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The Vampire Always Rises Dark Ones 11

The Vampire Always Rises  Dark Ones   11 Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781945961175
Release 2018-03-06
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Tempest Keye’s life is just beginning. Growing up in a religious cult, Tempest could only dream of the world outside. Once free, Tempest is determined to live her life to the fullest, and to check off each item on her bucket list. First on her agenda – to meet an honest-to-goodness vampire. It’s just a shame the one she finds doesn’t understand how the whole Dark Ones thing is supposed to work. Luckily for him, she’s patient. Merrick Simon’s life is coming to an end. One of the legendary Four Horsemen, Merrick has saved the mortals and immortals alike from peril. Facing the most dangerous mission of his life, Merrick is forced to rely on a sexy, maddening woman who insists she’s his Beloved. Like he has time for that. Both need more time… The closer they come to finding the truth, the more dangers lurk in the shadows. Worse, Merrick finds himself falling for Tempest’s quirky take on life. Together, they fight for the one thing that matters most – their happily ever after.

A Tale of Two Vampires

A Tale of Two Vampires Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781101602638
Release 2012-09-04
Pages 352
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Time isn’t always on a vampire’s side.... Iolanthe Tennyson has had a very bad year—due in part to the very bad men in her life. So she’s accepted her cousin’s invitation to spend the summer in Austria to indulge her photography hobby. Rumors of a haunted forest there draw Iolanthe into the dark woods—and into the eighteenth century.... Nikola Czerny is a cursed man, forced by his half brothers to live forever as a Dark One. But his miserable existence takes an intriguing turn when a strange, babbling woman is thrown in his path. Iolanthe claims to know Nikola’s daughter—three hundred years in the future. She also knows what fate—in the form of his murderous half brothers—has in store for him. If only she knew the consequences of changing the past to save one good, impossibly sexy vampire...

Much Ado About Vampires

Much Ado About Vampires Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781101544761
Release 2011-10-04
Pages 352
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Corazon Ferreira is a jaded woman. Turns out she was a vampire's mate in a past life. And no matter how distractingly gorgeous he is, she just can't get the image of him killing someone out of her head. But when her life depends on him, Corazon's going to have to stop overthinking things-and start trusting her heart...

Crouching Vampire Hidden Fang

Crouching Vampire  Hidden Fang Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781101050781
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 352
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For a woman married to the vampire of her nightmares, the honeymoon's over- and reality bites... Pia Thomason is torn between two Dark Ones: her husband Kristoff-who doesn't trust her-and his best friend, Alec, who is MIA. So Pia goes back to her humdrum Seattle life, but fate has other plans. And she realizes that if she and Kristoff are going to be shackled together for better or worse, she may as well start to enjoy it... Read Katie MacAlister's posts on the Penguin Blog.

Zen and the Art of Vampires

Zen and the Art of Vampires Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781440654688
Release 2008-12-02
Pages 352
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Is it possible to love two vampires at the same time? View our feature on Katie MacAlister’s Zen and the Art of Vampires. Pushing forty and alone, Pia Thomason heads to Europe on a singles tour, hoping to find romance. What she finds are two very handsome, very mysterious, and very undead men. And she learns that where vampires are concerned, love isn’t the only thing at stake.

The Last of the Red Hot Vampires

The Last of the Red Hot Vampires Author Katie MacAlister
ISBN-10 0451220854
Release 2007
Pages 354
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While traveling through England with her best friend, physicist Portia Harding, accidentally summoning an ethereal virtue who gives her the gift of weather control, is stalked by Theondre North, the gorgeous son of an angel, who needs her help in changing his fate. Original.

In the Company of Vampires

In the Company of Vampires Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781101476567
Release 2010-11-02
Pages 352
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View our feature on Katie MacAlister’s In the Company of Vampires.When Francesca arrives at GothFaire to save her mother from the trickster god, Loki, things go from bad to worse. Her immortal ex, Benedikt, is there, full of secrets-and with a new girlfriend. Now Fran must battle a power-hungry group who wishes to dominate both the immortal and mortal worlds-and the woman who claimed Ben's heart. It's a good thing Fran's no ordinary mortal...

A Girl s Guide to Vampires

A Girl s Guide to Vampires Author Katie MacAlister
ISBN-10 9780062013408
Release 2010-06-08
Pages 400
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“With its superb characterization and writing that manages to be both sexy and humorous, this contemporary paranormal love story is an absolute delight. —Booklist A Girl’s Guide to Vampires is the first book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katie MacAlister’s wonderfully winning Dark Ones series—a perfect blend of sexy and fun that every devoted fan of Lynsay Sand’s popular Argeneau vampire books will want to sink their teeth into. The story of a desperate ghost hunter who stumbles across a dashing bloodsucker who’s looking for eternal love, A Girl’s Guide to Vampires is funny, steamy, sensuous, and surprising—everything anyone could want from a paranormal romance.

