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The Teaching Instinct

The Teaching Instinct Author Kip Téllez
ISBN-10 9781317240105
Release 2016-03-17
Pages 134
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How we select, prepare, and support teachers has become a surprisingly common topic among journalists, politicians, and policymakers. Contemporary recommendations on teaching and teachers, whatever their intentions, fail to assess this deeply human activity from its historical roots. In The Teaching Instinct: Explorations Into What Makes Us Human, Kip Téllez invites us to reappraise teaching through a wide lens and argues that our capacity to teach is one part culture, two parts genetic. By rescuing the field of instinct psychology from the margins, this challenging book explores topics as diverse as teaching in other species, teaching across human cultures, and the development of teaching in young children, finally drawing readers into a discussion about how our teaching instinct influences modern teacher learning, selection, and preparation. Drawing on disciplines as diverse as comparative biology, evolutionary psychology, and teacher education policy, Téllez warns us that ignoring or contradicting our teaching instinct results in unhappy teachers and dysfunctional school systems.

The Human Instinct

The Human Instinct Author Kenneth R. Miller
ISBN-10 9781476790282
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 304
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A radical, optimistic exploration of how humans evolved to develop reason, consciousness, and free will. Lately, the most passionate advocates of the theory of evolution seem to present it as bad news. Scientists such as Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and Sam Harris tell us that our most intimate actions, thoughts, and values are mere byproducts of thousands of generations of mindless adaptation. We are just one species among multitudes, and therefore no more significant than any other living creature. Now comes Brown University biologist Kenneth R. Miller to make the case that this view betrays a gross misunderstanding of evolution. Natural selection surely explains how our bodies and brains were shaped, but Miller argues that it’s not a social or cultural theory of everything. In The Human Instinct, he rejects the idea that our biological heritage means that human thought, action, and imagination are pre-determined, describing instead the trajectory that ultimately gave us reason, consciousness and free will. A proper understanding of evolution, he says, reveals humankind in its glorious uniqueness—one foot planted firmly among all of the creatures we’ve evolved alongside, and the other in the special place of self-awareness and understanding that we alone occupy in the universe. Equal parts natural science and philosophy, The Human Instinct is a moving and powerful celebration of what it means to be human.

Explorations in Truth the Human Condition and Wholeness

Explorations in Truth  the Human Condition and Wholeness Author Will Barno
ISBN-10 9781634176712
Release 2015-02-13
Pages 494
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The work Explorations in Truth, the Human Condition and Wholeness is an unconventional gaze into the landscape of our complex inner life, exploring inner experiences and testifying to the truth of life’s sordid beauty and sacred dread. What does it mean to live an authentic life without illusion and accept the complexities of life and death? This book has woven together personnel experiences, existential philosophy, quantum physics, Jungian psychology, and contemplative spirituality into a tapestry of reflections which covers the entire spectrum of the human condition and our collective quest for truth and wholeness. Included is a brief look into history in a delineation of fate, destiny, and our longings for joy and wholeness in the context of uncertainty and finitude. The author uses modern day bards, primarily Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, and Bruce Cockburn, as epigraphs to enhance his philosophy of life that is both distinctive and drastic in nature. Also included are extensive commentaries on “The Odyssey” and the “Book of Job”, peering into suffering and evil in a fashion that combines the great Western Greek and Judeo-Christian traditions. Finally, the power of the feminine is placed firmly back into the psyche of the West which had been neglected for too long. In short, join me in a great adventurous approach to healing and wholeness amidst the afflictions and anguish of our human condition. Will Barno [email protected] 612-390-0514

The Storytelling Animal

The Storytelling Animal Author Jonathan Gottschall
ISBN-10 9780547391403
Release 2012
Pages 248
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Explores the latest beliefs about why people tell stories and what stories reveal about human nature, offering insights into such related topics as universal themes and what it means to have a storytelling brain.

Explorations in Philosophy and Society

Explorations in Philosophy and Society Author Charles Cunneen
ISBN-10 9060320808
Release 1978-01-01
Pages 280
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Explorations in Philosophy and Society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Explorations in Philosophy and Society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Explorations in Philosophy and Society book for free.

