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The Vietnam Lobby

The Vietnam Lobby Author Joseph G. Morgan
ISBN-10 9780807863503
Release 2000-11-09
Pages 256
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Established in 1955 as a private advocacy group, the American Friends of Vietnam worked to influence U.S. attitudes and policies toward Vietnam for nearly two decades. AFV members wrote articles, gave speeches, sponsored aid drives, and forged ties with journalists, academics, and government officials in an effort to generate American assistance for South Vietnam. In The Vietnam Lobby, Joseph Morgan shifts the focus away from the much-examined antiwar demonstrations that took place in America to concentrate instead on the actions of those who endorsed U.S. intervention in Vietnam. Drawing on a wide range of documentary sources, Morgan presents a comprehensive study of the AFV and its activities. He traces the group's establishment and growth, examines its internal organization and politics, and, ultimately, evaluates its effectiveness in guiding government policy and public opinion. Morgan also assesses the charges of antiwar critics who claimed the AFV exerted an excessive, perhaps disastrous, influence in shaping America's Vietnam policy. Finally, he offers insights into the thinking of those who believed that the United States had the unique ability--even the obligation--to help shape Vietnam's future. Originally published in 1997. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

The Vietnam Lobby

The Vietnam Lobby Author Joseph Gerard Morgan
ISBN-10 OCLC:29571761
Release 1993
Pages 1058
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This study discusses the association's various activities and their impact on America's Vietnam policy by relying on the AFV's records as well as the personal papers of its members and US government archives.

The Human Tradition in the Vietnam Era

The Human Tradition in the Vietnam Era Author David L. Anderson
ISBN-10 0842027637
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 237
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The Vietnam War was an immense national tragedy that played itself out in the individual experiences of millions of Americans. The conflict tested and tormented the country collectively and individually in ways few historical events have. The Human Tradition in the Vietnam Era provides window into some of those personal journeys through that troubled time. The poor and the powerful, male and female, hawk and dove, civilian and military, are all here. This rich collection of original biographical essays provides contemporary readers with a sense of what it was like to be an American in the 1960s and early 1970s, while also helping them gain an understanding of some of the broader issues of the era. The diverse biographies included in this book put a human face on the tensions and travails of the Vietnam Era. Students will gain a better understanding of how individuals looked at and lived through this contro-versial conflict in American history. An excellent text for courses on the Vietnam War, post-World War II U.S. history, twentieth-century U.S. history, the 1960s, and U.S. history survey.

The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War

The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War Author David L. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780231507387
Release 2002-07-10
Pages 352
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More than a quarter of a century after the last Marine Corps Huey left the American embassy in Saigon, the lessons and legacies of the most divisive war in twentieth-century American history are as hotly debated as ever. Why did successive administrations choose little-known Vietnam as the "test case" of American commitment in the fight against communism? Why were the "best and brightest" apparently blind to the illegitimacy of the state of South Vietnam? Would Kennedy have pulled out had he lived? And what lessons regarding American foreign policy emerged from the war? The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War helps readers understand this tragic and complex conflict. The book contains both interpretive information and a wealth of facts in easy-to-find form. Part I provides a lucid narrative overview of contested issues and interpretations in Vietnam scholarship. Part II is a mini-encyclopedia with descriptions and analysis of individuals, events, groups, and military operations. Arranged alphabetically, this section enables readers to look up isolated facts and specialized terms. Part III is a chronology of key events. Part IV is an annotated guide to resources, including films, documentaries, CD-ROMs, and reliable Web sites. Part V contains excerpts from historical documents and statistical data.

The Familiar Made Strange

The Familiar Made Strange Author Brooke L. Blower
ISBN-10 9780801455452
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 232
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In The Familiar Made Strange, twelve distinguished historians offer original and playful readings of American icons and artifacts that cut across rather than stop at the nation’s borders to model new interpretive approaches to studying United States history. These leading practitioners of the “transnational turn” pause to consider such famous icons as John Singleton Copley’s painting Watson and the Shark, Albert Eisenstaedt’s photograph V-J Day, 1945, Times Square, and Alfred Kinsey’s reports on sexual behavior, as well as more surprising but revealing artifacts like Josephine Baker’s banana skirt and William Howard Taft’s underpants. Together, they present a road map to the varying scales, angles and methods of transnational analysis that shed light on American politics, empire, gender, and the operation of power in everyday life. Contributors: Brooke L. Blower, Boston University; Mark Philip Bradley, University of Chicago; Nick Cullather, Indiana University; Brian DeLay, University of California–Berkeley; Matthew Pratt Guterl, Brown University; Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor; Fredrik Logevall, Cornell University; Mary A. Renda, Mount Holyoke College; Daniel T. Rodgers, Princeton University; Andrew J. Rotter, Colgate University; Brian Rouleau, Texas A&M University; Naoko Shibusawa, Brown University

