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The Wine of Wisdom

The Wine of Wisdom Author Mehdi Aminrazavi
ISBN-10 9781780744742
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 408
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Representative of the exotic and erotic east, enemy of Christianity, prophet of hedonism, champion of free thinkers, Omar Khayyam and his Ruba’iyyat have been the stuff of legend for centuries. Nourished by an admiration of Khayyam that has been with him since childhood, Aminrazavi’s comprehensive new biography reintroduces the figure of Khayyam, and his great achievements, to the Western world. Blending a readable and accessible narrative with scholarly ambition and years of research, Aminrazavi’s work covers not only Khayyam’s well-known poetry, but also his extraordinary life, his neglected philosophical writings and the impact of his work in the West. It features a variety of supporting material, including original translations and the full text of Fitzgerald’s Rubaiyyat, and will prove an ideal introduction not only for those who want to know more about the poets inspired by Rumi, but also for students on a variety of humanities and Middle-East related courses.

The Wine of Wisdom

The Wine of Wisdom Author Mehdi Aminrazavi
ISBN-10 1851685049
Release 2007-06-24
Pages 400
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The intoxicating message of Khayyam’s famous Ruba‘iyyat created an image of exotic Orientalism in the West but, as author Mehdi Aminrazavi reveals, Khayyam’s achievements went far beyond the intoxicating message within these verses. Philosopher, mathematician, scientist, and mystic – his many different identities are examined here in detail, creating a coherent picture of this complex and often misunderstood figure.

The Wine of Wisdom

The Wine of Wisdom Author Mehdi Amin Razavi
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060843573
Release 2005
Pages 396
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Representative of the exotic and erotic east, prophet of hedonism, championf free thinkers, Omar Khayyam and his Ruba'iyyat have been the stuff ofegend for centuries. This important work marks the first attempt to look athayyam's impact on the worlds of science, philosophy and poetry. Uniting aersonal journey with scholarly ambition, Aminrazavi's work debunks the mythsurrounding the legend to uncover the real Khayyam. From his extraordinaryife, through his inspirational poetry, to his neglected philosophical andcientific writings and his considerable influenceon leading Western literaryigures, including Mark Twain and T. S. Eliot, this is a unique journey intohe heard and mind of the author of the Ruba'iyyat.

I Drink Therefore I Am

I Drink Therefore I Am Author Roger Scruton
ISBN-10 9781408194690
Release 2013-01-03
Pages 220
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We are familiar with the medical opinion that a daily glass of wine is good for the health and also the rival opinion that any more than a glass or two will set us on the road to ruin. Whether or not good for the body, Scruton argues, wine, drunk in the right frame of mind, is definitely good for the soul. And there is no better accompaniment to wine than philosophy. By thinking with wine, you can learn not only to drink in thoughts but to think in draughts. This good-humoured book offers an antidote to the pretentious clap-trap that is written about wine today and a profound apology for the drink on which civilisation has been founded. In vino veritas.

Listen Honey

Listen  Honey   Author Emerson Quillin
ISBN-10 0762434899
Release 2009-02-17
Pages 128
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“Listen honey—if you want cute . . . get a puppy!” It’s humorous—and relatable—quotes like this, accompanied by Emerson Quillin’s quick and quirky line drawings of cartoon ladies and men throwing quips over cocktails and coffee that make this spunky book a great gift for any woman. Originally inspired by the patrons of his mother’s beauty salon, his “listen honey” humor illustrates just how much better aging is with any beverage.

