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Time Management for Teachers

Time Management for Teachers Author Nelson, Ian
ISBN-10 9781136353314
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 80
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Increased administrative duties, the National Curriculum, new tests and extra marking mean that teachers are under more pressure than ever. This book provides practical ideas for successful time management.

Time Management for Teachers

Time Management for Teachers Author Nelson, Ian
ISBN-10 9781136353314
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 80
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Increased administrative duties, the National Curriculum, new tests and extra marking mean that teachers are under more pressure than ever. This book provides practical ideas for successful time management.

Time management for teachers

Time management for teachers Author Cathy Collins Block
ISBN-10 UVA:X001139459
Release 1987-02
Pages 252
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Time management for teachers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Time management for teachers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Time management for teachers book for free.

Time Management for Teachers

Time Management for Teachers Author Scott Purdy
ISBN-10 0964136635
Release 1995-06-01
Pages 143
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Time Management for Teachers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Time Management for Teachers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Time Management for Teachers book for free.

Managing Teacher Workload

Managing Teacher Workload Author Sara Bubb
ISBN-10 1412901235
Release 2004-09-27
Pages 129
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By showing you what you can do to assess, manage, and reduce the time you spend on school work, this book will help you achieve a better work-life balance.

Presentation Skills for Teachers

Presentation Skills for Teachers Author Harris, Jean
ISBN-10 9781135358549
Release 2013-09-13
Pages 98
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Teachers are often required to give presentations to adult groups. Covering all aspects of the presentation event, this book examines areas such as: overcoming fears of speaking in public; researching the audience and subject; and planning, structuring and timing the presentation.

Qualities of Effective Teachers

Qualities of Effective Teachers Author James H. Stronge
ISBN-10 9781416604617
Release 2007
Pages 198
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Remember those great teachers who made you excited about learning? Remember how it felt to be in their classes and to experience how they made their classrooms come alive? What made those teachers special? What qualities and skills did they have to ignite student learning? Most important, how did those teachers help their students become successful? In Qualities of Effective Teachers, 2nd edition, James H. Stronge shows educators how to recreate this same excitement and enthusiasm in their own classrooms by describing the characteristics and skills of effective teachers. Stronge synthesizes research to identify specific teacher behaviors that contribute to student achievement. Rather than look at outside factors like demographics, district leadership, and state mandates, Stronge focuses specifically on what teachers can control: their own preparation, personality, and practices. Learn how effective teachers *Prepare to be effective educators. *Establish, manage, and maintain learning-focused classroom environments. *Organize time, communicate expectations, and plan instruction. *Present curriculum to support active and engaged learning. *Monitor student progress, identify student potential, and meet the needs of special populations in the classroom. This second edition includes new tips and tools for engaging at-risk students and high-ability students. It also includes skills checklists and an expanded, annotated bibliography to provide a springboard for further insight and exploration. Teachers, educators who hire teachers, teacher leaders, supervisors, and teachers-in-training can all use this book to learn to how to develop better teachers and to improve the quality of learning for all students.

Successful Classroom Management

Successful Classroom Management Author Richard H. Eyster
ISBN-10 9781402241215
Release 2010-07
Pages 400
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The first book to address head-on the most in-demand and troubling issue for teachers: how to control their classroom.

Pastoral Leadership

Pastoral Leadership Author Marilyn Nathan
ISBN-10 9781134660063
Release 2006-05-23
Pages 216
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It is becoming clear to educational managers that successful schools are schools which take pastoral care seriously and train their managers in pastoral leadership. Improving Your Management Skills is a practical guide for pastoral leaders and managers. The book surveys all aspects of the pastoral leader's role and provides step-by-step guidance towards effectiveness. As well as being an OFSTED inspector for primary and secondary schools, Marilyn Nathan regularly runs courses for LEAs on pastoral leadership that include heads and deputy heads as well as managers. Written in an extremely reader-friendly style, this practical guide surveys all aspects of the pastoral leader's role. It provides managers and all teachers who have a pastoral responsibility with real, step-by-step guidance towards effectiveness. An introduction to pastoral leadership, this book provides advice and practical suggestions on how to improve your expertise as a manager. Each chapter includes case studies based on the experience of real schools, questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading. Pastoral Leadership will be of interest to all pastoral leaders, new and experienced, who want to develop good practice.

Get Organized

Get Organized Author Frank Buck
ISBN-10 9781596670723
Release 2008
Pages 131
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Offers advice for school administrators on the topic of time management, covering such topics as organizational tools, prioritization, digital data management systems, and multiple project management.

Qualities of Effective Principals

Qualities of Effective Principals Author James H. Stronge
ISBN-10 9781416607441
Release 2008
Pages 250
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What does it take to be a good school principal? No two principals work in exactly the same way, but research shows that effective principals do focus on a core set of factors that are critical to fostering success for all students. In Qualities of Effective Principals, James H. Stronge, Holly B. Richard, and Nancy Catano delineate these factors and show principals how to successfully balance the needs and priorities of their school and continuously develop and refine their leadership skills. Throughout the book, the authors provide readers with helpful tools and extensive research that will help them to *Develop a blueprint for sustained school leadership *Create an effective school climate for learning *Select, support, and retain high-quality teachers and staff *Assess instructional high quality *Build a foundation for organizational management *Create, maintain, and strengthen community relationships *Make contributions to the professional educational community *Define their critical role in student achievement This book also includes practical skills checklists, quality indicators and red flags for effective leadership, and an extensive annotated bibliography. Qualities of Effective Principals is an excellent resource for both experienced and new principals committed to developing and leading strong schools that help all students succeed.

