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Transitions Author William Bridges
ISBN-10 9780738211428
Release 2004-08-11
Pages 208
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Whether it is chosen or thrust upon you, change brings both opportunities and turmoil. Since first published 25 years ago, Transitions has helped hundreds of thousands of readers cope with these issues by providing an elegantly simple yet profoundly insightful roadmap of the transition process. With the understanding born of both personal and professional experience, William Bridges takes readers step by step through the three stages of any transition: The Ending, The Neutral Zone, and, in time, The New Beginning. Bridges explains how each stage can be understood and embraced, leading to meaningful and productive movement into a hopeful future. With a new introduction highlighting how the advice in the book continues to apply and is perhaps even more relevant today, and a new chapter devoted to change in the workplace, Transitions will remain the essential guide for coping with the one constant in life: change.


Overwhelmed Author Nancy K. Schlossberg
ISBN-10 9781461663133
Release 2007-10-28
Pages 216
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Overwhelmed helps people make sense out of the transitions they face in every day life. This book is based on years of research—studies of people moving, adults returning to school, people whose jobs were eliminated, retirment, non-events like not having a baby, not getting promoted. These studies resulted in the development of a generic framework for understanding any type of transition. Based on this research, Overwhelmed presents a step-by-step approach to turning overwhelming transitions into challenging experiences. By systemically sizing up transitions and one's resources for dealing with them, people can learn how to build on their strengths, cut their losses, and even grow in the process.


Jobshift Author William Bridges
ISBN-10 1857881133
Release 1996
Pages 262
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What is disappearing today is not just a certain number of jobs, or jobs in certain industries, or jobs in some parts of the UK - or even jobs in the West as a whole. What is disappearing is the very thing itself: the job. In fact, many organizations are today well along the path towards being de-jobbed.

Making Sense of Change Management

Making Sense of Change Management Author Esther Cameron
ISBN-10 9780749464363
Release 2012-05-03
Pages 488
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Written for students and professionals alike, Making Sense of Change Management is the classic text in the field of change management. It is aimed at anyone who wants to understand why change happens, how it happens and what needs to be done to make change a welcome rather than a dreaded concept. It offers considered insights into the many frameworks, models and ways of approaching change and helps the reader to apply the right approach to each unique situation. This completely revised and fully updated new edition includes new chapters on managing change in tough and uncertain times and the deeper skills of becoming a true agent of change.

The Way Of Transition

The Way Of Transition Author William Bridges
ISBN-10 073820529X
Release 2001-12-06
Pages 256
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William Bridges' lifelong work has been devoted to a deep understanding of transitions and to helping others through them. When his own wife of thirty-five years died of cancer, however, he was thrown head-first into the kind of painful and confusing abyss he had known before only in theory. An honest account of being in transition, this uncommonly wise and moving book is a richly textured map of the personal, professional, and emotional transformations that grow out of tragedy and crisis. Demonstrating how disillusionment, sorrow, or confusion can blossom into a time of incredible creativity and contentment, Bridges highlights the profound significance and value of endings in our lives.

Career Counseling and Development in a Global Economy

Career Counseling and Development in a Global Economy Author Patricia Andersen
ISBN-10 9780840034595
Release 2011-04-20
Pages 400
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Accessible, practical, and succinct, CAREER COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, 2nd Edition thoroughly prepares students for career counseling in today’s marketplace. Maximizing student success, the text supports learning and understanding through its unique Career Diamond pedagogical model that helps students synthesize and apply career counseling theories. Cutting-edge case studies demonstrate the use of techniques and the application of theory. The new edition includes updated research, new coverage of the economic crisis, and an all-new Chapter 17 Professional Issues: Ethics and Research. The text also offers thorough coverage of special populations--such as clients in the welfare-to-work program--and the impact of the global economy. Offering comprehensive coverage in a concise format, this popular text remains extremely student friendly with an emphasis on process. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Managing Transitions

Managing Transitions Author William Bridges
ISBN-10 9781857884258
Release 2011-01-11
Pages 182
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From the most trusted voice on transition, this is a thoroughly updated and expanded edition of the classic guide to dealing with the human side of organizational change. Directed at managers and employees alike in today's business world where constant change is the norm and mergers, redundancy, bankruptcy and restructuring have become common phenomena, this work addresses the fact that it is people that have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding changes. This is an expanded and revised third edition with new introduction and afterword.

Life span Development

Life span Development Author Leonie Sugarman
ISBN-10 9781134651535
Release 2004-03-01
Pages 256
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This thorough revision of the highly successful first edition offers the reader a wide-ranging and thought provoking account of human development throughout the life-span.

