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Trigonometric Functions and Complex Numbers

Trigonometric Functions and Complex Numbers Author Desheng Yang
ISBN-10 9781938134883
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 424
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Trigonometric Functions and Complex Numbers covers the followings areas in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and other mathematical competitions. Trigonometric identity, graphs and properties of trigonometric equations, inverse trigonometric functions and trigonometric equations, solutions of triangles, trigonometric substitution and trigonometric inequality;The concept and operation of complex numbers, trigonometric form of a complex number, complex number and equation. The contents are essential for the IMO. A good help for students who want to improve in these areas. Request Inspection Copy

The Alberta High School Math Competitions 1957 2006

The Alberta High School Math Competitions 1957 2006 Author Chiang-Fung Andrew Liu
ISBN-10 0883858304
Release 2008
Pages 283
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Although there were some older contests in the Maritime region and in Lower and Upper Canada, the Alberta High School Mathematics Competition was the first and oldest in Canada to be run on a provincial scale. Started in 1957, the competition recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. These fifty years can be broken down to three periods, Ancient (1957--1966), Medieval (1967--1983) and Modern (1984--2006), with very distinctive flavors which reflect what was taught in the schools of the day. The first two periods are primarily of historical interest. During the Modern period, the talented problem committee was led by the world renown problemist Murray Klamkin, and composed many innovative and challenging problems. In this book you will find all the problems and answers for the first fifty years of the competition, up to 2005/2006 – and full solutions are provided to those from the Modern period, often supplemented with multiple solutions or additional commentaries. Taken together, this unique collection of problems represent an interesting and valuable resource for students today preparing for these types of mathematics contests. The Alberta High School Mathematics Competitions 1957 - 2006 : A Canadian Problem Book is published by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in collaboration with the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). It is the second volume in The Canadian Collection.

Geometric Inequalities

Geometric Inequalities Author Hayk Sedrakyan
ISBN-10 9783319550800
Release 2017-06-29
Pages 452
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This unique collection of new and classical problems provides full coverage of geometric inequalities. Many of the 1,000 exercises are presented with detailed author-prepared-solutions, developing creativity and an arsenal of new approaches for solving mathematical problems. This book can serve teachers, high-school students, and mathematical competitors. It may also be used as supplemental reading, providing readers with new and classical methods for proving geometric inequalities.

China and the International Society

China and the International Society Author Jinjun Zhao
ISBN-10 9781938134524
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 316
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What is the relationship between China and the international society? It is a question of historical and realistic significance for China and the world to answer. Since the reform and opening up, China initiated a journey to get integrated into the international society. As an emerging power, China is trying to seek identities, display strength, and build a good reputation. Under various determinants and possibilities, the relationship between China and the international society manifests a feature of complexity and multiple dimensions. Following a guideline of “on China, for the world”, this volume intends to introduce Chinese scholars' latest studies on China's global strategies, theories and policies to the outside world. Contents:The Self-Consciousness of Chinese-Characteristic Diplomatic Practice and Theory (Yang Jiemian)China and International System: Two-Way Socialization under the Logic of Practice (Zhu Liqun)An Analytical Study of the Ideological Sources of China's Conduct (Zhang Qingmin and Lee Min Gyu)Self-Generated Transformation: On China's Agency in Its Interaction with International Human Rights Norms (Chen Zheng)Border, Geopolitics and China's International Relations Study (Zheng Yongnian)Evolution of “Neighborhood” Concept and China's Foreign Strategies (Zhong Feiteng)The Role and Influence of China's Mainstream Media in South China Sea Disputes — An Analysis from the Perspective of Signaling (Liao Lei and Ma Mengli)Public Policy and Cross-Border Investment by Chinese Enterprises (Guo Hong)China's Approaches and Future Prospects for Participation in UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding: A Report Based on Field Research of UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Missions in Africa (Li Dongyan)Origin of the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (Li Anshan) Readership: Academics, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students interested in China's diplomatic practice and theory and China's international relations studies. Keywords:International Relations;Diplomatic Practice and Theory;Foreign Affairs;Geopolitics;Policy Studies

