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Travelling Home Walkabout Magazine and Mid Twentieth Century Australia

Travelling Home   Walkabout Magazine  and Mid Twentieth Century Australia Author Mitchell Rolls
ISBN-10 9781783085385
Release 2016-07-06
Pages 260
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'Travelling Home' provides a detailed analysis of the contribution that the mid twentieth-century 'Walkabout' magazine made to Australia’s cultural history. Spanning five central decades of the twentieth century (1934-1974), 'Walkabout' was integral to Australia’s sense of itself as a nation. By advocating travel—both vicarious and actual—'Walkabout' encouraged settler Australians to broaden their image of the nation and its place in the Pacific region. In this way, 'Walkabout' explicitly aimed to make its readers feel at home in their country, as well as including a diverse picture of Aboriginal and Pacific cultures. Given its wide availability and distribution, together with its accessible and entertaining content, 'Walkabout' changed how Australia was perceived, and the magazine is recalled with nostalgic fondness by most if not all of its former readers. Drawing on interdisciplinary scholarship, 'Travelling Home' engages with key questions in literary, cultural, and Australian studies about national identity and modernity. The book’s diverse topics demonstrate how 'Walkabout' canvassed subtle and shifting fields of representation; as a result, this analysis produces complex and nuanced readings of Australian literary and cultural history.

Differential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering

Differential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering Author William E. Schiesser
ISBN-10 9781118705162
Release 2014-03-31
Pages 344
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Features a solid foundation of mathematical and computational tools to formulate and solve real-world PDE problems across various fields With a step-by-step approach to solving partial differential equations (PDEs), Differential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering: Partial Differential Equation Applications with R successfully applies computational techniques for solving real-world PDE problems that are found in a variety of fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, and physiology. The book provides readers with the necessary knowledge to reproduce and extend the computed numerical solutions and is a valuable resource for dealing with a broad class of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations. The author’s primary focus is on models expressed as systems of PDEs, which generally result from including spatial effects so that the PDE dependent variables are functions of both space and time, unlike ordinary differential equation (ODE) systems that pertain to time only. As such, the book emphasizes details of the numerical algorithms and how the solutions were computed. Featuring computer-based mathematical models for solving real-world problems in the biological and biomedical sciences and engineering, the book also includes: R routines to facilitate the immediate use of computation for solving differential equation problems without having to first learn the basic concepts of numerical analysis and programming for PDEs Models as systems of PDEs and associated initial and boundary conditions with explanations of the associated chemistry, physics, biology, and physiology Numerical solutions of the presented model equations with a discussion of the important features of the solutions Aspects of general PDE computation through various biomedical science and engineering applications Differential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering: Partial Differential Equation Applications with R is an excellent reference for researchers, scientists, clinicians, medical researchers, engineers, statisticians, epidemiologists, and pharmacokineticists who are interested in both clinical applications and interpretation of experimental data with mathematical models in order to efficiently solve the associated differential equations. The book is also useful as a textbook for graduate-level courses in mathematics, biomedical science and engineering, biology, biophysics, biochemistry, medicine, and engineering.

The Second Father

The Second Father Author Domenico Cacciola
ISBN-10 9780702252174
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 228
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Growing up with racism and discrimination compelled former undercover cop and Sicilian immigrant Domenico “Mick” Cacciola into a life fighting for justice. In this gripping autobiography, Mick—who joined the Queensland Police Force—provides insight into one of Australia’s most notorious eras of police and political corruption. Exposing Mick’s long and bitter personal battle with now-disgraced police commissioner Terry Lewis and bagman Jack Herbert, this is the engrossing story of survival and endurance of an honest, young detective struggling to support a family while working for a corrupt police force.

Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda Author Dennis O'Keeffe
ISBN-10 9781742377063
Release 2012
Pages 294
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An expose of two cover-ups: one the death of a swagman by a billabong; the other, a torrid affair between Banjo Paterson and his fiancee's best friend, and how the two events come together in Australia's best-loved national song. Australians know Waltzing Matilda, written by their most popular poet Banjo Paterson, as their most loved song and unofficial national anthem. What Australians don't know is that their song is embroiled in a web of secrecy, violence and a triangular love affair. Written at a pivotal time in Australia's history, Waltzing Matilda is as important to Australian culture as events like the Eureka Stockade and the story of Ned Kelly. One hundred and fifteen years after the writing of Waltzing Matilda, Australians continue to be fascinated with the song and sing it proudly wherever they meet to celebrate. Given the facts outlined in this story, they will be further captivated and embrace the song for decades to come.