The Little Red Book of Wisdom

The Little Red Book of Wisdom Author Mark DeMoss
ISBN-10 9781418578084
Release 2011-06-13
Pages 208
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The search for wisdom invariably leads us back to the places we've overlooked. The Little Red Book of Wisdom takes the reader on a journey so often sidestepped in favor of the newer, quicker, easier. If you're seeking simplicity in a complicated world, Mark DeMoss's insights will illuminate your path to a wiser and more deliberate way of living. By illuminating the notions of integrity, humility, and self-restraint, DeMoss demonstrates what is possible when we value listening and thinking over talking and doing. Learn why a postage stamp is worth much more than 44 cents, and what time of day wisdom flourishes. Find out the wisest decision anyone can make, and the value of eating lunch alone. Rethink the advantages of technology, and learn how to safeguard yourself against any shadow of deathbed regret. Step out of the incessant business of your daily life, and spend a few moments learning timeless and foolproof truths that you can apply right away. Wisdom is not just for past generations; it calls to us today. We need only respond.

Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved

Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved Author Hafiz
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110166878
Release 2001-08-14
Pages 106
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The Persian Sufi poet Hafiz (1326?1390) is a towering figure in Islamic literature—and in spiritual attainment as well. Known for his profound mystical wisdom combined with a sublime sensuousness, Hafiz was the supreme master of a poetic form known as the ghazal (pronounced "guzzle"), an ode or song consisting of rhymed couplets celebrating divine love. In this selection of his poems, wine and the intoxication it brings are the image that expresses this love in all its joyful abandon, painful longing, bewilderment, and surrender. Through ninety-five free-verse renditions, we gain entry into the mystical world of Hafiz's Winehouse, with its happy minstrels, its bewitching Winebringer, and its companions in drunken longing whose hearts cry out, "More wine!" Thomas Rain Crowe brings a new dimension to our growing appreciation of Hafiz and his wise drunkard's advice to the seekers of God: In this world of illusion, take nothing other than this cup of wine; In this playhouse, don't play any games but love.

The Love of Wisdom

The Love of Wisdom Author Andrew Davison
ISBN-10 9780334043843
Release 2013-10-31
Pages 224
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From the dawn of Western thought to the present day, The Love of Wisdom tells the story of philosophy as something intensely theological, both in its insights and its wrong turns. The book will be invaluable for any student of theology or intellectual history, and for anyone who wants to see the intellectual cogency of the Christian faith at its best. The intellectual tradition of the Church emerges clearly from this book as one of the glories of the Christian inheritance. Andrew Davison argues that Christian thinkers will be more faithful to Christian teaching, not less, if they pay attention to philosophy. Our thinking is always philosophical, since we cannot think without categories or assumption. Our philosophy may as well, therefore, be good philosophy. By bringing our philosophy out into the open we can bring them under theological judgement. Clear and articulate, this book provides the philosophical background to Christian theology down the ages, and examines the intellectual climate of our own times.

The Wisdom of Wine

The Wisdom of Wine Author Simon Drew
ISBN-10 1851497765
Release 2014-08
Pages 48
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The 30th book by Simon Drew - artist, illustrator and verse maker. In this book he turns his attention to wine.

Wine Wisdom

Wine   Wisdom Author Daniyel Yaʻaḳov ben Pesaḥ Ṭravis
ISBN-10 1680250299
Release 2015
Pages 194
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Wine Wisdom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wine Wisdom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wine Wisdom book for free.

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom Author John W. Carlson
ISBN-10 9780268076931
Release 2012-01-16
Pages 368
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Like their predecessors throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have emphasized the importance of philosophy in the Catholic intellectual tradition. In his encyclical Fides et ratio (1998), John Paul II called on philosophers “to have the courage to recover, in the flow of an enduringly valid philosophical tradition, the range of authentic wisdom and truth.” Where the late pope spoke of an “enduringly valid tradition,” Jacques Maritain and other Thomists often have referred to the “perennial tradition” or to “perennial philosophy.” Words of Wisdom responds to John Paul's call for the development of this tradition with a much-needed dictionary of terms. As a resource for students in colleges, universities, and seminaries, as well as for teachers of the perennial tradition and interested general readers, Words of Wisdom occupies a unique place. It offers precise, yet clear and understandable accounts of well over a thousand key philosophical terms, richly cross-referenced. It also explains significant terms from other philosophical movements with which Thomism (and the Catholic intellectual tradition more generally) has engaged—either through debate or through judicious and creative incorporation. Moreover, it identifies a number of theological and doctrinal expressions to which perennial philosophy has contributed. Finally, it provides a comprehensive bibliography of works by Aquinas in English, expositions and discussions of perennial themes, and representative examples from the writings of all philosophers and theologians mentioned in dictionary entries.

