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The Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey Author Steven Brooke
ISBN-10 0892545720
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 80
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This volume takes the reader on a personal pilgrimage to the Jerusalem of Christ. It vividly depicts the most holy places of His last days on earth, culminating with the fourteen Stations of the Cross. This carefully researched, scholarly presentation brings the story of the Passion into vivid focus. For centuries, the Stations of the Cross have been a rich subject for scholars and a beloved cornerstone for the faithful. The stunning photographs in Sacred Journey present the ancient and timeless Old City of Jerusalem, and the sites of the fourteen Stations of the Cross with scholarly accuracy and artistic sensitivity. The evocative images of the streets, shrines, and chapels are accompanied by descriptive text providing insight into their history and the history of Christian pilgrimage. Let Sacred Journey take you on your own spiritual pilgrimage along this most holy path.

The Sacred In Between The Mediating Roles of Architecture

The Sacred In Between  The Mediating Roles of Architecture Author Thomas Barrie
ISBN-10 9781134725229
Release 2013-09-13
Pages 288
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The sacred place was, and still is, an intermediate zone created in the belief that it has the ability to co-join the religious aspirants to their gods. An essential means of understanding this sacred architecture is through the recognition of its role as an ‘in-between’ place. Establishing the contexts, approaches and understandings of architecture through the lens of the mediating roles often performed by sacred architecture, this book offers the reader an extraordinary insight into the forces behind these extraordinary buildings. Written by a well-known expert in the field, the book draws on a unique range of cases, reflecting on these inspiring places, their continuing ontological significance and the lessons they can offer today. Fascinating reading for anyone interested in sacred architecture.

Roman Pilgrimage

Roman Pilgrimage Author George Weigel
ISBN-10 9780465027699
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 464
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The annual Lenten pilgrimage to dozens of Rome’s most striking churches is a sacred tradition dating back almost two millennia, to the earliest days of Christianity. Along this historic spiritual pathway, today’s pilgrims confront the mysteries of the Christian faith through a program of biblical and early Christian readings amplified by some of the greatest art and architecture of western civilization. In Roman Pilgrimage, bestselling theologian and papal biographer George Weigel, art historian Elizabeth Lev, and photographer Stephen Weigel lead readers through this unique religious and aesthetic journey with magnificent photographs and revealing commentaries on the pilgrimage’s liturgies, art, and architecture. Through reflections on each day’s readings about faith and doubt, heroism and weakness, self-examination and conversion, sin and grace, Rome’s familiar sites take on a new resonance. And along that same historical path, typically unexplored treasures—artifacts of ancient history and hidden artistic wonders—appear in their original luster, revealing new dimensions of one of the world’s most intriguing and multi-layered cities. A compelling guide to the Eternal City, the Lenten Season, and the itinerary of conversion that is Christian life throughout the year, Roman Pilgrimage reminds readers that the imitation of Christ through faith, hope, and love is the template of all true discipleship, as the exquisite beauty of the Roman station churches invites reflection on the deepest truths of Christianity.

Views of Jerusalem and the Holy Land

Views of Jerusalem and the Holy Land Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105111980020
Release 1998
Pages 224
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Views of Jerusalem and the Holy Land juxtaposes Steven Brooke's contemporary photographs with engravings and watercolours of corresponding earlier views.

The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross Author Sarah E. Lenzi
ISBN-10 2503565387
Release 2016-07-06
Pages 242
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The Christian practice of the Stations of the Cross has historically largely been the purview of devotional authors. In this academic study, the Reverend Doctor Sarah Lenzi revisits the evidence-based history of the western European development of the Stations as it was laid out at the turn of the twentieth century. She begins with a discussion of how this history is often neglected in favor of a mythic history that places the development in Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades and she then reestablishes the western origins. While the early twentieth-century authors who worked on the Stations are invaluable for the history they uncovered, there were gaps in the analyses they offered based on that history. In the chapters that follow, Rev. Dr. Lenzi works to debunk those interpretations and to offer a new understanding of the development of the Stations of the Cross. A close examination of pilgrimage texts as well as medieval meditation manuals puts this particular practice in the broader context of Medieval Christian history and ritual, and works to place it appropriately on the spectrum of pietistic behavior. With a new understanding of the development of the Stations of the Cross, Rev. Dr. Lenzi helps to explore notions of time, place, and space in Medieval Christianity, arguing for an understanding of placelessness in Christian piety that is enabled through intentional ritualized use of imagination, narrative, body, and word.