Transgressions Author Ingereth Macfarlane
ISBN-10 9781921313431
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 249
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"This volume brings together an innovative set of readings of complex interactions between Australian Aboriginal people and colonisers. It has its origins in 2003 when Mark Hannah, then a doctoral student in the Centre for Cross Cultural Research at The Australian National University, invited a group of early career scholars to meet in Canberra. They brought their diverse social science and humanities backgrounds to the uncovering of creative Indigenous responses to the colonial encounter in Australia, and fresh ways of writing about these. Their studies were focused in diverse parts of Australia and on different time periods, but shared a common interest in developing critical re-assessments of Australian colonial and anti-colonial histories. Their meeting encouraged face-to-face exchanges that could short-circuit the isolation often experienced by cross-disciplinary, original scholars. It also emphasised writerly aspects of creative thinking, promoting the portrayal of character, alternative prose styles and inventive narrative forms. The authors' responses to these invitations have flavoured the commissioned papers presented here. The critical and creative drives which inform them shines out in their writing. They are exciting and sometimes surprising in the angles they take, and the cross-overs of genre or subject that they offer."--Provided by publisher.

Literary Journalism and the Aesthetics of Experience

Literary Journalism and the Aesthetics of Experience Author John C. Hartsock
ISBN-10 1625341733
Release 2015-12-17
Pages 224
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Proponents and practitioners of narrative literary journalism have sought to assert its distinctiveness as both a literary form and a type of journalism. In Literary Journalism and the Aesthetics of Experience, John C. Hartsock argues that this often neglected kind of journalism--exemplified by such renowned works as John Hersey's Hiroshima, James Agee's Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, and Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem--has emerged as an important genre of its own, not just a hybrid of the techniques of fiction and the conventions of traditional journalism. Hartsock situates narrative literary journalism within the broader histories of the American tradition of "objective" journalism and the standard novel. While all embrace the value of narrative, or storytelling, literary journalism offers a particular "aesthetics of experience" lacking in both the others. Not only does literary journalism disrupt the myths sustained by conventional journalism and the novel, but its rich details and attention to everyday life question readers' cultural assumptions. Drawing on the critical theories of Nietzsche, Bakhtin, Benjamin, and others, Hartsock argues that the aesthetics of experience challenge the shibboleths that often obscure the realities the other two forms seek to convey. At a time when print media appear in decline, Hartsock offers a thoughtful response to those who ask, "What place if any is there for a narrative literary journalism in a rapidly changing media world?"

Memory Place and Aboriginal Settler History

Memory  Place and Aboriginal Settler History Author Skye Krichauff
ISBN-10 9781783086832
Release 2017-09-27
Pages 250
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Taking the absence of Aboriginal people in South Australian settler descendants’ historical consciousness as a starting point, 'Memory, Place and Aboriginal–Settler History' combines the methodologies and theories of historical enquiry, anthropology and memory studies to investigate the multitudinous and intertwined ways the colonial past is known, represented and made sense of by current generations. Informed by interviews and fieldwork conducted with settler and Aboriginal descendants, oral histories, site visits and personal experience, Skye Krichauff closely examines the diverse but interconnected processes through which the past is understood and narrated. 'Memory, Place and Aboriginal–Settler History' demonstrates how it is possible to unsettle settler descendants’ consciousness of the colonial past in ways that enable a tentative connection with Aboriginal people and their experiences.

Best American Magazine Writing 2013

Best American Magazine Writing 2013 Author The American Society of Magazine Editors
ISBN-10 9780231537063
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 544
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A perennial hit, our Best American Magazine Writing chooses from the nominees and winners of the coveted National Magazine Awards. Selections belong to the categories of public interest reporting, features, criticism, commentary, and fiction. This year's selections include Iraqi War veteran Brian Mockenhaupt ( Byliner) on modern combat in Afghanistan and its ability to both forge and challenge friendships; Mac McClelland's ( GQ) on his nightmarish stint picking and packing at an online shipping warehouse; Daniel Alarcón ( Harper's Magazine) on the strange social and political dynamics of Peru's most infamous prison; Melissadel Bosque March ( Texas Observer) on the secret dealings of Mexico's deadliest smuggling corridor; Ta-Nehisi Coates ( The Atlantic) on the complex racial terrain traversed by African American politicans; and Frank Rich ( New York) on the late Nora Ephron and her invaluable contribution to American culture.

Reading by Numbers

Reading by Numbers Author Katherine Bode
ISBN-10 9781783083084
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 256
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‘Reading by Numbers: Recalibrating the Literary Field’ is the first book to use digital humanities strategies to integrate the scope and methods of book and publishing history with issues and debates in literary studies. By mining, visualising and modelling data from ‘AustLit’ – an online bibliography of Australian literature that leads the world in its comprehensiveness and scope – this study revises established conceptions of Australian literary history, presenting new ways of writing about literature and publishing and a new direction for digital humanities research. The case studies in this book offer insight into a wide range of features of the literary field, including trends and cycles in the gender of novelists, the formation of fictional genres and literary canons, and the relationship of Australian literature to other national literatures.

Stone s Throw

Stone s Throw Author David Deitcher
ISBN-10 0997120606
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 155
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Stones Throw, is an intimate memoir by David Deitcher that explores the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The narrative not only evokes legacies of Minimalism and Conceptualism but also beautifully weaves together a personal account with art history seeded in affect, emotion, and the vicissitudes of memory. We have received tremendously positive feedback and praise from the likes of Carl Andre, Andrea Rosen and the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation.

