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The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers Action Figures

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers Action Figures Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 1440246408
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 288
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In 1984, Hasbro quietly infiltrated the toy aisles with a series of robots based on Japanese robot toys. These transformable robots were divided into two camps: Autobots and Decepticons. The two sides provided children with classic good versus evil battles. Like the hugely successful G.I. Joe line, the Transformers were supported by a great television show and an excellent comic book produced by Marvel Comics. With die-cast metal parts, rubber tires, working action features and sometimes-firing missiles, these robots quickly changed to jets, cars and other weapons. With a great concept supported by a runaway TV show and comic book series, the groundwork was laid for one of the most successful toy franchises of all times. Today, Transformers are hotter than ever. Fueled by four live-action Transformers movies - with a fifth to be released in 2017 - values for the toys are skyrocketing. On eBay there are more than 93,000 listings for Transformer auctions just in Action Figures alone.

The Ultimate Guide to G I Joe 1982 1994

The Ultimate Guide to G  I  Joe 1982 1994 Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 1440248796
Release 2018-12-04
Pages 336
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Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe, 1982-1994, 3rd edition, the definitive reference to this revolutionary line of toys. Within the pages of this extraordinary guide you'll find every domestic 3-3/4-inch G.I. Joe toy (accessory, action figure, playset and vehicle) produced by Hasbro from 1982-1994 - the entire vintage run of the celebrated line. Thanks to the efforts of acclaimed toy expert Mark Bellomo, no other book gives you the depth of details about this revolutionary toy line like this exciting and innovative reference. You'll also enjoy original art and Foreword from Larry Hama, author of the Marvel comic book series and the original G.I. Joe file cards. The Ultimate Guide is armed with: More than 1,300 color photographs 500 figures and 200 vehicles and playsets Rare Variations Current market values Whether you are a hard-core collector or simply reliving Wonder Year memories, you'll be armed with the finest G.I. Joe book on the market.

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures 1977 1985

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures  1977 1985 Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 1440240590
Release 2014
Pages 271
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Showcases and details the rare, popular, forgotten, and beloved figures coveted by fans the world over.


Transformers Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 0896894452
Release 2007-05-09
Pages 256
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Transformers: Identification and Price Guide is the ultimate reference for all Generation One (G1) Transformers figures released from 1984 - 1990. Featuring more than 1,200 color photographs, this unparalleled guide presents every character in robot and alternate modes with accessories. Individual character biographies are presented from the original Tech Specs and also include function, personal motto, and ability scores. Notes on character history - as presented in the Sunbow cartoon series and Marvel comic books - are complemented by expert commentary on character attributes and popularity on today's secondary market. Current values for all figures in varying condition grades assist collectors in determining the value of their collections. Collectors, toy dealers, casual fans, and everyone who staged basement battles between the heroic Autobots and the evil Deceptions need an accurate identification and price guide to decipher the more than 300 G1 Transformers toys produced from 1984 - 1993. This is the definitive reference for your favorite "Robots in Disguise!"

The Unofficial Guide to Vintage Transformers

The Unofficial Guide to Vintage Transformers Author Rik Alvarez
ISBN-10 0764354418
Release 2017-11-30
Pages 240
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For many years, the Transformers have been a staple of pop culture. As new and old collectors seek to enhance their knowledge of this toy line, this book provides a wide view of the Transformers action figures from their earliest incarnations, their journey through the 1980s, and culminating with the Beast Wars in the 1990s. Extremely well researched, this guide provides information on the development of the figures while explaining their key features, along with showcasing many figure variations. Featuring images of figures both in and out of package, yearly product listings for easy reference, and pricing examples for many key items, this book is a great tool for reintroducing yourself or getting familiar with these toys from the past.


Transformers Author Simon Furman
ISBN-10 0756630134
Release 2007
Pages 69
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A guide to the motion picture looks at the characters, their personalities, roles, and what they can change into.

Totally Tubular 80s Toys

Totally Tubular  80s Toys Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 1440212821
Release 2010-10-13
Pages 256
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Filled with super rad toys and bodacious memories, Totally Tubular '80s Toys is a righteous ride back in time when Madonna ruled and Spinal Tap amplifiers went to 11. You'll find everything from He-Man to Cabbage Patch Kids, Trivial Pursuit to Rubik's Cube, Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Pac-Man to Mario Bros Donkey Kong-as well as lots of fun and smiles. You'll enjoy:&break;&break; A Year-by-year look at the greatest toys of the '80s &break; Awesome color photos featuring more than 500 fabulous toys and period shots of the people who made the decade gnarly Lists of the top 10 TV shoes, movies, and music for each year &break;&break;As Keanu Reeves put it more than 30 times in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Whoa!"

The Unofficial Guide to Transformers

The Unofficial Guide to Transformers Author J. E. Alvarez
ISBN-10 0764313649
Release 2001
Pages 160
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What is a Transformer? "A toy that through a series of changes can alter its form from a vehicle to a robot." This ground-breaking book, now in its new and improved second edition, presents these incredible changing figures of the 1980s and '90s in over 500 color photos with descriptions and an up-to-date price guide. The history of these toys is presented, from the early Diaclone, Diacrone, and Micronautsof Japan through the emergence of Hasbro's Transformerscreations to the Transmetals and Fuzors of the late nineties. This immensely popular guide belongs in the library of every action figure collector.


