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The Trouble with Nathan

The Trouble with Nathan Author Anna J. Stewart
ISBN-10 9780698183155
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 338
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The stakes are high and love is on the line in the third and final Tremayne Family Romance from the author of Here Comes Trouble. Nathan Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father, Jackson, and sister Sheila. Together they are Nemesis, the infamous cat burglar who targets the wealthy. But when Jackson is framed for stealing the priceless Crown of Serpia, the whole family is at risk. Nathan isn’t about to let his father go down for a crime he didn’t commit, but finding the real culprit won’t be easy with Laurel Scott, the nosy, pushy, drop-dead gorgeous insurance investigator following his every move. But Laurel has secrets of her own. Posing as an insurance investigator was part of her own plan for the Tremaynes. As their attraction heats up, and the truth comes out, will this pair of thieves steal each other’s hearts? Includes a teaser of the first Tremayne Family Romance, Asking for Trouble Praise for the Tremayne Family Romance trilogy “A winner!”—New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak “A not-to-miss romance!”—International Bestselling Author Tracy Brogan “Wonderfully crafted [and] beautifully told.”—New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jane Porter

Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble Author Anna J. Stewart
ISBN-10 9780698183148
Release 2015-08-18
Pages 293
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The troublesome Tremayne family is back in the next captivating romance from the author of Asking for Trouble. Former beauty queen Sheila Tremayne looks dainty, but she’s tougher than she seems. The hard-as-nails business woman is determined to bring down corruption among Lantano Valley’s rich and powerful. Her latest scheme to get technology tycoon Chadwick Oliver is going perfectly until a distraction arrives in the form of Malcolm—the man who broke her heart and who happens to be Chadwick’s son... Malcolm spent five long years away after his father publicly blamed him for some shady business dealings. Now he’s back to exact some revenge. Reconnecting with Sheila was never part of the plan, but the second he sees her, there’s no way he can resist... Sheila and Malcolm quickly fall into the sizzling passion between them, but Malcolm has no intention of staying once he’s finished with his father—even if leaving Sheila again might be more than he can bear.. Includes a preview of the next Tremayne Family Romance, The Trouble with Nathan. Praise for Asking for Trouble "A winner!"—New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak "A not-to-miss romance!"—International Bestselling Author Tracy Brogan “Wonderfully crafted [and] beautifully told."—New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jane Porter

Stormy Persuasion

Stormy Persuasion Author Johanna Lindsey
ISBN-10 9781476714318
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 384
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey returns to the dazzlingly passionate world of the Malorys, an aristocratic family of rakehell adventurers and spirited ladies, in a thrilling new tale of unbridled desires. Judith and Jacqueline Malory are not simply cousins; they are inseparable best friends. Refusing to miss Jacqueline’s come-out in Connecticut, Judy convinces her parents to let her delay her London debut by a few weeks so she can accompany her cousin. Neither girl intends to fall in love during her first Season. But Judy’s plans are overturned when aboard ship she comes face-to-face with the ghost who has been haunting her dreams. Unknown to the Malorys, deckhand Nathan Tremayne is a smuggler with a noose around his neck. Determined to carry out a covert mission in America that could gain him a pardon, Nathan senses that Judith is trouble. Somehow the minx knows his secret—and now she’s blackmailing him into doing her bidding—teaching her how to climb the rigging and how to kiss. While passions can soar on the high seas, Nathan knows this aristocratic beauty is merely amusing herself with a scoundrel like him. When the unthinkable happens in Connecticut and the elder Malorys’ hands are tied, Nathan takes command of a dire situation. Captaining his own ship, he turns the tables on Judy and steers them into uncharted waters, where a lady might just throw caution to the wind and give her heart to a scoundrel.

Asking for Trouble

Asking for Trouble Author Anna J. Stewart
ISBN-10 9780698183131
Release 2015-02-17
Pages 281
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The Tremaynes are one of the most prosperous families in Lantano Valley, California. But money can’t buy everything—especially when it comes to love… Morgan Tramayne has a heart of gold, but to keep her children’s charity afloat she’s had to resort to some less than legal means: donations from a notorious cat burglar who targets the wealthy. It’s only a matter of time before Morgan’s criminal connection blows up in her face—especially since her undeniable attraction to the man heading the investigation keeps putting her in tricky situations. Former police detective-turned-investigator for the D.A. Gage Juliano has two goals: salvaging his career and nabbing Lantano Valley’s present-day Robin Hood. But when he meets a beautiful, curvaceous woman who’s more interested in helping others than amassing a fortune like the rest of the town’s residents, Gage finds his desires pulled in an unexpected direction… Includes a preview of the second Tremayne Family Romance, Here Comes Trouble. "A heartwarming romance filled with true to life characters—this story is a winner! You don't want to miss such a sparkling debut!"—New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak "Asking for Trouble is sexy, suspenseful, and still full of heart. Now I can't wait for the next installment of the Tremayne Family Romances!"—Eileen Rendahl/Eileen Carr, Author of The Messenger series and Veiled Intentions "Whip-smart dialogue, a tightly-woven plot, and heart-thumping intrigue make this a not-to-miss romance!"—International Bestselling Author Tracy Brogan “A wonderfully crafted, beautifully told romance."—New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jane Porter

