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The Train to Crystal City

The Train to Crystal City Author Jan Jarboe Russell
ISBN-10 9781451693676
Release 2016-01-05
Pages 393
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"The ... story of a secret FDR-approved prisoner exchange program run during World War II from Crystal City, Texas, an American internment camp where thousands of families were incarcerated"--Jacket flap.

The Train to Crystal City

The Train to Crystal City Author Jan Jarboe Russell
ISBN-10 9781451693683
Release 2015-01-20
Pages 416
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The New York Times bestselling dramatic and never-before-told story of a secret FDR-approved American internment camp in Texas during World War II: “A must-read….The Train to Crystal City is compelling, thought-provoking, and impossible to put down” (Star-Tribune, Minneapolis). During World War II, trains delivered thousands of civilians from the United States and Latin America to Crystal City, Texas. The trains carried Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and their American-born children. The only family internment camp during the war, Crystal City was the center of a government prisoner exchange program called “quiet passage.” Hundreds of prisoners in Crystal City were exchanged for other more ostensibly important Americans—diplomats, businessmen, soldiers, and missionaries—behind enemy lines in Japan and Germany. “In this quietly moving book” (The Boston Globe), Jan Jarboe Russell focuses on two American-born teenage girls, uncovering the details of their years spent in the camp; the struggles of their fathers; their families’ subsequent journeys to war-devastated Germany and Japan; and their years-long attempt to survive and return to the United States, transformed from incarcerated enemies to American loyalists. Their stories of day-to-day life at the camp, from the ten-foot high security fence to the armed guards, daily roll call, and censored mail, have never been told. Combining big-picture World War II history with a little-known event in American history, The Train to Crystal City reveals the war-time hysteria against the Japanese and Germans in America, the secrets of FDR’s tactics to rescue high-profile POWs in Germany and Japan, and above all, “is about identity, allegiance, and home, and the difficulty of determining the loyalties that lie in individual human hearts” (Texas Observer).

The Train to Crystal City

The Train to Crystal City Author Jan Jarboe Russell
ISBN-10 9781451693669
Release 2015-01-20
Pages 416
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Focusing on a little-known event in American history that has long been kept quiet, a dramatic account exposes a secret FDR-approved American internment camp in Texas during World War II where hundreds of prisoners were exchanged for other Americans behind enemy lines in Japan and Germany. 60,000 first printing.


Enemies Author
ISBN-10 0803228066
Release 2009
Pages 197
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They were called aliens and enemies. But the World War II internees John Christgau writes about were in fact ordinary people victimized by the politics of a global war. The Alien Enemy Control Program in America was born with the United States?s declaration of war on Japan, Germany, and Italy and lasted until 1948. In all, 31,275 ?enemy aliens? were imprisoned in camps like the one described in this book?Fort Lincoln, just south of Bismarck, North Dakota. ø In animated and suspenseful prose, Christgau tells the stories of several individuals whose experiences are representative of those at Fort Lincoln. The subjects? lives before and after capture?presented in five case studies?tell of encroaching bitterness and sorrow. Christgau based his accounts on voluminous and previously untouched National Archives and FBI documents in addition to letters, diaries, and interviews with his subjects. ø Christgau?s afterword for this Bison Books edition relates additional stories of World War II alien restriction, detention, and internment that surfaced after this book was originally published, and he draws parallels between the alien internment of World War II and events in this country since September 11, 2001.

We Were Not the Enemy

We Were Not the Enemy Author Heidi Gurcke Donald
ISBN-10 9780595837304
Release 2007-01-26
Pages 104
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The United States clandestinely funds the operation of a huge prison in Cuba. Men, women, and children are spirited away from their homes and imprisoned indefinitely. No charges are made; no legal counsel is allowed. Newspapers fill with stories of espionage and enemies. Current events? No. During World War II, the United States used tactics remarkably similar to those in use today against presumed terrorists. By 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt had covertly authorized J. Edgar Hoover's Secret Intelligence Service to begin surveillance of Axis nationals in Latin America. Believing that "all German nationals without exception [are] dangerous," the United States surreptitiously pressured Latin-American countries to arrest and deport more than four thousand civilians of German ethnicity to the United States. There, many languished in internment camps, while others were shipped to war-torn Germany. As my parents, German-born Werner Gurcke and his American wife, Starr, began their lives together in Costa Rica, he was falsely labeled one of the country's most dangerous enemy aliens. Soon she, too, was considered "dangerous to the safety of the United Nations." From newlyweds to parents, innocent civilians to dangerous enemies, prisoners to internees, We Were Not the Enemy tells their story.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird Author Jan Jarboe Russell
ISBN-10 1589790979
Release 2004-05-25
Pages 350
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This book covers the full spectrum of Mrs. Johnson's life, career, and ultimately, her multi-layered, seldom-documented relationship with LBJ.


