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Tilly Author Frank E. Peretti
ISBN-10 1581345607
Release 2003
Pages 128
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A deeply moving story of forgiveness for a woman who struggles to reconcile herself with the memory of a child she aborted nine years previously.

Silly Tilly

Silly Tilly Author Eileen Spinelli
ISBN-10 0761455256
Release 2009
Pages 32
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Tilly is not an ordinary goose


Why Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 1400837782
Release 2012-08-23
Pages 224
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Why? is a book about the explanations we give and how we give them--a fascinating look at the way the reasons we offer every day are dictated by, and help constitute, social relationships. Written in an easy-to-read style by distinguished social historian Charles Tilly, the book explores the manner in which people claim, establish, negotiate, repair, rework, or terminate relations with others through the reasons they give. Tilly examines a number of different types of reason giving. For example, he shows how an air traffic controller would explain the near miss of two aircraft in several different ways, depending upon the intended audience: for an acquaintance at a cocktail party, he might shrug it off by saying "This happens all the time," or offer a chatty, colloquial rendition of what transpired; for a colleague at work, he would venture a longer, more technical explanation, and for a formal report for his division head he would provide an exhaustive, detailed account. Tilly demonstrates that reasons fall into four different categories: Convention: "I'm sorry I spilled my coffee; I'm such a klutz." Narratives: "My friend betrayed me because she was jealous of my sister." Technical cause-effect accounts: "A short circuit in the ignition system caused the engine rotors to fail." Codes or workplace jargon: "We can't turn over the records. We're bound by statute 369." Tilly illustrates his topic by showing how a variety of people gave reasons for the 9/11 attacks. He also demonstrates how those who work with one sort of reason frequently convert it into another sort. For example, a doctor might understand an illness using the technical language of biochemistry, but explain it to his patient, who knows nothing of biochemistry, by using conventions and stories. Replete with sparkling anecdotes about everyday social experiences (including the author's own), Why? makes the case for stories as one of the great human inventions.

Matthew and Tilly

Matthew and Tilly Author Rebecca C. Jones
ISBN-10 0140556400
Release 1995
Pages 32
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Like all good friends, Matthew and Tilly have an occasional tiff, but their friendship prevails despite their differences.

Identities Boundaries and Social Ties

Identities  Boundaries and Social Ties Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 9781317257875
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 284
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Identities, Boundaries and Social Ties offers a distinctive, coherent account of social processes and individuals' connections to their larger social and political worlds. It is novel in demonstrating the connections between inequality and de-democratization, between identities and social inequality, and between citizenship and identities. The book treats interpersonal transactions as the basic elements of larger social processes. Tilly shows how personal interactions compound into identities, create and transform social boundaries, and accumulate into durable social ties. He also shows how individual and group dispositions result from interpersonal transactions. Resisting the focus on deliberated individual action, the book repeatedly gives attention to incremental effects, indirect effects, environmental effects, feedback, mistakes, repairs, and unanticipated consequences. Social life is complicated. But, the book shows, it becomes comprehensible once you know how to look at it.

Hello Tilly

Hello Tilly Author Polly Dunbar
ISBN-10 1406340243
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 32
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Tilly lives in a little yellow house with her best friends. In this first book of the series, meet Tiptoe and Hector, Doodle, Pru and Tumpty as they play the trumpet, bang the drum, eat a feast and dance the wiggly-woo!

Tall Tilly

Tall Tilly Author Jillian Powell
ISBN-10 0237527944
Release 2004
Pages 32
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'Zig Zag' is a series of very short stories for the youngest of readers. These compact and brightly illustrated books are no more than 150 words long.


Democracy Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 9781139465199
Release 2007-04-02
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Democracy identifies the general processes causing democratization and de-democratization at a national level across the world over the last few hundred years. It singles out integration of trust networks into public politics, insulation of public politics from categorical inequality, and suppression of autonomous coercive power centres as crucial processes. Through analytic narratives and comparisons of multiple regimes, mostly since World War II, this book makes the case for recasting current theories of democracy, democratization and de-democratization.

Tilly and the rhinoceros

Tilly and the rhinoceros Author Sheila White Samton
ISBN-10 UOM:49015001411934
Release 1993-03-24
Pages 32
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By her sweet and caring ways, Tilly the goose turns a grumpy rhinoceros who threatens the economic life of the village into a delightful, helpful friend to all.

The Politics of Collective Violence

The Politics of Collective Violence Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 0521531454
Release 2003-03-17
Pages 276
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This book, first published in 2003, attempts to explain collective violence and to identify the best ways to mitigate it.

Durable Inequality

Durable Inequality Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 0520221702
Release 1999
Pages 299
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Annotation Provides a fresh look at the causes and effects of inequality, drawing attention to the place of unequal categories in exploitation.


Gemma Author Meg Tilly
ISBN-10 1429957700
Release 2010-02-16
Pages 224
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After Hazen Wood kidnaps twelve-year-old Gemma Sullivan, the two embark upon a cross-country journey that tests the limits of Gemma's endurance. In scenes of physical and sexual violence, Hazen tries to destroy the young girl's will. When she does manage to escape he drags her back and threatens to have her arrested for the violent acts he performs. It is only Gemma's resilience and fertile imagination that protects her from the worst of the trauma she suffers. And, in the end, it is the healing power of unconditional love that gives Gemma the courage to speak out against her abuser at last and claim the life she deserves. Alternating between the voices of Gemma and Hazen Wood, Meg Tilly has brilliantly brought to life powerful and unforgettable characters that will leave you thinking about them long after you turn the last page.

Contentious Politics

Contentious Politics Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 9780190255053
Release 2015
Pages 268
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"An analysis of the major contentious events over the course of the past ten years"--

Regimes and Repertoires

Regimes and Repertoires Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 9780226803531
Release 2010-02-15
Pages 240
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The means by which people protest—that is, their repertoires of contention—vary radically from one political regime to the next. Highly capable undemocratic regimes such as China's show no visible signs of popular social movements, yet produce many citizen protests against arbitrary, predatory government. Less effective and undemocratic governments like the Sudan’s, meanwhile, often experience regional insurgencies and even civil wars. In Regimes and Repertoires, Charles Tilly offers a fascinating and wide-ranging case-by-case study of various types of government and the equally various styles of protests they foster. Using examples drawn from many areas—G8 summit and anti-globalization protests, Hindu activism in 1980s India, nineteenth-century English Chartists organizing on behalf of workers' rights, the revolutions of 1848, and civil wars in Angola, Chechnya, and Kosovo—Tilly masterfully shows that such episodes of contentious politics unfold like loosely scripted theater. Along the way, Tilly also brings forth powerful tools to sort out the reasons why certain political regimes vary and change, how the people living under them make claims on their government, and what connections can be drawn between regime change and the character of contentious politics.

Tilly and the Buttons Stretch

Tilly and the Buttons  Stretch Author Tilly Walnes
ISBN-10 1787131173
Release 2018-03-20
Pages 192
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Stretch! offers perfect proof that easy-to-wear clothes can be seriously stylish with a collection of outfits that combine the comfort of stretch fabrics with Tilly Walnes' signature look. Even experienced stitchers are often wary of working with stretch knit fabrics, but in this book Tilly demystifies the techniques needed and shows how to sew stretchy makes on a regular sewing machine – no need for a fancy overlocker. Aimed at dressmakers who have grasped the basics and want to expand their sewing horizons, Tilly's tried-and-tested, learn-as-you-make approach is structured around six made-to-measure, speedy-to-sew garments. Tilly's friendly instructions and the clear step-by-step photographs are accompanied by lots of tips and tricks to make your sewing a breeze, and the multiple variations and ideas will help you customize your garment to suit your own style.

Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny

Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny Author Lillian Hoban
ISBN-10 9780064441278
Release 1989-01-15
Pages 32
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One morning Silly Tilly Mole wakes up and smells jelly beans. She thinks sheforgot to remember Easter. She wants to ask the Easter Bunny in for a cup of tea, but where are her glasses and Easter bonnet? Tilly is so silly she forgets what she's looking for--and almost misses Easter!

Evolution of the Horse Brain

Evolution of the Horse Brain Author Tilly Edinger
ISBN-10 9780813710259
Release 1948
Pages 177
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Evolution of the Horse Brain has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Evolution of the Horse Brain also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Evolution of the Horse Brain book for free.