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Theories of Attachment

Theories of Attachment Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN-10 9781605540955
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 120
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In this book, early childcare professionals will gain an understanding of the theories of attachment as well as the background and research of the prominent minds behind them. This book explains the core elements of each theorist’s work and the ways these elements impact and support interactions with babies, including the topics of bonding, feeding practices, separation anxiety, and stranger anxiety. Carol Garhart Mooney, also the author of the best-selling Theories of Childhood, has worked as a preschool teacher and college instructor of early childhood education for over thirty years.

Theories of Childhood Second Edition

Theories of Childhood  Second Edition Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN-10 9781605542485
Release 2013-02-22
Pages 128
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Examine the work of five groundbreaking education theorists—John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky—in relation to early childhood. Theories of Childhood provides a basic introduction to each theorist and explains the relationship of theory to practice and its impact on real children, teachers, and classrooms. This edition reflects current academic learning standards and includes new understandings of Vygotsky's work. It is a popular guide to help early childhood professionals be aware of the theories behind good child care practices. It is also a widely-used text in undergraduate programs, community college courses, and training workshops that focus on early development and education. Carol Garhart Mooney has been an early childhood educator for more than forty years. She is also the author of Theories of Attachment, Use Your Words, and Swinging Pendulums.

Patterns of Attachment

Patterns of Attachment Author Mary D. Salter Ainsworth
ISBN-10 9781135016173
Release 2015-06-26
Pages 466
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Ethological attachment theory is a landmark of 20th century social and behavioral sciences theory and research. This new paradigm for understanding primary relationships across the lifespan evolved from John Bowlby’s critique of psychoanalytic drive theory and his own clinical observations, supplemented by his knowledge of fields as diverse as primate ethology, control systems theory, and cognitive psychology. By the time he had written the first volume of his classic Attachment and Loss trilogy, Mary D. Salter Ainsworth’s naturalistic observations in Uganda and Baltimore, and her theoretical and descriptive insights about maternal care and the secure base phenomenon had become integral to attachment theory. Patterns of Attachment reports the methods and key results of Ainsworth’s landmark Baltimore Longitudinal Study. Following upon her naturalistic home observations in Uganda, the Baltimore project yielded a wealth of enduring, benchmark results on the nature of the child’s tie to its primary caregiver and the importance of early experience. It also addressed a wide range of conceptual and methodological issues common to many developmental and longitudinal projects, especially issues of age appropriate assessment, quantifying behavior, and comprehending individual differences. In addition, Ainsworth and her students broke new ground, clarifying and defining new concepts, demonstrating the value of the ethological methods and insights about behavior. Today, as we enter the fourth generation of attachment study, we have a rich and growing catalogue of behavioral and narrative approaches to measuring attachment from infancy to adulthood. Each of them has roots in the Strange Situation and the secure base concept presented in Patterns of Attachment. It inclusion in the Psychology Press Classic Editions series reflects Patterns of Attachment’s continuing significance and insures its availability to new generations of students, researchers, and clinicians.

Attachment Theory According to John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth

Attachment Theory According to John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth Author Andreas Krumwiede
ISBN-10 9783656613763
Release 2014-03-12
Pages 14
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Seminar paper from the year 2001 in the subject Psychology - Developmental Psychology, grade: 1,7, University of the Arts Berlin, language: English, abstract: I will first provide a brief historical outline of the origin and development of attachment theory, closely linked to the biographical data of its founder John Bowlby. Later I would like to point out some characteristics based on which the attachment of a person can be classified. I believe this information to be important with regard to teaching, since the teacher is acting in the environment between the institution of school, family and child. I would like to include some of the approaches in which this knowledge could be used in an everyday school setting.

Patterns of Attachment

Patterns of Attachment Author M. D.S. Ainsworth
ISBN-10 9781317768500
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 416
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First published in 1979. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Your Child s Growing Mind

Your Child s Growing Mind Author Jane Healy
ISBN-10 9780307788948
Release 2011-04-20
Pages 432
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The completely updated and expanded version of the 1987 classic hailed by parents and educators everywhere. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Valuing Children

Valuing Children Author Nancy Folbre
ISBN-10 0674033647
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 245
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While parents spend significant time as well as money on children, most estimates of the "cost" of children ignore the value of this time. Folbre provides a startlingly high but entirely credible estimate of the value of parental time per child by asking what it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute for it.