The Spiritual Journey of the Stations of the Cross

The Spiritual Journey of the Stations of the Cross Author D. L. Grant
ISBN-10 9781440187704
Release 2010-03
Pages 76
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Artwork provides a beautiful window to the soul. The Spiritual Journey of the Stations of the Cross allows the reader to become the artist as we take a spiritual journey to Jerusalem. Through the healing power of coloring, we walk with Jesus as we meditate on the fourteen Stations of the Cross. This workbook appeals to all people, young children, teens and adults. It is a wonderful addition to the classroom, days of reflection, and catechetical instruction. Linda Michalski, T.O.P., Chairperson of the Theology Department at Benedictine Academy, Elizabeth, New Jersey What a wonderful work from illustrator, Arlene Sullivan and writer, D.L. Grant. This interactive, creative, and most importantly, prayerful way for students to experience the steps leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus offers religious educators and religious group leaders a unique way to involve students in The Stations of the Cross. John Ward, Religious Educator/Author of Things to Remember on Your Deathbed, One Good Reason Arlene's beautiful artistry transcends the reader from suffering to new life. The designs reveal the theological truths of the Paschal Mystery in simple, yet engaging drawings. Great for all ages! Donna Jo Repetti, OSF

Religion Online

Religion Online Author Lorne L. Dawson
ISBN-10 9781135878726
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 288
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Religion Online provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to this burgeoning new religious reality, from cyberpilgrimages to neo-pagan chatroom communities. A substantial introduction by the editors presenting the main themes and issues is followed by sixteen chapters addressing core issues of concern such as youth, religion and the internet, new religious movements and recruitment, propaganda and the countercult, and religious tradition and innovation.

A Pilgrim s Guide to the Holy Land

A Pilgrim s Guide to the Holy Land Author Raymond Goodburn
ISBN-10 9780956976819
Release 2012-11-23
Pages 96
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A pilgrimage to the Holy Land offers each of us the opportunity of a spiritual re-awakening and a reaffirmation of faith. For many it will be made in the company of like-minded people, while others will discover the joy of exploring the sacred sites independently. It is firstly an enjoyable holiday; here the opportunity any holiday has to refresh and relax takes on added purpose. This fully illustrated guide explores the historical context and the people of the Holy Land. It then takes you through the sites of Jerusalem: Outside the walls in the Kidron Valley and on the Mount of Olives; the Old City - including the Stations of the Cross and the Holy Sepulchre; the Temple Area; the events of Holy Week; east and west Jerusalem. Journeys from Jerusalem: Bethlehem - Hebron - Herodion; Emmaus and Bethany; South to Beersheba and Eilat; The Dead Sea - Masada - Qumran; north to Galilee via the West Bank and Samaria; north to Galilee via Jericho and the Jordan Valley. Detailed coverage of The Galilee: Lower Galilee; Around the Lake; Upper Galilee. The Coastal Plain. The Jordan Section explores the biblical history and recent developments. The guide begins in Amman, then covers the cities of the Decapolis and Jerash, the Desert Castles, the King's Highway - Bethany beyond the Jordan, Madaba, Mount Nebo and others - Petra, Aqaba and Wadi Rum. There is a practical section for each country, including currency, border crossings, and national, Jewish and Islamic holidays. Profusely illustrated in full colour with maps and plans.

The Pilgrim Journey

The Pilgrim Journey Author James Harpur
ISBN-10 1629190152
Release 2017-10-30
Pages 208
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This book provides a concise and illuminating overview of both the 2000-year history and today's renewed importance of pilgrimage in the Western world for readers and travelers of every faith and none.

A Walk in Jerusalem

A Walk in Jerusalem Author John Peterson
ISBN-10 9780819224941
Release 1998-02-15
Pages 64
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Every Friday in Jerusalem, Franciscan monks take groups of pilgrims down the Via Dolorosa, the road Christ may have walked on his way to the cross. Stopping at each of fourteen locations that mark events in the final days of Christ’s life, the pilgrims recall the Passion story and offer prayers for the world. In A Walk in Jerusalem, The Rev. Canon John L. Peterson, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, brings new life to this centuries-old ritual known as the Stations of the Cross. Illustrated with a map, 14 black-and-white photographs, and 14 pen-and-ink drawings, this helpful guide provides the appropriate episode of the Passion story along with a meditation and brief liturgy that apply that story to today’s world. Designed for use on Good Friday or general devotions, A Walk in Jerusalem offers new insight into the Passion Narratives and encouragement to live as Christ taught.

