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Tics and Tourette Syndrome

Tics and Tourette Syndrome Author Uttom Chowdhury
ISBN-10 184310203X
Release 2004
Pages 160
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Annotation "Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders are very well known yet frequently misunderstood conditions. In this handbook, Dr. Uttom Chowdhury examines their signs, symptoms and possible causes. He offers sound advice and practical techniques for managing symptoms as well as reviewing the current medical treatments available. Strategies for dealing with associated problems such as bullying and low self-esteems are also offered, making this as essential read for parents and professionals caring for a child with Tourette Syndrome or tics."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Tic Disorders

Tic Disorders Author Uttom Chowdhury
ISBN-10 9780857009173
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 192
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This is the essential one-stop guide for parents of children and young people with tic disorders and the professionals who work with them. Drawing on current research and their own clinical experience, the authors provide up-to-date information on tic disorders and review the psychological, medical and alternative methods of managing symptoms. Written in clear, accessible language and with practical advice on how to support children with tics at home and in school, the book also includes essential information on the common co-occurring conditions and difficulties, such as ADHD, anxiety, OCD, autism, self-esteem issues and behavioural difficulties.

Treating Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders

Treating Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders Author Douglas W. Woods
ISBN-10 9781593854805
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 287
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Grounded in a comprehensive model of Tourette syndrome (TS) and related disorders, this state-of-the-art volume provides a multidisciplinary framework for assessment and treatment. Leading authorities present the latest knowledge on the neurobehavioral underpinnings of TS, its clinical presentation, and how to distinguish it from frequently encountered co-occurring disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Strategies for managing symptoms and providing effective support to children and families are thoroughly detailed, with an emphasis on integrating medication and psychosocial therapies. Several chapters also address clinical work with adults with TS. User friendly and practical, the book includes three reproducible assessment tools.

Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette s

Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette s Author Sheila Rogers DeMare
ISBN-10 1583944389
Release 2011-07-26
Pages 360
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This welcome guide explains how to treat tics and Tourette syndrome using natural and alternative therapies, with a focus on environmental medicine and nutritional and dietary therapy. The status of behavioral and counseling therapies, EEG biofeedback, homeopathy, bodywork, energy medicine, and Chinese medicine as approaches are explored. Author Sheila Rogers DeMare discusses a range of categories of tics including spasmodic facial movements, eye blinking, mild sounds and vocalizations. She persuasively counters the medical establishment’s standard claim that such disorders are “mysterious” and based only in genetics. The dramatic spike in cases, she argues, belies this explanation. Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette’s takes a closer look at the environmental factors and underlying physical imbalances that trigger these conditions’ symptoms. In this second edition to Tics and Tourette's: Breakthrough Discoveries in Natural Treatments, DeMare offers a detailed natural treatment plan. No more will patients have to rely on traditional, drug-based treatments that often carry multiple side effects. In eight sections, the book offers advice from medical experts, the latest reports in medical research, a checklist of common tic triggers, inspirational stories from families who have successfully conquered tics and Tourette’s, and practical worksheets for readers to use in their treatment and research. Each of the 23 chapters includes a place for notes and “Takeaway Tips” summarizing key points.

Nix Your Tics

Nix Your Tics Author B. Duncan McKinlay
ISBN-10 0981068405
Release 2008
Pages 144
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Nix Your Tics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Nix Your Tics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Nix Your Tics book for free.

Coping with Tourette Syndrome

Coping with Tourette Syndrome Author Sandra Buffolano
ISBN-10 9781572246324
Release 2008
Pages 119
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Coping with Tourette Syndrome includes forty activities to help children with Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders learn to manage their symptoms in a variety of situations, explain their tics to others, and make friends.

Why Do You Do That

Why Do You Do That Author Uttom Chowdhury
ISBN-10 9781843103950
Release 2006
Pages 96
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Discusses what tourette syndrome is, how it is treated, how to cope, and what the future will be with this condition.

Mental Health Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Mental Health Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome Author Mohammad Ghaziuddin
ISBN-10 9781843107279
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 252
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Annotation Despite increasing interest, very little is known about the occurrence of psychiatric disorders in persons with autism and Asperger Syndrome. Mental Health Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome alerts parents and professionals to the occurrence of common emotional and psychological problems in autism (e.g. schizophrenia, violence, depression, anxiety, tics) and provides sound advice for the detection and treatment of psychiatric problems in people with ASDs. The conditions described in this book are those that Dr Ghaziuddin, an experienced psychiatrist specialising in autism, has most commonly seen in autistic children and adults, although Dr Ghaziuddin clearly states that he is not proposing a direct link between psychiatric disorders and autism, but is rather recognising the need to systematically characterise commonly occurring disorders, with the hope that this will lead to their early recognition and treatment.

