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This Dog for Hire

This Dog for Hire Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781504006361
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 244
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Winner of the Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel: In the first book of Carol Lea Benjamin’s acclaimed mystery series, Greenwich Village PI Rachel Alexander and her loyal pit bull must find a killer and a missing show dog Divorced dog trainer–turned–private-eye Rachel Alexander and her canine assistant Dash—short for Dashiell—are hired by a man named Dennis Keaton to investigate the hit-and-run death of his friend and neighbor Clifford Cole, whose body was found on an isolated Christopher Street pier. The police are treating the gay painter’s suspicious death as a hate crime, but Dennis insists Cliff hadn’t cruised the waterfront in months. Plus, Magritte, Cliff’s champion basenji—a competitor in the upcoming Westminster Dog Show—may have been a witness to the crime and is now missing. The search for answers takes Rachel and Dash from the SoHo art scene to the most famous dog show in America. Now Rachel is in the sights of a killer hunting her across a treacherous urban landscape. There’s no one she can trust—especially not of the two-legged variety. This Dog for Hire is the 1st book in the Rachel Alexander and Dash Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

The Dog Who Knew Too Much

The Dog Who Knew Too Much Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781504006453
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 209
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The path to enlightenment is fraught with danger when Greenwich Village PI Rachel Alexander and her pit bull, Dash, investigate the death of a tai chi practitioner Did she jump or was she pushed? Devastated by the loss of their only child, David and Marsha Jacobs hire Rachel to find out why Lisa leaped to her death from the fifth-floor window of her martial arts studio. The tai chi instructor, who was studying to be a Zen Buddhist priest, seemed to have it all: beauty, brains, a vocation she adored, a sexy lover—and her beautiful, sad-eyed Akita, who may have been the only witness to her death and is still grieving the loss of his mistress. Refusing to believe that Lisa would abandon her beloved pet—and with only a suspicious suicide note to go on—Rachel and her canine assistant, Dash, hit the streets of downtown New York, retracing the dead woman’s steps to figure out whether she was yin to a killer’s yang. The Dog Who Knew Too Muchis the 2nd book in the Rachel Alexander and Dash Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

A Hell of a Dog

A Hell of a Dog Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781504006729
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 264
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Someone is killing off the great dog trainers of the world—and it’s up to PI Rachel Alexander and her pit bull, Dash, to collar the murderer Rachel has just been hired as undercover security at a dog-training symposium at a posh Manhattan hotel. How can the Greenwich Village PI and her pit bull, Dashiell, turn down the hefty fee, plus free room and biscuits at the Ritz? All Rachel has to do is keep the peace among the competitive diva dog trainers who have come with their prize pooches from all corners of the globe. She and Dash have barely infiltrated the festivities when they find out that one of the trainers, the self-proclaimed guru of a controversial obedience technique, has been electrocuted in his bathtub. The cops are calling it an accident. Until another trainer dies . . . and then another. With suspects including a dog psychic and a behaviorist to the stars, Rachel discovers that it’s the humans who need to be housebroken as she and Dash bring a serial killer to heel. A Hell of a Dogis the 3rd book in the Rachel Alexander and Dash Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

The Long Good Boy

The Long Good Boy Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781504006781
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 241
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A dog trainer–turned-PI and her pit bull go after a killer—with a little help from a courageous dachshund—in this mystery by a Shamus Award winner. Rachel and Dash have a new client. Well, three new clients. A trio of transvestite working girls want Rachel to investigate the death of one of their own. Rosalinda’s throat was slashed on Halloween right after the Greenwich Village parade. Finding her killer isn’t exactly the NYPD’s top priority—and LaDonna, Chi Chi, and Jasmine are terrified that they’ll be next. With her cash retainer in hand—and very few leads—Rachel starts digging. What is the connection between Rosalinda and a dead butcher? Soon, with the help of Chi Chi’s mini-dachshund, Clint, Rachel is breaking into a plant in the Meatpacking District. But her future is suddenly on the line when she sets herself up as bait to catch the killer. As Rachel follows a twisting trail with only Dash for protection, she discovers that her foray into “the life” could end with her own untimely death. The Long Good Boy is the 6th book in the Rachel Alexander and Dash Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

