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The Sibley Guide to Bird Life Behavior

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life   Behavior Author David Allen Sibley
ISBN-10 1400043867
Release 2009
Pages 588
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Provides basic information about the biology, life cycles, and behavior of birds, along with brief profiles of each of the eighty bird families in North America.

Sibley s Birding Basics

Sibley s Birding Basics Author David Allen Sibley
ISBN-10 0307545970
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 168
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“I wrote and illustrated this book to help every inquisitive birder, from novice to expert. Whether you can identify six birds or six hundred, you’ll be a better birder if you have a grounding in the real nuts and bolts of what birds look like, and your skills will be even sharper if you know exactly what to look for and how to record what you see.” —David Allen Sibley The Sibley Guide to Birds and The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior are both universally acclaimed as the new standard source of species information. And now David Sibley, America’s premier birder and best-known bird artist, takes a new direction; in Sibley’s Birding Basics he is concerned not so much with species as with the general characteristics that influence the appearance of all birds and thus give us the clues to their identity. To create this guide, David Sibley thought through all the skills that enable him to identify a bird in the few instants it is visible to him. Now he shares that information, integrating an explanation of the identification process with many painted and drawn images of details (such as a feather) or concepts. Birding Basics begins by reviewing how one can get started as a birder: the equipment necessary, where and when to go birding, and perhaps most important, the essential things to look for when birds appear in the field. Using many illustrations, David Sibley reviews all the basic concepts of bird identification and then describes the variations (of shape, size, and color) that can change the appearance of a bird over time or in different settings. And he issues a warning about “illusions and other pitfalls”—and advice on avoiding them. The second part of the book, also plentifully illustrated, deals with another set of clues, the major aspects of avian life that differ from species to species: feathers (color, arrangement, shape, molt), behavior and habitat, and sounds. This scientifically precise, beautifully illustrated volume distills the essence of David Sibley’s own experience and skills, providing a solid introduction to “naming” the birds. With Sibley as your guide, when you learn how to interpret what the feathers, the anatomical structure, the sounds of a bird tell you—when you know the clues that show you why there’s no such thing as “just a duck”—birding will be more fun, and more meaningful. An essential addition to the Sibley shelf! From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America Author David Sibley
ISBN-10 067945120X
Release 2003
Pages 431
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A guide for bird enthusiasts specifically designed for use in the field features descriptions of 650 species of birds from east of the Rocky Mountains, and illustrations that depict species from different views.

The Sibley Guide to Trees

The Sibley Guide to Trees Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002858608
Release 2009
Pages 426
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Featuring more than 4,100 detailed paintings and five hundred maps, highlights the similarities and distinctions between approximately six hundred North American tree species.

Sibley s Backyard Birds

Sibley s Backyard Birds Author David Allen Sibley
ISBN-10 0982510217
Release 2010-09
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Featuring the top 100 bird species in eastern and western North America, these high-quality, illustrated posters include a selection of beautifully rendered paintings designed to highlight the intricate details of each bird. Both male and female birds are represented in relative scale, offering birdwatchers the opportunity to view the most common birds at a glance and giving an accurate impression of the differences in sizes. To aid in identification, birds are arranged by type?from blackbirds to woodpeckers to songbirds, and beyond. Using the foothills of the Rocky Mountains as the dividing line for east and west, these essential guides can be used for easy identification of backyard birds in North America. These meticulously detailed posters make remarkable additions to any birder's reference collection.

Lives of North American Birds

Lives of North American Birds Author Kenn Kaufman
ISBN-10 0618159886
Release 2001-11-01
Pages 675
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A natural history of birds provides information on more than nine hundred species of birds, including what they eat, where they build their nests, how many eggs they lay, what habitat they choose, when they migrate, and their current conservation status.

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behaviour

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behaviour Author David Sibley
ISBN-10 0713662506
Release 2001
Pages 588
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The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behaviour is a companion to the highly acclaimed North American Bird Guide, copiously illustrated with David Sibley's superb artwork.

A Guide to Bird Behavior

A Guide to Bird Behavior Author Donald W. Stokes
ISBN-10 0316817171
Release 1983
Pages 397
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Includes the life histories, courtship and territorial behavior, songs and displays of twenty-five North American species

Sibley Birds East

Sibley Birds East Author
ISBN-10 9780307957917
Release 2016
Pages 438
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Color illustrations and color maps on endpapers.

