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Before the Incal

Before the Incal Author Alejandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 159465901X
Release 2014-10-08
Pages 304
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The prequel to ... The Incal, this story cycle recounts the youth of John Difool and the adventures that propelled him into his encounter with the mighty artifact known as the Incal.

Son of the Gun

Son of the Gun Author Alejandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594650969
Release 2014-11
Pages 224
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When an abandoned baby, with a tail, is rescued from a South American rubbish bin by a dwarf transvestite prostitute, you know you're reading a story that only the mad genius of Jodorowsky could conceive! The child grows up to become Juan Solo, a vicious gangster and political enforcer, whose selfish savagery sees him quickly rise through the ranks. But as he discovers his heritage he begins to question his values, and to seek redemption. This brutal Greek tragedy- cum-contemporary western of gang warfare, corrupt politics and ultimate salvation is flawless.

The Technopriests 1 Techno Pre School

The Technopriests  1   Techno Pre School Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 9781594653643
Release 2014-03-19
Pages 49
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The cosmic adventures of a young boy on his path to ridding the galaxy of an insidious technological plague. PUBLICATION IN 8 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES After the Greek tragedy of "The Metabarons," Alexandro Jodorowsky comes back to his biblical roots with this quest reminiscent of Moses and set on a galactic scale. To top it off, the characters and the theme of virtual reality are tailor-made for artist Zoran Janjetov ("Before The Incal"), who finds in Jodorowsky his perfect match. Albino, hero of this space odyssey, remembers here his childhood, his apprenticeship, and the big and small battles he had to fight to fulfill his ambitions in a universe where technological advances are paradoxically matched only by the cruelty and the barbarism of the forces controlling it.

Battle for Amphibopolis The Nnewts 3

Battle for Amphibopolis  The  Nnewts  3 Author Doug TenNapel
ISBN-10 9780545925655
Release 2017-06-27
Pages 224
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In the final, epic installment of the Nnewts trilogy, the fate of all Nnewts hangs in the balance! Herk, falling under the influence of Blakk Mudd, is slowly turning into a Lizzark and abandoning his Nnewt friends. Herk's siblings, Sissy and Zerk, have been corrupted by evil and the Lizzark army is still threatening Amphibopolis with total destruction. Now the Nnewts need a true hero to step up and save the day before it's too late!

Escape from the Lizzarks

Escape from the Lizzarks Author Doug TenNapel
ISBN-10 9780545778701
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 192
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The first book in the Nnewts series follows the story of Herk, a lovable Nnewt who longs for stronger legs, something his mother and father wish they could give him. When his quaint village is attacked by the reptile Lizzarks, he's forced to flee his home and leave behind the only life he's ever known. Now, all alone and on the run, Herk navigates a dangerous world filled with strange creatures and mysterious wonders, where friends are few and an evil lord is in hot pursuit.


Khaal Author Louis
ISBN-10 178276688X
Release 2017-08
Pages 104
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Space is harsh. Only the strong survive. In the middle of a high-security secret gigantic galactic prison, the three dominant and ever-warring species must collaborate to operate the machinery that keeps them alive. But one terrifying warrior with unexplainable powers wishes to build himself an empire. The name the universe will never forget? Khaal, the Galactic Emperor!

The Technopriests

The Technopriests Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594650500
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 408
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A cosmic oddessy from the pages of The Incal.

The Metabaron Book 2 the Techno Cardinal and the Transhuman

The Metabaron  Book 2  the Techno Cardinal and the Transhuman Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594656800
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 112
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The return of the greatest warrior in the universe: The Metabaron!

The Metabarons Ultimate Collection

The Metabarons Ultimate Collection Author Juan Gimenez
ISBN-10 1594650640
Release 2011-10-19
Pages 544
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* Features an afterword by David S. Goyer, screenwriter of "Batman Begins" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," and director of "Blade: Trinity."* Featured in the acclaimed documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune," one of Entertainment Weekly's top ten films of 2014.* The book has sold over 1,360,000 copies worldwide. * Features the complete first cycle of the international bestselling series.* Features two bonus short stories by the authors.* Like "The Incal," "The Metabarons" is also set in the same space opera fictional universe known as the "Jodoverse," in which most of Alexandro Jodorowsky-created science fiction comics take place.