The Chosen Puppy

The Chosen Puppy Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 0876054173
Release 1990-09-19
Pages 87
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When you adopt a shelter puppy, you acquire a loving companion and save a life at the same time. When enough dog lovers do the same, they create at least a partial solution to the pet overpopulation problem in the United States today. It staggers the mind to learn that over seven million dogs are received by shelters in this country annually. Of this figure, far too many are puppies, and for most the future is neither bright nor long. Mainly, this vast glut of surplus puppies happened because someone didn't care--about neutering or using a leash or closing gates or even about the quality of life for all living things. In The Chosen Puppy, author Carol Lea Benjamin offers a better understanding of the shelter puppy, why its needs are so special and what you must do to be sure the Chosen Puppy of your choice grows up well adjusted and happy. Here's how to temperament-test and select the right puppy for you; and here's how to train your Chosen Puppy and care for it, providing all the creature comforts it never may have had and the love it craves so much from those it comes to depend on. Ms. Benjamin understands all aspects of pet overpopulation and how to best help its most innocent victims. She tells why neutering is the hope of the future to curb and curtail a population explosion that never should have happened in the first place. Think of The Chosen Puppy as your guidebook through your shelter puppy's most important formative period and as a passport to the lifetime of joys awaiting you both.

All Shots

All Shots Author Susan Conant
ISBN-10 0425217442
Release 2007
Pages 244
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While searching for a missing Siberian husky, Cambridge, Massachusetts, malamute trainer Holly Winter stumbles upon the corpse of a woman calling herself Holly Winter and investigates a crime that could be linked to the town's third Holly Winter, a dog-ha


Dash Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 1568655770
Release 1997-12-01
Pages 394
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Contains two mysteries in one book. "This Dog for Hire" and "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" will introduce you to Rachel Alexander, a private investigator with a truly formidable partner -- a pit bull named Dashiell. In "This Dog for Hire" Rachel and Dash track down the killer and his missing pet. In "The Dog Who Knew Too Much," David and Marsha Jacobs refuse to believe that their daughter Lisa's death was a suicide. They hire Rachel Alexander to investigate.

Second Hand Dog

Second Hand Dog Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 0876057350
Release 1988-05-20
Pages 96
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Praise for Second-Hand Dog "At long last, the book all animal shelters have been waiting for is here: Carol Lea Benjamin's Second-Hand Dog." --Sue Sternberg ASPCA Report "...goes right to the heart of what it's all about..." --Barbara Dyer, Director Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter "Benjamin writes with love and sensitivity about caring for pets 'adopted' from a shelter." --Publishers Weekly "...a solid training program...a great book." --Job Michael Evans, Dog Fancy "Why a book like this has never before been written is beyond me. It is an invaluable guide to rehabilitating those myriad unfortunate dogs which have either never had a home or have been shuttled from one owner to another, losing confidence, trust and self-esteem every step of the way. It is an absolute must for every owner who wants his second-hand dog to regain the ability to become the warm, loving companion every dog should be." --Kenneth A. Marden President, The American Kennel Club "...Carol Lea Benjamin has written a witty, sound and thoroughly appropriate book on the extraordinary advantages that each of us who has second-hand pets knows first-hand. If you're thinking about sharing your life with a pet or with another pet, read this book first!" --John F. Kullberg President ASPCA

The Wicked Flea

The Wicked Flea Author Susan Conant
ISBN-10 0425183343
Release 2002
Pages 289
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A battle between dog walkers and joggers over territory in the local park ignites a series of increasingly violent confrontations, as amateur sleuth Holly Winter becomes caught in the middle of the vicious struggle.

