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The Sociology of Early Childhood

The Sociology of Early Childhood Author Norman Gabriel
ISBN-10 9781473934238
Release 2017-02-20
Pages 192
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Introducing readers to the key historical and sociological perspectives on childhood, this book includes discussion features to encourage students to be critical and discursive around the subject

The Sociology of Early Childhood

The Sociology of Early Childhood Author Norman Gabriel
ISBN-10 9781473934221
Release 2017-02-20
Pages 192
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The Sociology of Early Childhood is a theoretically and historically grounded examination of young children’s experiences in contemporary society. Arguing that a sociology of early childhood must bring together and integrate different disciplines, this book: synthesises different sociological perspectives on childhood as well as incorporating multi-disciplinary research findings on the lives of young children explains key theoretical concepts in early childhood studies such as investment, early intervention, professional power and discourse examines the importance of play, memory and place evaluates long term parenting trends uses illustrative examples and case studies, discussion questions and annotated further reading to engage and stimulate readers. Invigorating and thought provoking, this is an invaluable read for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students looking for a more nuanced and progressive understanding of childhood.

The Sociology of Early Childhood

The Sociology of Early Childhood Author Norman Gabriel
ISBN-10 1446272982
Release 2017-04-08
Pages 192
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Introducing readers to the key historical and sociological perspectives on childhood, this book includes discussion features to encourage students to be critical and discursive around the subject

Towards a Sociology for Childhood

Towards a Sociology for Childhood Author Berry Mayall
ISBN-10 0335208428
Release 2002
Pages 217
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Berry Mayall argues in this work that, since childhood is a permanent component of society, in order to understand how society works, we must take account of children, otherwise our explanation omits an important social group.

The Sociology of Childhood

The Sociology of Childhood Author William A. Corsaro
ISBN-10 9781483321233
Release 2014-01-03
Pages 456
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William A. Corsaro’s groundbreaking work, The Sociology of Childhood, is widely acclaimed as the only text that thoroughly covers children and childhood from a sociological perspective—providing in-depth coverage of social theories of childhood, the peer cultures and social issues of children and youth, and children and childhood within the frameworks of culture and history. The Fourth Edition has been thoroughly updated to incorporate the latest research and the most pertinent information so readers can engage in powerful discussions on a wide array of topics.

Childcare Early Education and Social Inequality

Childcare  Early Education and Social Inequality Author Hans-Peter Blossfeld
ISBN-10 9781786432094
Release 2017-04-28
Pages 352
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Recognising that social change over recent decades has strengthened the need for early childhood education and care, this book seeks to answer what role this plays in creating and compensating for social inequalities in educational attainment.

The Sociology of Childhood and Youth in Canada

The Sociology of Childhood and Youth in Canada Author Xiaobei Chen
ISBN-10 9781773380186
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 425
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The sociology of childhood and youth has sparked international interest in recent years, and yet a reader highlighting Canadian work in this field has been long overdue. Filling this gap in the literature, The Sociology of Childhood and Youth in Canada brings together cutting-edge Canadian scholarship in this important and growing discipline. Thought-provoking and timely, this edited collection explores a breadth of essential topics, including research on and with children and youth, the social construction of childhood and youth, intersecting identities, and citizenship, rights, and social engagement. With a focus on social justice, the contributing authors critically examine various sites of inequality in the lives of children and young people, such as gender, sexuality, colonialism, race, class, and disability. Encouraging further development of Canadian scholarship in the sociology of childhood and youth, this unique collection ensures that young people’s voices are heard by involving them in the research process. Pedagogical supports—including learning objectives, study questions, suggested research assignments, and a comprehensive glossary—make this volume an invaluable resource for students of childhood and youth studies in Canada.

A Historical Sociology of Childhood

A Historical Sociology of Childhood Author André Turmel
ISBN-10 9781139472500
Release 2008-07-31
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What constitutes a 'normal' child? Throughout the nineteenth century public health and paediatrics played a leading role in the image and conception of children. By the twentieth century psychology had moved to the forefront, transforming our thinking and understanding. André Turmel investigates these transformations both from the perspective of the scientific observation of children (public hygiene, paediatrics, psychology and education) and from a public policy standpoint (child welfare, health policy, education and compulsory schooling). Using detailed historical accounts from Britain, the USA and France, Turmel studies how historical sequential development and statistical reasoning have led to a concept of what constitutes a 'normal' child and resulted in a form of standardization by which we monitor children. He shows how western society has become a child-centred culture and asks whether we continue to base parenting and teaching on a view of children that is no longer appropriate.

Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education Author Tomas Boronski
ISBN-10 9781473934078
Release 2015-08-20
Pages 264
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‘An essential student-friendly text for Education Studies.’ Dr Gillian Forrester, Subject Head for Education & Early Childhood Studies, Liverpool John Moores University ‘Introducing students to the complexities of Education Studies is a difficult task and this book will go a long way to making it easier. I will definitely be recommending this to all my students.’ Kevin Brain, Programme Leader, Education Studies, Leeds Trinity University This textbook explains the basic principles of sociology and relates these concepts to today’s society and education system in order to deepen your understanding of how these issues affect our lives and the world we live in, encouraging you to think critically and to develop a ‘sociological imagination’. Coverage includes: the wider political and economic context for education in the UK, including an analysis of the reforms of the 2010 coalition government childhood, schooling and pupil voice non-traditional consideration of critical pedagogy, ‘race’ and gender the role of education in a multicultural society inequalities in educational opportunity in terms of class, ethnicity and disability. This is essential reading for students on undergraduate Education Studies degrees, and for sociology courses covering educational issues.

