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The Silwood Circle

The Silwood Circle Author Hannah Gay
ISBN-10 9781848169920
Release 2013-04-12
Pages 440
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This is an original and wide-ranging account of the careers of a close-knit group of highly influential ecologists working in Britain from the late 1960s onwards. The book can also be read as a history of some recent developments in ecology. One of the group, Robert May, is a past president of the Royal Society, and the author of what many see as the most important treatise in theoretical ecology of the later twentieth century. That the group flourished was due not only to May's intellectual leadership, but also to the guiding hand of T. R. E. Southwood. Southwood ended his career as Linacre Professor of Zoology at the University of Oxford, where he also served a term as Vice-Chancellor. Earlier, as a professor and director of the Silwood Park campus of Imperial College London, he brought the group together. Since it began to coalesce at Silwood it has been named here the Silwood Circle. Southwood promoted the interests of its members with the larger aim of raising the profile of ecological and environmental science in Britain. Given public anxiety over the environment and the loss of ecosystems, his actions were well-timed. Ecology, which had been on the scientific margins in the first half of the twentieth century, came to be viewed as a science central to modern existence. The book illustrates its importance to many areas. Members of the Silwood Circle have acted as government advisors in the areas of conservation and biodiversity, resource management, pest control, food policy, genetically modified crops, sustainable agriculture, international development, defence against biological weapons, and epidemiology and infectious disease control. In recounting the science they carried out, and how they made their careers, the book reflects also on the role of the group, and the nature of scientific success. Contents:IntroductionSome Ecological Ideas that Anticipated Those of the Silwood CircleEntomology and Ecology at Imperial College, 1907–1965T R E Southwood and the Early Years of the Silwood CircleSome Important Antecedents to the Silwood Circle: Ecology at Oxford and at Some North American CentresHard Work and the Making of Reputations: Robert May and Richard Southwood, 1971–1979The Growth of Careers 1970–1995, Part OneThe Growth of Careers 1970–1995, Part TwoVoices in the Larger World: Responsibilities, Awards and RewardsInterlude: My Philosophical LensConclusion Readership: Academic libraries, historians of science and late 20th-century Britain. Keywords:History of Science;Ecology;Robert May;Imperial College;Royal Society;Richard Southwood;Silwood CircleReviews: “(An) excellent book… Hannah's book has the dual merit of both giving a sweeping analytic history of theoretical ecology (itself going wide outside the Silwood Circle) along with very insightful comments about 'the making of scientific careers', which is an area which most graduate students should think about more than they typically do!” Professor Lord May of Oxford OM AC Kt FRS Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

The Chemistry Department at Imperial College London

The Chemistry Department at Imperial College London Author Hannah Gay
ISBN-10 9781783269754
Release 2016-11-03
Pages 584
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This is the first comprehensive history of the chemistry department at Imperial College London. Based on archival records, oral testimony, published papers, published and unpublished memoirs, the book tells the story of this world-famous department from its foundation as the Royal College of Chemistry in 1845 to the large department it had become by the year 2000. The book covers research, teaching, departmental governance, students and social life. It also highlights the extraordinary contributions made to the war effort in both the first and second world wars. From its first professors, A. Wilhelm Hofmann and Edward Frankland, the department has been home to many eminent chemists, including, in the later twentieth century, the Nobel laureates Derek Barton and Geoffrey Wilkinson. New information on these and many others is presented in a lively narrative that places both people and events in the larger historical contexts of chemistry, politics, culture and the economy. The book will interest not only those connected with Imperial College, but anyone interested in chemistry and its history, or in higher

The History of Imperial College London 1907 2007

The History of Imperial College London  1907 2007 Author Hannah Gay
ISBN-10 9781860948183
Release 2007
Pages 825
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This is the first major history of Imperial College London. The book tells the story of a new type of institution that came into being in 1907 with the federation of three older colleges. Imperial College was founded by the state for advanced university-level training in science and technology, and for the promotion of research in support of industry throughout the British Empire. True to its name the college built a wide number of Imperial links and was an outward looking institution from the start. Today, in the post-colonial world, it retains its outward-looking stance, both in its many international research connections, and with staff and students from around the world. Connections to industry and the state remain important. The College is one of BritainOCOs premier research and teaching institutions, including now medicine alongside science and engineering. This book is an in-depth study of Imperial College; it covers both governance and academic activity within the larger context of political, economic and socio-cultural life in twentieth-century Britain."