Explorations in Theology Vol 3

Explorations in Theology  Vol  3 Author Hans Urs von Balthasar
ISBN-10 9780898704372
Release 1993
Pages 545
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Explorations in Theology Vol 3 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Explorations in Theology Vol 3 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Explorations in Theology Vol 3 book for free.

Human Hope and the Death Instinct

Human Hope and the Death Instinct Author David Holbrook
ISBN-10 9781483145587
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 330
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Human Hope and the Death Instinct: An Exploration of Psychoanalytical Theories of Human Nature and their Implications for Culture and Education focuses on the study of human nature. The manuscript first offers information on psychology as a form of philosophical anthropology and reactions against the Freudian theory, including the origins of love and hate, death instinct, and metapsychology and negation. The book then discusses human nature and the development of object-relations psychology. Topics include the theories of W. R. D. Fairbairn on love and structure of personality; relationships of psychology, poetry, and science; Fairbairn’s analysis of the logic of hate; and Melanie Klein’s concept of phantasy and aggression. The text evaluates the relationships of identity and social theory, education, culture, and moral development, as well as amorality, progress, and democracy. The manuscript also discusses the connection of psychoanalysis and existentialism, including Jean-Paul Sartre’s concept of freedom and R. D. Laing’s position on existentialism. The book is a vital source of data for readers wanting to study human nature.

Explorations in College Reading

Explorations in College Reading Author James Isaac Brown
ISBN-10 PSU:000030851719
Release 1959
Pages 248
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Explorations in College Reading has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Explorations in College Reading also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Explorations in College Reading book for free.

The Patterning Instinct

The Patterning Instinct Author Jeremy R. Lent
ISBN-10 9781633882935
Release 2017
Pages 569
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"Explores key patterns of meaning underlying various cultures, from ancient times to the present, showing how values emerge from the ways in which cultures find meaning and how those values shape the future"--

The Art Instinct

The Art Instinct Author Denis Dutton
ISBN-10 9780199539420
Release 2009
Pages 278
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The Dinka have a connoisseur's appreciation of the patterns and colours of the markings on their cattle. The Japanese tea ceremony is regarded as a performance art. Some cultures produce carving but no drawing; others specialize in poetry. Yet despite the rich variety of artistic expression to be found across many cultures, we all share a deep sense of aesthetic pleasure. The need to create art of some form is found in every human society. In iThe Art Instinct/i, Denis Dutton exploresthe idea that this need has an evolutionary basis: how the feelings that we all share when we see a wonderful landscape or a beautiful sunset evolved as a useful adaptation in our hunter-gather ancestors, and have been passed on to us today, manifest in our artistic natures. Why do people indulge in displaying their artistic skills? How can we understand artistic genius? Why do we value art, and what is it for? These questions have long been asked by scholars in the humanities and in literature, but this is the first book to consider the biological basis of this deep human need. This sparking and intelligent book looks at these deep and fundamental questions, and combines the science of evolutionary psychology with aesthetics, to shed new light on longstanding questions about the nature of art.

Explorations in the History of Psychology in the United States

Explorations in the History of Psychology in the United States Author Josef Brožek
ISBN-10 0838750397
Release 1984
Pages 333
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This collection of monographs traces the development of psychology in the United States from the 1630s to the present, describing and explaining the influence of European and indigenous doctrines and methods, and chronicling the process from meager beginnings to world leadership in the field. Illustrated.

The Outlook

The Outlook Author
ISBN-10 MSU:31293105141539
Release 1919
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The Outlook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Outlook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Outlook book for free.

New Outlook

New Outlook Author
ISBN-10 UCR:31210013309446
Release 1919
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New Outlook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from New Outlook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full New Outlook book for free.