A Practical Guide to Mental Health Problems in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

A Practical Guide to Mental Health Problems in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Author Alvina Ali
ISBN-10 9780857006974
Release 2013-10-21
Pages 288
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Exploring the relationship between ASD and mental health difficulties, this book offers practical guidance to help parents and professionals recognise and handle co-morbid conditions, and dispels the myth that they are just a part of autism. The authors cover a wide range of common mental health problems experienced by children with ASD, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, psychosis, stress, tics and depression, and illustrate these issues with case studies. They also provide vital advice in an accessible format and suggest strategies to ease the difficulties which arise from these co-morbid conditions. This book is essential reading for professionals working with children on the autism spectrum and is an accessible and practical resource for parents and carers.

Digital Kids

Digital Kids Author Martin L. Kutscher
ISBN-10 9781784502966
Release 2016-10-21
Pages 128
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For many children and teens daily Internet use is the norm - but where should we draw the line when it comes to digital media usage? This handy book lays out the essential information needed to understand and prevent excessive Internet use that negatively impacts behaviour, education, family life, and even physical health. Martin L. Kutscher, MD analyses neurological, psychological and educational research and draws on his own experience to show when Internet use stops being a good thing and starts to become excessive. He shows how to spot digital addictions, and offers whole family approaches for limiting the harmful effects of too much screen time, such as helping kids to learn to control their own Internet use. He tackles diverse questions ranging from the effects of laptops in the classroom and reading on a digital screen, to whether violent videogames lead to aggression. The author also explains how ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can make you more susceptible to Internet addiction, suggesting practical strategies to suit these specific needs. Discussing both the good and bad aspects of the internet, this book tells you everything you need to know to help children and young people use the internet in a healthy, balanced way.

The Tourette Syndrome and OCD Checklist

The Tourette Syndrome and OCD Checklist Author Susan Conners
ISBN-10 9780470623336
Release 2011-08-02
Pages 172
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Up-to-date, reliable information about Tourette Syndrome andrelated disorders for teachers and parents Children with TS are often teased and punished for the unusualyet uncontrollable symptoms of their disorder. Academic failure iscommon. The Tourette Syndrome/OCD Checklist helps parents andteachers to better understand children and youth with TS and/or OCDand provide the support and interventions these children need.Presented in a simple, concise, easy-to-read checklist format, thebook is packed with the latest research, practical advice, andinformation on a wide range of topics. Provides a wealth of information on Tourette Syndrome,Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and related conditions Includes strategies for discipline and behavior management,advice on supporting and motivating kids with TS and OCD, homeworktips, and more Shows how to educate peer students about TS and OCD Loaded with practical information, strategies, and resources,this book helps parents and teachers to better understand TouretteSyndrome and OCD and shows how every individual can reach theirpotential in school and in life.

Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD LD Autism Spectrum Tourette s Anxiety and More

Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD  LD  Autism Spectrum  Tourette s  Anxiety  and More Author Martin L. Kutscher
ISBN-10 9780857008824
Release 2014-03-21
Pages 320
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The completely updated and expanded new edition of this well-established text incorporates DSM-5 changes as well as other new developments. The all-in-one guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neuro-behavioral disorders in children – from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety, to autism spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, Tourette's, sensory integration problems, and executive dysfunction. A completely revised chapter on the autism spectrum by Tony Attwood explains not only new understanding in the field, but the new diagnostic criteria, and the anticipated usage of the term 'Asperger's Syndrome'. Dr. Kutscher provides accessible information on causes, symptoms, interactions with other conditions, and treatments. He presents effective behavioral strategies for responding to children who display traits of these disorders – whether at home, at school, or in other settings – along with case vignettes and practical tips. Finally, a chapter on the role of medications summarizes current knowledge. The author's sympathetic yet upbeat approach and skillful explanations of the inner world of children in the syndrome mix make this an invaluable companion for parents, teachers, professionals, and anyone else who needs fast and to-the-point advice on children with special needs.