Wine Wisdon

Wine Wisdon Author George A. Lamarca
ISBN-10 0533149193
Release 2004
Pages 280
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Author George A. LaMarca offers a truly unique collection of insights and reflections on this timeless beverage.

Fresh Fruit Vintage Wine

Fresh Fruit   Vintage Wine Author Yitzchak Blau
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124120796
Release 2009
Pages 270
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Fresh Fruit Vintage Wine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fresh Fruit Vintage Wine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fresh Fruit Vintage Wine book for free.

Reading Between the Wines

Reading Between the Wines Author Terry Theise
ISBN-10 9780520271494
Release 2011
Pages 189
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"There is only one reason that the American wine enthusiast is now completely enamored with German and Austrian wines: Terry Theise! This glorious book not only brilliantly showcases one man's love affair with all the beauties that can flow from the bottle, it definitively makes the case for the wines that are the most superbly suited to be served with food."--Chef Charlie Trotter "Terry Theise's humane, subtle and engaging book illustrates the superiority of wisdom to mere knowledge. Read and be richer."--Andrew Jefford, columnist for Decanter and The World of Fine Wine "Impassioned, insistent, and inimitable, Terry Theise is America's foremost wine philosopher. Lots of writers can explain the "what" of wine. Terry, uniquely, inspires us with the 'why'. I devoured Reading Between the Wines; it's the single best book I've ever read on why wine matters."--Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible "If you think you know something about wine, try Terry Theise's Reading Between the Wines because until you do, you haven't really started."--Tom Stevenson, author of Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

A Manual for Living

A Manual for Living Author Epictetus
ISBN-10 9780062511119
Release 1994-06-23
Pages 96
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The essence of perennial Stoic wisdom in aphorisms of stunning insight and simplicity. The West's first and best little instruction book offers thoroughly contemporary and pragmatic reflections on how best to live with serenity and joy.

From the Heart of Africa

From the Heart of Africa Author
ISBN-10 9781770497207
Release 2018-01-02
Pages 32
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A collection of African wisdom gorgeously illustrated by artists from Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, the United States and more. Aphorisms are universal. They give guidance, context and instruction for life's issues, and they help us understand each other and the world around us. We use them every day, yet never think about where they came from or why they exist. In this beautifully illustrated collection, Eric Walters brings us classic sayings from the places where this shared wisdom began. Ashanti, Sukuma, Akan and Kikuyu: all of these cultures use the portable and easily shared knowledge contained in aphorisms, and from these cultures and more this communal knowledge spread. This book is a celebration of art, of community and of our common history.

The Many Faces of Wisdom

The Many Faces of Wisdom Author Phil Washburn
ISBN-10 0130941204
Release 2003
Pages 356
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This broad and readable book makes use of 16 essays on great philosophers to explore and answer the question: “What is philosophy?” It describes each philosopher's life project, his or her motivating sight, and the various theories and concepts resulting from that central discovery. The essays focus on Confucius, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, St Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Marx, Mill, Nietzsche, James, Wittgenstein, and Beauvoir. Emphasis on their different theories includes their ideas about God, knowledge, society, and other well-know issues. This offers readers a look at varying views on morality, knowledge, and the nature of philosophy itself, and the profound effects of these differences—on priorities, focus, and methods of inquiry. The contributions of diverse authors share a unified belief that the ideas in this book are all important—that understanding a new way of thinking, gaining a new vision of possibilities, and challenging conventional assumptions can change one's life. For anyone who is curious about philosophy or the great philosophers, and anyone who is beginning to question their purpose and meaning, and life's everyday routine.