Infamy Author Richard Reeves
ISBN-10 9780805099393
Release 2015-04-21
Pages 368
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A LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER • A NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITOR'S CHOICE • Bestselling author Richard Reeves provides an authoritative account of the internment of more than 120,000 Japanese-Americans and Japanese aliens during World War II Less than three months after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and inflamed the nation, President Roosevelt signed an executive order declaring parts of four western states to be a war zone operating under military rule. The U.S. Army immediately began rounding up thousands of Japanese-Americans, sometimes giving them less than 24 hours to vacate their houses and farms. For the rest of the war, these victims of war hysteria were imprisoned in primitive camps. In Infamy, the story of this appalling chapter in American history is told more powerfully than ever before. Acclaimed historian Richard Reeves has interviewed survivors, read numerous private letters and memoirs, and combed through archives to deliver a sweeping narrative of this atrocity. Men we usually consider heroes-FDR, Earl Warren, Edward R. Murrow-were in this case villains, but we also learn of many Americans who took great risks to defend the rights of the internees. Most especially, we hear the poignant stories of those who spent years in "war relocation camps," many of whom suffered this terrible injustice with remarkable grace. Racism, greed, xenophobia, and a thirst for revenge: a dark strand in the American character underlies this story of one of the most shameful episodes in our history. But by recovering the past, Infamy has given voice to those who ultimately helped the nation better understand the true meaning of patriotism.

The Crystal City Story

The Crystal City Story Author Tomo Izumi
ISBN-10 1535131624
Release 2016-07-22
Pages 138
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Written by Tomoko Izumi, at age 79, The Crystal City Story describes her life as a young child in a Japanese Internment camp during World War II. Her story emerges from the perspective of an 8-year old who lived in the camps until age 12. The saga continues after the camps, exposing an arduous life for families who left the camps with nothing: no wages, no saved money, no property, and no home to return to. Seen through the unfiltered eyes of a child, her memories touch the heart.

Shattered Lives Shattered Dreams

Shattered Lives  Shattered Dreams Author Russell Estlack
ISBN-10 1599557967
Release 2011
Pages 199
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Anti-communist paranoia during World War II led to the internment of thousands of German-Americans in prison camps throughout the United States. Purposely forgotten by many, Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams gives a voice to those silenced for so long as former internees and their families describe their hellish lives in the camps and how they are still impacted more than 65 years later.

Undue Process

Undue Process Author Arnold Krammer
ISBN-10 UOM:39015039897395
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 209
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The shocking truth about America's wartime treatment of German aliens.

Inside America s Concentration Camps

Inside America s Concentration Camps Author James L. Dickerson
ISBN-10 9781569767481
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 312
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Exploring the history and tragedy of concentration camps that were built, staged, and filled with adults and children under the orders of the U.S. government, this vivid narrative brings the stories of victims and flaws of American government to life. Beginning in the 1830s with the imprisonment of Native Americans, this investigation details the camps that reappeared during World War II with the round-up of Japanese Americans, German Americans, Italian Americans, and Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, as well as more recently during the Bush administration with the construction of new concentration camps in Cuba. The moving personal experiences of those imprisoned in the camps, including accounts of how the U.S. government removed children of Japanese ancestry from orphanages only to replace them in camps, are revealed within this eye-opening history. Both heartbreaking and inspirational, this authoritative record of survival suggests a call to action for those who read it.

