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The Treatment of Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities

The Treatment of Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities Author William R. Lindsay
ISBN-10 9780470723654
Release 2009-03-12
Pages 360
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A practical treatment manual, specifically developed for use with offenders who have intellectual disabilities, which will help clinicians to prepare and run therapeutic group sessions as part of an offender rehabilitation programme. Traditional methods and techniques have been modified so that they can be used with offenders with developmental disabilities Looks at topics such as disclosure, dealing with cognitive distortions, the cycle of offending, victim awareness, pathways to offending and non-offending and relapse prevention As well as CBT, new initiatives in offender rehabilitation, such as self-regulation and the Good Lives Model (GLM), are covered

Toolkit for Working with Juvenile Sex Offenders

Toolkit for Working with Juvenile Sex Offenders Author Daniel S. Bromberg
ISBN-10 9780124059252
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 592
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Juvenile sex offender therapy has changed markedly since it emerged in the 1980s. Toolkit for Working with Juvenile Sex Offenders provides therapists with a summary of evidence-based practice with this population, including working with comorbid conditions and developmental disabilities. It provides tools for use in assessment, case formulation, and treatment, and includes forms, checklists, and exercises. The intended audience is practitioners engaged in the assessment and treatment of juveniles whose sexual interests and/or behaviors are statistically non-normative and/or problematic. Readers will find a chapter on academic assessment and intervention, a domain frequently not covered by texts in this field. Identifies evidence-based treatment practice specifically for juveniles Provides tools for assessment, case formulation, and treatment Covers treatment in comorbid conditions or developmental disabilities Contains forms, checklists, and client exercises for use in practice

Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities

Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities Author Leam A. Craig
ISBN-10 9780470975855
Release 2010-12-03
Pages 398
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A practical handbook for practitioners that covers the assessment, treatment and management of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities – an area of growing interest within clinical forensic psychology. New for the Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology: a practical handbook that covers the assessment, treatment and management of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities Summarises the research literature on the characteristics and prevalence of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities Discusses risk assessment and innovations in treatment and management Includes contributors world-renowned in the field of assessment and treatment of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities such as Tony Ward, Glynis Murphy, and Douglas Boer

Treating Sex Offenders

Treating Sex Offenders Author Jill D. Stinson
ISBN-10 9781462536634
Release 2018-03-23
Pages 356
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This structured yet flexible manual presents an innovative group treatment approach that targets deficits in self-regulation—a central problem for sex offenders. Safe Offender Strategies (SOS) comprises 10 evidence-based modules that teach participants the skills to desist from problem behaviors, manage their emotions and impulses, and break unhealthy relationship patterns. Motivational enhancement and validation techniques are woven throughout this collaborative treatment. SOS can be used with a range of clients—including high-risk offenders and those with mental illness or intellectual disabilities—in institutional or outpatient settings. Fifteen reproducible forms and worksheets can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

The Wiley Handbook on Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Wiley Handbook on Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Author William R. Lindsay
ISBN-10 9781118752999
Release 2018-08-10
Pages 520
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The essential resource to the most recent research and practice on offenders with intellectual and developmental disabilities The Wiley Handbook on Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is a comprehensive compendium to the research and evidence supporting clinical work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who offend or are at risk of offending. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the text reviews the most recent developments in the assessment, treatment and management of various types of offenders with intellectual disabilities including violent offenders, sexual offenders and firesetters. The text also explores the developments in research on risk assessment and management of people with intellectual disabilities who offend or are at risk of offending. In addition, the handbook also contains information on developments in research into the epidemiology of offending in this population, pathways into services and the trajectories of the criminal careers of those who will later go on to offend. This important resource: Includes contributions from expert international researchers and practitioners in the field Describes a range of theoretical, conceptual and ethical assessments as well as treatment and service development issues that are relevant practitioners in clinical practice Presents the ethical-legal considerations that offer a conceptual framework for the handbook Sets out a variety of the most current evidence-based interventions Written for psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and other mental health professionals, and those in education and training, The Wiley Handbook on Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities offers a much-needed resource on the latest developments in the field.

Sex Offender Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment Author Daniel T. Wilcox
ISBN-10 9781118674406
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 424
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Sex Offender Treatment is an innovative case study-based guide to the treatment of sexual offenders, offering direct access to the insights and experience of experts in the field. The book describes case formulations, assessment processes, and treatment undertaken with specific sexual offender types. Takes an innovative case study approach to sexual offender assessment and treatment, sharing practical insights and real-world experience in a challenging field Coverage is organized by key offender populations and includes bipolar offenders, child sexual abusers, Internet offenders, psychopathic offenders, personality disordered offenders and female offenders This distinctive approach aids trainee and novice workers to recognise key treatment issues, and plan and implement courses of therapeutic engagement and intervention to improve offender self-control Contributors include Bill Marshall, Leam Craig, Phil Rich, Bill Lindsay and Tony Ward

Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders

Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders Author Anthony R. Beech
ISBN-10 0470727276
Release 2009-03-04
Pages 610
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A comprehensive resource for practitioners working with sexual offenders. Discusses assessments and interventions, as well as providing a comprehensive literature review There are around 10,000 convictions or cautions for sexual offences in the UK each year; early evidence suggests that treatment programmes can halve re-conviction rates Edited by a University of Birmingham team who are world leaders in researching this area; the subject is of interest worldwide, with strong markets in Canada and New Zealand Includes material on managing offenders with developmental disabilities and those with Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder

Juvenile Sex Offenders

Juvenile Sex Offenders Author Eileen P. Ryan
ISBN-10 9780199930685
Release 2012-03-22
Pages 272
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A significant percentage of sexual abuse in the United States is committed by juveniles, and mental health professionals increasingly receive requests to evaluate these juveniles. With an emphasis on practicality and utility, Juvenile Sex Offenders fills a gap in the current literature by providing a thoughtful, thorough approach to evaluating and treating youth who have committed sexual offenses or have engaged in sexually abusive behavior. Serving as a functional guide, this text expertly prepares clinicians for the challenging task of evaluating juveniles, picking up where traditional clinical training often falls short and providing state-of-the-art assessment techniques as well as an overview of treatment modalities. Chapters highlight the many ways in which juveniles charged with sexual offenses differ from adults, the common dilemmas facing evaluators, and the changing perceptions and legal trends with respect to youth crime. Chapters also cover sexual development and behaviors among children and adolescents, risk factors and risk assessment, case examples for working with attorneys, and interventions and pharmacological approaches. Clinical practitioners with limited forensic training will benefit from the guidance on formal forensic evaluation and the review of literature on assessment approaches specific to youth, while forensic experts will gain developmental perspective in evaluating and treating young sexual offenders. Set in a hopeful and optimistic framework, Juvenile Sex Offenders is a practical, empirically based guide on the best practices in evaluating and treating this poorly understood and underserved population.

Offenders with Developmental Disabilities

Offenders with Developmental Disabilities Author William R. Lindsay
ISBN-10 9780470020678
Release 2004-07-16
Pages 384
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For over a century, developmental disabilities have been associated with crime in prejudicial and pejorative contexts. Offenders with Developmental Disabilities provides a balanced, comprehensive review of the prevalence, nature and development of offending by those with intellectual disabilities. Not only does this volume include coverage of evidence-based assessment and treatment ideas, strategies and plans, but also places the field in a historical, legal and ethical context. William Lindsay, John Taylor and Peter Sturmey have brought together a wealth of contributors from differing backgrounds to share new material and knowledge of assessments, treatment, and service issues in a single volume. Divided into five parts, Part I opens with theoretical issues; Part II deals with legal and services contexts including ethical concerns; Part III considers risk assessment, general assessment and approaches to evaluation; Part IV addresses specific issues of sexual offending, anger and aggression, fire raising, dual diagnosis, female offenders and personality disorder; Part V concludes with service development, professional and research issues. Forensic practitioners and students from psychology and psychiatry, lawyers and advocates, nurses and social workers will all find this comprehensive and practical book an inspiration in taking this field forward.

Rehabilitating Sexual Offenders

Rehabilitating Sexual Offenders Author William L. Marshall
ISBN-10 1433809427
Release 2011
Pages 260
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While most sexual offender treatment programs take an aggressive, confrontational approach that targets the offenders' denial, research has indicated that this common approach does not appreciably alter actual risk factors related to reoffense rate. Furthermore, this approach can alienate and demoralize offenders. Over the past 40 years, William L. Marshall and colleagues have developed and refined a motivational, strength-based approach emphasizing warmth, empathy, and support for the offenders. Backed by research, this positive approach does not ignore risk factors but presents them to clients as targets for the development of strengths rather than as deficits to be overcome. Such programs in both prison and community settings achieve a broad range of treatment targets and appear to reduce recidivism for both sexual and nonsexual crimes. This landmark volume challenges how sexual offender treatment is typically conducted. It is thought-provoking reading for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and parole and probation officers working with sexual offenders In this wonderful book, Marshall and colleagues describe the surrounding theory and treatment strategies of their positive approach to working with adult sex offenders. Exceptionally well written and clearly structured, in many respects the book represents the fruits of a lifetime of profound reflection and innovation by one of the field's outstanding talents and pioneers. It is a brilliant achievement and provides a coherent and accurate integration of the tenets of positive psychology and strength-based perspectives with contemporary assessment and treatment techniques.---Tony Ward, PhD, Head of School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand This volume is a welcome addition to the small, but growing, literature on strength-based work with offenders. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the field of rehabilitation, whether they be practitioners, academics, or students.---Anthony Beech, PhD, Professor of Forensic Psychology, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Forensic CBT

