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This Land

This Land Author Roly Smith
ISBN-10 071123504X
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 256
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Joe Cornish is widely acknowledged as Britain's finest landscape photographer. In this new collection he explores fifty of the most amazing landscapes in Britain. Taking its cue from these Isles' extraordinarily diverse geology, This Land ranges from the ancient quartzite rocks of the Scottish Highlands to the gritstones and limestones of the English Pennines and the rolling chalk downs of Southern England. There are sections on Mountains, Islands, Forests and Coasts, and the book concludes with a fascinating look at the ways in which British people have shaped the landscape over thousands of years. Accompanying text by leading outdoors writer and campaigner Roly Smith explains how each type of rock creates its own distinctive landforms and vegetation, and how these have often been made the subject of local folklore and legend. There is room for some personal recollections from Joe and Roly about their own experiences in these magical places, and the book includes a foreword by Bill Bryson.

First Light

First Light Author Joe Cornish
ISBN-10 1902538242
Release 2002
Pages 160
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Drawing on decades of experience, Joe Cornish, one of Britain’s most distinguished landscape photographers, has distilled the key elements of his craft into a collection of thought-provoking essays accompanied by a stunning selection of his photographs. From his beloved North Yorkshire, to the rocky canyons of the Colorado Plateau, the photos in First Light have been chosen to reflect the breadth of Joe’s work and to illustrate how he puts his working philosophy into practice. Each picture is accompanied by text describing the conditions that must be taken into consideration before taking a photo; the composition of the image, including viewpoint, selection of film and filters; and post production treatments. First Light is replete with supporting technical data and Joe’s own explanations of the thought processes that lay behind the creation of each of these wonderful photographs. These fluent and very personal accounts are full of practical advice on subjects ranging from anticipating changes in the weather or lighting conditions, to the relative advantages of using colour filters. For all photographers, whether amateur or professional, First Light is a source of on-going inspiration and advice. With a foreword from renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite, it will also appeal to anyone who appreciates natural beauty and loves landscape for its own sake.

Landscape Wonders of the Western World

Landscape Wonders of the Western World Author Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044058286444
Release 1888
Pages 71
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Landscape Wonders of the Western World has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Landscape Wonders of the Western World also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Landscape Wonders of the Western World book for free.

Journey Through the British Isles

Journey Through the British Isles Author Harry Cory Wright
ISBN-10 1858943671
Release 2007
Pages 191
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This is a unique photographic record of a journey through some of the most breathtaking locations in the British Isles. Cory Wright's Gandolfi plate camera captures images of exquisite detail and intensity.

Lake District Mountain Landscape

Lake District Mountain Landscape Author Alastair Lee
ISBN-10 1910240184
Release 2015-02-02
Pages 176
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With an emphasis on the mountain heights, Lee captures the otherworldliness and majesty of the 'English Alps' in all seasons and conditions. He brings his skill and tenacity to the task of capturing sunrises from the top of the highest peaks, moonlight on icy slopes and seas of cloud filling the familiar valleys of Lakeland.

Landscape Photographer of the Year

Landscape Photographer of the Year Author Charlie Waite
ISBN-10 0749578262
Release 2016-10
Pages 224
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This collection features photographs from some of the best amateur and professional photographers working in the UK today, with every image captioned by the photographer's own account of the inspiration behind the picture. Along with outstanding images of the British landscape, it includes a technical information section, detailing equipment and techniques used by the photographers.

