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The Scorpion s Gate

The Scorpion s Gate Author Richard A. Clarke
ISBN-10 110120561X
Release 2005-10-25
Pages 336
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The insider whose warnings about terrorism on U.S. soil went unheeded—and whose book Against All Enemies rocketed to the top of bestseller lists—now presents his first novel: an all-too-believable story of politics, oil, espionage, and the earthshaking consequences that may lie at the end of the road ahead... Brian Douglas, working for British intelligence, is in Bahrain’s five-star Diplomat Hotel when the bomb goes off. He’s as used to carnage as one can be, after his years in Iraq. But much has changed since that war. The sheiks have been driven out of Saudi Arabia—now called Islamyah—and Iraq has become a virtual puppet of Iran, now packing nuclear heat. The coalition forces are long gone from Saddam’s homeland, after pulling out their troops and leaving the mess behind. But the mess isn’t going away, as this latest bombing suggests. And as Douglas and others try to sort out agendas and loyalties, motives and manipulations, the Middle East grows ever hotter—and this time withdrawal may not be an option...

Strains of Utopia

Strains of Utopia Author Caryl Flinn
ISBN-10 1400820650
Release 1992-06-15
Pages 212
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When Dmitri Tiomkin thanked Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss, Richard Strauss, and Richard Wagner upon accepting the Academy Award for his score of The High and the Mighty in 1954, he was honoring a romantic style that had characterized Hollywood's golden age of film composition from the mid-1930s to the 1950s. Exploring elements of romanticism in film scores of composers ranging from Erich Korngold to Bernard Herrmann, Caryl Flinn argues that films tended to link music to the sense of an idealized, lost past. Just as the score of Gone with the Wind captured the grandeur of the antebellum South, others prompted flashbacks or suggested moments of emotional intensity and sensuality. Maintaining that many films treated this utopian impulse as a female trait, Flinn investigates the ways Hollywood genre films--particularly film noir and melodrama--sustained the connection between music and nostalgia, utopia, and femininity. The author situates Hollywood film scores within a romantic aesthetic ideology, noting compositional and theoretical affinities between the film composers and Wagner, with emphasis on authorship, creativity, and femininity. Pointing to the lasting impact of romanticism on film music, Flinn draws from poststructuralist, Marxist, feminist, and psychoanalytic criticism to offer fresh insights into the broad theme of music as an excessive utopian condition.


Breakpoint Author Richard A. Clarke
ISBN-10 1101206470
Release 2007-01-16
Pages 320
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Air Force Combat Controller Dallas O'Halloran has a reputation as a hell-raising ladykiller. But he's also fiercely loyal. So when he's recruited by a new combat unit, Dallas is none too pleased to find himself teamed up with the icy blond JAG officer who nearly court-martialed his friends. Academy graduate Julianne Decatur is tough, tenacious, and driven by her belief in military law. She has zero patience for hot shot Spec-Ops cowboys who think the rules don't apply to them, and even less tolerance for Dallas' tough-as-nails Texas attitude. But when they're assigned to investigate a Navy flyer's apparent suicide, they discover the trail of a ruthless killer with a secret to hide—and an attraction between them that can't be denied. And when their prey turns the tables on them, Julianne will have to depend on the one man daring and reckless enough to keep them both alive.

Guide to Karaoke Confidence

Guide to Karaoke Confidence Author Jeffrey Allen
ISBN-10 1457459450
Pages 68
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A quick, simple and fun course for everyone who loves to sing. Designed for all vocal ranges and styles, Jeffrey Allen's Guide to Karaoke Confidence offers numerous, invaluable performance and singing tips to insure that each and every moment in the Karaoke spotlight is successful.

The Billboard Illustrated Home Recording Handbook

The Billboard Illustrated Home Recording Handbook Author Ronan MacDonald
ISBN-10 0823070794
Release 2004
Pages 416
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A comprehensive and accessible guide to creating music on one's home computer covers all the software and hardware needed to produce any type of music, accompanied by professional tips, detailed explanations, helpful advice, and essential information. Original.

Wedding Album for the Classical Pianist

Wedding Album for the Classical Pianist Author Robert Schultz
ISBN-10 1457461714
Pages 160
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Forty beautiful and well-known classical music works for the professional pianist. Great for weddings, recitals, and other special occasions. Titles (and composers) include: Ave Maria (Schubert) * Claire de Lune (Debussy) * Impromptu (Schubert) * The Wedding March (Mendelssohn) * Un Bel Di from Madame Butterfly (Puccini) * Pomp and Circumstance (Elgar) * Waltz from The Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky) * Trumpet Voluntary (Purcell) * Bridal Chorus (Wagner) * Vocalise (Rachmaninoff) among others.


