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Tramp Ships

Tramp Ships Author Roy Fenton
ISBN-10 9781848321588
Release 2013-11-13
Pages 192
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The tramp ship was the taxi of the seas. With no regular schedules, it voyaged anywhere and everywhere, picking up and dropping off cargoes, mainly bulk cargoes such as coal, grain, timber, china clay and oil. It was the older and slower vessels that tended to find their way into this trade, hence the tag 'tramp', though new tramps were built, often with the owner's eye on chartering to the liner companies. In this new book by the well-known author Roy Fenton, their evolution is described over the course of more than 100 years, from the 1860s, when the steam tramp developed from the screw collier, until it was largely replaced by the specialist bulk carrier in the 1980s. ??An introduction looks at the design and building of tramps before going on to describe the machinery, from simple triple-expansion turbines to diesel engines. Their operation and management and the life of the officers and crews is also covered. The meat of the book is to be found in the 300 wonderfully evocative photographs of individual ships which illustrate the development of the tramp and its trades through the last years of the 19th century, the two world wars, and the postwar years. Each caption gives the dimensions, the owners and the builder, and outlines the career, with notes on trades and how they changed over a ship's lifetime. Design features are highlighted and notes on machinery included. This will become a classic work, to inspire all merchant ship enthusiasts and historians.

A History of Greek Owned Shipping

A History of Greek Owned Shipping Author Gelina Harlaftis
ISBN-10 9781134990115
Release 2005-08-17
Pages 480
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Greek-owned shipping has been at the top of the world fleet for the last twenty years. Winner of the 1997 Runciman Award, this richly sourced study traces the development of the Greek tramp fleet from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. Gelina Harlaftis argues that the success of Greek-owned shipping in recent years has been a result not of a number of entrepreneurs using flags of convenience in the 1940s, but of networks and organisational structures which date back to the nineteenth century. This study provides the most comprehensive history of development of modern Greek shipping ever published. It is illustrated with numerous maps and photographs, and includes extensive tables of primary data.

Cargo Liners

Cargo Liners Author Ambrose Greenway
ISBN-10 9781848321298
Release 2012-02-29
Pages 184
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For 100 years, between 1850 and 1950, the cargo liner grew to dominate the world’s trade routes, providing regular services that merchants, shippers and importers could rely on; they carried much of the world’s higher value manufactured goods and raw materials and their services spread to most corners of the world. They were the tool of the world’s first phase of globalization. This new book, evocatively illustrated with a magnificent collection of more than 300 photographs, begins with the establishment of routes around Europe and across the North Atlantic in the 1850s. Not until the Liverpool ship owner and engineer, Alfred Holt, developed high-pressure compound engines were coal-powered vessels able to steam further afield, to the Far East and Australia. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cemented the dominance of the cargo liner and only with the appearance of the first container ship in the 1950s was that dominance finally overthrown. With its informative introductory texts and abundant photographs, this book will appeal to ship enthusiasts around the world and to all those who mourn the passing of the golden age of the steamship.

Oars Sails and Steam

Oars  Sails  and Steam Author Edwin Tunis
ISBN-10 0801869323
Release 2002
Pages 77
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Records the evolution of shipbuilding from the first dugouts and Egyptian sailboats to the snorkel submarine and air-conditioned luxury liner.

Along the Waterfront

Along the Waterfront Author William H. Miller
ISBN-10 9781445654096
Release 2016-02-15
Pages 128
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An evocative guide to the New York docks in the days of On the Waterfront by 'Mr Ocean Liner' William Miller.

The World s Merchant Fleets 1939

The World s Merchant Fleets  1939 Author Roger Jordan
ISBN-10 1591149592
Release 2006
Pages 624
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This heavily illustrated book presents the details and fates of merchant ships lost between 1939 and 1945.

Tramp Art

Tramp Art Author Helaine W. Fendelman
ISBN-10 1556709056
Release 1999
Pages 159
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The unusual and often stunning world of tramp art is revealed in an illustrated introduction to this unique art form, which was mostly created by itinerant artists and often exchanged for food during the Depression.

A Tramp Shipping Dynasty Burrell Son of Glasgow 1850 1939

A Tramp Shipping Dynasty  Burrell   Son of Glasgow  1850 1939 Author R. A. Cage
ISBN-10 0313303460
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 213
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A history of the development of tramp shipping commerce into the age of steam, including data on shipbuilding, ownership, and operation.

Looking Back at Traditional Cargo Ships

Looking Back at Traditional Cargo Ships Author Andrew Wiltshire
ISBN-10 190295369X
Release 2015-04-14
Pages 80
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Looking Back at Traditional Cargo Ships has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Looking Back at Traditional Cargo Ships also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Looking Back at Traditional Cargo Ships book for free.

J and C Harrison

J  and C  Harrison Author Malcolm Cooper
ISBN-10 1901703231
Release 2012
Pages 104
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One of London's most successful tramp ship operators, in business from 1887 to 1979. Particularly successful at playing the market, and buying and selling ships at the right time. Harrisons' fleet was rebuilt in the 1930s, but suffered grievous war losses, which are fully documented. A depleted post-war fleet included two bulk carriers and managed coasters. Few tramp ship companies have been as well documented.

The Innocents Abroad

The Innocents Abroad Author Mark Twain
ISBN-10 UCI:31970033862472
Release 1872
Pages 246
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Being some account of the steamship Quaker City's pleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy Land. Volumes one and two, complete in one volume. Illustrated.