The Shepherd s Life

The Shepherd s Life Author James Rebanks
ISBN-10 9781250060259
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 304
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"It's bloody marvelous." - Helen Macdonald, New York Times bestselling author of H IS FOR HAWK The Instant #1 International Bestseller Some people's lives are entirely their own creations. James Rebanks' isn't. The first son of a shepherd, who was the first son of a shepherd himself, his family have lived and worked in the Lake District of Northern England for generations, further back than recorded history. It's a part of the world known mainly for its romantic descriptions by Wordsworth and the much loved illustrated children's books of Beatrix Potter. But James' world is quite different. His way of life is ordered by the seasons and the work they demand. It hasn't changed for hundreds of years: sending the sheep to the fells in the summer and making the hay; the autumn fairs where the flocks are replenished; the grueling toil of winter when the sheep must be kept alive, and the light-headedness that comes with spring, as the lambs are born and the sheep get ready to return to the hills and valleys. The Shepherd's Life the story of a deep-rooted attachment to place, modern dispatches from an ancient landscape that describe a way of life that is little noticed and yet has profoundly shaped the landscape over time. In evocative and lucid prose, James Rebanks takes us through a shepherd's year, offering a unique account of rural life and a fundamental connection with the land that most of us have lost. It is a story of working lives, the people around him, his childhood, his parents and grandparents, a people who exist and endure even as the culture - of the Lake District, and of farming - changes around them. Many memoirs are of people working desperately hard to leave a place. This is the story of someone trying desperately hard to stay.


Landskipping Author Anna Pavord
ISBN-10 9781408868942
Release 2016-01-28
Pages 272
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Landskipping is a ravishing celebration of landscape, its iridescent beauty and its potential to comfort, awe and mesmerise. In spirit as Romantic as rational, Anna Pavord explores the different ways in which we have, throughout the ages, responded to the land. In the eighteenth century, artists first started to paint English scenery, and the Lakes, as well as Snowdon, began to attract a new kind of visitor, the landscape tourist. Early travel guides sought to capture the beauty and inspiration of waterfall, lake and fell. Sublime! Picturesque! they said, as they laid down rules for correctly appreciating a view. While painters painted and writers wrote, an entirely different band of men, the agricultural improvers, also travelled the land, and published a series of remarkable commentaries on the state of agricultural England. They looked at the land in terms of its usefulness as well as its beauty, and, using their reports, Anna Pavord explores the many different ways that land was managed and farmed, showing that what is universal is a place's capacity to frame and define our experience. Moving from the rolling hills of Dorset to the peaks of the Scottish Highlands, this is an exquisite and compelling book, written with zest, passion and deep understanding.

Land of Plenty

Land of Plenty Author Charlie Pye-Smith
ISBN-10 1783963050
Release 2017-07-27
Pages 256
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Golden fields, ripening apples, lowing cattle: our idea of the landscape has been shaped by agriculture, as has the land itself. But in a fast-changing world, how does the great British countryside continue to provide the food we eat? Most people living in Britain today must go back several generations before they find an ancestor who worked on the land. How much do we really know about those who are supplying us with the most essential things in life: our daily bread and butter, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables? In Land of Plenty Charlie Pye-Smith travels the length and breadth of these isles to explore the little-understood world of British agriculture. From ultramodern indoor dairy units producing millions of litres of milk a year to small, old-fashioned farms making cheese with twenty or thirty cows, and from landowners whose families have farmed the same fields for centuries to tenants who have just joined the industry, Pye-Smith investigates the timeless connection between land and people in the twenty-first century. Revealing the dairy industry in Somerset and Gloucestershire; beef in the Scottish Borders; sheep in North Yorkshire; pigs and poultry in East Anglia and Hampshire; vegetables in Norfolk; and fruit in Essex and the West Country, Land of Plenty is a colorful and rewarding travelogue that gets to the very heart of modern British life

