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The Untried Life

The Untried Life Author James T. Fritsch
ISBN-10 9780804040471
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 512
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Told in unflinching detail, this is the story of the Twenty-Ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, also known as the Giddings Regiment or the Abolition Regiment, after its founder, radical abolitionist Congressman J. R. Giddings. The men who enlisted in the Twenty-Ninth OVI were, according to its lore, handpicked to ensure each was as pure in his antislavery beliefs as its founder. Whether these soldiers would fight harder than other soldiers, and whether the people of their hometowns would remain devoted to the ideals of the regiment, were questions that could only be tested by the experiment of war. The Untried Life is the story of these men from their very first regimental formation in a county fairground to the devastation of Gettysburg and the march to Atlanta and back again, enduring disease and Confederate prisons. It brings to vivid life the comradeship and loneliness that pervaded their days on the march. Dozens of unforgettable characters emerge, animated by their own letters and diaries: Corporal Nathan Parmenter, whose modest upbringing belies the eloquence of his writings; Colonel Lewis Buckley, one of the Twenty-Ninth’s most charismatic officers; and Chaplain Lyman Ames, whose care of the sick and wounded challenged his spiritual beliefs. The Untried Life shows how the common soldier lived—his entertainments, methods of cooking, medical treatment, and struggle to maintain family connections—and separates the facts from the mythology created in the decades after the war.

Shadow Marching A Writer s Journey into the Civil War

Shadow Marching  A Writer s Journey into the Civil War Author James Fritsch
ISBN-10 9781365804250
Release 2017-03-23
Pages 430
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Civil War, Ohio, travel in the Southern States. The writer takes the reader along the roads traveled by the 29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

Protecting the Empire s Frontier

Protecting the Empire   s Frontier Author Steven M. Baule
ISBN-10 9780821444641
Release 2014-01-15
Pages 345
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Protecting the Empire’s Frontier tells stories of the roughly eighty officers who served in the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot, which served British interests in America during the crucial period from 1767 through 1776. The Royal Irish was one of the most wide-ranging regiments in America, with companies serving on the Illinois frontier, at Fort Pitt, and in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, with some companies taken as far afield as Florida, Spanish Louisiana, and present-day Maine. When the regiment was returned to England in 1776, some of the officers remained in America on staff assignments. Others joined provincial regiments, and a few joined the American revolutionary army, taking up arms against their king and former colleagues. Using a wide range of archival resources previously untapped by scholars, the text goes beyond just these officers’ service in the regiment and tells the story of the men who included governors, a college president, land speculators, physicians, and officers in many other British regular and provincial regiments. Included in these ranks were an Irishman who would serve in the U.S. Congress and as an American general at Yorktown; a landed aristocrat who represented Bath as a member of Parliament; and a naval surgeon on the ship transporting Benjamin Franklin to France. This is the history of the American Revolutionary period from a most gripping and everyday perspective. An epilogue covers the Royal Irish’s history after returning to England and its part in defending against both the Franco-Spanish invasion attempt and the Gordon Rioters. With an essay on sources and a complete bibliography, this is a treat for professional and amateur historians alike.

The Struggle for the Life of the Republic

The Struggle for the Life of the Republic Author Charles Dana Miller
ISBN-10 0873387856
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 301
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"Brevet Major Miller served as the regimental adjutant and rose in rank to captain. His experiences in the western theater are accurately and vividly detailed as he describes the hardships and routines of camp life and the battles from Fort Donelson to Jonesboro, providing political insight into the events of the times. This postwar memoir includes descriptions and impressions of such important leaders as Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman and detailed accounts of the Ohio 76th Volunteer Infantry and the Army of the Tennessee's movements. Miller's narrative provides a rare firsthand account, from the perspective of an officer, of the battle at Arkansas Post, an obscure engagement for which there is little documentation." "Miller's memoir is an important addition to Civil War history and a welcome primary source of knowledge on the war's western theater."--BOOK JACKET.