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594650462
Release 2016-06-14
Pages 192
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Professor Alan Mangel's journey of madness begins when he impregnates Elisabeth, a student, with what she believes is John the Baptist reincarnated. They meet and conspire with a following convinced in bringing forth the Second Coming of Christ. Are they delusional? Find out by diving into yet another Jodorowsky and Moebius (THE INCAL, THE EYES OF THE CAT) collaboration.


Bouncer Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594651159
Release 2015-10-14
Pages 412
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Bouncer, the one-armed gunslinger, is the law inside the Inferno Saloon. This collection complies his adventures and showdowns, from his family's violent legacy, to his stint as Barrio City's executioner, to his misguided attempts at love - all populated by the Wild West's most perverse and bizarre characters. Mastermind writer and filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky rides out with artist Francois Boucq, whose savage vision vividly captures the American West in all its gritty glory.

Final Incal

Final Incal Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594650861
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 216
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Visionary storyteller, Jodorowsky, returns to the epic mythology he created with the late Moebius over 30 years ago. This volume concludes the spiritual space adventures of everyman, John DiFool, as the universe faces the threat of an all-devouring metallic virus. The book contains both the original, unfinished After the Incal drawn by Moebius, as well as the complete 3-volume series, Final Incal illustrated by Ladronn.

The Incal 2 John Difool class R detective

The Incal   2  John Difool  class  R  detective Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1930652852
Release 2001
Pages 160
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The Complete adventures of John Difool continue as the investigation into the mysterious birth rate in the Red Ring continues. In this volume, John stumbles across several overwhelming obstacles including the involvement of the Prez, the robocops, and the Techno pope in a grand conspiracy, becoming a professional detective and falling in love. If all of this wasn't enough, this volume of the series also features tons of actions and the deaths of several characters. A must-read chapter in one of the most acclaimed sci-fi stories in the world.

The White Lama

The White Lama Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594650802
Release 2014-07-04
Pages 296
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Late 19th century Tibet. When the Grand Lama Mipam dies, the seeds of corruption are sown across the land. Raised by locals, Gabriel, the orphan of white explorers, is chosen as the reincarnation of the Grand Lama. Torn between two worlds, Gabriel must master the sacred ways, defeat his own personal demons and battle a great evil. He will need to enlist the aid of warrior monks, yetis and the Lord of Cats if he is to save his adopted country from utter devastation in this awe-inspiring tale of mystical adventure, martial arts and magic realism in the 'Land of Snows'.

The Cycle of Air

The Cycle of Air Author Hub
ISBN-10 1932386920
Release 2011
Pages 100
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Okko, a samurai without a master, and his three companions, a giant, a monk, and a young fisherman, encounter such adversaries as bandits, vampires, puppets, demons, and samurai thugs as they wander through the Pajan Empire, where the great clans are fighting for control.

Humanoids Presents

Humanoids Presents Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594651671
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 112
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Visionary author, filmmaker, and philosopher, Alexandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, Endless Poetry) has created-along with a variety of the world's most singular and talented sequential artists-an incredible Sci-Fi universe, full of love, revenge, intrigue, betrayal and redemption. Featuring excerpts from The Incal, The Metabarons, The Technopriests and Megalex, this collection provides a peek into this mind-blowing world that will ensure that you'll want to hop onboard and explore it further. Welcome to The Jodoverse!

Alexandro Jodorowsky s Screaming Planet

Alexandro Jodorowsky s Screaming Planet Author Alexandro Jodorowsky
ISBN-10 1594651388
Release 2016-06-14
Pages 124
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Alexandro Jodorowsky steps up to the challenge of the short graphic novel story format by collaborating with an international panoply of artists.