thing that might ever be as sweet, but she's too young, too perfect, too untouchable for a man like him. A Disciple will fight like a savage to protect what matters. Evie's life is pretty much blowing up in her face until Stone finds her broken down on the side of the road. Now if only she could get him to stop being the martyr and give them a shot at what she knows they both want. It's high time this biker got the chance to let go and just cruise.


Karma Author K. T. Fisher
ISBN-10 1515034941
Release 2015-07-18
Pages 288
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Lauren doesn't know why she is such a bitch, but she is. She believes in being who you are and fuck those who don't like it. Her ex is pissed, and she soon realises the hard way that she never should have betrayed him. Yet, pretty-boy Andrew isn't as innocent as she thought. In fact, it turns out he's connected to one of the biggest gangs in America. Lauren is beaten and abused in every way possible. Her human rights are stripped, and she is treated like an animal. Blindfolded and gagged, Lauren has no idea what is going to become of her, or if she will ever get out of the mess she has found herself in. Karma has finally caught up with Lauren Ashford, but is this the end, or can someone out there help her? Are there men strong enough, or even brave enough, to face up to her captors? When the Philadelphia Kings of Rebellion charter come crashing into her kidnappers' motorcycle club's cabin, they find a beautiful girl chained up to a wall and made to live like a dog on the hard floor. From here, Lauren is given the greatest gift. To go home. Once back in the UK, Lauren is under the protection of the UK Kings of Rebellion MC and is shocked to find that even though they are dangerous, they treat her so much better. Here she meets Grim, the oldest son of the president. He's covered in tattoos, drives a bike, likes to dress in leather and loves to protect her. Is this the man that Lauren needs? Or do her old habits of being a "do now, think later" kind of bitch, come back to bite her in the ass? One thing is for certain, Demon, the president of the motorcycle club who took her, wants her back...

Power Trip

Power Trip Author Damian McBride
ISBN-10 9781849547819
Release 2014-07-28
Pages 480
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Hailed as the must-read political book of the year by commentators on all sides of the great divide, Power Trip is the explosive memoir of one of Westminster's most controversial figures. From 1999 to 2009, Damian McBride worked at the heart of the Treasury and No. 10. He was a pivotal member of Gordon Brown's inner circle before a notorious scandal propelled him out of Downing Street and onto the front pages. Known by friend and foe as 'Mad Dog' or 'McPoison', Brown's right-hand man demonstrated a ruthless desire to protect and promote New Labour's no. 2, whatever the cost. Laying bare his journey from naive civil servant to disgraced spin-doctor, McBride writes candidly about his experiences at the elbows of Brown, Balls and Miliband, detailing the feuds, plots and media manipulation that lay at New Labour's core. Freshly updated with revealing new material, Power Trip is an eye-watering exposé of British politics and a compelling story of the struggles and scandals that populate the political world.

Hallelujah Rising

Hallelujah Rising Author Paula Marinaro
ISBN-10 1976330874
Release 2017-10-21
Pages 352
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"Amidst a backdrop of violence, death, and destruction, Hallelujah Thomas and Valentina Abruzzi struggle to find redemption for themselves--and for each other"


Shift Author Drew Elyse
ISBN-10 1986541843
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 266
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Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple. In losing her dad, Ash learned an important lesson: being a Disciple is dangerous. She couldn't stay and wait for the club to take the man she loved, too. But when a threat to the club puts her in danger, she has no choice but to return to the world she left behind. A Disciple will fight like a savage for what is his. Sketch has what he needs: his tattooing, the club, and his bike. Wanting more was just a pipe dream that died when Ash left. Now, she's coming home-but not by choice, and not alone. Suddenly, nothing matters except the one that got away... and the daughter she came back with. This biker knows one thing: a Disciple's daughter's return is about to make his whole world shift.