Opening the Inner Eye

Opening the Inner Eye Author William H. Kautz
ISBN-10 9780595275847
Release 2003-04
Pages 400
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Intuition is commonly regarded as a flash of insight, a gut feeling or (to some) a psychic hit, but it is actually much more than any of these. It is a universal mental capacity for the direct acquisition of knowledge apart from reasoning, memory and the five senses. Throughout history intuition, drawing on an innate reservoir in the deeper levels of the unconscious mind, has enabled man's greatest acts of creativity, insight, inspiration and understanding. Over the last century the intuitive process has gradually become somewhat better understood and accepted, and can now be seen as an immense human potential for acquiring understanding, knowledge and insight. Opening the Inner Eye presents the latest discoveries in the workings of intuition and its applications to individual daily life and in all professional areas that depend upon information and knowledge for their advances. Most of these new findings were obtained at the Center for Applied Intuition, a San Francisco organization that functioned from 1977 to 1993, through interaction with a team of "expert intuitives"-individuals who developed their natural intuitive ability into a refined skill. This book describes the broad conditions under which intuition can be used to access almost unlimited information, and the results of several applicational experiments in counseling, business consulting, science, medicine and other fields.

Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny

Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny Author Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche
ISBN-10 1475936664
Release 2012-07-27
Pages 276
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The subject of destiny has attracted various explanations from diverse schools of thought. While some believe in and espouse the philosophy of predestination, others hold that man is the architect of his own destiny—and still others fail to believe in the concept at all. Even among those who believe in the concept of destiny, there is lack of consensus about its definition and its workings given the critical nature of the subject of destiny. There is a need for man to clearly understand and employ the knowledge in his journey from mortality to immortality. In Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny? author Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche thoroughly examines the concept of destiny and seeks to guide others to an understanding of how this important aspect of our existence functions. The journey begins with Aliche’s lamentation of man’s inability to acknowledge and define his destiny with particular reference to his assignment with himself, his obligation with his environment, and his assignment with the Creator and the entire cosmos. He believes that life lived without discovering one’s assignment with destiny is life lived without putting God first—and consequently a life tragically wasted. He opens our eyes to the fact that so many lives could make a quantum leap if only they could turn to God and nature for the discovery and manifestation of their destiny. The world would be a better place if we all discovered that we have a role to play individually and collectively, and that we can only achieve if we strive to discover our assignment with destiny.

Art Without Borders

Art Without Borders Author Ben-Ami Scharfstein
ISBN-10 9780226736112
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 558
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People all over the world make art and take pleasure in it, and they have done so for millennia. But acknowledging that art is a universal part of human experience leads us to some big questions: Why does it exist? Why do we enjoy it? And how do the world’s different art traditions relate to art and to each other? Art Without Borders is an extraordinary exploration of those questions, a profound and personal meditation on the human hunger for art and a dazzling synthesis of the whole range of inquiry into its significance. Esteemed thinker Ben-Ami Scharfstein’s encyclopedic erudition is here brought to bear on the full breadth of the world of art. He draws on neuroscience and psychology to understand the way we both perceive and conceive of art, including its resistance to verbal exposition. Through examples of work by Indian, Chinese, European, African, and Australianartists, Art Without Borders probes the distinction between accepting a tradition and defying it through innovation, which leads to a consideration of the notion of artistic genius. Continuing in this comparative vein, Scharfstein examines the mutual influence of European and non-European artists. Then, through a comprehensive evaluation of the world’s major art cultures, he shows how all of these individual traditions are gradually, but haltingly, conjoining into a single current of universal art. Finally, he concludes by looking at the ways empathy and intuition can allow members of one culture to appreciate the art of another. Lucid, learned, and incomparably rich in thought and detail, Art Without Borders is a monumental accomplishment, on par with the artistic achievements Scharfstein writes about so lovingly in its pages.

God Is Watching You

God Is Watching You Author Dominic Johnson
ISBN-10 9780199895632
Release 2015-09-30
Pages 304
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The willingness to believe in some kind of payback or karma remains nearly universal. Retribution awaits those who commit bad deeds; rewards await those who do good. Johnson explores how this belief has developed over time, and how it has shaped the course of human evolution.