Warnings Author Richard A. Clarke
ISBN-10 9780062488046
Release 2017-05-23
Pages 416
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Millions of lives lost to catastrophes—natural and man-made—could have been saved by the advance warnings of experts. Can we find those prescient people before the next catastrophe strikes? Two CEOs and White House national security veterans reveal insider views of previous disasters, chilling insights on today’s threats to mankind, and a prescription to protect us This is the story of the future of national security, threatening technologies, the US economy, and possibly the fate of civilization. In Greek mythology Cassandra foresaw calamities, but was cursed by the gods to be ignored. Modern-day Cassandras clearly predicted the disasters of Katrina, Fukushima, the Great Recession, the rise of ISIS, and many others. Like her, they were ignored. There are others right now warning of impending disasters, but how do we know which warnings are likely to be right? Through riveting explorations in a variety of fields, the authors uncover a method to separate the accurate Cassandras from the crazy doomsayers. They then investigate the experts who today are warning of future disasters—the threats from artificial intelligence, bio-hacking, mutating viruses, and more—and whose calls are not being heeded. Their penetrating insights are essential for anyone, any business, or any government that doesn’t want to be a blind victim to tomorrow’s catastrophe.


Jaguarundi Author Virginia Hamilton
ISBN-10 0606312110
Release 1997-02-01
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Although the other animals also feel threatened by the encroachment of humans, only Rundi and Coati journey north in search of a safer place to live.

Guitar World Presents Private Lessons

Guitar World Presents Private Lessons Author Guitar World Staff
ISBN-10 0793517125
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 80
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23 private lessons with today's premier guitarists, straight from the pages of Guitar World magazine. Includes lessons with Steve Vai, Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Eric Johnson, Edward Van Halen, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, Mr. Big's Paul Gilbert, Slash, and many others.


Breakpoint Author Richard A. Clarke
ISBN-10 0399153780
Release 2007
Pages 309
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When a sophisticated group of saboteurs launches a series of attacks designed to bring down the world's technological networks, a dedicated team of experts assembles to find out if the responsible individuals are right-wing militias, Jihadist terrorists, or representatives from enemy nation-states. By the author of The Scorpion's Gate. 175,000 first printing.


Sundancing Author John Anderson
ISBN-10 0380804808
Release 2000-01-05
Pages 268
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A wellrespected film critic turns the lens on America's favorite film festival, interviewing the directors, actors, shop owners, bus drivers, agents, publicists, cops, and restaurant owners who conspire to turn Park City, Utah, into a movie mecca once a year. Original.

The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient

The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient Author Henri Frankfort
ISBN-10 0300064705
Release 1996
Pages 483
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Traces the development of Mesopotamian art from Sumerian times to the late Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian periods. This text also covers the art and architecture of Asia Minor and the Hittites, of the Levant in the second millennium BC, of the Aramaeans and Phoenicians in Syria, and of Ancient Persia.

Movie Love Songs

Movie Love Songs Author Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
ISBN-10 0793592712
Release 1998-03-01
Pages 63
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Includes 16 romantic favorites: Beauty and the Beast * The English Patient * I Finally Found Someone * Legends of the Fall * Love Story * Romeo and Juliet * Somewhere Out There * You Must Love Me * more.

Orson Welles

Orson Welles Author John Russell Taylor
ISBN-10 1557833494
Release 1999-01
Pages 152
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At the age of twenty-six, Orson Welles made the film which remains immovable at the top of the critics' polls for the ten best films of all time - Citizen Kane. John Russell Taylor's riveting biography of Welles examines the way the Welles legend has been constructed through the years, and how his death has shattered some of the illusions of not only his friends but his enemies. (Taylor is film critic for the London Times and the authorized biographer of Alfred Hitchcock.)


Computerworld Author
Release 2005-10-24
Pages 64
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For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.

Imagining Iraq

Imagining Iraq Author S. Gupta
ISBN-10 9780230298118
Release 2011-01-19
Pages 210
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In the run-up to, during and after the invasion of Iraq a large number of literary texts addressing that context were produced, circulated and viewed as taking a position for or against the invasion, or contributing political insights. This book provides an in-depth survey of such texts to examine what they reveal about the condition of literature.

Mel Bay s Violin Primer

Mel Bay s Violin Primer Author Frank Zucco
ISBN-10 0871663775
Release 1977
Pages 24
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This extremely simple, big-note method is ideal for young children, and is especially useful for the trail or rental period. Teaching first position notes all four strings, the exercises guide early beginners through their first production of tone. Great emphasis has been placed in this book of sound fundamentals, proper hand positioning, holding of the bow, etc. Designed to be used in introductory lessons, this book contains extensive photographs illustrating proper hand positions. The exercises in the book progress from single-string studies to melodies combining more than one string. Upon completion of this book, the student will be ready to enter into Mel Bay's Violin Method.