Veterans North and South The Transition from Soldier to Civilian after the American Civil War

Veterans North and South  The Transition from Soldier to Civilian after the American Civil War Author Paul A. Cimbala
ISBN-10 9780313038211
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 189
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Based largely on Civil War veterans' own words, this book documents how many of these men survived the extraordinary horrors and hardships of war with surprising resilience and went on to become productive members of their communities in their post-war lives. • Documents how Civil War veterans' combat experience changed them in ways that allowed them to become productive members of their communities and leaders in their sections—a largely overlooked "benefit" to the war • Identifies overarching trends among veterans' experiences while also underscoring how varied Civil War soldiers' experiences were, depending on which side they fought for, where they fought, and their socioeconomic status

The Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County Ohio

The Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County  Ohio Author Carl E. Feather
ISBN-10 9781625847454
Release 2014-01-21
Pages 144
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When its first covered bridge was constructed on the Ashtabula-Trumbull Turnpike in 1832, Ashtabula County was closer to frontier than a "new Connecticut." Its rutted roads promised adventure and suggested prosperity but also great hardship. Covered bridges, made mostly of local timber, would eventually soften the brutality of travel, isolation and a well-watered landscape. Their proliferation and preservation gave Ashtabula County the nickname "Covered Bridge Capital of the Western Reserve." Admire both famous and forgotten crossings with Carl E. Feather, who has spent over a quarter century mired in muddy creek beds, camera in hand, waiting for the perfect light."

Leaving Home in Dark Blue

Leaving Home in Dark Blue Author Curt Brown
ISBN-10 IOWA:31858059669501
Release 2012
Pages 250
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In 2011, the Civil War Sesquicentennial will highlight the events of the War Between the States. Ohio played a major role in the four-year conflict that, for most soldiers, was the grand event of their lives. Ohio regiments were formed, soldiers were conscripted, and battles were fought in places Ohioans didn't know existed. This collection gathers together primary materials from memoirs, newspapers, and literature to trace Ohioans' participation in the war. The collection is built chronologically from the start of the conflict to the return of soldiers after the final battles. When available, participants’ postwar lives are documented.

Wanted correspondence

Wanted  correspondence Author Nancy L. Rhoades
ISBN-10 UOM:39015080855219
Release 2009
Pages 410
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Presents a collection of more than 150 letters written by women--mostly young, single, and Union supporters--to Ohio soldier Lewis Lybarger during the Civil War in response to his advertisement for correspondents.

Ohio Volunteer

Ohio Volunteer Author John Calvin Hartzell
ISBN-10 9780821416068
Release 2005
Pages 250
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When his captain was killed during the Battle of Perryville, John Calvin Hartzell, of Portage County, Ohio, was made commander of Company H, 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He led his men during the Battle of Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and the Battle of Missionary Ridge. Late in Hartzell's life, his family implored him to set down his story, including his experiences in the Civil War. Hartzell did so diligently, taking more than two years to complete his manuscript. The writing reveals a remarkable memory for details, the ability to view events from a philosophical perspective, and a humorous outlook that helped him bear the unbearable. He also depicted the changing rural economy, the assimilation of the Pennsylvania Dutch, and the transformations wrought by coal mining and the iron industry. Hartzell felt individualism was threatened by the Industrial Revolution and the cruelties of the war. He found his faith in humanity affirmed - and the dramatic tension in his memoir resolved - when 136,000 Union soldiers reenlisted and assured victory for the North.

William McKinley and His America

William McKinley and His America Author Howard Wayne Morgan
ISBN-10 0873387651
Release 2003-01
Pages 488
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"In 1896 McKinley swept away all rivals to win the presidential nomination on the first ballot. Faced in the general election by the well-respected and highly touted orator William Jennings Bryan, Republicans adopted their "Front Porch Campaign." Thousands of citizens from across the country were brought to McKinley's home in Canton for a handshake and a few words. Hanna arranged for this $3.5 million campaign to be paid for by big business, with oil baron John D. Rockefeller writing the largest check. McKinley's military service and his support among veterans were significant factors in his campaign. He became the first presidential candidate in a generation to win a majority of the popular vote." "This extensively revised and expanded edition of H. Wayne Morgan's William McKinley and His America will be an important resource for historians and scholars."--BOOK JACKET.

A History of Jonathan Alder

A History of Jonathan Alder Author Henry Clay Alder
ISBN-10 1884836984
Release 2002
Pages 222
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On a brilliant spring morning in May 1782, nine-year-old Jonathan Alder and his older brother David set out to find a mare that had wandered from their isolated cabin in southwest Virginia and into the rugged mountains and dense forests of the surrounding countryside. Later in the day, the boys found their horse, but as they struggled to lead the reluctant animal home, they were attacked by a party of Indians from Ohio. David was killed and Jonathan taken prisoner. His captors brought Alder back to Ohio, where he was adopted by a Mingo warrior and his Shawnee wife. Here he spent the next thirteen years. During that time, Alder lived fully as an Indian. He learned their language and observed their customs. He hunted, traded, and fought at their side. In 1795, after the death of his adoptive parents, Alder left the Indians and eventually settled in Pleasant Valley, near present-day Plain City in central Ohio. At the urging of an acquaintance, he traveled to Virginia in 1805, where he had the extraordinary good fortune to find his mother and remaining siblings still living in the neighborhood where he had been captured as a youth. After his reunion, he married a woman from Virginia, returned to Pleasant Valley, and became something of a local celebrity as a result of his childhood adventures. In the late 1830s or early 1840s, probably at the insistence of his family and friends, Alder composed his memoirs, in which he recounted his life with the Ohio Indians and his experiences as one of the area's earliest pioneers.