Transformers Author Simon Furman
ISBN-10 1405320389
Release 2007
Pages 152
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Get the lowdown on the Robots in Disguise Open the funky foil jacket and enter the fantastic world of the mechanical marvels and discover the history of Transformers as toys, television, film and comic-book characters. From Optimus Prime to Keller, follow every robot's story: their origins, abilities, weapons, and exactly how each Transformer changes from robot to vehicle mode. Enter the giant space Ark and explore an in-depth plan which takes you right inside. Find out how the Transformers' war began in Cybertron's distant past, and how they came into being, plus much more. A transforming read for any fan.

Warman s Transformers Field Guide

Warman s Transformers Field Guide Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 089689584X
Release 2007-10-09
Pages 512
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From veteran collectors to the new generation of "Transformers", fans enthralled by the blockbuster DreamWorks "Transformers" movie, everyone will find key identifying details and secondary market pricing for their favorite first generation "robots in disguise," in this pocket-sized guide. Autobots and Deceptions manufactured between 1984 and 1990 are featured in 500 superb color photos, which also feature each character in their alternative mode.

Warman s Action Figures Field Guide

Warman s Action Figures Field Guide Author Mark Bellomo
ISBN-10 0896894207
Release 2006-09-28
Pages 512
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From G.I. Joe to the X-Men nothing has fueled more hours of childhood fun that action figures, but the excitement of action figures also drives one of the largest growing areas in toy collecting. This pocket-sized guide with its 250+ stunning color photos and up-to-date values gives collectors a handy and reliable resource. This action-packed field guide: &break;&break;Offers collectors looking to buy or sell in the more than 110,000 online action figure auctions easy access to identification and value information &break;&break;Provides collectors with detailed color photos, identifying descriptions and history on some of the great action figure toys &break;&break;Allows experienced collectors to easily introduce their favorite hobby to would-be collectors &break;&break;Just like the action figures, there's nothing small about the details collectors will find in this reference.

Star Wars Vintage Action Figures

Star Wars Vintage Action Figures Author John P. Kellerman
ISBN-10 1903111307
Release 2005-05-01
Pages 268
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Star Wars Vintage Action Figures has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Star Wars Vintage Action Figures also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Star Wars Vintage Action Figures book for free.

Transformers Vault

Transformers Vault Author Pablo Hidalgo
ISBN-10 0810998688
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 160
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Presents an illustrated look at the history of the Transformers brand, beginning with the Hasbro toys and moving on to consider the comic books, television shows, video games, merchandise, and films that they inspired.

The Transformers Legacy

The Transformers Legacy Author Jim Sorenson
ISBN-10 1613779437
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 300
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Remember the thrill of tearing open a gift on Christmas morning, discovering a brand-new Transformer in a shiny new box? While the toys were amazing in their own right, what made the packages stand head-and-shoulders above the myriad competing action figures on shelves was the stunning box art. Transformers: Legacy collects hundreds of beautifully airbrushed paintings from the iconic first decade of The Transformers. Hasbro, Takara, and private collectors opened their archives, yielding an unparalled level of quality. Essays and interviews from the original illustrators give unprecedented insight into the process behind the art. This book is chock-full of extras, including never-before-seen artwork from toys that never were, original design sketches, catalog artwork, and more.

Tomart s Encyclopedia of Action Figures

Tomart s Encyclopedia of Action Figures Author Sally Ann Berk
ISBN-10 1579120091
Release 2000-01-11
Pages 349
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The only book of its kind on the market, a comprehensive encyclopedia of toy action figures provides information on the characters and dimensions, special features, packaging, manufacturers, and sellers, along with 1,001 color photographs.

Star Wars Toys

Star Wars Toys Author Geoffrey T. Carlton
ISBN-10 076434160X
Release 2012
Pages 448
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Assembled for the first time are all the Star Wars toys from that galaxy far, far away. This edition focuses solely on the toys, with the thorough text and exhaustive listings dedicated to the documentation and appraisal of generations of favorites from around the globe. Over 8,600 color photos, many not seen in any other publication, help to decipher finds from the common to the rare and exotic at local shops, online, and abroad. Covered here are toys ranging from action figures and their vehicles to weapon toys and yo-yos. Designed as an independent authority on Star Wars toys from 1977 to 2012, this book is a complimentary companion to the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book. For anyone with a passion for toys past and present or the epic Star Wars films, this book is a rare gem.

Action Figures of the 1980s

Action Figures of the 1980s Author John Marshall
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105028798952
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 160
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From G.I. Joe to Star Wars John Marshall has provided a thorough, informative, and entertaining look at the action figures produced during the 1980s. In over 430 superb colour photographs, fans of the pocket-sized G.I. Joes, of movie and TV characters, of fantasy figures, He-Man, the Thunder Cats, super heroes, of those ever-popular quick change artists of the robot world -- the Transformers, and even pro-wrestling fanatics will find figures here to warm their souls! Price listings are provided for every figure shown and for every known figure produced within a particular product line. Price ranges are provided both for figures that are mint-in-the-box and for those which, while running loose, have retained all of their accessories and lost none of their finish.