Prisoners of War at Camp Trinadad Colorado 1943 1946

Prisoners of War at Camp Trinadad  Colorado  1943 1946 Author Kurt Landsberger
ISBN-10 WISC:89082420845
Release 2007
Pages 208
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An American soldier dispatched to a detention center located in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies learns he is to head up a group of translators for German POWs, some of them dedicated Nazis. The soldier was Kurt Landsberger, a Jewish refugee, who three years prior had barely escaped the clutches of the very men with whom he now had to deal. Arriving at a virtually empty camp, still under construction, along with four other translators, Kurt soon realized that the Army had neglected to prepare the camp staff for the tasks they had to undertake. Faced with daring escape attempts and brutal prison beatings, the inadequately trained guards struggled to maintain order. As tensions rose, the unthinkable happened: two German POWs were shot dead and the unlucky American guard was put on trial. Landsberger has amassed an impressive collection of court records, letters, declassified documents and photographs to tell this virtually unknown story.--From publisher description.

America s Invisible Gulag

America s Invisible Gulag Author Stephen Fox
ISBN-10 0820449148
Release 2000
Pages 379
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New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien. One of the least-known aspects of World War II is the internment of German "enemy aliens" in the United States. This narrative goes beyond other internment studies in its use of internee interviews and access to Justice and War Department personnel files. Fox concludes that rather than offering a reasonable assessment of the aliens' danger to United States internal security, the Justice Department incarcerated them - and excluded several hundred United States citizens - because of their German backgrounds, alleged disloyal statements and associations, socioeconomic class, or their characters and personalities.

They Lived to Tell the Tale

They Lived to Tell the Tale Author The Explorers Club
ISBN-10 9781599216393
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 368
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Living dangerously with the members of the world-renowned Explorers Club.

Dear Miss Breed

Dear Miss Breed Author Joanne Oppenheim
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105129838129
Release 2006
Pages 287
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Provides the story of life in a Japanese internment camp during World War II through the correspondence of the children in the camp to their respected librarian, Miss Clara Breed, who worked on their behalf to show the injustice of these laws and ill-treatment of her fellow citizens during their imprisonment. Teacher's Guide available.

The Presidents and UFOs

The Presidents and UFOs Author Larry Holcombe
ISBN-10 9781466835870
Release 2015-03-17
Pages 352
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The UFO enigma has been part of our culture since the 1940s and building to a worldwide explosion of acceptance today. Now, as governments around the world open their files and records on internal UFO investigations, the US remains steadfast in its denial of interest in the UFO issue. As more of the world's population accepts the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence, the demand is building for disclosure from the United States. Using newly declassified and Freedom of Information Act documents, eyewitness accounts, interviews, and leaked documents being authenticated, THE PRESIDENTS AND UFOS details the secret history of UFOs and the corresponding presidential administration. Starting in 1941 with the Roosevelt administration, author Larry Holcombe examines the startling discoveries facing a president preoccupied by WWII, the explosion of UFO sightings during the Truman years, first contact during the Eisenhower administration, and the possibility of a UFO connection to the Kennedy assassination. In 1975, the Nixon administration came very close to admitting that UFOs exist by funding a documentary by Robert Emenegger. Almost 40 years later, this book will examine Emenegger's findings. For the first time, the involvement of all of the modern presidents up to and including President Obama, and the rise and then fall of their influence on UFO issues, are told in one story that is an integral part of the fascinating UFO tapestry.

The Geography of Genius

The Geography of Genius Author Eric Weiner
ISBN-10 9781451691689
Release 2016-01-05
Pages 368
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Tag along on this New York Times bestselling “witty, entertaining romp” (The New York Times Book Review) as Eric Winer travels the world, from Athens to Silicon Valley—and back through history, too—to show how creative genius flourishes in specific places at specific times. In this “intellectual odyssey, traveler’s diary, and comic novel all rolled into one” (Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness), acclaimed travel writer Weiner sets out to examine the connection between our surroundings and our most innovative ideas. A “superb travel guide: funny, knowledgeable, and self-deprecating” (The Washington Post), he explores the history of places like Vienna of 1900, Renaissance Florence, ancient Athens, Song Dynasty Hangzhou, and Silicon Valley to show how certain urban settings are conducive to ingenuity. With his trademark insightful humor, this “big-hearted humanist” (The Wall Street Journal) walks the same paths as the geniuses who flourished in these settings to see if the spirit of what inspired figures like Socrates, Michelangelo, and Leonardo remains. In these places, Weiner asks, “What was in the air, and can we bottle it?” “Fun and thought provoking” (Miami Herald), The Geography of Genius reevaluates the importance of culture in nurturing creativity and “offers a practical map for how we can all become a bit more inventive” (Adam Grant, author of Originals).