American Foreign Relations Since 1600

American Foreign Relations Since 1600 Author Robert L. Beisner
ISBN-10 9781576070802
Release 2003
Pages 2065
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American Foreign Relations Since 1600 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Foreign Relations Since 1600 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Foreign Relations Since 1600 book for free.

The Human Tradition in America Since 1945

The Human Tradition in America Since 1945 Author David L. Anderson
ISBN-10 0842029435
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 299
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In the brief biographical essays of The Human Tradition in America since 1945, students will meet a wide range of diverse individuals-both men and women, rich and poor, powerful and vulnerable-who represent key elements of post-World War II America.

The Brothers John Foster Dulles Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War

The Brothers  John Foster Dulles  Allen Dulles  and Their Secret World War Author Stephen Kinzer
ISBN-10 9781429953528
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 416
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A joint biography of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, who led the United States into an unseen war that decisively shaped today's world During the 1950s, when the Cold War was at its peak, two immensely powerful brothers led the United States into a series of foreign adventures whose effects are still shaking the world. John Foster Dulles was secretary of state while his brother, Allen Dulles, was director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In this book, Stephen Kinzer places their extraordinary lives against the background of American culture and history. He uses the framework of biography to ask: Why does the United States behave as it does in the world? The Brothers explores hidden forces that shape the national psyche, from religious piety to Western movies—many of which are about a noble gunman who cleans up a lawless town by killing bad guys. This is how the Dulles brothers saw themselves, and how many Americans still see their country's role in the world. Propelled by a quintessentially American set of fears and delusions, the Dulles brothers launched violent campaigns against foreign leaders they saw as threats to the United States. These campaigns helped push countries from Guatemala to the Congo into long spirals of violence, led the United States into the Vietnam War, and laid the foundation for decades of hostility between the United States and countries from Cuba to Iran. The story of the Dulles brothers is the story of America. It illuminates and helps explain the modern history of the United States and the world. A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Book of 2013

The Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War A Political Social and Military History 2nd Edition 4 volumes

The Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War  A Political  Social  and Military History  2nd Edition  4 volumes Author Spencer C. Tucker
ISBN-10 9781851099610
Release 2011-05-20
Pages 1804
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Now in its second edition, this comprehensive study of the Vietnam War sheds more light on the longest and one of the most controversial conflicts in U.S. history. • Includes many photographs and illustrations that bring the Vietnam War to life • Contains more than 200 primary sources in a separate documents volume, with full introductions for each • Presents an extensive chronology of historic events and a glossary of terms • Provides cross-references and bibliographies that facilitate further research

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War Author Mitchell K. Hall
ISBN-10 9781317863748
Release 2014-07-22
Pages 168
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The Vietnam War examines the conflict from its origins through to 1975 and North Vietnam’s victory. This new revised edition is completely up-to-date with current academic debates and includes new source material. Mitchell Hall explores all the key elements of the conflict, including: · US motivations for entering the war and the military strategies employed · The role of the media · The rise of domestic opposition · The war’s impact in the US and Vietnam. Mitchell Hall provides numerous insights into the political decisions of the Vietnamese communists, and Vietnam’s relations with other major powers, particularly China and the Soviet Union. The main text is supported by a comprehensive documents section, and a range of study tools, including a Chronology of events, Who's Who, a Glossary of terms and a Further Reading section. Concise yet thorough, the book provides students with an accessible and stimulating introduction to the war.