Creating You Co

Creating You   Co Author William Bridges
ISBN-10 1857881540
Release 1997
Pages 185
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"In today's new business environment, workers must begin to think of themselves as independent contractors, not lifetime employees"

Organizational transitions

Organizational transitions Author Richard Beckhard
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105038475336
Release 1977
Pages 110
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Organizational transitions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Organizational transitions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Organizational transitions book for free.

The Handbook of Federal Government Leadership and Administration

The Handbook of Federal Government Leadership and Administration Author David H. Rosenbloom
ISBN-10 9781315439235
Release 2016-10-26
Pages 300
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Public management is context dependent, rather than generic. That may sound obvious, but in the late 1920s through the 1930s, a dominant strand of thought considered public administration to be a "single process," wherever practiced. Today by contrast, federal administration is distinguished from private enterprise, nonprofit management, and state and local governmental practices by the combined effects of its scope and scale; the constitutional separation of powers, federalism, and protection of individual rights; and administrative law requirements for stakeholder participation, representation, transparency, privacy, due process and other democratic-constitutional values. The Handbook of Federal Leadership and Administration is a state-of-the art guide to the unique features of federal administration, informed by the latest theoretical developments, research, and practical applications, and the leadership and management of federal agencies. Written by "pracademics" with federal practitioners specifically in mind, the handbook is designed to bridge the gap between academic and applied public administration by identifying what resonates with practitioners as they search for usable theories and research findings to improve performance. Combining rigor and relevance in the study and practice of federal administration, it includes chapters on theory, history, reform initiatives, leadership, necessary skill sets, budgeting, power and influence, political embeddedness, change management, separated and shared executive, legislative, and judicial powers, effective communication, ethics, and emerging concepts and challenges. It will be essential reading for federal practitioners, scholars, and "pracademics" alike.

Master Change Maximize Success

Master Change  Maximize Success Author Rebecca Potts
ISBN-10 0811841707
Release 2004
Pages 160
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Change is inevitable in any organization. Master Change, Maximize Success is a guide to understanding it and learning to make the most of the opportunities that it provides. This latest addition to the Positive Business series inspires with bold illustrations and a series of Work Solutions - practical exercises designed to teach success. Master Change, Maximize Success gives readers the tools to assess when change is necessary - to stay competitive, to innovate, to grow - and then how to create new strategies to energize managers, teams, and individuals. Authors Rebecca Potts and Jeanenne LaMarsh speak from their experience as consultants to address resistance to change, overcome common obstacles, and evaluate results - leading people and process with positive results.

The Switching Hour

The Switching Hour Author Evon O. Flesberg
ISBN-10 9781426724909
Release 2010-09-01
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The Switching Hour is that time both hoped for and dreaded, when children go from one world to another as they shuttle between divorced parents. Written from the child's point of view, this book will help parents simplify family life as children transition between parents. Filled with facts and practical advice, The Switching Hour stresses that, even with the best intentions and parenting skills, children and parents must come to terms with living divided lives. "Besides parents experiencing a divorce, The Switching Hour should be read by every teacher, child care worker, minister and children's worker. Perhaps every lawmaker, judge, lawyer, social worker, and welfare staff should also be required to read it." --Linda Ranson Jacobs, DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids) Executive Director "Profound, passionate, courageous, deeply insightful . . . Dr. Flesberg has heeded Elijah’s call 'to turn the hearts of parents to their children.' (Malachi 4:6 and Luke 1:17). To read and use this book is to be confident that our children in our homes, churches and synagogues will be loved, protected, listened to, and cared for during their parents divorce and all the years following. Clergy often witness role reversal in divorce where the children cease to be the children and become the caretakers of their parents. Dr. Flesberg provides a concrete book which helps any parent and child to keep close through and following divorce. There is real healing on these pages. This book is a warm coat in a chilling wind. Professor Flesberg’s book fulfills an urgent need in our homes and faith communities. There is healing, God’s healing, in these pages. Help has come. --April Ulring Larson is Bishop of the LaCrosse, Wisconsin Area of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America "In this book, Dr. Flesberg makes the point that children in divorce have feelings. They are more than just chess pieces to be moved around to satisfy the needs or demands of the parents. The painful and poignant stories in this book, told from the perspective of a child, should help parents, attorneys, judges, mediators, and counselors understand how to consider children more in their plans. She makes it clear the traumatic toll on children is all too real. Dr. Flesberg gives many good suggestions and thought-provoking ideas to help parents and children post-divorce." --Marietta Shipley,The Mediation Group of Tennessee, LLC, Nashville "Some 20 million children in the U.S. are shuttled between divorced parents. At each change, at each 'switch' of location, children confront burdens and fears visible only to themselves. In this generous book, Dr. Flesberg reveals those burdens and fears to the parents, grandparents, teachers, and counselors who wish to help. The Switching Hour is an essential book for families, teachers, and caretakers." --Volney P. Gay, Ph. D., Vanderbilt University, Nashville "Through quotations, letters, postcards, and vivid scenarios and vignettes, Evon Flesberg captures the hardship that children of divorce experience by living in two homes. She also gives specific suggestions for helping children cope with 'the switching hour' and other challenges in their lives."-- -William Bernet, M.D., co-author of Children of Divorce: A Practical Guide for Parents, Therapists, Attorneys, and Judges "Evon Flesberg, has written an important work. She illuminates our understanding by flipping the switch on a national dilemma: kids of divorce saying hello and goodbye again and again. The poignant stories of these kids present us with voices most often never heard, and give us insights to their fears, pain, frustrations, and challenges. Begging the question . . . What can we do? Evon presents clear guidelines of both words that can be spoken and actions to take that will make all the difference in the lives and future of these children. Her recommendations will serve as a guide to true caring, compassion, and understanding . --Teresa Flint-Borden, author, Women Married to Men in Ministry: Breaking the Sound Barrier Together From the Circuit Rider review: "The Switching Hour is that somewhat anguished period of time, that period of difficult and often uncomfortable 'hello’s' and 'goodbye’s' as a child moves between the home of one divorced parent to the home of another. The Switching Hour is a resource that is needed and long overdue."