Last of the Saddle Tramps

Last of the Saddle Tramps Author Messanie Wilkins
ISBN-10 1590480430
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 215
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Historically the world of equestrian travel has contained an exciting mixture of unique men and women. Some are adventurers seeking danger from the back of their horses. Others are travelers discovering the beauties of the countryside they slowly ride through. A few are searching for inner truths while cantering across desolate parts of the planet. Then there is Messanie Wilkins. She was acting on orders from the Lord! In 1954, at the age of 63, Wilkins had plenty to worry about. A destitute spinster in ill health, Wilkins had been told she had less than two years left to live, provided she spent them quietly. With no family ties, no money, and no future in her native Maine, Wilkins decided to take a daring step. Using the money she had made from selling homemade pickles, Wilkins bought a tired summer camp horse and made preparations to ride from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Ocean. Yet before leaving she flipped a coin, asking God to direct her to go or not. When the coin came up heads several times in a row, one of America s most unlikely equestrian heroines set off. What followed was one of the twentieth century's most remarkable equestrian journeys. Accompanied by her faithful horse, Tarzan, Wilkins suffered through a host of obstacles including blistering deserts and freezing snow storms, yet never lost faith that she would complete her 7,000 mile odyssey. Last of the Saddle Tramps is thus the warm and humorous story of a humble American heroine bound for adventure and the Pacific Ocean. The classic tale is amply illustrated with photographs.

Greetings from E Street

Greetings from E Street Author Robert Santelli
ISBN-10 0811853489
Release 2006-09-28
Pages 98
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Greetings from E Street celebrates the passionately loved group that has been entertaining the world for 35 years. Written with their cooperation, this fully illustrated informal biography combines rare photographs with 30 removable facsimiles of E Street memorabilia, including Bruce Springsteen's first business card and hand-written set list, and even two fabulous posters. Longtime band intimate Robert Santelli captures the ecstatic highs and devastating lows on the E Street Band's roller coaster ride to stardom. He follows the band from the early days in Asbury Park, New Jersey, to the critical acclaim of Born to Run, the mania of Born in the U.S.A. and international touring, and each member's unique projects. Throughout, the band's signature combination of friendship, humor, and stellar musicianship is revealed in stories, snapshots, and the ephemera of life of the road. Warm and personal, Greetings from E Street is a postcard from the most famous address in rock and roll.

Cargo Liners and Tramps

Cargo Liners and Tramps Author Mark Lee Inman
ISBN-10 1445673843
Release 2018-04-15
Pages 96
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Mark Lee Inman looks at some of the beautiful postcards used as souvenirs on some less-glamorous ocean-going ships of the twentieth century.


Coasters Author Roy Fenton
ISBN-10 9781473813229
Release 2011-10-19
Pages 192
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John Masefield’s ‘dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack, butting through the Channel in the mad March days’ has become a ship type of universal appeal, both for its simple, functional beauty and its faithful toil before the advent of universal road haulage. In this new book a collection of more than 300 photographs has been drawn together to tell the story of the development of the steam and diesel coasters, which originated mainly in the UK and the Netherlands. The term ‘coaster’ embraces a huge range of types including the steam colliers, the puffers, packets, steam flats and lighters mainly designed for inland seas, then the ubiquitous steam coaster itself, built in large numbers for use around British shores but also further afield in every corner of the world. Coastal tankers and other specialist types like chemical and cement carriers also evolved. As well as the details of the ships themselves, the book covers cargo handling and stowing, machinery, the coastal trades, the owners and builders and, not least, the crews and their jobs and their lives at sea. A hugely evocative and illuminating book to delight and inform ship enthusiasts everywhere.

Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail

Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail Author Sam Jefferson
ISBN-10 9781472900296
Release 2014-10-09
Pages 240
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In the era of commercial sail, clipper ships were the ultimate expression of speed and grace. Racing out to the gold fields of America and Australia, and breaking speed records carrying tea back from China, the ships combined beauty with breathtaking performance. With over 200 gorgeous paintings and illustrations, and thrilling descriptions of the adventures and races on the water, this beautiful book brings the era vividly to life. Chapters include: The origins of the clippers - from the gold rush to the tea trade A hell ship voyage with 'Bully' Waterman, one of the most successful and notorious captains of the era Marco Polo, the fastest ship in the world - her rise to prominence and subsequent decline Mary Patten's battle with Cape Horn - a lady captain takes charge in a very male world Mutiny aboard the 'wild boat of the Atlantic' The great China tea race of 1866 - an amazingly close race across the world, only decided in the final few miles The Sir Lancelot defies the odds - her eccentric captains and rivalry with the legendary Thermopylae The Cutty Sark's longest voyage First-hand accounts, newspaper reports and log entries add fascinating eyewitness detail, whilst the stunning images show how the designs of these thoroughbreds developed over the years. A wonderful read and worthy celebration of these racehorses of the sea.

Emmet Otter s Jug Band Christmas

Emmet Otter s Jug Band Christmas Author Russell Hoban
ISBN-10 9781524714598
Release 2017-10-24
Pages 40
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The inspiration for the beloved Jim Henson film is back in print after over 40 years. In 1977, when Jim Henson debuted the now-classic film Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, few knew it was based on a story written and illustrated by Russell and Lillian Hoban, creators of Bread and Jam for Frances and other treasured children’s books. With an enduring score by the great Paul Williams, the movie remains a holiday viewing tradition in homes across America. Now the book that started it all is back in print, in a beautiful gift edition that will thrill Muppets fans young and old. Inspired by the classic tale “The Gift of the Magi,” the story begins in a poor country cottage, as Emmet Otter dreams of buying his Ma a piano for Christmas, while Ma dreams of buying Emmet a guitar. When a village talent contest is announced, both imagine their dreams coming true. But what they don’t imagine finding is their real reward—the power of love, family, and hope in hard times. It is a story that reaches into a reader’s heart and reminds us all that fortune favors the brave. "[A] welcome reissue of the Hobans’ 1971 story . . . Colorful illustrations of the close-knit animal community contain plenty of warmth."—The Horn Book