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Author Sara Maitland
ISBN-10 9780826405685
Release 2009-05-16
Pages 125
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A fascinating collaboration of compelling human stories by a well-known author with powerful contemporary paintings by a high-profile artist.

A Light for My Path

A Light for My Path Author Michael Ruzicki
ISBN-10 9781616711917
Release 2015-01-02
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Filled with practical advice for staging, preparing, and rehearsing the service, this Leader’s Guide also offers tools for spiritual preparation and mystagogical reflection.

Walking Where Jesus Walked

Walking Where Jesus Walked Author Hillary Kaell
ISBN-10 9780814771747
Release 2014-07-04
Pages 288
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Since the 1950s, millions of American Christians have traveled to the Holy Land to visit places in Israel and the Palestinian territories associated with Jesus’s life and death. Why do these pilgrims choose to journey halfway around the world? How do they react to what they encounter, and how do they understand the trip upon return? This book places the answers to these questions into the context of broad historical trends, analyzing how the growth of mass-market evangelical and Catholic pilgrimage relates to changes in American Christian theology and culture over the last sixty years, including shifts in Jewish-Christian relations, the growth of small group spirituality, and the development of a Christian leisure industry. Drawing on five years of research with pilgrims before, during and after their trips, Walking Where Jesus Walked offers a lived religion approach that explores the trip’s hybrid nature for pilgrims themselves: both ordinary—tied to their everyday role as the family’s ritual specialists, and extraordinary—since they leave home in a dramatic way, often for the first time. Their experiences illuminate key tensions in contemporary US Christianity between material evidence and transcendent divinity, commoditization and religious authority, domestic relationships and global experience. Hillary Kaell crafts the first in-depth study of the cultural and religious significance of American Holy Land pilgrimage after 1948. The result sheds light on how Christian pilgrims, especially women, make sense of their experience in Israel-Palestine, offering an important complement to top-down approaches in studies of Christian Zionism and foreign policy.


Pilgrimage Author Ian Bradley
ISBN-10 0745952704
Release 2009
Pages 223
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This concept of the Christian pilgrimage has its origins in the Exodus of the Jews from ancient Egypt, but it has changed and adapted with the passing centuries. In medieval times millions of pilgrims spent months traveling across Europe to visit holy cities and shrines, and today a modern revival has blurred the lines between pilgrimage and tourism and made places such as Iona, Taize and Santiago di Compostella contemporary meccas. This fascinating volume offers a history of the pilgrimage over the past two millennia, including common routes in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Bosnia-Herzogovina, and Poland. Information on the holy walks themselves is offered along with vivid personal accounts and prayers from pilgrims that help to bring to life one of the most vibrant expressions of Christian spirituality.

Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association

Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105016704350
Release 1992
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Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association book for free.

Station to Station

Station to Station Author Gary Jansen
ISBN-10 9780829444599
Release 2017-01-11
Pages 160
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“As Jansen walks with us from station to station, he points us from pain toward love and hope, toward strength and endurance, toward transformation.” —Jessica Mesman Griffith, from the introduction Throughout the centuries, Christians have asked, “Why is there suffering?” or, on a more personal level, “Why am I suffering?” Answers abound, but none are likely to suffice or satisfy. A far more helpful question might be, “How should I respond to suffering?” And the answer to that question, believes Gary Jansen, can be found by looking closely at the Passion of Jesus. In Station to Station, Jansen uses the scriptural Way of the Cross to focus our minds and hearts on Jesus’ anguish and death. Walking through each station, we see the unique ways in which Jesus responded to suffering, and we are challenged to react similarly in our own struggles. Furthermore, through various Ignatian exercises, Jansen encourages us to imaginatively pray our way through the stations and to gradually respond more as Jesus would when we are weighed down by life’s burdens. Whether you are bearing your own cross or helping someone else carry theirs, Station to Station will show you how Christ’s character in the midst of suffering can, with time and prayer, become your character too.

One Friday in Jerusalem

One Friday in Jerusalem Author Andre Moubarak
ISBN-10 0999249428
Release 2017-08-29
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Providing unique Middle Eastern glimpses into the Bible, One Friday in Jerusalem is a tour book packed with historical, cultural, geographical, archaeological, and spiritual insights. It is a gripping reflection on the passion of Jesus. And it is the remarkable, true stories of a man who knows intimately the sorrows and struggle of the Via Dolorosa¿and the joy, hope, and life-changing power of the risen Christ.