Dog Detectives

Dog Detectives Author Kat Albrecht
ISBN-10 9781617811173
Release 2007-11
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Kat Albrecht is the acknowledged expert on training dogs to find lost pets - "dog detectives." As the founder of the Missing Pet Partnership and Pet Hunters International, she has devoted years to developing proven methods to train dogs to work as cat-detection dogs and trailing dogs to search for a wide variety of companion animals. The book presents detailed, step by step, reward-based training methods as well as information on how to assess a dog's potential to be a dog detective and what you need to know as a prospective handler. Whether you desire to perform this service professionally or as a hobby, you can help people suffering from the trauma associated with a lost pet.

Animal appetite

Animal appetite Author Susan Conant
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040679873
Release 1997-03-17
Pages 272
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While investigating the death of a publisher who was found with his pet golden retriever chained to his desk, Holly Winter finds her own life in danger and those of her two beloved Alaskan malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi.

Black Dog

Black Dog Author Levi Pinfold
ISBN-10 9780763660970
Release 2012
Pages 32
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In a modern fairy tale about the power of fear and how it distorts our view of the world, the Black Dog that appears outside the Hope family's home seems to grow larger and larger as each frightened member of the Hope family sees it, but the youngest member of the household is not afraid and is able to break the spell.

Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep

Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 0979469082
Release 2010-11
Pages 190
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"The true story of two working dogs, one who learns to work sheep like all her ancestors before her, the other who becomes a service dog in one of the biggest, busiest cities in the world. This is how two littermates grew up and became very different and yet stayed very much the same"--P. [4] of cover.

The 100 Silliest Things People Say about Dogs

The 100 Silliest Things People Say about Dogs Author Alexandra Semyonova
ISBN-10 9781904109181
Release 2009
Pages 264
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An internationally-acclaimed animal behaviourist debunks 100 myths about dogs and replaces them with the truth about canine nature.

Dog Training for Kids

Dog Training for Kids Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 0876055412
Release 1988-02-10
Pages 128
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This new and expanded edition of Dog Training for Kids gives youngsters the skills they need to make better citizens of their canine companions, while strengthening that all-important human/animal bond. This "home study course" is based on the ability of the child to teach a dog basic obedience as well as some captivating tricks, without having to depend on parental help or expensive equipment. There are beautifully detailed and humorously illustrated instructions on Heeling, Sit Stay, Stand Stay, Down Stay and Come When Called. Counseling is given on seven common but persistent problems; Jumping Up On People, Chewing, Biting, Excessive Barking, Stealing Food and Problem Housebreaking. On the recreational side, there are descriptions of some wonderful tricks which all youngsters can teach their dogs. For those who feel that a future career in dogs would be satisfying and rewarding, Ms. Benjamin presents an overview of eight occupations to jog the reader's interest. A Howell Dog Book of Distinction

Yoga Dogs

Yoga Dogs Author Dan Borris
ISBN-10 9781613120934
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 112
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Learn how to sit, stay, and roll over with this fully illustrated, “delightful” guide to yoga starring man’s best friend (Shutterbug magazine). Inspired by a friend’s mastiff who would imitate his master’s morning yoga routine, photographer Dan Borris created Yoga Dogs, a full-color collection of forty-five different dogs and puppies doing human yoga poses. Don’t worry: No animals were harmed during the making of these images; their extreme flexibility is the result of clever digital trickery. The curious, humorous, and distinctly original pictures are paired with useful information about the poses, as well as some funny canine meditations. “A fresh and highly entertaining visual treat,” Yoga Dogs is perfect for any yogi of the two or four-legged variety (Shutterbug magazine).

Fall Guy

Fall Guy Author Carol Lea Benjamin
ISBN-10 9780060538996
Release 2004-08-17
Pages 257
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When a detective from her support group dies under suspicious circumstances, therapist and private investigator Rachel Alexander teams up with her faithful pit bull to explore sinister truths about the victim's past.