Land Art in Great Britain

Land Art in Great Britain Author William Malpas
ISBN-10 1861714025
Release 2013-01
Pages 352
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LAND ART IN GREAT BRITAIN A new book on land art in Great Britain. There are chapters on land artists such as Chris Drury, Hamish Fulton, David Nash, Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy. All of the major practitioners of land and environmental art in the U.K. are discussed. The book also considers prehistoric art, stone circles, Romanticism, poetry, religion, women's art, contemporary art, and the impact of the British landscape on British land art. Fully illustrated, with a newly revised text for this edition. Bibliography and notes. ISBN 9781861714022. 352 pages. EXTRACT FROM THE CHAPTER ON ANDY GOLDSWORTHY One wonders whether Andy Goldsworthy would like to work in snow and ice more than in any other medium. In temperate snowlands one feels Goldsworthy is very much at home. Snow has all the right sorts of qualities Goldsworthy looks for in a material: it is malleable, it melts and changes, its whiteness makes for good, contrasty imagery photographically, and it seasonally alters the landscape, and later dissolves into it. In Goldsworthy's snowworks one senses also the sheer fun working with snow. For people in most of Britain, snow is not a occurrence each year, as it is in, say, Northern Russia or Alaska. Snow can be an exciting event (but British adults usually gripe it). Snow was a perennial delight and 'shock' for Goldsworthy. In Midsummer Snowballs he wrote that 'even in winter each snowfall is a shock, unpredictable and unexpected.' Goldsworthy retained the child-like enjoyment of snow falling in Britain throughout his life. While much of the U.K. grinds to a halt at the sight of a snowflake, Goldsworthy has the child's joy when it snows (school's cancelled, snowball fights, ice skating, sledging, and making snowmen and snowballs). Andy Goldsworthy speaks in wonder and awe of 'the effect, the excitement' of the first snowfall. Some of this excitement comes across in Goldsworthy's snowworks. He has made, for example, patterns in the snow by rolling a snowball around a field, exactly as kids do when it snows (1982 and 1987). Some of Goldsworthy's earliest works with snow were large snowballs. In some of these early snow pieces, Goldsworthy placed snowballs in areas such as woods and fields which didn't have any snow, so the snowballs stood out in the trees and grass (as in Ilkley, Yorkshire, 1981).

A Photographer at Work

A Photographer at Work Author Joe Cornish
ISBN-10 1902538609
Release 2010
Pages 141
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This highly original book explores the working methods and creative philosophy of one of the UK’s greatest landscape photographers. Over a three-year period, Joe Cornish and his co-author Eddie Ephraums, have created a unique documentary record of Joe’s photography in a variety of locations, from the Scottish Highlands to the north Conwall coast, via Northumberland and Joe’s much-loved North Yorkshire. Each location is used to address a particular aspect of the art and craft of landscape photography, through conversations between the authors, images of Cornish at work, plus his own pictures from each location. The pictures show us not one, definitive interpretation of each scene but alternative compositions and the development of photographic ideas, giving revealing insights into the photographer’s creative process. The book also documents Cornish’s gradual transition from a traditional, exclusively film-based way of working to one that now embraces the use of digital compact cameras, digital SLRs and, most recently, a large format digital camera. He describes the opportunities that each of these new tools has opened up, for example he now uses a digital compact both as a sketchbook and for exhibition-quality prints. Full of informative and inspirational images, fascinating insights and professional tricks of the trade, this book will appeal to Joe Cornish’s legions of fans and anyone with an interest in photographing the landscape.

The Northumberland Coast

The Northumberland Coast Author
ISBN-10 0711236070
Release 2014-07-03
Pages 128
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In The Northumberland Coast acclaimed photographer Joe Cornish records his visual impressions of a landscape that has enchanted him: its vast sandy bays and some of the most beautiful beaches in England, great castles such as Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh that are windswept memorials to a bygone age, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne with its compelling tidal causeway, fishing boats, colonies of seabirds, and uncommercialized coastal towns and villages. Supported by a commentary that blends recollections with historical anecdotes, his photographs capture the region's subtle beauty, intimacy and space.

The Wild Places

The Wild Places Author Robert Macfarlane
ISBN-10 1440638659
Release 2008-06-24
Pages 352
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?An eloquent (and compulsively readable) reminder that, though we?re laying waste the world, nature still holds sway over much of the earth?s surface.? ?Bill McKibben Are there any genuinely wild places left in Britain and Ireland? That is the question that Robert Macfarlane poses to himself as he embarks on a series of breathtaking journeys through some of the archipelago?s most remarkable landscapes. He climbs, walks, and swims by day and spends his nights sleeping on cliff-tops and in ancient meadows and wildwoods. With elegance and passion he entwines history, memory, and landscape in a bewitching evocation of wildness and its vital importance. A unique travelogue that will intrigue readers of natural history and adventure, The Wild Places solidifies Macfarlane?s reputation as a young writer to watch.

