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Suffering from Cheerfulness

Suffering from Cheerfulness Author Malcolm Brown
ISBN-10 1904435661
Release 2007
Pages 192
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In February 1916, Captain F. J. Roberts of the 12th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters produced the first edition of the trench newspaper, "The Wipers Times". Often produced in hazardous conditions, at one point only 700 yards from the front line, the newspaper acted as the voice of the average British soldier, relaying his experiences, grief and anger during the entire conflict. This collection lifts the best of the long-forgotten poems, rhymes and limericks reproduced in the magazine. At times irreverent, at times powerfully evocative, the poems provoke laughter with a lump in the throat and offer an excellent insight into life in the trenches in the First World War. Taking its name from the army slang for Ypres, where it was first produced, "The Wipers Times" was similar to "Punch", but contained a more specific type of comedy relating exclusively to the soldiers on the Western Front. The satire and humour of the paper helped reinvent the situation in the trenches—diffusing the conditions of war by ridiculing and exaggerating them. The paper's style was influenced by the difficulties of production. Articles had to be written in the limited free time the soldiers had; in dugouts, reserve lines or on rest. The paper ran until December 1918, adopting such titles as "The New Church Times", "The Somme Times", "The BEF [British Expeditionary Force] Times" and, finally, "Better Times" produced when the war had ended.

The Wipers Times

The Wipers Times Author Ian Hislop
ISBN-10 0573113513
Release 2016
Pages 100
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The true and extraordinary story of the satirical newspaper created in the mud and mayhem of the Somme, interspersed with comic sketches and spoofs from the vivid imagination of those on the front line. In a bombed out building during the First World War in the French town of Ypres (mispronounced Wipers by British soldiers), two officers discover a printing press and create a newspaper for the troops. Far from being a sombre journal about life in the trenches, they produced a resolutely cheerful, subversive and very funny newspaper designed to lift the spirits of the men on the front line.

The Riddles of Wipers

The Riddles of Wipers Author John Ivelaw-Chapman
ISBN-10 1848841914
Release 2010-01-21
Pages 176
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The Wipers Times was the Private Eye of the Ypres Salient during World War One. Edited, while under bombardment, by a battalion commander in the Sherwood Foresters, written by soldiers actually in the trenches and distributed by ration-wagon and ammunition-mule. the paper bears vivid witness to the shocking realities of trench warfare. Yet for all the occasional horror of its content, The Wipers Times was a gentle, humor-filled and satirical paper which, once its codes are cracked and its riddles solved, tells an interested reader much about the characters and personalities of the men in the British Army of the First World War.Interpretation of regular features such as the bogus music-hall advertisements that feature in every issue, columns like 'Answers to our Many Correspondents' and 'Things We Want to Know' and careful study of some of the remarkable poetry published in the paper, explain to readers what it was like to be there. The Mud, the Gas, the Shells; the Fear, the Courage, the Humour and the Bitterness; much is revealed about these and many other things in this remarkable book that unravels the eighty-year-old Riddles of Wipers.

The Wipers Times

The Wipers Times Author Christopher Westhorp
ISBN-10 9781472834232
Release 2018-01-25
Pages 336
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Decades ahead of the amusing but distorting buffoonery of Blackadder Goes Forth, this complete edition of the Wipers Times, the famed trench newspaper of the First World War, is an extraordinary mix of black humour, fake entertainment programmes and pastiche articles, and constitutes a unique record of life on the wartime frontline. From its long-running cartoon pun (Are We Being Offensive Enough?) to its brilliantly subversive column Things We Want to Know (the name of the officer who originated the idea), its hilarious spoof ads to its pastiche fake contributors (Belary Helloc), this complete facsimile edition of the Wipers Times, produced to accompany the BBC dramatization, is a historical masterpiece that enables us to sample the real spirit of the trenches . . . from the safety of our armchairs. If you can drink the beer the Belgians sell you, And pay the price they ask with ne'er a grouse, If you believe the tales that some will tell you, And live in mud with ground sheet for a house, If you can live on bully and a biscuit, And thank your stars that you've a tot of rum, Dodge whizzbangs with a grin, and as you risk it Talk glibly of the pretty way they hum. . .

The Wipers Times

The Wipers Times Author
ISBN-10 1906251509
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 700
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A satire of daily life on the Western Front, 'The Wipers Times' is a spontaneous chronicle of life in the trenches, vividly portraying the cheeriness and camaraderie that prevailed in spite of the horror.