The Loveday Trials

The Loveday Trials Author Kate Tremayne
ISBN-10 9780755373109
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 408
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For fans of Poldark. For all those who were entranced by Ross Poldark in Winston Graham's Poldark comes the third novel is a dramatic series of passion and adventure. Cornwall: 1793. As the Lovedays' finances recover from near ruin, it is clear their trials are far from over. Adam, returning from Trevowan with Senara - now his wife - and their baby son, finds himself at loggerheads with his father. Edward refuses to accept his son's choice of bride, and Adam finds it impossible to continue working in the family shipyard. To support his wife and child, he works as an English agent in France, the country still in the grip of the Terror. Meanwhile, St John is in trouble again. His involvement in the murky world of smuggling has made him some dangerous enemies - not least the corrupt Thadeous Lanyon. When Thadeous is found murdered, St John is arrested. If found guilty, he will be hanged. Can the Lovedays pull together over this? Or will these new trials finally tear them apart?

Beautiful Tempest

Beautiful Tempest Author Johanna Lindsey
ISBN-10 9781501162213
Release 2018-01-30
Pages 448
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The "tempestuous story of Jacqueline Malory whose furious desire for revenge leads to a confrontation with the handsome pirate who abducted her--and sparks a much steamier kind of desire"--

A Drug Dealer s Dream

A Drug Dealer s Dream Author Tremayne Johnson
ISBN-10 1440423245
Release 2008-10
Pages 160
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Take a walk with one of the most relentless drug kingpins to ever promenade the streets of New York: Ahmed Yung. His father was an old-school gangster and his mother passed away after giving birth, leaving Ahmed to fend for himself. Witnessing his father's death at the early age of 12, Ahmed made a commitment to become one of the most respected hustlers on earth. Upon his release from six years of incarceration, Ahmed, 23, is forced to deal with the pressure. His comrades have the game on smash and they're just waiting for his return to the streets. Christal and Malique, his girlfriend and son, depend on him to adjust his lifestyle. The choices he contemplates ultimately determine his destiny. This is the story of almost every hustler who decides to play the game. Mistakes are made, hearts are broken and lives are lost. But one thing is for sure: decisions will have to be made. Strap up for a ride down a path of pain and glory. This is 'A Drug Dealer's Dream.'

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain Author Esther Forbes
ISBN-10 0395900115
Release 1998
Pages 293
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After injuring his hand, a silversmith's apprentice in Boston becomes a messenger for the Sons of Liberty in the days before the American Revolution.

Sea Music

Sea Music Author Sara MacDonald
ISBN-10 9781416506843
Release 2005-05-17
Pages 416
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A haunting story of family ties and wartime secrets The house opposite the church, overlooking the Cornish coast, is home to three generations of Tremains. Fred Tremain, the country doctor who built the house for his wife, Martha (and for whose sake he became estranged from his family); Anna, the difficult, determined older child, now a highly successful lawyer; Barnaby, the easygoing second child, now a vicar to the parish; and the beloved granddaughter, Lucy. A safe haven for a loving family, especially now that Fred and Martha are growing old, the house and cottage are also the keeper of secrets, solemn and tragic. That is until the day Lucy discovers a hidden cache of papers that brings to light the first of many long-hidden mysteries. As each layer is unwrapped and each secret laid bare, the family is forced to confront its past, to question the price paid for the upheavals caused by violence, wars, and prejudice, and ultimately to unlock the path to new relationships and new loves.

The Loveday Pride

The Loveday Pride Author Kate Tremayne
ISBN-10 9780755373116
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 382
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For fans of Poldark. For all those who were entranced by Ross Poldark in the TV adaptation of Winston Graham's Poldark comes the sixth novel in a dramatic series of adventures that will sweep you away to 18th century Cornwall. Pride, the curse of the Loveday family, may also be its salvation. While Adam Loveday struggles to maintain the family shipyard and to develop his new lands at Boscabel, his twin, St John, bears a bitter grudge against him for having won the yard he considers his birthright. Then Desiree Richmond arrives unexpectedly from Virginia, and Adam is appalled to learn that she believes herself engaged to St John - though his brother's wife is still living. In London, young Tamasine tries to keep faith with Rupert Carlton, who, seems oddly elusive. And on a convict ship bound for Botany Bay, the family's blackest sheep is battling to survive. Yet both Tamasine and Japhet, the former highwayman, are fiercely proud of the Loveday name and resolved to honour their heritage.

