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Train Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465436580
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 320
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Train is a glorious celebration of all things train and track, tracing the history of the railroad and the role of trains, from the first steam engines to today's high-speed bullet trains. Featuring DK's trademark brilliant photography, Train catalogs the development of trains from early steam to diesel engines and electric locomotives, explores in detail iconic trains such as the Fairy Queen, Orient Express, and Javelin, and chronicles the cultural backdrop against which railroads were built around the world.

The Train Book

The Train Book Author DK
ISBN-10 9780241187890
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 320
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Definite visual history and glorious celebration of all things train and track The Train Book traces the history and role of trains from the first steam engines to diesel engines and then to today's high-speed bullet trains. You'll take a journey through the most important trains of each period and see iconic trains such as the Orient Express, the Fairy Queen, the Mallard and the Javelin in incredible detail, discovering the anatomy of these legendary engines. The Train Book gives you a truly international view of trains, exploring some of the world's most impressive rail routes from South Africa to Siberia, including the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and the high-speed Japanese Tokaido Shinkansen line. You'll discover the stories of key innovators, designers and engineers who advanced rail travel, the challenges they faced and the cultural backdrop against which the railways were built. The Train Book is the perfect gift for train enthusiasts of all ages.

The Big Book of Trains

The Big Book of Trains Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465462145
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 32
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From the first locomotive built in 1804 to the high-speed bullet train, The Big Book of Trains is the perfect book for kids who love trains. Packed with amazing facts and photographs of trains around the world, The Big Book of Trains covers the history of trains and train travel. Different types of trains are featured on their own spreads, and each page features multiple images to give a close-up view as well as informative text about each train. See the differences among monorails, passenger trains, and TGVs. Learn about pistons, fireboxes, boilers, and coupling rods, and find out exactly what they do to help the train travel down on the tracks. See key features of each train model and discover the difference between steam trains and diesels. Find out how trains are designed for certain jobs and tasks, including mountain trains, snow trains, and freight trains. Look at the biggest and fastest trains in the world. With incredible pictures and informative text, The Big Book of Trains is the essential book for young readers who want to know everything about trains.

Classic Car

Classic Car Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465459077
Release 2016-09-13
Pages 320
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A visual guide to the most iconic classic cars of every decade from the 1940s to the 1980s, featuring more than 1,300 photographs and created in association with the Smithsonian Institution. From the Pontiac Chieftain to the Chevrolet Corvette, Classic Car is packed with the marques and models of every decade from the 1940s to the 1980s. Virtual tours offer close-up views of iconic models, and comprehensive catalogs showcase key features with detailed profiles and specifications. To tell the complete story of classic cars, this book also profiles famous designers and manufacturers, like Ferdinand Porsche, and places the cars into wider cultural context by charting their enduring legacy as symbols of luxury and objects of desire. Classic Car is a complete celebration of classic cars and a must-have for all classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

The Tractor Book

The Tractor Book Author DK
ISBN-10 9780241238004
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 256
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The definitive visual history of the tractor The complete history of farm machinery, from steam and vintage tractors to the latest combine harvesters is showcased in this lavishly illustrated volume. Packed with images and tractor data on more than 200 iconic machines, The Tractor Book explores the entire range of tractors and farming machines from around the world, such as Fordson Model F and Massey-Harris GP. Histories of famous marques, such as John Deere and Massey Ferguson, sit alongside immersive visual tours of celebrated machines. The Tractor Book covers how tractors work, their history, major marques and catalogues tractors from every era making this a must-have for anyone fascinating by these extraordinary machines.


Car Author DK
ISBN-10 9780756689384
Release 2011-05-02
Pages 360
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DK's latest Car traces the history and role of the automobile, cataloging the diverse spectrum of cars from the first prototypes to the supercars of today. The book will not only cover the technological developments and manufacture of cars, but also the cultural backdrop against which the various models arose, and the enduring impact which the car has had on society as an object of curiosity, symbol of luxury, and item of necessity.