Landmark Speeches on the Vietnam War

Landmark Speeches on the Vietnam War Author Gregory Allen Olson
ISBN-10 UVA:X030609848
Release 2010-02-25
Pages 208
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Beginning more than sixty years ago, speechmaking supported the U.S. commitment to South Vietnam. Rhetoric helped send more than a half-million troops to defend the Vietnamese government the United States had yet sponsored; that policy led to dissent, and ultimately, Congress forcing the executive branch to terminate U.S. involvement. The fourteen key speeches collected in this volume, from Ho Chi Minh's "Declaration of the Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam" in 1945 to John Kerry's "Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee" in 1971, express the entire range of positions on the war, which contributed to the political and societal developments that ordained its course and outcome. They span the most volatile years of that period, framed in the words that shaped an era. These speeches include: Ho Chi Minh: "Declaration of Independence," September 2, 1945 John F. Kennedy: "America's Stake in Vietnam," June 1, 1956 Michael J. Mansfield: "Interests and Policies in Southeast Asia," June 10, 1962 Lyndon B. Johnson: "Peace Without Conquest," April 7, 1965 Paul Potter: "Speech to the March on Washington," April 17, 1965 George Aiken: "Vietnam Analysis--Present and Future," October 19, 1966 Robert F. Kennedy: "On Viet Nam," March 2, 1967 Martin Luther King Jr.: "Beyond Vietnam," April 4, 1967 Gen. William C. Westmoreland: "Vietnam: The Situation Today," April 28, 1967 Walter Cronkite: "We Are Mired in Stalemate," February 27, 1968 Lyndon B. Johnson: "The President's Address to the Nation," March 31, 1968 Richard M. Nixon: "Address to the Nation," November 3, 1969 and April 30, 1970 John Kerry: "Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee," April 22, 1971

America History and Life

America  History and Life Author Eric H. Boehm
ISBN-10 UOM:39015065458419
Release 1999
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Provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Includes information abstracted from over 2,000 journals published worldwide.

The Eisenhower Administration the Third World and the Globalization of the Cold War

The Eisenhower Administration  the Third World  and the Globalization of the Cold War Author Kathryn C. Statler
ISBN-10 0742553817
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 304
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In the US, the Cold War is often remembered as a two-power struggle. The Eisenhower administration placed an extremely high priority on victory in the Third World. This book assesses the impact of the globalizing Cold War and the process of decolonization on the Eisenhower administration's foreign policy. It is intended for diplomatic historians.

Forging a Fateful Alliance

Forging a Fateful Alliance Author John Ernst
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047130862
Release 1998
Pages 165
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Forging A Fateful Alliance is an important study of the Vietnam War and American higher education-- revealing how secret and semi-secret institutional involvement in that conflict led to public disclosures that undermined the integrity of academe. After Indochina's de facto division in 1954, Michigan State University offered South Vietnam an array of technical support as part of the "nation-building" program. This support included developing a viable national public administrative structure and, at the same time, training South Vietnam's notorious military police. In return for these services, the U.S. government provided the university with generous clandestine and open financial remuneration -- money that the university would use to expand academic programs, construct new facilities, and fuel its dramatic growth. In the end, however, the arrangement proved to be a Faustian bargain. Like many universities, MSU was accused of being a tool of Cold War foreign policy, of sending professors abroad to staff grandiose "outreach" programs that were based more on ideology than on scholarship or research. Ultimately, flaws inherent in the nation- building scheme, including its failure to address cultural differences or recognize the massive corruption in South Vietnam's government, foreshadowed the enormity of the tragedy that occurred in Southeast Asia after 1965.


Vietnam Author John Prados
ISBN-10 UOM:39015080895298
Release 2009
Pages 665
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The first major synthesis of the war since 2001, drawing upon a host of newly declassified documents, presidential tapes, and overlooked foreign sources to give the most comprehensive look to date of the war that still haunts America.


Vietnam Author Spencer Tucker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015045998765
Release 1999-03
Pages 244
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The Vietnam War was a traumatic event for America and a lesson for Americans on the limits of power. For the Vietnamese, however, it was but one in a series of struggles against foreign domination. This fascinating study puts all of this in perspective by providing a comprehensive overview of warfare throughout Vietnamese history, from the early efforts of the Vietnamese to establish their own state and free themselves from Chinese domination, down through the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars, the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia and the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War, to the present.

Casting Faiths

Casting Faiths Author Thomas DuBois
ISBN-10 0230221580
Release 2009-04-15
Pages 320
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How did European imperialism shape the ideas and practices of religion in East and Southeast Asia? Casting Faiths brings together eleven scholars to show how Western law, governance, education and mission shaped the basic understanding of what religion is, and what role it should play in society.