Wild Courage

Wild Courage Author Elle Harrison
ISBN-10 9781780280479
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 192
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Wild Courage is unique in consciously bringing the worlds of business and spirituality together. This book is for all those who find themselves facing a period of difficult inner and outer change. It could be an individual facing bankruptcy or redundancy, or a business in crisis, losing its way in a troubled market and needing to innovate to stay afloat in a changing world. Maybe you're struggling with how to lead your organisation through change, or how to provide comfort, support and inspiration to your subordinates, peers and team members. Or maybe the call to change is more subtle and more personal. It might present itself as a lack of fulfilment; a longing to be involved with more meaningful work, to make a more tangible contribution; a general unease with the ethics and integrity of your organisation; a concern about the environmental and social impact of your company; a sense of having lost yourself on the path to 'success'; the feeling that your life and work have become too small. Or maybe everything seems just fine in your life ...yet still your heart tells you that it's time for change. Elle Harrison guides us on a journey towards soulful leadership. 'I wanted to share the creativity, insight and wisdom of these soul perspectives with the business world and help to bring more wisdom and integrity into business.' Blending together the story of her own personal journey and the experiences of her clients with traditional myths, insights into the natural world, spiritual teachings and stories from inspirational leaders, Wild Courage challenges us to engage and embark upon our own adventure of change, summoning courage and wildness - to 'dig for gold in the shadows of the personal and the collective unconscious'.


Brag Author Peggy Klaus
ISBN-10 0446709786
Release 2014-07-02
Pages 100
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It is well-documented that working hard isn't enough to keep your professional star rising: Self-promotion is recognized as one of the most important attributes for getting ahead.

Repacking Your Bags

Repacking Your Bags Author Richard J. Leider
ISBN-10 9781609945497
Release 2012
Pages 209
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Outlines strategies by which readers can envision and take steps toward happier, less stressful, and more meaningful lives, likening human life to a journey and offering suggestions on how to implement simpler and more focused means of achieving positive desires. Original. 35,000 first printing.


Transitions Author Elliott S Dacher MD
ISBN-10 0983637121
Release 2016-06-13
Pages 152
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For each of us there are times when life seems to fall apart. This may occur gradually or with an unexpected suddenness. At such times, we may realize that we have reached a pivotal moment in life when we can no longer avoid the soul's call. We know there is something more at hand-something more meaningful and possible for our life. That's how it was for me. More than once I found myself confronting such a life transition. I searched for guidance from the usual people- psychologists, physicians, and others. They were of little help. I then turned to the great stories of transition that have been told and retold throughout history. It was there that I found an authentic, precise, and reliable roadmap for successfully navigating a life transition, transforming seeming adversity into a more fulfilled life. These great stories guide us through the 6 stages of a life transition: "The Call to a Larger Life, The Departure, The In-Between Time, Lessons Learned, The Return, " and "The Gold." An understanding of each of these stages enabled me to confidently move forward towards a revitalized life. I wish to share this practical wisdom and guidance with you, along with supportive advice and practices. I know you can rely upon, as did I, the guidance of a clear and well traveled path through the darkness to a more authentic life of soul and spirit.