Virtual Geography

Virtual Geography Author McKenzie Wark
ISBN-10 0253113482
Release 1994-11-22
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"The author's capacity to grasp and interpret these [world media] events is astounding, and her ability to provide insights into a world where unbounded information is circling the earth with the speed of light is startling." -- Choice "... a wide-ranging, quirky and dextrous mix of description, theory and analysis, that documents the perils of the global telecommunications network... " -- Times Literary Supplement "... this is a stimulating, even moving, book, dense with ideas and with many quotable lines." -- The New Statesman "Wark is one of the most original and interesting cultural critics writing today." -- Lawrence Grossberg McKenzie Wark writes about the experience of everyday life under the impact of increasingly global media vectors. We no longer have roots, we have aerials. We no longer have origins, we have terminals.

Empire Calling

Empire Calling Author Ralph J. Crane
ISBN-10 9382264760
Release 2013
Pages 176
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The essays gathered together in this book explore the roles of the men and women who served the British Empire in Australasia and India, and those who were subject to their administration. As these essays demonstrate, administrative arrangements involve complex cross-cultural relationships in colonial spaces, often through radically unequal and racially based power relations. Colonial administration involves diverse domains of practice -- the Civil Service, schools and universities, missions, domestic realms, justice systems -- and many forms of activities, including managing and organising; financing and accounting; monitoring and measuring; ordering and supplying; writing and implementing policies. In the two parts of this book, the authors -- from India, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain -- examine the ways colonial administrations accumulated and managed information and knowledge about the places and peoples under their jurisdiction. The administration of colonial spaces was neither a simple nor a unilinear project, and the essays in this book will contribute to key debates about imperial history. This book will appeal to readers from a variety of disciplines interested in the cultural history of the British Empire, including those working in the areas of literary, historical, postcolonial, and gender studies.

Photography Early Cinema and Colonial Modernity

Photography  Early Cinema and Colonial Modernity Author Robert Dixon
ISBN-10 9781843317593
Release 2012-01-15
Pages 288
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‘Photography, Early Cinema and Colonial Modernity’ is not a biography of Frank Hurley the man; it is instead an examination of the social life of the many marvellous and meaningful things he made as a professional photographer and film maker. The focus of this volume surrounds the media events that encompassed these various creations – what Hurley called his ‘synchronized lecture entertainments’. These media events were at once national and international; they involved Hurley in an entire culture industry that was constantly in movement along global lines of travel and communication. This raises complex questions both about the authorship of Hurley’s photographic and filmic texts – which were often produced and presented by other people – and about their ontology, as they were often in a state of reassemblage in response to changing market opportunities. This unique study re-imagines, from inside the quiet and stillness of the archive, the prior social life enjoyed by Hurley’s creations amidst the complicated topography of the early twentieth century’s rapidly internationalizing mass-media landscape. As a way to conceive of that space, and of the social life of the people and things within it, this study uses the concept of ‘colonial modernity’.

Millennial Capitalism and the Culture of Neoliberalism

Millennial Capitalism and the Culture of Neoliberalism Author Jean Comaroff
ISBN-10 0822327155
Release 2001-07-05
Pages 324
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DIVA special issue of PUBLIC CULTURE, this collection of essays forms an empirically grounded, conceptual discussion that posits global millennial capitalism as a historical formation./div

Acoustic Territories

Acoustic Territories Author Brandon LaBelle
ISBN-10 9781441161369
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 276
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A remarkable exploration of how sound permeates all aspects of life - from the streets to our homes, and from shopping malls to the underground.

Finding Queensland in Australian Cinema

Finding Queensland in Australian Cinema Author Allison Craven
ISBN-10 9781783085507
Release 2016-07-09
Pages 172
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'Finding Queensland in Australian Cinema' explores gender, race and place in selected Australian films in various phases of Australian cinema: from Charles Chauvel’s 'Jedda' (1955), to the ‘period’ films of the New Wave in the 1970s, to the Indigenous filmmakers since the 1990s, and the contemporary era of transnational productions in Australia.

Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life

Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life Author Sarah Kember
ISBN-10 0415240263
Release 2003
Pages 257
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Examines the construction, manipulation and re-definition of life in contemporary technoscientific culture. It takes a critical political view of the concept of life as information, tracing this through the new biology and the discourse of genomics as well as through the changing discipline of artificial life and its manifestation in art, language, literature, commerce and entertainment. From cloning to computer games, and incorporating an analysis of hardware, software and 'wetware', Sarah Kember extends current understanding by demonstrating the ways in which this relatively marginal field connects with, and connects up global networks of information and communication systems characterised, increasingly, by claims to autonomy, agency and evolvability. From a feminist perspective, and with a set of concerns related to the role of the body, the self and the species in the production of life-as-it-could-be, the argument turns on the realisation that resistance is futile. Artificial life (ALife) is, in part, an adaptation to the climate of opposition surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI).