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Tides of Consent

Tides of Consent Author James A. Stimson
ISBN-10 9781316404706
Release 2015-08-25
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Politics is a trial in which those in government - and those who aspire to serve - make proposals, debate alternatives, and pass laws. Then the jury of public opinion decides. It likes the proposals or actions or it does not. It trusts the actors or it does not. It moves, always at the margin, and then those who benefit from the movement are declared winners. This book is about that public opinion response. Its most basic premise is that although public opinion rarely matters in a democracy, public opinion change is the exception. Public opinion rarely matters because the public rarely cares enough to act on its concerns or preferences. Change happens only when the threshold of normal public inattention is crossed. When public opinion changes, governments rise or fall, elections are won or lost, and old realities give way to new demands.

Dangerous Frames

Dangerous Frames Author Nicholas J. G. Winter
ISBN-10 9780226902388
Release 2008-11-15
Pages 224
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In addition to their obvious roles in American politics, race and gender also work in hidden ways to profoundly influence the way we think—and vote—about a vast array of issues that don’t seem related to either category. As Nicholas Winter reveals in Dangerous Frames, politicians and leaders often frame these seemingly unrelated issues in ways that prime audiences to respond not to the policy at hand but instead to the way its presentation resonates with their deeply held beliefs about race and gender. Winter shows, for example, how official rhetoric about welfare and Social Security has tapped into white Americans’ racial biases to shape their opinions on both issues for the past two decades. Similarly, the way politicians presented health care reform in the 1990s divided Americans along the lines of their attitudes toward gender. Combining cognitive and political psychology with innovative empirical research, Dangerous Frames ultimatelyilluminates the emotional underpinnings of American politics.

Ideology in America

Ideology in America Author Christopher Ellis
ISBN-10 9781107019034
Release 2012-04-16
Pages 206
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This book explains why the American public thinks of itself as conservative, but supports liberal positions on specific policy matters. Much scholarly work and popular commentary discusses the ideology of the American public: whether the public should be thought of as liberal or conservative, and why. This book is the first to focus squarely on the contradiction in public attitudes. By doing so, it can provide a broader explanation of American political ideology, and how American citizens connect their own beliefs and values to the choices presented by policy makers.

Who Gets Represented

Who Gets Represented Author Peter K. Enns
ISBN-10 9781610447225
Release 2011-01-10
Pages 388
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An investigation of policy preferences in the U.S. and how group opinion affects political representation. While it is often assumed that policymakers favor the interests of some citizens at the expense of others, it is not always evident when and how groups’ interests differ or what it means when they do. Who Gets Represented? challenges the usual assumption that the preferences of any one group—women, African Americans, or the middle class—are incompatible with the preferences of other groups. The book analyzes differences across income, education, racial, and partisan groups and investigates whether and how differences in group opinion matter with regard to political representation. Part I examines opinions among social and racial groups. Relying on an innovative matching technique, contributors Marisa Abrajano and Keith Poole link respondents in different surveys to show that racial and ethnic groups do not, as previously thought, predictably embrace similar attitudes about social welfare. Katherine Cramer Walsh finds that, although preferences on health care policy and government intervention are often surprisingly similar across class lines, different income groups can maintain the same policy preferences for different reasons. Part II turns to how group interests translate into policy outcomes, with a focus on differences in representation between income groups. James Druckman and Lawrence Jacobs analyze Ronald Reagan’s response to private polling data during his presidency and show how different electorally significant groups—Republicans, the wealthy, religious conservatives—wielded disproportionate influence on Reagan’s policy positions. Christopher Wlezien and Stuart Soroka show that politicians’ responsiveness to the preferences of constituents within different income groups can be surprisingly even-handed. Analyzing data from 1876 to the present, Wesley Hussey and John Zaller focus on the important role of political parties, vis-à-vis constituents’ preferences, for legislators’ behavior. Who Gets Represented? upends several long-held assumptions, among them the growing conventional wisdom that income plays in American politics and the assumption that certain groups will always—or will never—have common interests. Similarities among group opinions are as significant as differences for understanding political representation. Who Gets Represented? offers important and surprising answers to the question it raises.

Electoral Democracy

Electoral Democracy Author Michael MacKuen
ISBN-10 0472068202
Release 2003
Pages 351
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Top scholars in the field survey the study of elections and democracy

Public Opinion

Public Opinion Author Carroll J. Glynn
ISBN-10 9780429972881
Release 2018-01-31
Pages 420
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Public Opinion is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary examination of public opinion in the United States. Drawing on scholarship in political science, psychology, sociology, and communications, the authors explore the nature of political and social attitudes in the United States and how these attitudes are shaped by various institutions, with an emphasis on mass media. The book also serves as a provocative starting point for the discussion of citizen moods, political participation, and voting behavior. Feature boxes and illustrations throughout help students understand all aspects of the elusive phenomenon we call public opinion. The third edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect how public opinion is studied today, and to incorporate current data and debates. The book now contains two revised and reframed theory chapters 'Group Membership and Public Opinion' and 'Public Opinion and Social Process', as well as new coverage of the influence of online and social media on public opinion, especially in issue opinions and campaigns.

Red State Blue State Rich State Poor State

Red State  Blue State  Rich State  Poor State Author Andrew Gelman
ISBN-10 9781400832118
Release 2009-12-07
Pages 256
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On the night of the 2000 presidential election, Americans watched on television as polling results divided the nation's map into red and blue states. Since then the color divide has become symbolic of a culture war that thrives on stereotypes--pickup-driving red-state Republicans who vote based on God, guns, and gays; and elitist blue-state Democrats woefully out of touch with heartland values. With wit and prodigious number crunching, Andrew Gelman debunks these and other political myths. This expanded edition includes new data and easy-to-read graphics explaining the 2008 election. Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State is a must-read for anyone seeking to make sense of today's fractured political landscape.

Peddling Prosperity

Peddling Prosperity Author Paul R. Krugman
ISBN-10 0393312925
Release 1995
Pages 303
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The author of The Age of Diminished Expectations looks at the evolution of economic ideas in America, discussing the work of Milton Friedman, Reaganomics, and academic economists from the Left. 12,000 first printing.

Congress at the Grassroots

Congress at the Grassroots Author Richard F. Fenno Jr.
ISBN-10 0807860638
Release 2003-06-19
Pages 192
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However much politicians are demeaned and denounced in modern American society, our democracy could not work without them. For this reason, says Richard Fenno, their activities warrant our attention. In his pioneering book, Home Style, Fenno demonstrated that a close look at politicians at work in their districts can tell us a great deal about the process of representation. Here, Fenno employs a similarly revealing grassroots approach to explore how patterns of representation have changed in recent decades. Fenno focuses on two members of the U.S. House of Representatives who represented the same west-central Georgia district at different times: Jack Flynt, who served from the 1950s to the 1970s, and Mac Collins, who has held the seat in the 1990s. His on-the-scene observation of their differing representational styles--Flynt focuses on people, Collins on policy--reveals the ways in which social and demographic changes inspire shifts in representational strategies. More than a study of representational change in one district, Congress at the Grassroots also helps illuminate the larger subject of political change in the South and in the nation as a whole.

The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion

The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion Author John Zaller
ISBN-10 0521407869
Release 1992-08-28
Pages 367
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In this book John Zaller develops a comprehensive theory to explain how people acquire political information from the mass media and convert it into political preferences. Using numerous specific examples, Zaller applies this theory in order to explain the dynamics of public opinion on a broad range of subjects, including both domestic and foreign policy, trust in government, racial equality, and presidential approval, as well as voting behavior in U.S. House, Senate and Presidential elections. Particularly perplexing characteristics of public opinion are also examined, such as the high degree of random fluctuations in political attitudes observed in opinion surveys and the changes in attitudes due to minor changes in the wording of survey questions.

Public Opinion In America

Public Opinion In America Author James Stimson
ISBN-10 9780429974427
Release 2018-03-14
Pages 192
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Public opinion matters. It registers itself on the public consciousness, translates into politics and policy, and impels politicians to run for office and, once elected, to serve in particular ways.This is a book about opinion?not opinions. James Stimson takes the incremental, vacillating, time-trapped data points of public opinion surveys and transforms them into a conceptualization of public mood swings that can be measured and used to predict change, not just to describe it. To do so, he reaches far back in U.S. survey research and compiles the data in such a way as to allow the minutiae of attitudes toward abortion, gun control, and housing to dissolve into a portrait of national mood and change.Using sophisticated techniques of coding, statistics, and data equalization, the author has amassed an unrivaled database from which to extrapolate his findings. The results go a long way toward calibrating the folklore of political eras, and the cyclical patterns that emerge show not only the regulatory impulse of the 1960s and 1970s and the swing away from it in the 1980s; the cycles also show that we are in the midst of another major mood swing right now?what the author calls the ?unnoticed liberalism? of current American politics.Concise, suggestive, and eminently readable, Public Opinion in America is ideal for courses on public opinion, public policy, and methods, as well as for introductory courses in American government. Examples and illustrations abound, and appendixes document the measurement of policy mood from survey research marginals. This revised second edition includes updated data on public opinion and voters through the 1996 presidential election.

Exclusion by Elections

Exclusion by Elections Author John D. Huber
ISBN-10 9781316872772
Release 2017-05-02
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Exclusion by Elections develops a theory about the circumstances under which 'class identities' as opposed to 'ethnic identities' become salient in democratic politics, and links this theory to issues of inequality and the propensity of governments to address it. The book argues that in societies with even modest levels of ethnic diversity, inequality invites ethnic politics, and ethnic politics results in less redistribution than class politics. Thus, contrary to existing workhorse models in social science, where democracies are expected to respond to inequality by increasing redistribution, the argument here is that inequality interacts with ethnic diversity to discourage redistribution. As a result, inequality often becomes reinforced by inequality itself. The author explores the argument empirically by examining cross-national patterns of voting behaviour, redistribution and democratic transitions, and he discusses the argument's implications for identifying strategies that can be used to address rising inequality in the world today.

Why Representation Matters

Why Representation Matters Author Simon Chauchard
ISBN-10 9781107125926
Release 2017-02-20
Pages 322
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This book explores how political quotas mandating inclusion of marginalized groups socially impact the intergroup relations.

2016 and Beyond

2016 and Beyond Author Whit Ayres
ISBN-10 1927967392
Release 2015-03-12
Pages 222
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"Whit Ayres provides both a diagnosis of the GOP's problems and a prescription for the cure. In plain language with do's and don'ts for Republican candidates and campaigns, Ayres has written the best analysis of current American politics I have read in years." -- Charlie Cook, Editor and Publisher, Cook Political Report --///-- Society is changing at unprecedented speeds, and these changes are having dramatic effects on the American political landscape. 2016 and Beyond explores public opinion on hot-button issues like immigration, health care, gay rights, abortion, national security, taxes and spending, and the role of government. With unsparing honesty, 2016 and Beyond explains how GOP candidates must adapt to these changes to win the presidency without compromising Republican principles. --///-- Leading GOP pollster Whit Ayres draws upon 30 years of campaign experience and data-driven research from his own firm and that of other highly-respected polling organizations to deliver this insightful commentary. The result is a fascinating and highly readable exploration of how new candidates, new messages, and a new tone are needed for Republicans to win the presidency in the New America. --///-- 2016 and Beyond belongs in the arsenal of any political junkie, candidate, or student of the game. --///-- "For years, no Republican has thought more deeply than Whit Ayres about the implications for his party of the demographic and cultural changes remaking America. In this engaging and accessible book, he's produced an intriguing roadmap to this new landscape that should be essential reading for any Republican who wants to win back the White House in 2016; any Democrat who wants to stop them; and anyone else who wants to understand the evolving political dynamics of a rapidly changing America." -- Ron Brownstein, National Political Reporter, National Journal --///-- "Dr. Whit Ayres is one of the brightest stars in our party, and this book will show you why his is such a respected, influential voice. I don't agree with every idea in this book; but in a political party that has to attract some 70 million votes in 2016 to elect a Republican president, it is silly to think everybody would agree on everything. Ours is a big, broad, diverse party, and we can't let purity be the enemy of victory." -- Governor Haley Barbour, Former Chairman, Republican National Committee and Republican Governors Association --///-- "Read this book and you will be alarmed: Our Republican Party is running out of voters. Whit Ayres makes a frighteningly urgent case that, in an increasingly diverse America, we Republicans have to broaden the appeal of our principles to Hispanic and minority voters, millennials and women, or the GOP will soon go the way of the Whigs." -- Alex Castellanos, Founder, --///-- "Whit Ayres is among the smartest thinkers in American politics. 2016 and Beyond is a must read for GOP candidates, campaign operatives, political journalists and anyone who wants to understand American politics today. Where I agree with him, I'm reassured; in the rare places I disagree, I worry that I'm wrong. Move this book to the top of your priority reading list." -- Steve Hayes, Weekly Standard and FOX News

Democracies at War

Democracies at War Author Dan Reiter
ISBN-10 1400824451
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 304
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Why do democracies win wars? This is a critical question in the study of international relations, as a traditional view--expressed most famously by Alexis de Tocqueville--has been that democracies are inferior in crafting foreign policy and fighting wars. In Democracies at War, the first major study of its kind, Dan Reiter and Allan Stam come to a very different conclusion. Democracies tend to win the wars they fight--specifically, about eighty percent of the time. Complementing their wide-ranging case-study analysis, the authors apply innovative statistical tests and new hypotheses. In unusually clear prose, they pinpoint two reasons for democracies' success at war. First, as elected leaders understand that losing a war can spell domestic political backlash, democracies start only those wars they are likely to win. Secondly, the emphasis on individuality within democratic societies means that their soldiers fight with greater initiative and superior leadership. Surprisingly, Reiter and Stam find that it is neither economic muscle nor bandwagoning between democratic powers that enables democracies to win wars. They also show that, given societal consent, democracies are willing to initiate wars of empire or genocide. On the whole, they find, democracies' dependence on public consent makes for more, rather than less, effective foreign policy. Taking a fresh approach to a question that has long merited such a study, this book yields crucial insights on security policy, the causes of war, and the interplay between domestic politics and international relations.

Congressional Government

Congressional Government Author Woodrow Wilson
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044031984040
Release 1901
Pages 344
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Congressional Government has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Congressional Government also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Congressional Government book for free.

Speech Language Pathology Assistants

Speech Language Pathology Assistants Author Jennifer A. Ostergren
ISBN-10 9781597569255
Release 2014-01-15
Pages 464
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Speech Language Pathology Assistants has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Speech Language Pathology Assistants also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Speech Language Pathology Assistants book for free.