PANDAS and PANS in School Settings

PANDAS and PANS in School Settings Author Patricia Rice Doran
ISBN-10 9781784501662
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 208
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PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep) and PANS (Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) occur when an abnormal immune response produces brain inflammation, leading to unusual psychological symptoms in children. Symptoms can include OCD, tics, ADHD, anxiety disorders, sensory issues and marked personality changes. This practical handbook explains how educators can distinguish between these symptoms and pre-existing conditions, and offers strategies for supporting students with PANDAS and PANS in school settings. Contributions from experts provide educators with the understanding needed to be able to collaboratively identify PANDAS and PANS, and carry out effective interventions. As the rate of incidence of PANDAS and PANS increases, this book will be an essential resource for school staff in getting to grips with these complex disorders and overcoming the challenges they present.

Tic Talk

Tic Talk Author Dylan Peters
ISBN-10 1589851625
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 50
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Dylan Peters has lived with Tourette Syndrome more than half of his young life. Only four years old when he was first diagnosed with TS, Dylan is now nine and ready to enter the fourth grade. What he's learned of tolerance and acceptance during those five years most of us fail to learn in an entire lifetime. In his own words — often humorous, always insightful — Dylan helps others young and old understand Tourette Syndrome and the enormous pressures this little mysterious affliction places on those who have it and on those who love them. Illustrated by Dylan's friend Zachary Wendland.

Disorganized Children

Disorganized Children Author Samuel M. Stein
ISBN-10 9781843101482
Release 2006
Pages 342
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In this book, psychiatrists, speech, family and occupational therapists and neurodevelopment specialists present a range of behavioural and psychological strategies to help disorganized children improve concentration and performance in the classroom and deal with a variety of behaviour and social interaction difficulties.

Managing Tourette Syndrome

Managing Tourette Syndrome Author Douglas W. Woods
ISBN-10 019971228X
Release 2008-08-20
Pages 80
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If you suffer from Tourette Syndrome (TS), or any other chronic motor or vocal tic disorder, you know how difficult it can be to manage your symptoms. You may be taking medication or working with a medical doctor to control your tics. If you are seeking an alternative or adjunctive treatment, you may wish to try the scientifically proven behavior therapy program described in this workbook. Behavior therapy can teach you skills for effectively managing your tics. Designed to be used in conjunction with visits to a qualified mental health professional, this workbook outlines an 11-session treatment package for adults and children with tic disorders. Behavior therapy can teach you skills for effectively managing your tics. Designed to be used in conjunction with visits to a qualified mental health professional, this workbook outlines an 11-session treatment package for adults and children with tic disorders. The goal of this program is not to cure your disorder, but to teach you the best ways to manage it so that you can improve your quality of life and look to the future with optimism. TreatmentsThatWorkTM represents the gold standard of behavioral healthcare interventions! · All programs have been rigorously tested in clinical trials and are backed by years of research · A prestigious scientific advisory board, led by series Editor-In-Chief David H. Barlow, reviews and evaluates each intervention to ensure that it meets the highest standard of evidence so you can be confident that you are using the most effective treatment available to date · Our books are reliable and effective and make it easy for you to provide your clients with the best care available · Our corresponding workbooks contain psychoeducational information, forms and worksheets, and homework assignments to keep clients engaged and motivated · A companion website ( offers downloadable clinical tools and helpful resources · Continuing Education (CE) Credits are now available on select titles in collaboration with PsychoEducational Resources, Inc. (PER)

A Practical Guide to Social Interaction Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders

A Practical Guide to Social Interaction Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Michelle O'Reilly
ISBN-10 9781137592361
Release 2017-11-16
Pages 362
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This book introduces a novel approach for examining language and communication in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) - discourse and conversation analysis. The authors offer a set of very different perspectives on these complex issues than are typically presented in psychological and clinical work. Emerging from a range of social scientific fields, discourse and conversation analysis involve fine-grained qualitative analysis of naturally-occurring, rather than laboratory-based, interaction, enabling broad applications. Presented in two parts, this innovative volume first provides a set of pedagogical chapters to develop the reader's knowledge and skills in using these approaches, before moving to showcase the use of discursive methods through a range of original contributions from world-leading scholars, drawn from a range of disciplines including sociology, academic and clinical psychology, speech and language therapy, critical disability studies and social theory, and medicine and psychiatry.