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The Scorpion and the Frog

The Scorpion and the Frog Author Salvatore Lauria
ISBN-10 1893224260
Release 2003
Pages 274
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Presents a tale of greed, ambition, corruption, and its painful aftermath, showing how investors were defrauded out of millions of dollars by many of the same techniques that are used by some of the major brokerage firms.

The Scorpion and the Frog

The Scorpion and the Frog Author William A. Borst
ISBN-10 9781413466201
Release 2004
Pages 348
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To deny that conspiracies exist is to deny history. While there are several chapters on traditional conspirators, from the Masons through the Bilderbergers, the book unveils the ideas that have unified conspiracies into a coherent rendition of evil. This book is an intellectual history of the "City of God" versus the "City of Man," in the "ultimate culture war." It does not take a cadre of men in some secret room to effect a unified conspiracy. Like the scorpion in the fable, their ideas become second nature to liberals, socialists, or communists and they act in accordance with their nature.

Aesop s Fables

Aesop s Fables Author Aesop
ISBN-10 1853261289
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 223
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A collection of animal fables told by the Greek slave Aesop.

The Scorpion and the Frog

The Scorpion and the Frog Author R. F. Gilmor
ISBN-10 1523857803
Release 2016-02-04
Pages 30
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A beautiful animal fable from long ago that has become a children's literature classic. In this, soon to be favorite version by R.F. Gilmor, the Scorpion sweet talks the Frog, who against his better judgement, agrees to carry the Scorpion across the river. As the two are about to reach the shore on the other side Frog realizes too late, "It is impossible to change the nature of the beast even with acts of kindness!"

The Frog and the Scorpion

The Frog and the Scorpion Author A. E. Maxwell
ISBN-10 193541500X
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 231
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Back in print, the second novel in the Fiddler & Fiora mystery series.

The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion Author Nancy Farmer
ISBN-10 9781471120381
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 400
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Matt is six years old when he discovers that he is different from other children and other people. To most, Matt isn't considered a boy at all, but a beast, dirty and disgusting. But to El Patron, lord of a country called Opium, Matt is the guarantee of eternal life. El Patron loves Matt as he loves himself - for Matt is himself. They share the exact same DNA. As Matt struggles to understand his existence and what that existence truly means, he is threatened by a host of sinister and manipulating characters, from El Patron's power-hungry family to the brain-deadened eejits and mindless slaves that toil Opium's poppy fields. Surrounded by a dangerous army of bodyguards, escape is the only chance Matt has to survive. But even escape is no guarantee of freedom… because Matt is marked by his difference in ways that he doesn't even suspect.

An Army of Frogs

An Army of Frogs Author Trevor Pryce
ISBN-10 9781613124727
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 288
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It’s frogs versus scorpions in this new series by professional football player Trevor Pryce. For years, the frogs of the Amphibilands have lived in safety—protected by an elite group of poisonous frogs named the Kulipari and by the dreamcasting spell of the turtle king that cloaks their lands in mystery. Now the spell is threatened by the Spider Queen, a talented spellcaster, and Lord Marmoo, leader of the scorpions. With the Kulipari off training in secret, the Amphibilands have never been so vulnerable. Enter Darel, a young frog who dreams of joining the Kulipari, despite his utter lack of poison and limited fighting skills. With the help of a motley crew of friends, Darel has the chance to become the warrior of his dreams. Cool animals, thrilling action, and a bit of natural science—this novel, illustrated in full color by acclaimed comics artist Sanford Greene, is sure to be a major hit with boys. Praise for An Army of Frogs "This little frog should find fans among readers of the Warriors and Redwall sagas." —Kirkus Reviews "Pryce builds tension as the frogs figure out how to deploy their varied skills and reach the ancient turtle king who long ago placed a protective spell over their land. The violent but not overly graphic action is well matched by Greene’s dynamic and plentiful full-color illustrations." —Booklist "In this fast-paced tale, Pryce finds just the right balance between brutality and bravery, friendship and betrayal, and loss and discovery. A must-have, winning adventure that is nearly impossible to put down." —School Library Journal "Greene’s color full-page illustrations have the richly saturated look of Marvel comic books, and there’s a superhero feel to the various fighting poses Darel and his pals take." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books "This clever fantasy series featuring frogs versus scorpions, set in Australia, makes for pleasant reading." —Library Media Connection

The Silence and the Scorpion

The Silence and the Scorpion Author Brian A. Nelson
ISBN-10 9781458777768
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 640
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On April 11, 2002, nearly a million Venezuelans marched on the presidential palace to demand the resignation of President Hugo Chvez, Led by Pedro Carmona and Carlos Ortega, the opposition represented a cross-section of society furious with Chvez's economic policies, specifically his mishandling of the Venezuelan oil industry. But as the day progressed, the march turned violent, sparking a military revolt that led to the temporary ousting of Chvez. Over the ensuing, turbulent 72 hours, Venezuelans would confront the deep divisions within their society and ultimately decide the best course for their country - and its oil - in the new century. An exemplary piece of narrative journalism, The Silence and the Scorpion provides rich insight into the complexities of modern Venezuela.