Die Mathematisierung des Lebens

Die Mathematisierung des Lebens Author Ariane Tanner
ISBN-10 3161544919
Release 2017-03-10
Pages 327
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English summary: To mathematize the world and thereby explain it: in 1925, the natural scientist and actuary Alfred James Lotka completed his monograph "Elements of Physical Biology", which interpreted all processes on planet earth energetically and formalised them. The result was a mathematically precise and at the same time holistic world view of interacting dynamic systems that humans should influence rationally. Ariane Tanner deciphers "Elements of Physical Biology" as an interdisciplinary synopsis of its time, denoting it as a key work of the 20th century's narrative of energetic holism. At the same time, she tells the story of Lotka as a largely non-academic researcher and scientific 'interventor' who slipped through conventional reception models. German description: Die Welt mathematisieren und dadurch erklaren: Mit der Monographie "Elements of Physical Biology" trat der Naturwissenschaftler und Versicherungsstatistiker Alfred James Lotka 1925 dazu an, samtliche Prozesse auf dem Planeten Erde energetisch zu verstehen und zu formalisieren. Daraus entstand ein mathematisch exaktes, gleichzeitig komplettes Weltbild von dynamischen Systemen, die der Mensch vernunftig beeinflussen sollte. Ariane Tanner entziffert "Elements of Physical Biology" als transdisziplinares Panoptikum seiner Zeit und deutet es als Schlusselwerk fur eine Geschichte der energetischen Holismen im 20. Jahrhundert. Gleichzeitig bietet sie eine Erzahlung uber einen hauptsachlich ausserakademisch Forschenden, der als wissenschaftlicher `Interventor` sowohl disziplinar wie auch innovatorisch zwischen die etablierten Rezeptionsmuster fiel.

Sociologie des changements environnementaux

Sociologie des changements environnementaux Author Céline Granjou
ISBN-10 9781784051112
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 190
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A l’heure de l’Anthropocène, où la puissance technique exercée par l’homme sur son milieu naturel n’a jamais été aussi grande, le tournant du XXIe siècle est moins marqué par la « fin » de la nature que par l’irruption de ses futurs. Cet ouvrage pose les bases d’une sociologie des changements environnementaux qui prend acte que l’homme n’est plus le seul acteur de son devenir. En développant trois exemples, le retour des loups dans les Alpes, la crise de la vache folle et les évolutions de la biodiversité, ce livre analyse les régimes d’anticipation environnementale expérimentés par les scientifiques, les experts et les gestionnaires. Il nous invite à rompre avec le dualisme classique qui fait de la nature le cadre fixe et atemporel du changement social et du progrès. Conversant avec les contributions récentes des humanités environnementales, Sociologie des changements environnementaux s’attache à rouvrir notre conception de la temporalité sociale en pointant comment les animaux et les mécanismes écologiques stimulent, eux aussi, le futur.

An Atomic Empire

An Atomic Empire Author C. N. Hill
ISBN-10 9781908977434
Release 2013
Pages 355
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Britain was the first country to exploit atomic energy on a large scale, and at its peak in the mid-1960s, it had generated more electricity from nuclear power than the rest of the world combined.The civil atomic energy programme grew out of the military programme which produced plutonium for atomic weapons. In 1956, Calder Hall power station was opened by the Queen. The very next year, one of the early Windscale reactors caught fire and the world''s first major nuclear accident occurred.The civil programme ran into further difficulty in the mid-1960s and as a consequence of procrastination in the decision-making process, the programme lost momentum and effectively died. No nuclear power stations have been built since Sizewell B in the late 1980s.This book presents a study of Government papers that have recently become available in the public domain. For the first time in history, the research reactor programme is presented in detail, along with a study of the decision-making by the Government, the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA), and the Central Electricity Board (CEGB). This book is aimed at both specialists in nuclear power and the interested public as a technical history on the development and ultimate failure of the British atomic energy programme.