A History of Ancient Britain

A History of Ancient Britain Author Neil Oliver
ISBN-10 9780297867685
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 396
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Continues Neil's landmark exploration of how our land and its people came to be, which began with the acclaimed A HISTORY OF SCOTLAND. Who were the first Britons, and what sort of world did they occupy? In A HISTORY OF ANCIENT BRITAIN Neil Oliver turns a spotlight on the very beginnings of the story of Britain; on the first people to occupy these islands and their battle for survival. There has been human habitation in Britain, regularly interrupted by Ice Ages, for the best part of a million years. The last retreat of the glaciers 12,000 years ago brought a new and warmer age and with it, one of the greatest tsunamis recorded on Earth which struck the north-east of Britain, devastating the population and flooding the low-lying plains of what is now the North Sea. The resulting island became, in time, home to a diverse range of cultures and peoples who have left behind them some of the most extraordinary and enigmatic monuments in the world. Through what is revealed by the artefacts of the past, Neil Oliver weaves the epic story - half a million years of human history up to the departure of the Roman Empire in the Fifth Century AD. It was a period which accounts for more than ninety-nine per cent of humankind's presence on these islands. It is the real story of Britain and of her people.

The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders

The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders Author Adrian Tchaikovsky
ISBN-10 0953226085
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 252
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When we think of a wonder, our minds go most often to the great buildings of the past - the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge - but the human mind can make almost anything wondrous. We walk with wonders every day, through the power of curiosity and imagination and our human tendency to make stories about what we fear, what we desire, what we wish to understand. This collection offers new glimpses into the wonder we all feel. Discover standing stones, burial mounds, ruined castles and sunken cities: the ancient sites that litter our landscapes; the ancient wonders that possess a mysterious appeal that cannot be denied. Includes stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Aliette de Bodard, Peter Crowther, Anne Nicholls, Adrian Cole, Pauline E Dungate, Bryn Fortey, William Meikle, John Howard, James Brogden, Shannon Connor Winward, Misha Herwin, Lynn M Cochrane and Selina Lock.

The Power of Objects in Eighteenth Century British America

The Power of Objects in Eighteenth Century British America Author Jennifer Van Horn
ISBN-10 9781469629575
Release 2017-02-23
Pages 456
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Over the course of the eighteenth century, Anglo-Americans purchased an unprecedented number and array of goods. The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America investigates these diverse artifacts—from portraits and city views to gravestones, dressing furniture, and prosthetic devices—to explore how elite American consumers assembled objects to form a new civil society on the margins of the British Empire. In this interdisciplinary transatlantic study, artifacts emerge as key players in the formation of Anglo-American communities and eventually of American citizenship. Deftly interweaving analysis of images with furniture, architecture, clothing, and literary works, Van Horn reconstructs the networks of goods that bound together consumers in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston. Moving beyond emulation and the desire for social status as the primary motivators for consumption, Van Horn shows that Anglo-Americans' material choices were intimately bound up with their efforts to distance themselves from Native Americans and African Americans. She also traces women's contested place in forging provincial culture. As encountered through a woman's application of makeup at her dressing table or an amputee's donning of a wooden leg after the Revolutionary War, material artifacts were far from passive markers of rank or political identification. They made Anglo-American society.

The Age of Wonder

The Age of Wonder Author Richard Holmes
ISBN-10 0307378322
Release 2009-07-14
Pages 576
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The Age of Wonder is a colorful and utterly absorbing history of the men and women whose discoveries and inventions at the end of the eighteenth century gave birth to the Romantic Age of Science. When young Joseph Banks stepped onto a Tahitian beach in 1769, he hoped to discover Paradise. Inspired by the scientific ferment sweeping through Britain, the botanist had sailed with Captain Cook in search of new worlds. Other voyages of discovery—astronomical, chemical, poetical, philosophical—swiftly follow in Richard Holmes's thrilling evocation of the second scientific revolution. Through the lives of William Herschel and his sister Caroline, who forever changed the public conception of the solar system; of Humphry Davy, whose near-suicidal gas experiments revolutionized chemistry; and of the great Romantic writers, from Mary Shelley to Coleridge and Keats, who were inspired by the scientific breakthroughs of their day, Holmes brings to life the era in which we first realized both the awe-inspiring and the frightening possibilities of science—an era whose consequences are with us still. BONUS MATERIAL: This ebook edition includes an excerpt from Richard Holmes's Falling Upwards.