Tank Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465466037
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 256
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A visual guide to the history of tanks, Tank tells the full history of tanks through stunning photography and informative text. From the early Mark Is of World War I to the T-34 of World War II to the cutting-edge M1 Abrams of today, Tank showcases the most famous (or infamous) armored fighting vehicles in history. Packed full of tanks, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, and anti-tank weaponry, Tank combines comprehensive photographic spreads with in-depth histories of key manufacturers and specially commissioned visual tours of the most iconic examples of their kind. The featured vehicles are placed in their wider context, along with with tactical and technological improvements, and the impact of the tank on the evolution of battlefield and military strategy. Tank charts the evolution of the tank over the past century, covering over 450 tanks and military vehicles from all over the world. Look through the history of tanks and explore the form and function of a weapon that changed history. Learn the different vehicles' weight, size, country of origin, and time of use through in-depth profiles. An essential visual history, Tank provides a complete and exciting overview to the iconic vehicles that changed history.

Illustrated book of steam and rail

Illustrated book of steam and rail Author Colin Dennis Garratt
ISBN-10 0760749523
Release 2002
Pages 512
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Illustrated book of steam and rail has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Illustrated book of steam and rail also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Illustrated book of steam and rail book for free.


Train Author John Coiley
ISBN-10 1405337826
Release 2009
Pages 72
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Help your child learn about trains with this fact-packed guide, giant wallchart, interactive clip-art CD and dedicated website. From the incredible train that has no wheels to the world's great subway systems; let your child discover the amazing story of trains- from the days of steam to the high-speed marvels of today and the future. They'll discover more about trains by downloading 100s of amazing images from the clip-art CD. Then use the giant pull-out wallchart to decorate their room. Great for projects or just for fun, ensure your child learns everything they need to know about trains. With dedicated website

The Complete Visual History of Steam and Rail

The Complete Visual History of Steam and Rail Author Colin Garratt
ISBN-10 0754823636
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 528
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Since the birth of the railroads in the early Industrial Age, people across the world have been fascinated by the locomotive both as a powerful symbol of advanced technology and an exciting means of transport. In this special boxed set, two authoritative illustrated volumes offer a world encyclopedia of locomotives and a fascinating tour of the most celebrated railway journeys of the world. The history of locomotive and railway development is described in detail, from the very beginnings of locomotive design, to the development of steam power, and the transition from steam to diesel and electric power, analysing how these changes transformed the locomotive into a superior passenger and freight-pulling machine. At-a-glance specification boxes give key details on each model, including date, capacity and maximum speed. Over 95 outstanding railway journeys are vividly evoked, from short journeys steeped in history such as Stephenson?s 27km line from Bedford to Bletchley, to the transcontinental lines in Canada and the European Orient Express, and the luxury of the "Palace on Wheels" in Rajasthan and the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostock. Nothing captures the imagination like a cross-country train journey, and the romance and excitement of classic journeys are described in vivid narrative - travel The San Francisco Muni, take the Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria, ride on Tokyo's Yamanote Line and experience the Pacific Coast Motorail. Each account bears eloquent witness to the enduring appeal of rail travel. Written by leading experts in the field and illustrated with over 1400 photographs, this classic book collection enthrall every reader.


Trains Author Amy Shields
ISBN-10 9781426307775
Release 2011
Pages 32
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Describes different types of trains, their parts, the history of building railroad systems within the United States, and the future of trains.

Cars Trains and Planes

Cars  Trains and Planes Author Dorling Kindersley
ISBN-10 0241256461
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 432
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Cars, Trains, and Planes chronicles the history of mechanized transportation in awesome detail, profiling the thousands of machines that have carried people around the world over the last two hundred years. This stunning book offers a lavishly illustrated photographic collection of the world's most incredible popular vehicles. Including over 2,500 different machines from the iconic to the unexpected, detailing their specifications and important features. See everything from the first steam engines to the newest high-speed intercity trains; the Model T Ford to the latest hybrid and electric cars; and the Wright Flyer to stealth fighter jets and huge passenger planes. Cars, Trains, and Planes is a celebration of the amazing machines that keep the world on the move.