L on Rosenfeld

L    on Rosenfeld Author Anja Skaar Jacobsen
ISBN-10 9789814452083
Release 2012-01-16
Pages 368
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Léon Rosenfeld (1904–1974) was a remarkable, many-sided physicist of exceptional erudition. He was at the center of modern physics and was well-known as Niels Bohr's close collaborator and spokesman. Besides he reflected deeply on the history and philosophy of science and its social role from a leftist perspective. As both actor and acute spectator of modern physics and as a polyglot cosmopolitan whose life crossed those of many important people in both the East and West, as well as by virtue of his close collaboration and friendship with Bohr, Rosenfeld was an important figure in twentieth century physics. His biography illuminates the development, popularization, and reception of quantum physics and its interpretation in addition to the development of the political Left. The book draws extensively from previously untapped, unpublished sources in more than five languages.Contents: Physicist of the Second Quantum GenerationRosenfeld in CopenhagenPhysics, Philosophy, and Politics in the 1930sSurviving the War in UtrechtCold War and Political CommitmentBohr's Cold Warrior Readership: Students and professionals studying the history of science.

Vegetation Ecology

Vegetation Ecology Author Eddy van der Maarel
ISBN-10 9781118452486
Release 2012-10-24
Pages 576
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Additional resources for this book can be found at: Vegetation Ecology, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive, integrated account of plant communities and their environments. Written by leading experts in their field from four continents, the second edition of this book: covers the composition, structure, ecology, dynamics, diversity, biotic interactions and distribution of plant communities, with an emphasis on functional adaptations; reviews modern developments in vegetation ecology in a historical perspective; presents a coherent view on vegetation ecology while integrating population ecology, dispersal biology, soil biology, ecosystem ecology and global change studies; tackles applied aspects of vegetation ecology, including management of communities and invasive species; includes new chapters addressing the classification and mapping of vegetation, and the significance of plant functional types Vegetation Ecology, 2nd Edition is aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduates and researchers and teachers in plant ecology, geography, forestry and nature conservation. Vegetation Ecology takes an integrated, multidisciplinary approach and will be welcomed as an essential reference for plant ecologists the world over.

Recreational Hunting Conservation and Rural Livelihoods

Recreational Hunting  Conservation and Rural Livelihoods Author Barney Dickson
ISBN-10 144430318X
Release 2009-01-22
Pages 384
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Recreational hunting has long been a controversial issue. Is it a threat to biodiversity or can it be a tool for conservation, giving value to species and habitats that might otherwise be lost? Are the moral objections to hunting for pleasure well founded? Does recreational hunting support rural livelihoods in developing countries, or are these benefits exaggerated by proponents? For the first time, this book addresses many of the issues that are fundamental to an understanding of the real role of recreational hunting in conservation and rural development. It examines the key issues, asks the difficult questions, and seeks to present the answers to guide policy. Where the answers are not available, it highlights gaps in our knowledge and lays out the research agenda for the next decade.

The Kinetic Theory of Gases

The Kinetic Theory of Gases Author Stephen G Brush
ISBN-10 9781783261055
Release 2003-07-28
Pages 660
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This book introduces physics students and teachers to the historical development of the kinetic theory of gases, by providing a collection of the most important contributions by Clausius, Maxwell and Boltzmann, with introductory surveys explaining their significance. In addition, extracts from the works of Boyle, Newton, Mayer, Joule, Helmholtz, Kelvin and others show the historical context of ideas about gases, energy and irreversibility. In addition to five thematic essays connecting the classical kinetic theory with 20th century topics such as indeterminism and interatomic forces, there is an extensive international bibliography of historical commentaries on kinetic theory, thermodynamics, etc. published in the past four decades. The book will be useful to historians of science who need primary and secondary sources to be conveniently available for their own research and interpretation, along with the bibliography which makes it easier to learn what other historians have already done on this subject. Contents:The Nature of Gases and of Heat (Boyle, Newton, Bernoulli, Gregory, Mayer, Joule, von Helmholtz, Clausius, Maxwell)Irreversible Processes (Maxwell, Boltzmann, Thomson, Poincaré, Zermelo)Historical Discussions by Stephen G BrushA Guide to Historical Commentaries: Kinetic Theory of Gases, Thermodynamics, and Related Topics Readership: Graduate and research students, teachers, lecturers and historians of physics. Keywords:Kinetic Theory;Gases;Boyle's Law;Gas Laws;Viscosity;Diffusion;Forces between Atoms and Molecules;Interatomic Forces;Ergodic Theorem;Ergodicity;Heat Conduction;Irreversibility;Indeterminism;Thermodynamics;First Law of Thermodynamics;Second Law of Thermodynamics;Third Law of Thermodynamics;Law of Conservation of Energy;Maxwell Velocity Distribution;Boltzmann's H Theorem;Boltzmann's (Transport) Equation;Reversibility Paradox;Recurrence Paradox;Statistical MechanicsReviews:“One of the most important contributions of this volume is the bibliography in Part IV … This is a useful book and should be on the shelves of all kinetic theorists and statistical mechanics.” Journal of Statistical Physics “This book will be useful both for historical research and for students studying the history of physics.”Notes and Records of the Royal Society “It is valuable to have the work in print again, since some of the originals are not always easily accessible and all who have struggled, for example, with Boltzmann's German will welcome accurate translations … The whole book is to be welcomed as an aid to those undertaking research or otherwise interested in exploring these fields.”AMBIX