103 Trigonometry Problems

103 Trigonometry Problems Author Titu Andreescu
ISBN-10 0817644326
Release 2006-03-06
Pages 214
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* Problem-solving tactics and practical test-taking techniques provide in-depth enrichment and preparation for various math competitions * Comprehensive introduction to trigonometric functions, their relations and functional properties, and their applications in the Euclidean plane and solid geometry * A cogent problem-solving resource for advanced high school students, undergraduates, and mathematics teachers engaged in competition training

The Colorado Mathematical Olympiad and Further Explorations

The Colorado Mathematical Olympiad and Further Explorations Author Alexander Soifer
ISBN-10 9780387754710
Release 2011-04-13
Pages 408
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In two decades, the Colorado Springs Mathematics Olympiad has become an annual state-wide competition. This book tells the history of the competition as well as an outline of all the problems and solutions that have been a part of the contest over the years.

Methods of Solving Sequence and Series Problems

Methods of Solving Sequence and Series Problems Author Ellina Grigorieva
ISBN-10 9783319456867
Release 2016-12-09
Pages 281
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This book aims to dispel the mystery and fear experienced by students surrounding sequences, series, convergence, and their applications. The author, an accomplished female mathematician, achieves this by taking a problem solving approach, starting with fascinating problems and solving them step by step with clear explanations and illuminating diagrams. The reader will find the problems interesting, unusual, and fun, yet solved with the rigor expected in a competition. Some problems are taken directly from mathematics competitions, with the name and year of the exam provided for reference. Proof techniques are emphasized, with a variety of methods presented. The text aims to expand the mind of the reader by often presenting multiple ways to attack the same problem, as well as drawing connections with different fields of mathematics. Intuitive and visual arguments are presented alongside technical proofs to provide a well-rounded methodology. With nearly 300 problems including hints, answers, and solutions, Methods of Solving Sequences and Series Problems is an ideal resource for those learning calculus, preparing for mathematics competitions, or just looking for a worthwhile challenge. It can also be used by faculty who are looking for interesting and insightful problems that are not commonly found in other textbooks.

A Quick Introduction to Complex Analysis

A Quick Introduction to Complex Analysis Author Kalyan Chakraborty
ISBN-10 9789813108530
Release 2016-08-08
Pages 208
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The aim of the book is to give a smooth analytic continuation from calculus to complex analysis by way of plenty of practical examples and worked-out exercises. The scope ranges from applications in calculus to complex analysis in two different levels. If the reader is in a hurry, he can browse the quickest introduction to complex analysis at the beginning of Chapter 1, which explains the very basics of the theory in an extremely user-friendly way. Those who want to do self-study on complex analysis can concentrate on Chapter 1 in which the two mainstreams of the theory — the power series method due to Weierstrass and the integration method due to Cauchy — are presented in a very concrete way with rich examples. Readers who want to learn more about applied calculus can refer to Chapter 2, where numerous practical applications are provided. They will master the art of problem solving by following the step by step guidance given in the worked-out examples. This book helps the reader to acquire fundamental skills of understanding complex analysis and its applications. It also gives a smooth introduction to Fourier analysis as well as a quick prelude to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, information theory, and control theory. One of the main features of the book is that it presents different approaches to the same topic that aids the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

A Friendly Approach to Complex Analysis

A Friendly Approach to Complex Analysis Author Sara Maad Sasane
ISBN-10 9789814579018
Release 2013-12-24
Pages 964
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The book constitutes a basic, concise, yet rigorous course in complex analysis, for students who have studied calculus in one and several variables, but have not previously been exposed to complex analysis. The textbook should be particularly useful and relevant for undergraduate students in joint programmes with mathematics, as well as engineering students. The aim of the book is to cover the bare bones of the subject with minimal prerequisites. The core content of the book is the three main pillars of complex analysis: the Cauchy–Riemann equations, the Cauchy Integral Theorem, and Taylor and Laurent series expansions. Each section contains several problems, which are not purely drill exercises, but are rather meant to reinforce the fundamental concepts. Detailed solutions to all the exercises appear at the end of the book, making the book ideal also for self-study. There are many figures illustrating the text. Errata(s) Errata (72 KB)

Algebraic Inequalities

Algebraic Inequalities Author Ji Chen
ISBN-10 1938134958
Release 2017
Pages 200
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The focus of this book is algebraic inequalities. Not only is it the current Mathematical Olympiad hot topic, it is also the basis of geometric inequalities. In addition, the book involves some analysis on inequality.

Half a Century of Pythagoras Magazine

Half a Century of Pythagoras Magazine Author Alex Van Den Brandhof
ISBN-10 9780883855874
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 302
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Half a Century of Pythagoras Magazine is a selection of the best and most inspiring articles from this Dutch magazine for recreational mathematics. Founded in 1961 and still thriving today, Pythagoras has given generations of high school students in the Netherlands a perspective on the many branches of mathematics that are not taught in schools. The book contains a mix of easy, yet original puzzles, more challenging - and at least as original – problems, as well as playful introductions to a plethora of subjects in algebra, geometry, topology, number theory and more. Concepts like the sudoku and the magic square are given a whole new dimension. One of the first editors was a personal friend of world famous Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher, whose 'impossible objects' have been a recurring subject over the years. Articles about his work are part of a special section on 'Mathematics and Art'. While many books on recreational mathematics rely heavily on 'folklore', a reservoir of ancient riddles and games that are being recycled over and over again, most of the puzzles and problems in Half a Century of Pythagoras Magazine are original, invented for this magazine by Pythagoras' many editors and authors over the years. Some are no more than cute little brainteasers which can be solved in a minute, others touch on profound mathematics and can keep the reader entranced indefinitely. Smart high school students and anyone else with a sharp and inquisitive mind will find in this book a treasure trove which is rich enough to keep his or her mind engaged for many weeks and months.

History of Modern Optics and Optoelectronics Development in China

History of Modern Optics and Optoelectronics Development in China Author Shouyun Tian
ISBN-10 9789814518772
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 392
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This book presents a collection of memoir papers on the development of modern and contemporary optics and optoelectronics in China from the 18th to 20th centuries. The papers were written by famous scientists in China, including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, sharing their experience in different fields of optics and optoelectronics development. This is a unique book in understanding the natural science history of optics and optoelectronics. It gives you the general idea about how the western optical science spread to China in the 17th to 18th century; the cradle of the contemporary optics in China; Birth, development and application of lasers in China; high energy and high power lasers for laser antiballistic missile and laser nuclear fusion; development of Chinese optical communication and optical information storage; laser and infrared optics research for space science; development of Chinese optical instruments, etc. Contents:West–East Flow of Scientific Knowledge (GAN Fuxi)Optical Science and Technology in China in the First Half of the 20th Century (GAN Fuxi)Cradle of Contemporary Optics in China (GAN Fuxi)History of Optical Glass R&D in China (GAN Fuxi)Birth and Early Development of Lasers in China (GAN Fuxi)Lasers as Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense (GAN Fuxi)Quantum Electronics Research at the Institute of Electronics — The Early Days (LIN Fucheng)Opening Up Chinese Laser Research to the World (GAN Fuxi)Breakthrough and Development of Semiconductor Lasers in China (WANG Qiming and HUANG Yongzhen)Development of Solid State Laser Materials in China (GAN Fuxi)The History of Development of Nonlinear Optical Borate Crystals (CHEN Chuangtian and YAO Wenjiao)Daheng Company — An Early Experiment in Reforming Scientific and Technology Systems in China (GAN Fuxi)Role of 863 Program in Promoting Optoelectronics in China (GAN Fuxi)Building Up Optical Information Storage Capabilities in China (GAN Fuxi)Progress of Optical Communications in China — Fragments of Personal Reminiscence (FANG Zujie)Development Course of Astronomical Optical Instruments in China (PAN Junhua)Development of Infrared Science and Technology in China (XUE Yongqi and ZHU Junhao)A Review of Research on Atomic Clock and Laser Cooling of Gas Atoms in SIOM (WANG Yuzhu)A Glimpse of China's High-Power Laser and Inertial Confinement Fusion Research (FAN Dianyuan)My Scientific Research Career and China's Development of Optical Transient Technologies (HOU Xun) Readership: Students and scientists who are interested in the history of optics and optoelectronics in China. Keywords:Optics;Optoelectronics;Modern and Contemporary History;ChinaKey Features:This volume presents a collection of memoir papers on the development of modern and contemporary optics and optoelectronics in China, written by seven Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

Problem Solving Through Problems

Problem Solving Through Problems Author Loren C. Larson
ISBN-10 9781461254980
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 352
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This is a practical anthology of some of the best elementary problems in different branches of mathematics. Arranged by subject, the problems highlight the most common problem-solving techniques encountered in undergraduate mathematics. This book teaches the important principles and broad strategies for coping with the experience of solving problems. It has been found very helpful for students preparing for the Putnam exam.

Mathematical Olympiad in China 2009 2010

Mathematical Olympiad in China  2009 2010 Author Bin Xiong
ISBN-10 9789814390224
Release 2013
Pages 204
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The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is a competition for high school students. China has taken part in the IMO 21 times since 1985 and has won the top ranking for countries 14 times, with a multitude of golds for individual students. The six students China has sent every year were selected from 20 to 30 students among approximately 130 students who took part in the annual China Mathematical Competition during the winter months. This volume of comprises a collection of original problems with solutions that China used to train their Olympiad team in the years from 2009 to 2010. Mathematical Olympiad problems with solutions for the years 2002OCo2008 appear in an earlier volume, Mathematical Olympiad in China."

Beyond the Quadratic Formula

Beyond the Quadratic Formula Author Ron Irving
ISBN-10 9780883857830
Release 2013-10-10
Pages 228
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The quadratic formula for the solution of quadratic equations was discovered independently by scholars in many ancient cultures and is familiar to everyone. Less well known are formulas for solutions of cubic and quartic equations whose discovery was the high point of 16th century mathematics. Their study forms the heart of this book, as part of the broader theme that a polynomial's coefficients can be used to obtain detailed information on its roots. The book is designed for self-study, with many results presented as exercises and some supplemented by outlines for solution. The intended audience includes in-service and prospective secondary mathematics teachers, high school students eager to go beyond the standard curriculum, undergraduates who desire an in-depth look at a topic they may have unwittingly skipped over, and the mathematically curious who wish to do some work to unlock the mysteries of this beautiful subject.

Complex Numbers from A to Z

Complex Numbers from A to     Z Author Titu Andreescu
ISBN-10 9780817684150
Release 2014-02-17
Pages 391
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* Learn how complex numbers may be used to solve algebraic equations, as well as their geometric interpretation * Theoretical aspects are augmented with rich exercises and problems at various levels of difficulty * A special feature is a selection of outstanding Olympiad problems solved by employing the methods presented * May serve as an engaging supplemental text for an introductory undergrad course on complex numbers or number theory

Future in Retrospect

Future in Retrospect Author Yaqing Qin
ISBN-10 9781938134852
Release 2016-07-08
Pages 340
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What were the new People's Republic of China's policies to the Universal Postal Union in its early years? How did they help China promote its national interests in the world stage? Why did China train Albanian interns in the Cold War? Was it out of "communist fraternity" or was it part of China's concerted public diplomacy efforts? And what role has China's medical assistance to developing countries, especially those in Africa, played in its foreign affairs? Penned by well-known international relations scholars from China, the eight essays in this volume attempt to answer those questions and more. Based on rich literature, including some newly declassified files from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this volume introduces some of the most interesting and significant, but lesser-known, episodes in the diplomatic history of the People's Republic of China, and tries to shed light on their implications and impact on China's diplomacy. Contents:Revolutionary Patriotism: China's Policies to the UPU (1950–1951) (Han Changqing and Yao Baihui)A Relook at China's Policy to Assist Vietnam in Its Resistance War Against France (Niu Jun)The Sino-Albania Alliance Revisited: The Role of Ideology in Alliance Formation and Disintegration (Cheng Xiaohe)Diplomatic Commitment and Strategic Communication and Testing: Vance's Visit to China and the Normalization of China–US Diplomatic Relations (Han Changqing and Wu Wencheng)China's Economic Aid to the DPRK after the Sino-Soviet Split (1961–1965) (Dong Jie)Ideology and Public Diplomacy-Interpreting China's Training Program for Albanian Interns during the Cold War (Jiang Huajie)Ideological Output in Technical Assistance: China's Political and Ideological Education towards Vietnamese Interns in China in the Cold War Period (You Lan)Chinese Medical Team Abroad for Assistance: History, Achievement and Impact (Li Anshan) Readership: Students, researchers, and academics who are interested in China's foreign affairs, diplomacy, and diplomatic history.