Carry On Mr Bowditch

Carry On  Mr  Bowditch Author Jean Lee Latham
ISBN-10 0618250743
Release 2003
Pages 256
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After finding a way to teach the ship's crew members to understand navigation, Nat, a self-taught mathematician and astronomer in eighteenth-century Salem, Massachusetts, writes down his explanations and compiles them into "The American Practical Navigator," also known as the "Sailors' Bible."

The Loveday Revenge

The Loveday Revenge Author Kate Tremayne
ISBN-10 9780755373130
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 376
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For fans of Poldark. For all those who were entranced by Ross Poldark in Winston Graham's Poldark comes the eighth novel in a dramatic series that will sweep you away to 18th century Cornwall. Can this be the end for the Loveday family? Wild blood courses through the Loveday veins, as romance and danger continue to colour their lives. Blighted by a series of tragedies, the Loveday family is on the edge of ruin. It would seem these cruel events have been instigated by Harry Sawle - an evil and corrupt smuggler who has sworn to destroy them. If the family is to survive, the time has come for brothers Adam and St John Loveday to exact their revenge. Meanwhile their stepbrother, Richard Allbright, returns from the war with France, with sinister consequences. And in Australia vengeance is also on Japhet Loveday's mind. He must triumph over his adversaries or fail to achieve his dream of returning to England with pride and honour...

Absolution by Murder

Absolution by Murder Author Peter Tremayne
ISBN-10 9780312139186
Release 1996
Pages 274
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In A.D. 664, when someone murders the Abbess Etain during the synod between the Roman and Celtic churches, Sister Fidelma of the Celtic Church and Brother Eadulf of the Roman church must find the killer and prevent civil war

The Winston Brothers

The Winston Brothers Author Lori Foster
ISBN-10 9780515131734
Release 2001
Pages 295
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Cole Winston is seduced by Sophie Sheridan and her mysterious twin Shelly; two ghosts orchestrate an affair between Chase and the demure Allison; and fun-loving Mack finds himself intrigued by serious Jessica Wells.

The Loveday Loyalty

The Loveday Loyalty Author Kate Tremayne
ISBN-10 9780755373123
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 375
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For fans of Poldark. The seventh novel in a dramatic series that will enthrall all those who were entranced by Ross Poldark in Winston Graham's Poldark. Edward Loveday always believed that loyalty would see his family through any crisis. But since his tragic death, they have been far from united. The fierce rivalry between his twin sons, Adam and St John, rages on. Consumed by anger and jealousy they are unable to see that their real enemy is not each other but rather an outsider - Harry Sawle. Sawle, a cunning and violent smuggler, is determined to use their feud for his own gain. Meanwhile, in the new Australian penal colony, at least one Loveday remains loyal as the disgraced Japhet risks his life to protect Adam's investments from a corrupt militia. But one man's loyalty is not enough, for unless Adam and St John can find a way to heal their rift the Lovedays may well be destroyed.

Legacy of Stone

Legacy of Stone Author Vickie Taylor
ISBN-10 1101155523
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 304
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National bestselling author Vickie Taylor presents the third novel in her startlingly different series featuring the shape-shifting Gargoyles: protectors and forbidden lovers of the mortal women they desire… As a child, Levi Tremaine discovered he possessed abilities he could neither understand nor control. As a man, he isolated himself from “normal” society, preferring instead to exist in a shadowy world of deception and violence, among people as dangerous as he. Now Levi is being hunted by the forces of both good and evil for the very abilities that drove him into hiding. Can he distinguish friend from foe in time to save his everlasting soul—and the woman he loves?

The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor

The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor Author Anna J. Stewart
ISBN-10 9781460389485
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 368
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Can people truly change? Two things keep Holly Campbell grounded: her precocious son and preserving her forty-year-old family diner in the face of expansion and change. She doesn't need a blast from the past like Luke Saxon, who's back in Butterfly Harbor after more than a decade away. The hard-luck kid who nearly destroyed her family, leaving her to pick up the pieces, is taking over as sheriff. She can't trust him, even if Luke's ideas for the town's upcoming anniversary seem to show he's trying to give back to their community. Has Butterfly Harbor found its unlikely savior? And has the widowed single mother finally found a man she can believe in, rely on…and love?