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The Sword of Forbearance

The Sword of Forbearance Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0803298471
Release 2006-04-10
Pages 245
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After more than a millennium of conflict, the warring tribes that survived the apocalyptic destruction of the United States have united to form the Heart River Federation, but three rogue cities, led by Innanigani forces, threaten to unleash another war in their quest for land, power, and wealth, in the epic conclusion of the classic Pelbar series. Reprint.

The Breaking of Northwall

The Breaking of Northwall Author
ISBN-10 080329851X
Release 2005
Pages 280
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One thousand years after a devastating and chaotic series of nuclear exchanges, all that is left of the United States of America are scattered, warring tribes and small city-states. One of the latter is Pelbar?proud, civilized, and intolerant of change and new ideas. Rebels and troublemakers are sentenced to a year of exile at the massive midwestern fortress of Northwall, defending Pelbar against the fierce Shumai and Sentani tribes. Restless and brilliant Jestak is a visionary who has seen and learned too much in his distant travels to be content with life in Pelbarigan. During his exile at Northwall, he makes contact with Pelbar?s age-old enemies and risks all to rescue his beloved Tia from nomads armed with long-lost weapons from before the atomic holocaust. Jestak?s daring quest for love brings profound changes to his world. ø The Breaking of Northwall is the first in a series of seven classic postapocalyptic novels about the Pelbar people. Williams?s fascinating and uniquely optimistic vision of an America long after a nuclear war has enthralled readers for decades.

The Ends of the Circle

The Ends of the Circle Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0803298498
Release 2005
Pages 203
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One thousand years after ?the time of fire,? a gentle craftsman and flute player forsakes both his true love and birthright to seek the fabled Shining Sea. Stel, born of proud but rigid Pelbar culture, embarks on an epic quest across an America dramatically changed by a long-ago nuclear war. Following him is his beloved wife, Ahroe, equally determined to find Stel, avoid disgrace, and share her own precious secret.øThe Ends of the Circle is the second novel in the highly praised Pelbar Cycle, a classic series of postapocalyptic novels about the people of the Pelbar. Imaginative and reflective, this rousing tale introduces Stel?engineer and poet, adventurer and musician?one of the most memorable characters in modern postapocalyptic fiction.

The Fall of the Shell

The Fall of the Shell Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 080329848X
Release 2005-08-24
Pages 214
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Eleven hundred years after the apocalyptic destruction of the United States of America, peace between the remaining warring tribes has finally been achieved. Despite this peace, the Pelbar stronghold Threerivers retains its secretive and reclusive ways, keeping its distance from the other remaining tribes and guarding against change. A strict matriarchy, Threerivers remains the most conservative Pelbar community under the unquestioned and unyielding rule of its leader, Udge. Life in Threerivers continues without change until two young twin brothers, Brudoer and Gamwyn, accidentally initiate events that threaten the established order. The resulting chain of consequences sends Gamwyn on a quest to the far reaches of this postapocalyptic world. Within Threerivers, Brudoer?s imprisonment threatens the long-established matriarchal rule of the Pelbar stronghold. The Fall of the Shell is the fourth book in the classic series of postapocalyptic novels about the people of Pelbar.

The Dome in the Forest

The Dome in the Forest Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0803298501
Release 2005
Pages 214
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More than one thousand years in the future, the conservative borders of Pelbar society continue to crumble as the people of Pelbar conduct trade, form friendships, and intermarry with members of the tribes now settled peacefully around the citadel of Northwall. Not all agree with the changes, however, and long instead for the old times of conflict and rigid order. Igniting the tension is the discovery of a mysterious subterranean shelter, where the descendants of survivors of the long-ago nuclear war live. A young woman from the shelter and the shocking revelations she brings precipitate a crisis that will profoundly affect the futures of plainsmen and citadelfolk alike.øThe Dome in the Forest is the third volume and one of the most exciting tales in the Pelbar Cycle, a classic series of seven postapocalyptic novels about the people of Pelbar.

The Armageddon Conspiracy

The Armageddon Conspiracy Author Mike Hockney
ISBN-10 9781447891024
Release 2016-05-02
Pages 290
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King Solomon is one of the Bible's most famous figures, responsible for building the Holy Temple that housed the Ark of the Covenant. Yet Solomon died as an apostate. How could a man fabled for his wisdom reach the conclusion that God was false? The Armageddon Conspiracy reveals the answer to this greatest Biblical mystery. The Temple of Solomon was not the house of God at all but a special chamber designed to contain a unique weapon, for which Solomon had the most astounding purpose in mind. Solomon, a man obsessed with witchcraft and magic, believed he had found the key to the supreme mystery of life, but he died before he could complete his mission. The world's oldest secret society, of which Solomon was the Grand Master, still exists and now its members are about to perform the final cataclysmic ceremony Solomon had planned for so long.

An Ambush of Shadows

An Ambush of Shadows Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0803298528
Release 2005-08-24
Pages 248
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An Ambush of Shadows is the fifth book in the classic series of postapocalyptic novels about the people of Pelbar. Despite the tentative peace established in the eleven hundred years since the destruction of the United States, the Tantal tribe remains ready for battle. After their disastrous defeat by the Pelbar tribes at Northwall, the slaveholding Tantal have kept their distance. But since the Pelbar forces began moving northward to colonize the shores of the Bitter Sea, the Tantal forces have been on the attack. Then one day, a roving tribe of Tantal warriors kidnaps a young girl during a raid on Pelbar explorers. The child is Raydi, daughter of Stel Westrun, Pelbar master craftsman, reinventor of the steamboat, and son of the leader of the Pelbar city-state Pelbarigan. Stel vows to reclaim his daughter and seek revenge, becoming the single-minded foe of all things Tantal.