Railroads Across North America

Railroads Across North America Author Claude Wiatrowski
ISBN-10 9781610601368
Release 2007-09-15
Pages 256
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From the first steam-powered locomotives of the early nineteenth century to the high-speed commuter trains of today, the American railroad has been a great engine powering the nations growth and industry. This book celebrates the glory and grandeur of that legacy with a lavish tour of the history of the American railroad and the culture surrounding it. Generously illustrated with vintage photographs, modern images, maps, timetables, tickets, brochures, and all manner of memorabilia, this volume offers a fascinating look at the rail industrys beginnings and development, as well as its place in American history. From the might of the major rail companies and their empires to the romance of rail travel, this is the full and fabulously colorful story of the industry that moved a nation--and stirs our imaginations to this day.

The Aircraft Book

The Aircraft Book Author Philip Whiteman
ISBN-10 1409364801
Release 2013
Pages 320
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An action-packed ride through the history of aircraft The Aircraft Book is all about the men, machines, and landmark technology behind the most iconic aircraft from the Supermarine Spitfire to the Concorde. Featuring over 1,000 of the greatest military and commercial aircraft in the world, this is an amazing visual guide tracing their evolution over the past 10 decades. A captivating, international view of aircraft through time from Germany's Zeppelins to the USA's 'Blackbird' with histories of how famous marques like Boeing and Lockheed came to be household names. Plus, go on a virtual tour inside the engines of some of the legendary planes to see just what powers their performance. The Aircraft Book is essential for aviation buffs, covering the enduring impact that aircraft has on society as an object of curiosity, a symbol of luxury, and an essential weapon of war.

World War II The Definitive Visual History

World War II  The Definitive Visual History Author Richard Holmes
ISBN-10 9780756656058
Release 2009-01-30
Pages 360
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World War II is divided into nine chronological chapters, each introduced by a general overview of the military and political situation. This is followed by a comprehensive timeline, covering events in all theaters of the war. The opening chapter analyzes the build-up of hostility in the years leading up the war, both in Europe and in the Pacific. Similarly the final chapter analyzes the immediate and long-term consequences of the war and the way it has shaped recent history. In the chapters that cover the events of the waritself, the main spreads move from one theater of war to another but are linkedby an easy-to-use system of cross referencing to earlier events and the consequences of the actions described on the spread. The main spreads are interspersed with features, eyewitness accounts, and galleries of weaponry and equipment. This title differs from DK's previous World War II title, in that it is aspread-by-spread account á la History (with "previous" and "following" tabs placing each spread in chronological context)of the war, rather than a narrative that needs to be read from start to finish.


Bicycle Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465455307
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 256
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Bicycle: The Definitive Visual History showcases classic and cutting-edge bicycles and traces the evolution of cycling from the nineteenth century to today. From BMX and mountain biking to track and road racing, this comprehensive full-color guide features the latest high-performance bikes and cycling technology, as well as key models from eras gone by. Virtual tours showcase important bike designs, like the Bianchi Paris Roubaix, and close-up photographs focus on design elements, components, and construction. To tell the complete story of cycling, Bicycle profiles famous cyclists, manufacturers, and brands, and includes detailed images, maps, and histories of key races and competitions -- from the first recorded race in 1868 to the Cyclo-cross World Championships to the Tour de France, triathlons, Olympic racing, and more. Bicycle: The Definitive Visual History is a complete celebration of cycling. Includes two prints suitable for framing.


Medicine Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465458933
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 320
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Medicine tells the fascinating story of the discipline, from ancient times to the present day, charting developments in healing, diagnosis, surgery, and drugs in a vividly visual and accessible format. Follow the gory pitfalls and the miraculous breakthroughs of medical history from trepanning, bloodletting, and body snatching to the latest developments in IVF and gene therapy. Clear diagrams explain major diseases, such as cancer, and enhance understanding of human anatomy, surgical instruments, and the progression of treatment over the centuries, setting the great milestones of medical history in their wider social context. A complementary illustrated reference section profiles all the main body systems and organs and explains their relevance in terms of the advancement of medicine. A compelling blend of riveting stories, accessible information, and striking illustrations, Medicine shows and tells how medicine has evolved into the lifesaving discipline it is today.