Trench Talk

Trench Talk Author Peter Doyle
ISBN-10 9780752479217
Release 2011-11-30
Pages 160
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The First World War largely directed the course of the 20th century. Fought on three continents, the war saw 14 million killed and 34 million wounded. Its impact shaped the world we live in today, and the language of the trenches continues to live in the modern consciousness. One of the enduring myths of World War I is that the experience of the trenches was not talked about. Yet dozens of words entered or became familiar in the English language as a direct result of the soldiers’ experiences. This book looks at how the experience of World War I changed the English language, adding words that were both in slang and standard military use, and modifying the usage and connotations of existing words and phrases. Illustrated with material from the authors’ collections and photographs of the objects of the war, the book will look at how the words emerged into everyday language.

The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk

The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk Author Kneehigh
ISBN-10 9781786822888
Release 2017-09-28
Pages 64
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Partners in life and on canvas, Marc and Bella are immortalised as the picture of romance. But whilst on canvas they flew, in life they walked through some of the most devastating times in history. The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk traces this young couple as they navigate the Pogroms, the Russian Revolution, and each other. Woven throughout with music and dance inspired by Russian Jewish tradition.


Ruthless Author Marvin Laird
ISBN-10 0573695253
Release 1995
Pages 114
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Eight year old Tina Denmark knows she was born to play Pippi Longstocking and she will do anything to win the part in her school musical. Anything includes murdering the leading lady! This aggressively outrageous musical hit garnered rave reviews during its long Off Broadway run which opened with Brittany Spears in the title role.

Soldiers Songs and Slang of the Great War

Soldiers    Songs and Slang of the Great War Author Martin Pegler
ISBN-10 9781472809292
Release 2014-08-20
Pages 408
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A celebration of cheerful determination in the face of appalling adversity Soldiers' Songs and Slang of the Great War reveals the bawdy and satiric sense of humour of the Tommy in the trenches. Published to coincide with the centenary of the First World War, this collection of rousing marching songs, cheering ditties, evocative sing-alongs and complete diction of soldiers' slang reveals the best of British and Allied humour of the period. Wonderfully illustrated with Punch cartoons, posters and the soldiers' own Wipers Times, this nostalgic book will not only delight but also give a real sense of daily life amidst the mud and blood of the trenches for American, Canadian, Australian and British soldiers.

The Wipers Times A Facsimile Reproduction The Wipers Times The New Church Times The Kemmel Times The Somme Times The B E F Times The Better Times

The Wipers Times     A Facsimile Reproduction      The Wipers Times    The  New Church  Times    The Kemmel Times    The Somme Times    The B E F  Times    The  Better Times  Author Great Britain. - Army. - Infantry. - Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters)
ISBN-10 OCLC:56706433
Release 1930
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The Wipers Times A Facsimile Reproduction The Wipers Times The New Church Times The Kemmel Times The Somme Times The B E F Times The Better Times has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Wipers Times A Facsimile Reproduction The Wipers Times The New Church Times The Kemmel Times The Somme Times The B E F Times The Better Times also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Wipers Times A Facsimile Reproduction The Wipers Times The New Church Times The Kemmel Times The Somme Times The B E F Times The Better Times book for free.

Handguns of the World

Handguns of the World Author Edward Clinton Ezell
ISBN-10 IND:30000020673855
Release 1993
Pages 704
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Handguns of the World has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Handguns of the World also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Handguns of the World book for free.

The Wipers Times

The Wipers Times Author Patrick Beaver
ISBN-10 0333473345
Release 1988-01
Pages 377
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The Wipers Times has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Wipers Times also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Wipers Times book for free.

Fragments from France

Fragments from France Author Bruce Bairnsfather
ISBN-10 1409925528
Release 2008-11
Pages 156
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Bruce Bairnsfather (1888-1959) was a British soldier, illustrator and author and creator of Old Bill , the cartoon character who perhaps best illustrated the practical philosophy of the British private soldier during World War I. After training at Art School he produced advertising posters for products such as Lipton Tea, Players Tobacco and Flowers Beer. On the outbreak of the First World War he rejoined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and within a couple of weeks had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. While on the Western Front, he drew pictures of trench life and in 1915 The Bystander magazine began publishing his drawings which proved extremely popular with the soldiers in the trenches. Later his drawings were published in a series of books entitled, Fragments From France. Bullets and Billets (1916) is his best-selling autobiography. Other works include From Mud to Mufti (1919), Carry on Sergeant (1927), Laughing Through the Orient (1933), Old Bill Looks at Europe (1935) and Old Bill Stands By (1939).