The Song of the Axe

The Song of the Axe Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0803298463
Release 2006-04-10
Pages 248
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On a last run, Tor teaches his nephew, Tristal, the Shumai axeman ways, but Tristal must survive deadly encounters, endure a seductive captivity, and suffer enslavement before he masters the axeman's skill. Reprint.

By the Waters of Babylon

By the Waters of Babylon Author Stephen Vincent Benet
ISBN-10 1517031249
Release 2015-08-24
Pages 38
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The north and the west and the south are good hunting ground, but it is forbidden to go east. It is forbidden to go to any of the Dead Places except to search for metal and then he who touches the metal must be a priest or the son of a priest. Afterwards, both the man and the metal must be purified. These are the rules and the laws; they are well made. It is forbidden to cross the great river and look upon the place that was the Place of the Gods-this is most strictly forbidden. We do not even say its name though we know its name. It is there that spirits live, and demons-it is there that there are the ashes of the Great Burning. These things are forbidden- they have been forbidden since the beginning of time.

The Nick of Time

The Nick of Time Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 1878798235
Release 2001
Pages 112
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The Nick of Time has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nick of Time also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nick of Time book for free.

Beyond Armageddon

Beyond Armageddon Author Walter M. Miller
ISBN-10 0803283156
Release 2006-05-01
Pages 387
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Twenty-one short stories explore the nature of life in the aftermath of a nuclear war, in an anthology that features works by such distinguished science fiction authors as Arthur C. Clarke, Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, J. G. Ballard, Robert Sheckley, Roger Zelazny, and Harlan Ellison. Reprint.

The Last Bling King

The Last Bling King Author Mike Hockney
ISBN-10 9781447891161
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 208
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Can fame be switched off? A group of revolutionaries called the League for the Liberation of Nobodies have concocted an ingenious plan and they’ve targeted the year’s most glittering celebrity occasion: Oscar Night. The Last Bling King is the story of how ordinary men and women rose up against celebrities and the super rich, became the people they wanted to be, and changed the world forever. This is the 21st Century antidote to "Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand’s best selling paean to wealth.

Prohibition A

Prohibition A Author Mike Hockney
ISBN-10 9781847994776
Release 2008-01
Pages 276
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She's their best agent. Now they've given her a new mission. Sarah Harris must kill presidential candidate Robert Montcrieff on his wedding day in St Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. There's just one problem: Sarah is Montcrieff's bride. She has one week to persuade them they've made a terrible mistake. Her frantic search for answers will bring her face to face with Sin for Salvation, an ancient cult with murderous rituals. Its members aspire to commit an ultimate sin known as Prohibition A. The cult preaches a shocking, hypersexual creed that has seduced Wall Street's highest flyers. They enlist recruits in the world's most exclusive nightclub, revolving around a sado-masochistic fantasy journey through Dante's nine circles of hell. But when its wealthy clientele leave the club, it's neither lust nor lucre they have on their minds. It's murder.

The Millionaires Death Club

The Millionaires  Death Club Author Mike Hockney
ISBN-10 9781447891116
Release 2016-05-02
Pages 260
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The Millionaires’ Death Club is the most secret club on earth. It provides exclusive access to the greatest pleasure mankind has ever known. There’s just one problem. Membership is fatal. When two terminally bored Hollywood superstars hear an urban legend that some English students have discovered the secret of ultimate pleasure, they come to London to discover if the rumours are true. They employ young socialite Sophie York to help them. Sophie is a forgotten Reality TV contestant and a self-styled entertainment consultant. She thinks she’s landed the job of her dreams but when she and her famous clients collide head on with Oxford University’s richest, smartest and most sinister students, it soon becomes a nightmare. The Millionaires’ Death Club is a chick lit thriller...with the wickedest of twists.

The gifts of the Gorboduc vandal

The gifts of the Gorboduc vandal Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0345355970
Release 1989-04-13
Pages 210
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Umber, a Gorbudoc scientist, breaks his people's code of honor by choosing enslavement rather than death, but behind what looks like selfish motivation on his part is a plan to slave Landsdrum's people

The Man from Far Cloud

The Man from Far Cloud Author Paul O. Williams
ISBN-10 0972289348
Release 2004-10
Pages 396
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"In an age when nation-worlds are separated by light-years, Umber, a Gorboduc biologist, finds himself in search of purpose and belonging after he is enslaved by those who would call his people vandals. Despite his strong sense of duty and loyalty, Umber befriends those who would hurt him. Stripped from his native home, Umber develops into a humble man, falls in love, and attempts to unravel a dark mystery ..." (Publisher's description).

Haiku in English The First Hundred Years

Haiku in English  The First Hundred Years Author Jim Kacian
ISBN-10 9780393239478
Release 2013-08-26
Pages 424
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Presents works by over two hundred poets--including Ezra Pound, Allen Ginsberg, and E.E. Cummings--who tried their hand at English-language versions of the traditional Japanese poem.