Sex and the Single Vampire

Sex and the Single Vampire Author Katie MacAlister
ISBN-10 9780062013606
Release 2010-06-08
Pages 400
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An undying classic from Katie MacAlister, Sex and the Single Vampire is a paranormal romance lover’s delight, ideal for fans of Lynsay Sands and her Argeneau vampire family novels. This perennial New York Times bestselling author knows what readers are hungry for: sexy and funny tales of otherworldly passion featuring hot, dark, immortal alpha heroes searching for their happily forever afters. In Sex and the Single Vampire, MacAlister’s Dark One is an arrogant, studly romance novelist whom struggling “summoner” Alie mistakes for a specter…and recognizes as the fantasy man who has lately been invading her dreams!

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 9780312934361
Release 2010-03-30
Pages 512
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Were-Hunter Fang Kattalakis is forced to choose sides when war erupts among his lycanthrope brethren, a situation that is further complicated by accusations targeting a woman he loves and threats on two races.

Just One Sip

Just One Sip Author Katie MacAlister
ISBN-10 050552659X
Release 2006
Pages 338
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From a Moravian Dark One to a sunbathing vamp in Vegas to a New Orleans Supernatural Task Force, three of the hottest authors in the paranormal genre deliver loads of laughs in this side-splitting anthology.

Time Crossed

Time Crossed Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781101602027
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 128
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Stealing time. Cheating death. Breaking hearts. Gregory Faa is an Otherworldly man on a mission in the new Time Thief short story from New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister. Gwenhwyfar Byron Owens is a Wiccan on the edge—of the law. With two mothers who excel on breaking the rules of the Otherworld’s Watch, Gwen is used to dealing with their troublesome situations. But when she’s snatched from the jaws of death itself, it’s not her moms who give her grief, it’s the drop-dead gorgeous man who saved her life. Traveller Gregory Faa may be many things—time stealer, outlier, troublemaker—but there’s one thing he isn’t: hip to the fact that death has very little patience with people who don’t die when they’re supposed to… Includes previews of Time Thief and The Art of Stealing Time

Dragon Unbound

Dragon Unbound Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781945961120
Release 2018-02-13
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If you release the dragon… Being the First Dragon, a mysterious demi-god who created the dragon race, certainly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, he’s powerful and rules from afar with a kind and gentle heart. But, after centuries of watching his dragon children grow, he’s come to realize that his lonely life is lacking warmth, basic human contact… and love. Charity Doe is a woman on the run, forced to serve others, and never to gain what she seeks most: security. When fate lands her with a dragon who is immune to her unique abilities, she’s intrigued. After experiencing his human form, she’s thrilled. But when she realizes she can’t fall in love with him or he’ll lose his immortal status, she’s in hell. If only the entire Otherworld wasn’t in pursuit of Charity. If only the First Dragon wasn’t so irresistible. If only she didn’t have to break her heart in order to save his. …you must deal with the fire.

The Cursed One

The Cursed One Author Ronda Thompson
ISBN-10 1429934050
Release 2006-11-28
Pages 336
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Wed and widowed in one day, stunning socialite Amelia Sinclair's honeymoon is anything but typical. Then again, neither is Amelia—rebellious and impulsive, marrying Robert Collingsworth was the one sensible thing she ever did. Now he's dead and she must escape the vicious creatures stalking her—even if it means relying on a stranger. Well, maybe not a complete stranger. Amelia first glimpsed Gabriel Wulf years ago on the busy streets of London; since then he has haunted her dreams. But in the flesh, Gabriel is much more tantalizing than she ever dreamt, and much more complicated... Gabriel Wulf, the strong one, the sensible one—the family, and the curse that plagues them, are his only priorities; there was little time for women and none for love. Now, he must protect an enticing beauty—and not just from the dangers that prowl the woods around them. Gabriel has secrets, dark ones he's sure Amelia must never know and could never understand. But she has already awakened his heart...and the beast within. Will Amelia be the key to his salvation, or the architect of her own demise?

Even Vampires Get the Blues

Even Vampires Get the Blues Author Katie Macalister
ISBN-10 9781101210628
Release 2006-05-02
Pages 368
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Paen Scott is a Dark One: a vampire without a soul. And his mother is about to lose hers too if Paen can’t repay a debt to a demon by finding a relic known as the Jilin God in five days. Half-elf Samantha Cosse may have gotten kicked out of the Order of Diviners, but she’s still good at finding things, which is why she just opened her own private investigation agency. Paen is one of Sam’s first clients and the only one to set her elf senses tingling, which makes it pretty much impossible to keep their relationship on a professional level. Sam is convinced that she is Paen’s Beloved—the woman who can give him back his soul...whether he wants it or not.

Confessions of a Vampire s Girlfriend

Confessions of a Vampire s Girlfriend Author Katie Maxwell
ISBN-10 9781101477908
Release 2010-11-02
Pages 368
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More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

The Dark Ones

The Dark Ones Author Rachel Van Dyken
ISBN-10 9781515246701
Release 2015-08-15
Pages 268
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The Dark Ones has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Dark Ones also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Dark Ones book for free.