Sociological Studies of Child Development

Sociological Studies of Child Development Author Peter Adler
ISBN-10 1559384808
Release 1993-02-01
Pages 300
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This is the fifth volume in a series which endeavours to organize, centralize and present current ideas and research in the field of child development, viewed with a sociological perspective. It contains three main sections: early childhood care; children's peer groups; and, family influence.

Early Childhood Studies

Early Childhood Studies Author Ewan Ingleby
ISBN-10 9781441156143
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 240
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Early Childhood Studies: A Social Science Perspective explores key issues in early childhood studies from a variety of social science disciplines, including psychology, sociology, social policy and education. Each chapter considers a different social science discipline, identifying, analysing and critically assessing how that particular discipline enriches early years provision and research.User-friendly student features are included throughout, including:- Icebreakers introduce the main chapter themes- Objectives help readers to develop cognitive skills, moving from identifying to analysing to critically assessing - Formative activities encourage practical application of the content - Case-studies ground theory in practice - Research activities support those looking to take their understanding further - Self-assessment questions allow readers to test their knowledge- Further reading references and web links provide ideas for further exploration An essential course companion for all Early Childhood Studies undergraduate students.

Sociology for Childhood Studies

Sociology for Childhood Studies Author Alan Yeo
ISBN-10 0340697792
Release 1998
Pages 235
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An introduction to sociological theories and models, relating key sociological concepts to childhood, family life and child care. The authors use a selection of source material to illustrate sociology in this context, and provide activities for reflection. The work addresses the sociological content of the following BTEC modules: National Legal Aspects and Social Policy; Sociological Aspects of Child Development; Community Study; and the sociological content of the following NNEB modules: Equality of Opportunity; Child Protection; Disability.

The Cultural Significance of the Child Star

The Cultural Significance of the Child Star Author Jane Catherine O'Connor
ISBN-10 9781135898250
Release 2010-04-26
Pages 190
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The child star is an iconic figure in Western society representing a growing cultural trend which idolises, castigates and fetishises the image of the perfect, innocent and beautiful child. In this book, Jane O’Connor explores the paradoxical status of the child star who is both adored and reviled in contemporary society. Drawing on current debates about the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood and fears about children ‘growing up too soon’, she identifies hostile media attention around child stars as indicative of broader social concerns about the ‘correct’ role and place of children in relation to normative ideals of childhood. Through reference to extensive empirical examples of the way child stars such as Shirley Temple, Macaulay Culkin, Charlotte Church and Jackie Coogan have been constructed in the media, this book illustrates both the powerlessness and the power held by this tiny band of children, and demonstrates their significance as representatives of the public face of childhood throughout the twentieth century and beyond.

Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care

Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care Author Gunilla Dahlberg
ISBN-10 9781135626556
Release 2013-10-23
Pages 248
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Taking a broad approach, Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care relates issues of early childhood to the sociology of childhood, philosophy, ethics, political science and other fields and to an analysis of the world we live in today. It places these issues in a global context and draws on work from Canada, Sweden and Italy, including the world famous nurseries in Reggio Emilia. Working with postmodern ideas, this book questions the search to define and measure quality in the early childhood field and its tendency to reduce philosophical issues of value to purely technical and managerial issues of expert knowledge and measurement. With a brand new Preface to this classic text, the authors argue that there are other ways than the 'discourse of quality' for understanding and evaluating early childhood pedagogical work and relate these to alternative ways of understanding early childhood itself and the purposes of early childhood institutions.

The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies

The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies Author J. Qvortrup
ISBN-10 9780230274686
Release 2016-04-30
Pages 452
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A landmark publication in the field, this state of the art reference work, with contributions from leading thinkers across a range of disciplines, is an essential guide to the study of children and childhood, and sets out future research agendas for the subject.

The Datafication of Primary and Early Years Education

The Datafication of Primary and Early Years Education Author Alice Bradbury
ISBN-10 9781315279039
Release 2017-09-22
Pages 158
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The Datafication of Primary and Early Years Education explores and critically analyses the growing dominance of data in schools and early childhood education settings. Recognising the shift in practice and priorities towards the production and analysis of attainment data that are compared locally, nationally and internationally, this important book explores the role and impact of digital data in the ‘data-obsessed’ school. Through insightful case studies the book critiques policy priorities which facilitate and demand the use of attainment data, within a neoliberal education system which is already heavily focused on assessment and accountability. Using an approach influenced by policy sociology and post-foundational frameworks, the book considers how data are productive of data-driven teacher and child subjectivities. The text explores how data have become an important part of making teachers’ work visible within systems which are both disciplinary and controlling, while often reducing the complexity of children’s learning to single numbers. Key ideas covered include: The impact of data on the individual teacher and their pedagogical practice, particularly in play-based early years classrooms The problems of collecting data through assessment of young children How schools respond to increased pressure to produce the ‘right’ data – or how they ‘play with numbers’ How data affect children and teachers’ identities International governance and data comparison, including international comparison of young children’s attainment Private sector involvement in data processing and analysis The Datafication of Primary and Early Years Education offers a unique insight into the links between data, policy and practice and is a crucial read for all interested in the ways in which data are affecting teachers, practitioners and children. ?

Social Realism Knowledge and the Sociology of Education

Social Realism  Knowledge and the Sociology of Education Author Karl Maton
ISBN-10 9781441161086
Release 2011-11-03
Pages 208
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This volume covers issues in the sociology of knowledge, the educational system and policy, professional autonomy, vocational education, educational research and teaching, as well as the nature of such disciplines as cultural studies, English, science and the arts. The chapters also directly address the nature of sociology of education itself.The realist position developed in the book challenges two major currents of thought that have for a long time been prominent and influential in sociology and education: postmodernism and progressivism/constructivism. This well-edited collection of papers is provocative and original in that it represents a sustained, collective critique that offers a genuine alternative to these current orthodoxies.