Forensic CBT Author Raymond Chip Tafrate
ISBN-10 9781119953296
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 520
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Forensic CBT: A Handbook for Clinical Practice is an edited collection that represents the first authoritative resource on the utilization of CBT strategies and techniques for offender clients. Features contributions from leaders of the major schools of CBT on the treatment of antisocial personality patterns as well as anger, interpersonal violence, substance abuse, and sexual aggression Addresses modified CBT approaches for female, juvenile, and culturally diverse forensic populations Covers emerging areas of forensic practices, including the integration of motivational interviewing and strength-based approaches Includes an assortment of worksheets, handouts, and exercises for practitioners to use with their clients

Practical Treatment Strategies for Persons with Intellectual Disablities

Practical Treatment Strategies for Persons with Intellectual Disablities Author Gerry D. Blasingame
ISBN-10 1885473753
Release 2006
Pages 176
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Practical Treatment Strategies for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities offers guidance to professionals who focus on intervening with ID/DD clients who exhibit severe and sexual behavior problems. The authors stress the importance of clear program guidelines and thorough staff training to create efficient, appropriate communication between staff members, clients, and client families. While emphasizing the importance of preserving humanity, the authors propose methods to overcome the unique challenges of working with forensic clients. These include provision of developmentally relevant educational materials on sexuality and relationship issues, female-specific interventions, presentation of opportunities to promote client awareness and self-regulation of behavior, and an update on Haaven s Old Me/New Me Model. Contributing authors are: James Haaven, Krishan Hansen, Steve Mussack, Sandra A. Wilson, and J. Russell York.

The Skills System Instructor s Guide

The Skills System Instructor s Guide Author Julie F. Brown
ISBN-10 9781450295482
Release 2011-04
Pages 332
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Having the capacity to benefit from emotions, rather than being paralyzed by them, offers people the opportunity to navigate difficulties, while being able to face life, relationships, and themselves with courage, grace, and strength. In "The Skills System Instructor's Guide," author Julie F. Brown provides a curriculum for helping people improve emotion regulation capacities, which allows the person to actively participate in both joyful and challenging aspects of life. The guide presents nine simple, user-friendly adaptive coping skills effective for individuals of diverse learning abilities. Based on Dialectic Behavior Therapy principles, the Skills System helps people of all ages learn to effectively regulate emotions, thoughts, and actions to reach personal goals. PRAISE FOR "The Skills System Instructor's Guide" "In this instructor's guide, Julie Brown provides a clear step-by-step introduction to the emotion regulation skills curriculum that she has developed over the course of two decades of work with individuals with learning challenges and emotional difficulties. Brown succeeds admirably where few others have even dared to set foot. Complex emotion regulation challenges are broken down into manageable problems using a series of steps that people of many different skill levels can apply for themselves. At once simple and sophisticated, this guide is a must for anyone who works with, or cares for, someone with emotion regulation difficulties." -James J. Gross, PhD, professor of psychology, Stanford University; editor, "Handbook of Emotion Regulation" "This practical Skills Training Handbook fills a critical need of providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy based techniques and related treatment procedures to individuals with emotional and intellectual challenges. KUDOS Julie Brown." -Donald Meichenbaum, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Research Director of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention Miami, Florida "Purchase this book and you will return to it again and again. The Skills System offers a concise, ultra-pragmatic skills training approach with comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum materials, great for teaching emotion regulation to learners of all abilities. Both experienced and novice skills trainers will love her tool kit of teaching strategies!" -Dr. Kelly Koerner, PhD, Evidence-Based Practice Institute, Seattle; editor, "Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Clinical Practice: Applications across Disorders and Settings"

Children with Sexual Behavior Problems

Children with Sexual Behavior Problems Author William N. Friedrich
ISBN-10 039370498X
Release 2007
Pages 321
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Sexually inappropriate touching, language, and other actions on the part of children are difficult to diagnose and treat.

Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children

Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children Author Michael C. Seto
ISBN-10 1433829266
Release 2018-07
Pages 329
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This authoritative and comprehensive second edition summarizes and integrates advances in assessing and treating pedophilia and preventing sexual offending against children. It synthesizes current research and offers evidence-based recommendations for practice and policy reform.

S o t p

S o t p Author Stephen D. Whittaker
ISBN-10 1492280429
Release 2013-10-16
Pages 174
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Workbook to be used in a clinical setting. Specific for adults who have a sexually related crime.

International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders

International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders Author Dr Reinhard Eher
ISBN-10 1119996201
Release 2011-03-21
Pages 752
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International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders: Theory, Practice and Research provides the first truly global perspective on the assessment and treatment of sex offenders. Presents a comprehensive overview of current theories and practices relating to the assessment and treatment of sex offenders throughout the world, including the US, Europe, and Australasia Covers all the major developments in the areas of risk assessment, treatment, and management Includes chapters written by internationally respected practitioners and researchers experienced in working with sexual offenders such as Bill Marshall, Ruth Mann, Karl Hanson and Jayson Ware