The Love Wife

The Love Wife Author Gish Jen
ISBN-10 9781400043798
Release 2004-09-14
Pages 400
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From the massively talented Gish Jen comes a barbed, moving, and stylistically dazzling new novel about the elusive nature of kinship. The Wongs describe themselves as a “half half” family, but the actual fractions are more complicated, given Carnegie’s Chinese heritage, his wife Blondie’s WASP background, and the various ethnic permutations of their adopted and biological children. Into this new American family comes a volatile new member.Her name is Lanlan. She is Carnegie’s Mainland Chinese relative, a tough, surprisingly lovely survivor of the Cultural Revolution, who comes courtesy of Carnegie’s mother’s will. Is Lanlan a very good nanny, a heartless climber, or a posthumous gift from a formidable mother who never stopped wanting her son to marry a nice Chinese girl? Rich in insight, buoyed by humor, The Love Wife is a hugely satisfying work. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Genius of Birds

The Genius of Birds Author Jennifer Ackerman
ISBN-10 9781101980842
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 352
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An award-winning science writer tours the globe to reveal what makes birds capable of such extraordinary feats of mental prowess Birds are astonishingly intelligent creatures. According to revolutionary new research, some birds rival primates and even humans in their remarkable forms of intelligence. In The Genius of Birds, acclaimed author Jennifer Ackerman explores their newly discovered brilliance and how it came about. As she travels around the world to the most cutting-edge frontiers of research, Ackerman not only tells the story of the recently uncovered genius of birds but also delves deeply into the latest findings about the bird brain itself that are shifting our view of what it means to be intelligent. At once personal yet scientific, richly informative and beautifully written, The Genius of Birds celebrates the triumphs of these surprising and fiercely intelligent creatures.

Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself

Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself Author David Lipsky
ISBN-10 0307592448
Release 2010-04-13
Pages 304
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SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, STARRING JASON SEGAL AND JESSE EISENBERG, DIRECTED BY JAMES PONSOLDT An indelible portrait of David Foster Wallace, by turns funny and inspiring, based on a five-day trip with award-winning writer David Lipsky during Wallace’s Infinite Jest tour In David Lipsky’s view, David Foster Wallace was the best young writer in America. Wallace’s pieces for Harper’s magazine in the ’90s were, according to Lipsky, “like hearing for the first time the brain voice of everybody I knew: Here was how we all talked, experienced, thought. It was like smelling the damp in the air, seeing the first flash from a storm a mile away. You knew something gigantic was coming.” Then Rolling Stone sent Lipsky to join Wallace on the last leg of his book tour for Infinite Jest, the novel that made him internationally famous. They lose to each other at chess. They get iced-in at an airport. They dash to Chicago to catch a make-up flight. They endure a terrible reader’s escort in Minneapolis. Wallace does a reading, a signing, an NPR appearance. Wallace gives in and imbibes titanic amounts of hotel television (what he calls an “orgy of spectation”). They fly back to Illinois, drive home, walk Wallace’s dogs. Amid these everyday events, Wallace tells Lipsky remarkable things—everything he can about his life, how he feels, what he thinks, what terrifies and fascinates and confounds him—in the writing voice Lipsky had come to love. Lipsky took notes, stopped envying him, and came to feel about him—that grateful, awake feeling—the same way he felt about Infinite Jest. Then Lipsky heads to the airport, and Wallace goes to a dance at a Baptist church. A biography in five days, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself is David Foster Wallace as few experienced this great American writer. Told in his own words, here is Wallace’s own story, and his astonishing, humane, alert way of looking at the world; here are stories of being a young writer—of being young generally—trying to knit together your ideas of who you should be and who other people expect you to be, and of being young in March of 1996. And of what it was like to be with and—as he tells it—what it was like to become David Foster Wallace. "If you can think of times in your life that you’ve treated people with extraordinary decency and love, and pure uninterested concern, just because they were valuable as human beings. The ability to do that with ourselves. To treat ourselves the way we would treat a really good, precious friend. Or a tiny child of ours that we absolutely loved more than life itself. And I think it’s probably possible to achieve that. I think part of the job we’re here for is to learn how to do it. I know that sounds a little pious." —David Foster Wallace From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Soldiers Press

The Soldiers  Press Author G. Seal
ISBN-10 9781137303264
Release 2016-04-30
Pages 256
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Through the first comprehensive investigation and analysis of the English language trench periodicals of the First World War, The Soldiers' Press presents a cultural interpretation of the means and methods through which consent was negotiated between the trenches and the home front.