Ohio s War

Ohio   s War Author Christine Dee
ISBN-10 9780821443927
Release 2014-06-20
Pages 264
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In 1860, Ohio was among the most influential states in the nation. As the third-most-populous state and the largest in the middle west, it embraced those elements that were in concert-but also at odds-in American society during the Civil War era. Ohio's War uses documents from that vibrant and tumultuous time to reveal how Ohio's soldiers and civilians experienced the Civil War. It examines Ohio's role in the sectional crises of the 1850s, its contribution to the Union war effort, and the war's impact on the state itself. In doing so, it provides insights into the war's meaning for northern society. Ohio's War introduces some of those soldiers who left their farms, shops, and forges to fight for the Union. It documents the stories of Ohio's women, who sustained households, organized relief efforts, and supported political candidates. It conveys the struggles and successes of free blacks and former slaves who claimed freedom in Ohio and the distinct wartime experiences of its immigrants. It also includes the voices of Ohioans who differed over emancipation, freedom of speech, the writ of habeas corpus, the draft, and the war's legacy for American society. From Ohio's large cities to its farms and hamlets, as the documents in this volume show, the war changed minds and altered lives but left some beliefs and values untouched. Ohio's War is a documentary history not only of the people of one state, but also of a region and a nation during the pivotal epoch of American history.

Do They Miss Me at Home

Do They Miss Me at Home Author Donald C. Maness
ISBN-10 9780821443262
Release 2010-03-30
Pages 320
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William McKnight was a member of the Seventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry from September 1862 until his death in June of 1864. During his time of service, McKnight penned dozens of emotion-filled letters, primarily to his wife, Samaria, revealing the struggles of an entire family both before and during the war. This collection of more than one hundred letters provides in-depth accounts of several battles in Kentucky and Tennessee, such as the Cumberland Gap and Knoxville campaigns that were pivotal events in the Western Theater. The letters also vividly respond to General John Hunt Morgan’s raid through Ohio and correct claims previously published that McKnight was part of the forces chasing Morgan. By all accounts Morgan did stay for a period of time at McKnight’s home in Langsville during his raid through Ohio, much to McKnight’s horror and humiliation, but McKnight was in Kentucky at the time. Tragically, McKnight was killed in action nearly a year later during an engagement with Morgan’s men near Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Old Soldiers Never Die

Old Soldiers Never Die Author Geoffrey Perret
ISBN-10 UOM:39015037424325
Release 1996
Pages 663
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Provides new insights into the life and times of the great military leader and takes a look at MacArthur's military career, personal relationships, and flirtation with politics

In the Wake of the Butcher

In the Wake of the Butcher Author James Jessen Badal
ISBN-10 160635213X
Release 2014
Pages 289
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This title examines the horrific series of unsolved dismemberment murders that terrorized the Kingsbury Run neighbourhood in Cleveland, Ohio from 1934 to 1938. Through his access to a wealth of previously unavailable material, Badal is able to present a far more detailed and accurate picture of the battle between Cleveland safety director Eliot Ness and the unidentified killer who avoided both detection and apprehension.

Incidents of the war

Incidents of the war Author Mary Jane Cook Chadick
ISBN-10 WISC:89082419052
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 379
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Transcribed, edited, and anotated Civil War journal written by Mary Jane Chaduck during the years of Federal invasion, 1862-1865.

War and the Crisis of Youth in Sierra Leone

War and the Crisis of Youth in Sierra Leone Author Krijn Peters
ISBN-10 9781139497398
Release 2011-03-28
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The armed conflict in Sierra Leone and the extreme violence of the main rebel faction - the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) - have challenged scholars and members of the international community to come up with explanations. Up to this point, though, conclusions about the nature of the war are mainly drawn from accounts of civilian victims and commentators who had access to only one side of the war. The present study addresses this currently incomplete understanding of the conflict by focusing on the direct experiences and interpretations of protagonists, paying special attention to the hitherto neglected, and often underage, cadres of the RUF. The data presented challenges the widely canvassed notion of the Sierra Leone conflict as a war motivated by 'greed, not grievance'. Rather, it points to a rural crisis expressed in terms of unresolved tensions between landowners and marginalized rural youth, further reinforced and triggered by a collapsing patrimonial state.