Clutch Author Drew Elyse
ISBN-10 1517344840
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 288
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Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple. Cami was born into the Savage Disciples MC, but she ventured out to build a life of her own away from the club. She's engaged now, living a new life despite missing the bikers that raised her. Overall, she's... fine. Sure, fine. She's fine with the fiance who is more interested in position and image than the woman in his life. She's fine with the fake people around and the suffocating passive aggression. She's fine with the fact that she is turning to drugs to self-medicate. A Disciple will fight like a savage for what he wants. When Gauge tags along to visit his club brother's daughter, he can't believe the two women he meets: the fiery daughter of a biker and the puppet with the blank affect. And yet, they're both Cami. He sees the fire beneath surface, and he wants to watch it burn. He wants to rip away the man smothering her like a wet blanket. He wants to see the flames consume that cookie-cutter future-wife facade to the ground and dance with her in the flames. When this biker clutches onto a Disciple's daughter, there is no letting go."


Demons Author J L Drake
ISBN-10 1640343199
Release 2018-03
Pages 374
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Trigger... I thought the light would bring redemption. Salvation. But it only brought the Devil to my doorstep. My demons are breaking through, and the reaper is moving closer. My weakness has been exposed, and there's only one person who can calm this hell... Tess... I broke a promise to myself, and now I'm paying for it. I don't want to be here. I don't want to be a part of this hell. But I don't have a choice... The reaper is riding bitch on our backs. DISCLAIMER to add to online listings: This is Book 2 in the Devil's Reach trilogy, and it ends with a cliffhanger. Intended for readers 18 or older. May contain...triggers.

Hell s Angels

Hell s Angels Author Hunter S. Thompson
ISBN-10 0241951585
Release 2011
Pages 325
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Journalist, maverick, rebel and author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson offers another novel of American counterculture in Hell's Angels, beautifully repackaged as part of the Penguin Essentials range. 'A phalanx of motorcycles came roaring over the hill from the west... the noise was like a landslide, or a wing of bombers passing over. Even knowing the Angels I couldn't quite handle what I was seeing. It was like Genghis Khan, Morgan's Raiders, the Wild One and the Rape of Nanking all at once.' In September, 1964 a cavalcade of motorbikes ripped through the city of Monterey, California. It was a trip destined to make Hell's Angels household names across America, infamous for their violent, drunken rampages and feared for the destruction left in their wake. Enter Hunter S. Thompson, the master of counter-culture journalism who alone had the ability and stature to ride with the Angels on their terms. In this brilliant and hair-raising expose, he journeys with the last outlaws of the American frontier. A mixture of journalism, story-telling and sheer bravado, Hell's Angels is Hunter S. Thompson at full throttle. 'Excellent documentary non-fiction' Time Out 'The maverick voice of American counterculture' Guardian 'There are only two adjectives writers care about any more - "brilliant" and "outrageous" - and Hunter has a freehold on both of them' Tom Wolfe 'The book that made Thompson's name' Loaded Hunter S. Thompson was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1937. He began his writing career as a sports columnist in Florida and went on to work on newspapers and magazines in New York, San Juan and Rio de Janeiro. His articles appeared in Esquire, Rolling Stone magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is the author of a number of books, including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, The Great Shark Hunt, Generation of Swine, The Curse of Lono, Songs of the Doomed, Better Than Sex, The Proud Highway and The Rum Diary. Hunter S. Thompson died in 2005.


Baker Author Scott Hildreth
ISBN-10 1981641521
Release 2017-12-11
Pages 230
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ANDY - I got a job next door to a tattooed biker named Baker. He was an outlaw, a criminal, a biker, a bad boy, and a thief. I should have run as far and fast as I could. Instead, on the day we met, I let him have his way with me. I couldn't help myself. His intensity and swagger lured me, but it was the crazy sex that kept me coming back, day after day. His sordid ways scared me, but I simply couldn't stay away... BAKER - When she moved in next door, I knew I was in trouble. She was sexy. She was irresistible. She had spunk. She was also the manager of a bank my MC robbed six months prior. She didn't recognize me, because we wore masks during the robbery. If she ever found out who I really was, there would be hell to pay. It would be nothing like the hell I'd be living in if my MC found out I was fucking her. We'd issued an order to kill her on sight. She was off-limits if anyone ever was. So far, the men in the MC hadn't seen her. But, I couldn't keep her hidden forever.