The Sibley Guide to Birds

The Sibley Guide to Birds Author David Allen Sibley
ISBN-10 030795790X
Release 2014-03-11
Pages 598
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Presents a new identification guide to North American birds with paintings of hundreds of species and information on bird calls, stages of growth, shapes, markings, ranges, migration routes, breeding locations, and habitats.

The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds

The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds Author John L. Bull
ISBN-10 0679428526
Release 1994
Pages 796
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A revised edition of the popular field guide includes hundreds of all new, full-color photographs, along with information on diverse species of eastern birds, their characteristics, habitats and ranges, identification tips, and more. 200,000 first printing.

Sibley Birds West

Sibley Birds West Author
ISBN-10 9780307957924
Release 2016
Pages 477
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"Covering North American species of the Rocky Mountains and west, [offering] a wealth of improvements and updates"--

National Geographic Complete Birds of North America

National Geographic Complete Birds of North America Author Jonathan Alderfer
ISBN-10 9781426213731
Release 2014
Pages 743
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Examines more than eighty avian families, including an overview of plumage, behavior, distribution, taxonomy, and conservation, and describes all 962 species, covering identification, similar species, voice, status, and distribution.

Birder s Handbook

Birder s Handbook Author Paul Ehrlich
ISBN-10 9780671659899
Release 1988
Pages 785
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Identifies North American birds

Sibley s Raptors of North America

Sibley s Raptors of North America Author
ISBN-10 1935622056
Release 2010-09
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The majestic raptors of North America are artfully displayed in this premium wall poster. Illustrated by the world's premiere bird artist, this work features illustrations of 32 species of raptors, including the black vulture, the snail kite, the ferruginous hawk, the American kestrel, and the peregrine falcon. Juveniles, adults, and regional populations of each species are shown in relative scale, both perched and in flight?to give the viewer an impression of the differences in sizes. This splendid piece of artwork makes an ideal gift for both birdwatchers interested in identifying raptors and casual observers alike.

Secret Lives of Common Birds

Secret Lives of Common Birds Author Marie Read
ISBN-10 0547561768
Release 2005-09-12
Pages 96
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All around us birds are going about their lives, offering us fascinating insights into how they survive and interact with one another, defending territories, courting mates, nesting, raising young, displaying, preening, feeding, and more. The difference between noticing and missing these secret lives is a little time, a relaxed mind, and some curiosity. An introduction to the world of bird behavior, Secret Lives of Common Birds explores many of the most important tasks in the lives of the familiar birds that enrich our lives. Wildlife photographer Marie Read has a knack for capturing the most intimate, often dramatic moments in the activities of birds. In this book, her beautiful photographs of birds in action are paired with engaging and informative descriptions of behaviors that anyone might observe in the backyard or at a local park, pond, or woodland. Her lighthearted writing style is a delight as the reader travels through the seasons of the year and discovers the secret lives of common birds.

The Sibley Birds Coloring Field Journal

The Sibley Birds Coloring Field Journal Author David Allen Sibley
ISBN-10 1524711071
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 96
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A portable, deluxe adult coloring book from the renowned birder, illustrator, and author of the New York Times best seller The Sibley Guide to Birds. The perfect gift for birders everywhere, to use at your windowsill or in the field. Including 75 original and previously unpublished images. With millions of copies sold, David Sibley is the best-known name in North American birding today. At last! In time for the holidays, the perfect coloring book for the birder or naturalist, picturing--with the lifelike precision that is a hallmark of David Sibley's work--75 images of spectacular birds in flight and at rest. The Sibley Birds Coloring Book will allow birding enthusiasts to create their own artist's portfolio, restoring color--whether real or imagined--to wings, crest, beaks. * No detail has been spared to make this a deluxe edition: from the heavy-duty and flexible cover design that allows for portability, for landscape and portrait line drawings--and makes it easy for right- or left-hand preference--to the heavy paper and the colored pages for reference. * Printed in a unique hardbound format that accommodates both the landscape and portrait line drawings throughout, as well as the creativity of its user. * Flip-back cover encourages on-the-go artistry, as well as providing a strong surface for colorists. * Deluxe heavy paper throughout provides an optimal surface for coloring in all mediums. * Reproductions of David Sibley's original full-color paintings are included on the book's inside cover to assist the colorist as a reference. * 12 anatomical drawings of the structure and component parts of the birds' bodies are featured to inform the colorist with a better comprehension of bird anatomy. * The perfect gift for all birders and coloring book enthusiasts