The Scorpion s Gate

The Scorpion s Gate Author Richard A. Clarke
ISBN-10 110120561X
Release 2005-10-25
Pages 336
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The insider whose warnings about terrorism on U.S. soil went unheeded—and whose book Against All Enemies rocketed to the top of bestseller lists—now presents his first novel: an all-too-believable story of politics, oil, espionage, and the earthshaking consequences that may lie at the end of the road ahead... Brian Douglas, working for British intelligence, is in Bahrain’s five-star Diplomat Hotel when the bomb goes off. He’s as used to carnage as one can be, after his years in Iraq. But much has changed since that war. The sheiks have been driven out of Saudi Arabia—now called Islamyah—and Iraq has become a virtual puppet of Iran, now packing nuclear heat. The coalition forces are long gone from Saddam’s homeland, after pulling out their troops and leaving the mess behind. But the mess isn’t going away, as this latest bombing suggests. And as Douglas and others try to sort out agendas and loyalties, motives and manipulations, the Middle East grows ever hotter—and this time withdrawal may not be an option...

The Crocodile and the Scorpion

The Crocodile and the Scorpion Author Rebecca Emberley
ISBN-10 9781466844940
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 32
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It's hard to make friends when you're always stinging or biting someone... Down by the great big, brilliant blue river, a not-so-bright crocodile and an equally pea-brained scorpion lived peacefully by themselves. One day, the scorpion realized he needed help getting across the river. Could they control their natural instincts long enough to make it across together? Rebecca and Ed Emberley offer a sprightly new twist on another classic tale with colorful artwork so bold and bright it snaps off the page.

The Trouble with Pleasure

The Trouble with Pleasure Author Aaron Schuster
ISBN-10 9780262528597
Release 2016-02-26
Pages 240
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An investigation into the strange and troublesome relationship to pleasure that defines the human being, drawing on the disparate perspectives of Deleuze and Lacan.

The Debba

The Debba Author Avner Mandelman
ISBN-10 9781590513750
Release 2010-07-13
Pages 368
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Winner of the 2011 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Crime Novel In Middle East lore the Debba is a mythical Arab hyena that can turn into a man who lures Jewish children away from their families to teach them the language of the beasts. To the Arabs he is a heroic national symbol; to the Jews he is a terrorist. To David Starkman, “The Debba” is a controversial play, written by his father the war hero, and performed only once, in Haifa in 1946, causing a massive riot. By 1977, David is living in Canada, having renounced his Israeli citizenship and withdrawn from his family, haunted by persistent nightmares about his catastrophic turn as a military assassin for Israel. Upon learning of his father’s gruesome murder, he returns to his homeland for what he hopes will be the final time. Back in Israel, David discovers that his father's will demands he stage the play within forty-five days of his death, and though he is reluctant to comply, the authorities’ evident relief at his refusal convinces him he must persevere. With his father’s legacy on the line, David is forced to reimmerse himself in a life he thought he’d escaped for good.The heart-stopping climax shows that nothing in Israel is as it appears, and not only are the sins of the fathers revisited upon the sons, but so are their virtues—and the latter are more terrible still. Disguised as a breathtaking thriller, Avner Mandelman’s novel reveals Israel’s double soul, its inherent paradoxes, and its taste for both art and violence. The riddle of the Debba—the myth, the play, and the novel— is nothing less than the tangled riddle of Israel itself.

The Golden Lyre

The Golden Lyre Author Lena D' Souza
ISBN-10 8184245130
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The Golden Lyre has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Golden Lyre also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Golden Lyre book for free.

Frog Under A Coconut Shell

Frog Under A Coconut Shell Author Josephine Chia
ISBN-10 9789814398978
Release 2011-03-30
Pages 401
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Frog Under A Coconut Shell means in Malay, “Katuk Bawah Tempurong”, an idiom which likens someone to a frog that lives under a coconut shell, who believes the shell to be its entire world. It is a reference to the author’s own mother, who although herself uneducated and living in a parochial existence in a small kampong (attap village), believed in and struggled for a greater vision—the right to educate her daughter. The author beautifully evokes the experience of living with her family in rural Potong Pasir of the 1950s and 60s, and paints in heartwarming detail, her mother’s life journey from the bloom of her youth to her present affliction with Alzheimer’s disease. In part a nostalgic memoir of Old Singapore, Frog Under A Coconut Shell, is also, most wholeheartedly, a testament to the love and courage of a mother that changed the life of her daughter forever.


Prey Author Michael Crichton
ISBN-10 9780061750236
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 528
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Michael Crichton's Prey is a terrifying page-turner that masterfully combines a heart–pounding thriller with cutting-edge technology. Deep in the Nevada desert, the Xymos Corporation has built a state-of-the-art fabrication plant, surrounded by miles and miles of nothing but cactus and coyotes. Eight people are trapped. A self-replicating swarm of predatory molecules is rapidly evolving outside the plant. Massed together, the molecules form an intelligent organism that is anything but benign. More powerful by the hour, it has targeted the eight scientists as prey. They must stop the swarm before it is too late… In Prey, Michael Crichton combines scientific brilliance with relentless pacing to create an electrifying, chilling techno-thriller

The Lady Frog and the Scorpion

The Lady Frog and the Scorpion Author Phantom Publisher
ISBN-10 9781460906095
Release 2010-01-06
Pages 36
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Traditional African Folktale Titles for young readers.The Lady Frog and the Riverside Scorpion is a classic title of a naive and young lady frog who gets stung by a scorpion.It teaches that not many things change in life, and that when things do change, wisdom calls for a pinch of salt.


Scorpions Author Walter Dean Myers
ISBN-10 0061975060
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 240
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Scorpions, a Newbery Honor Book by National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Walter Dean Myers, is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary! When it was first published in 1988, Scorpions amazed readers. It continues to do so today. This special twenty-fifth anniversary edition contains the original Scorpions novel, plus an extra Q&A with New York Times bestselling author Walter Dean Myers—including questions about juvenile detention facilities, gang life today, and friendship. Also included are a sneak peek at Kick, by Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman, and an excerpt from Myers's New York Times bestselling novel Monster!