Early Learning Theories Made Visible

Early Learning Theories Made Visible Author Miriam Beloglovsky
ISBN-10 9781605542362
Release 2015-02-10
Pages 220
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Classroom stories and photographs provide a dynamic way for early childhood professionals to understand child development theories

Choose Your Words

Choose Your Words Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN-10 9781605545271
Release 2018-04-03
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When teachers are not precise in their communication, use idioms, or use sarcasm, children don't learn, or, worse, they experience confusion or embarrassment because they don't know what to do. This new edition of Use Your Words is infused with current research on communicating with young children and their families. The text considers change and current culture in the United States as it affects language and little ones in the context of 2017, while respecting universal pieces that continue to be helpful. The new edition includes new and expanded examples viewed through a cultural, contextual, and chronological lens; a discussion of how today's media affects young children, especially exposure to traumatic events around the world; and consideration of the impact of social media, cell phones, and texting on family life and public education. It also addresses how to help young children whose home language is not English and respect differing parental expectations as we move from one socioeconomic or cultural group to the next.

Giants in the Nursery

Giants in the Nursery Author David Elkind
ISBN-10 9781605543703
Release 2015-03-31
Pages 280
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A biographical history of the evolution of Developmentally Appropriate Practice, written by best-selling early childhood author David Elkind, PhD

Theories of Practice

Theories of Practice Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN-10 9781605542973
Release 2014-11-10
Pages 104
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A strong comprehension of early childhood theory is fundamental to early childhood educators' abilities to make informed decisions about the ways they support children's development and learning. In this book, Carol Garhart Mooney writes about the important task early childhood educators have to understand the foundational theories behind their daily practices. When this is accomplished, they are better able to refine their practices, create thoughtful curriculum, and do their best work with children. To this end, Garhart Mooney advocates that everyone working in early childhood—caregivers, educators, consultants, administrators—should hold degrees in early childhood. With a focus on the value that comes when early childhood educators have strong theoretical knowledge and are able to articulate why they do something for children, Theories of Practice is a call to everyone in the field to raise the standards of early childhood education. Garhart Mooney emphasizes that early childhood educators can work more confidently and effectively with children when they understand the link between best practices and the research behind them. Carol Garhart Mooney has been an early childhood professional for more than forty years and is currently the executive director at Holy Cross Early Childhood Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. She holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in early childhood education. She has completed coursework for a doctorate in sociology of the family.

Second Home

Second Home Author Claire Copenhagen Bainer
ISBN-10 1929610920
Release 2007
Pages 281
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Models early childhood education best practices in a successful inner-city Oakland child care

A Secure Base

A Secure Base Author John Bowlby
ISBN-10 9781135070854
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 224
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As Bowlby himself points out in his introduction to this seminal childcare book, to be a successful parent means a lot of very hard work. Giving time and attention to children means sacrificing other interests and activities, but for many people today these are unwelcome truths. Bowlby’s work showed that the early interactions between infant and caregiver have a profound impact on an infant's social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Controversial yet powerfully influential to this day, this classic collection of Bowlby’s lectures offers important guidelines for child rearing based on the crucial role of early relationships.

Swinging Pendulums

Swinging Pendulums Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN-10 9781605541914
Release 2011-12-06
Pages 136
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Filled with more than twenty-five essays on familiar topics to those who care for and teach young children, Swinging Pendulums is sure to stir discussion, support policy revision, and help early childhood professionals find the middle ground on issues in early childhood education. These thought- and discussion-provoking essays feature topics and trends in early childhood education including health, discipline, curriculum, professional development, use of media, ratios and group size, and more. Carol Garhart Mooney, a college instructor in early childhood education, is also the author of Theories of Childhood, Theories of Attachment, and Use Your Words.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice Curriculum and Development in Early Education

Developmentally Appropriate Practice  Curriculum and Development in Early Education Author Carol Gestwicki
ISBN-10 9781305854864
Release 2016-01-01
Pages 496
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Thoughtful and comprehensive, DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICE: CURRICULUM AND DEVELOPMENT IN EARLY EDUCATION, 6th Edition, is designed to meet the needs of new early childhood students as well as experienced teachers, professionals, and parents. It provides an overview of the concepts and theoretical foundations of developmental practices and discusses the practical implications for teachers and caregivers. The text reflects the NAEYC position statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practice and includes content on aligning early childhood teaching practices with national and state education standards, in addition to many student-oriented features and applications. Among other changes, this edition includes new integration of professional standards, model letters for communicating with families, real-world scenarios for practicing intentional decision-making, and the latest on brain research relevant to early education. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Use Your Words

Use Your Words Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN-10 9781605543185
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 128
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Understanding how the ways that teachers talk to children helps them to develop language skills.

Intellectual Development

Intellectual Development Author Dave Riley
ISBN-10 9781605543406
Release 2008-06-09
Pages 160
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To the untrained eye, many of the common activities in early childhood settings may not seem educational. In reality, research shows that these activities are actually learning tools that promote children's intellectual development. Why do we sort blocks and sing nursery rhymes with children, and what do they learn from these activities? Intellectual Development answers these questions and investigates the link between the best practices in early childhood education and the science of child development. This book will help teachers answer the question “Why do we do what we do?” Chapters cover language and literacy development, early number learning, and musical and artistic development. The book also contains information on early learning standards, practice tips, and recommended readings.