Time Management for Department Chairs

Time Management for Department Chairs Author Christian K. Hansen
ISBN-10 1118087259
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 160
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"Department chairs who have asked themselves the question 'Who knows where the time goes' should ask Christian Hansen for the answer. His book, Time Management for Department Chairs, will help chairs maximize the investment of their most important resources—their time, focus, and energy."—Don Chu, author, The Department Chair Primer "Department chairs take note: Hansen's Time Management for Department Chairs can change your life in just three hours. Written by a seasoned academic chair, the author offers practical ideas and strategic advice about how to increase your day-to-day effectiveness (and sanity) by using proven approaches to managing expectations, organizing tasks, running meetings, monitoring communication, controlling calendars, avoiding interruptions, containing crises, and everything else in between. If you want to learn how to strike a better work-life balance, this book should be at the top of your reading list!"—Christine Licata, senior associate provost, Rochester Institute of Technology "It's about time—the resource department chairs have the least of and what faculty want the most! Christian Hansen's book is filled with insights, techniques, and artful strategies to help chairs maximize their time while working effectively with faculty and balancing their personal and professional lives. This book is a life saver!"—Walter Gmelch, dean, University of San Francisco

The Key Elements of Classroom Management

The Key Elements of Classroom Management Author Joyce McLeod
ISBN-10 9780871207876
Release 2003
Pages 195
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An easy-to-read guide offers an introduction to effective classroom management, including tips on setting up a classroom, establishing routines, and pacing the curriculum.

What s the Deal with Teens and Time Management

What s the Deal with Teens and Time Management Author Leslie Josel
ISBN-10 0990889157
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 88
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Time management is a challenge for everyone, but it is a particularly daunting challenge for middle and high school students. There is an expectation that at their age they should be independent and know how to get things done on their own. But teens are busier than ever. Between homework, school, afterschool activities, family, friends, jobs, and more, teens often find that their time is truly NOT their own. Add in the fact that they often lack the tools to manage their time; maybe it's a little unrealistic for parents to expect their teenagers to instinctively know how to manage time. "What's the Deal with Teens and Time Management" takes parents step-by-step through the basics of teaching their teens the time management skills they need to succeed-at school, at work and in life! This is a user-friendly guide full of best practice solutions for helping teens stay on top of their homework, avoid procrastination traps, get out the door in the morning with minimal conflict and manage the use of their electronics. In a readable, breezy and witty fashion, Josel opens the door to the world of time management, what it really means, why it's important and why your teen probably doesn't "get it." And throughout the book, Josel offers up the "Triple Ts" - her tried and true Tips, Tools and Techniques - to provide support and guidance for parents looking to help their teens understand, develop and implement time management skills. In this book, you'll learn: The FIVE mindsets parents need to start their teen on the journey of time management awareness. How to create a "Personal Homework Profile" to better understand how your teen tackles homework. How to help your teen create a time sense and develop "future awareness." How to pick an appropriate paper or electronic academic planner and how to properly plan their time. How to create a peaceful and calm morning routine to get your teen out the door in the morning without anxiety and frustration. Case studies, useful resources, Leslie's straight talk and much, much more! Time Management is a Life Skill that Doesn't Come Naturally to Everyone. It Can be Learned."

Teaching Skills For Dummies

Teaching Skills For Dummies Author Sue Cowley
ISBN-10 9781119996705
Release 2010-12-23
Pages 384
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Being a “good teacher” is a difficult goal to achieve, being largely dependent on a huge variety of skills outside of the main curriculum. Teaching Skills For Dummies focuses on these ‘soft’ skills of teaching, from maintaining discipline to creating engaging lesson plans and monitoring performance. This essential guide promises to help teachers gain the respect of their pupils, manage potential confrontations and ultimately get the best out of both their careers and their students. Teaching Skills For Dummies includes information on: Developing Your Teaching Style Teaching a Class Managing a Class Dealing with Different Kinds of People Succeeding Beyond the Classroom “Don’t let the title fool you; this is an essential guide and resource for any aspiring teacher. Sue Cowley uses her experience and insight to provide a comprehensive and informative resource, packed with excellent advice and brilliant suggestions for making both teaching and learning effective. A must for any teacher’s bookshelf!” - Peter Hadfield, Principal lecturer in Education, University of Bedfordshire

Time Management and Organizational Skills for Students And Their Parents Too

Time Management and Organizational Skills for Students  And Their Parents Too    Author Amy Morris
ISBN-10 1456592521
Release 2011-02-24
Pages 60
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Knowing how to manage your time means: less stress, more free time, greater efficiency, increased productivity, and better grades. From scheduling to prioritizing, backpacks to lockers, private space to shared space, here's the information you need to get and stay organized - with confidence.

Assessing Language Teachers Professional Skills and Knowledge

Assessing Language Teachers  Professional Skills and Knowledge Author Rosemary Wilson
ISBN-10 9781107499782
Release 2015-01-31
Pages 397
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"The growth in English language teaching worldwide and the related increase in teacher training programmes of all kinds highlight the need for greater accountability in the assessment of teachers. The need for formal summative assessment has taken on greater importance in training programmes and requires procedures which do not always sit easily with the development process, while transparency of assessment procedures is also increasingly demanded by the candidates themselves. This edited volume discusses key issues in assessing language teachers' professional skills and knowledge and provides case study illustrations of how teacher knowledge and teaching skills are assessed at pre-service and in-service levels within the framework of the Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications. The volume provides: - discussion of ways in which the changing nature of English language teaching has impacted on teacher education and assessment - examples of specific assessment procedures for both teaching knowledge and practical classroom skills - accounts of the ways in which the Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications have been integrated into and adapted for local contexts. This is the first volume of its kind wholly dedicated to language teacher assessment and as such will be of interest to language teachers and teacher educators as well as to researchers and postgraduate students"--