Ecological Methods

Ecological Methods Author Peter A. Henderson
ISBN-10 9781118895283
Release 2016-04-04
Pages 656
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4th edition of this classic Ecology text Computational methods have largely been replaced by descriptions of the available software Includes procedure information for R software and other freely available software systems Now includes web references for equipment, software and detailed methodologies


Biodiversity Author Takuya Abe
ISBN-10 9781461219064
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 294
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Despite acknowledgment that loss of living diversity is an international biological crisis, the ecological causes and consequences of extinction have not yet been widely addressed. In honor of Edward O. Wilson, winner of the 1993 International Prize for Biology, an international group of distinguished biologists bring ecological, evolutionary, and management perspectives to the issue of biodiversity. The roles of ecosystem processes, community structure and population dynamics are considered in this book. The goal, as Wilson writes in his introduction, is "to assemble concepts that unite the disciplines of systematics and ecology, and in so doing to create a sound scientific basis for the future management of biodiversity."

Women At Imperial College Past Present And Future

Women At Imperial College  Past  Present And Future Author Barrett Anne
ISBN-10 9781786342645
Release 2017-02-24
Pages 484
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This book is a celebration of women in science, technology, medicine and business at Imperial College London. It shows the inspirational role women played in the creation of the legacy of the College since its inception, and represents a guide to their achievements. Biographies and archive material provide an insight into their academic work and social lives, while first-hand information collected for individual cases gives a comprehensive overview of student and professional life in their diverse fields and subjects. Further careers as academics and businesswomen are also documented, demonstrating the importance of and wider social impact of women in the sciences.

Analogies in Physics and Life

Analogies in Physics and Life Author Richard M. Weiner
ISBN-10 9789812790828
Release 2008
Pages 418
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Noncommutative geometry is a novel approach which is opening up new possibilities for geometry from a mathematical viewpoint. It is also providing new tools for the investigation of quantum space-time in physics. Recent developments in string theory have supported the idea of quantum spaces, and have strongly stimulated the research in this field. This self-contained volume contains survey lectures and research articles which address these issues and related topics. The book is accessible to both researchers and graduate students beginning to study this subject.

Time And Age Time Machines Relativity And Fossils

Time And Age  Time Machines  Relativity And Fossils Author Woolfson Michael Mark
ISBN-10 9781783265862
Release 2015-02-11
Pages 248
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Time and Age explores how time is defined by man. It follows the development of our means for measuring time from early methods using the flow of water or the steady burning of candles through to the atomic clock that records time with incredible precision.The classical idea of time as something that progresses at a uniform rate and as something that is the same to all observers was overturned by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. The conclusions coming from this theory are described, including the anti-intuitive twin paradox where one twin, returning from a journey to a distant star, is younger than his twin brother.Also covered is how age can be determined in a wide range of situations, such as how we work out the age of the Universe to how we calculate the age of artefacts that are just a few centuries old.

Biological Control Measures of Success

Biological Control  Measures of Success Author G. Gurr
ISBN-10 1402010524
Release 2002-10-31
Pages 429
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As well as examining successful biological control programmes this book analyses why the majority of attempts fail. Off-target and other negative effects of biological control are also dealt with. Chapters contributed by leading international researchers and practitioners in all areas of biological control afford the book a breadth of coverage and depth of analysis not possible with a single author volume. Combined with the use of other experts to review chapters and editorial oversight to ensure thematic integrity of the volume, this book provides the most authoritative analysis of biological control published. Key aspects addressed include how success may be measured, how successful biological control has been to date and how may it be made more successful in the future. With extensive use of contemporary examples, photographs, figures and tables this book will be invaluable to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as being a `must' for all involved in making biological control successful.

The Ecological Century

The Ecological Century Author Edgar Barton Worthington
ISBN-10 WISC:89011410867
Release 1983
Pages 206
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