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Turkey and Greece

Turkey and Greece Author Deniz Bölükbasi
ISBN-10 9781135328528
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 1120
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The Aegean disputes between Turkey and Greece represent one of the longest-standing contemporary conflicts in existence.These disagreements encompass a wide range of issues, including the seabed, maritime areas and airspace of the Aegean. The territorial status of a number of islands and rocks, as well as specific demilitarization conferred upon Greek islands in the Eastern Aegean under international treaties, is also a matter of dispute. The Aegean disputes, which still remain unresolved, are a major source of tension and conflict in Turkish-Greek relations. The stalemate in reaching a settlement is liable to give rise to new frictions resulting in an acute strain on relations. From time to time the disputes have erupted into crisis bringing the two countries to the verge of confrontation. These disputes are immensely complex and involve a broad range of interrelated issues with complicated political and legal aspects. This study represents the first attempt of its kind, providing in a single volume a comprehensive review and analysis of the legal and political aspects of the Aegean disputes which constitute a unique case study in international law, involving two neighbours in the Aegean that share a unique history and geography.

The Aegean Sea Dispute between Greece and Turkey

The Aegean Sea Dispute between Greece and Turkey Author Dimitris Salapatas
ISBN-10 9781909884502
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 76
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The Aegean dispute between Greece and Turkey is a persistent problem between the two allied states. Difference of interpretation of the treaties has contributed in the prevalence of the argument. This dispute consists of five key issues. Greece only accepts one, namely the delimitation of the continental shelf. However, Turkey has introduced and has persisted on the other four, which are the delimitation of the territorial seas, the national airspace and FIR controls over the Aegean Sea, the demilitarization of the Eastern Aegean Islands and finally the disputed islands, islets and rocks which have presented the grey zones issue. All of these matters have persisted for so long, especially after the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 where the current status quo in the Aegean was introduced, due to economic, political and strategic reasons. The Aegean dispute does not only have consequences for Greece and Turkey; it also affects, negatively, NATO and the European Union. This is an ongoing problem, which if not solved it will produce future problems, not only for the two states, but also for NATO and the EU. A third party may be needed in order to assist in finding a just and permanent solution concerning this dispute, since Greece and Turkey seem incapable of solving this dispute by themselves.

The Greek Turkish Conflict in the Aegean

The Greek Turkish Conflict in the Aegean Author A. Heraclides
ISBN-10 9780230283398
Release 2010-07-07
Pages 288
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This study of the Greek-Turkish Aegean dispute book shows that the dispute is resolvable and that the crux of the problem is not the incompatibility of interests but the mutual fears and suspicions, which are deeply rooted in historical memories, real or imagined.

The Aegean Dispute

The Aegean Dispute Author Andrew Wilson
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105081156528
Release 1979
Pages 41
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The Aegean Dispute has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Aegean Dispute also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Aegean Dispute book for free.

Greece Turkey and the Aegean Sea

Greece  Turkey and the Aegean Sea Author Haralambos Athanasopulos
ISBN-10 0786450037
Release 2001-09-30
Pages 200
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For many years, Greece and Turkey have been involved in aggressive rivalry over large areas of the Aegean Sea as well as Cyprus. Their conflicts endanger the peace between these two NATO allies and have even brought the two nations to the brink of war, but no agreement has been reached despite their mutual assistance in the aftermath of the earthquakes suffered by both countries in the summer of 1999. This work provides an in-depth discussion of how the conflicts began, the matter of Cyprus and international law, disputes and near-war situations over the Aegean, the dynamics of and prospects for a new Greek-Turkish partnership, and current developments in disputes and relations.

The Aegean Maritime Disputes and International Law

The Aegean Maritime Disputes and International Law Author Yucel Acer
ISBN-10 9781351895187
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 304
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This key work analyses the disputes between Greece and Turkey as to their respective rights in the Aegean Sea, paying particular attention to the claims regarding territorial waters, the continental shelf, and the yet to be declared exclusive maritime zones in the area. While many earlier studies have concentrated on political factors, this study provides an exhaustive analysis of the relevant principles of international law in general and rules and principles of maritime law in particular, identifying the legal principles appropriate to the settlement of the Aegean dispute. With this regard, it makes a detailed examination of all the related aspects of the Aegean Sea and its islands, as well as the legal arguments of Greece and Turkey on the disputes concerned. It also clarifies the prospects for settling the dispute on the basis of international law, either by the two parties involved, or by the intervention of a third party such as the International Court of Justice. As such, it offers an important study of a particular problem, but one that can be used as a case study for other international disagreements.

Greek Turkish Conflict in the 1990 s

Greek Turkish Conflict in the 1990 s Author Dimitri Constas
ISBN-10 9781349120147
Release 1991-06-18
Pages 279
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An analysis of the issues and events related to the conflict between Greece and Turkey, with emphasis on the period after the 1974 Cyprus crisis. The text attempts to trace the future evolution of Greek-Turkish relations, paying equal attention to domestic and international factors.

Forum Shopping in International Disputes

Forum Shopping in International Disputes Author Aletta Mondré
ISBN-10 9781137466655
Release 2015-10-29
Pages 230
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In a dispute, governments weigh up their options when selecting between various dispute settlement mechanisms. By scrutinising the interaction of institutional design with state interests, this book analyses why particular forums are selected in maritime boundary disputes.

Turkish Greek Relations

Turkish Greek Relations Author Mustafa Aydin
ISBN-10 9781135775209
Release 2004-06-01
Pages 376
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The discord between Turkey and Greece has grown deeper and wider over time, over a series of seemingly vital issues, which have at times brought the two countries to the brink of war. Yet in 1999 the two countries opened a dialogue on non-sensitive issues such as trade, the environment and tourism. The causes of the current rapprochement progress are explored in this book in relation both to the international environment which is increasingly conducive to this progress, and the significant domestic changes that both Greece and Turkey have experienced since the end of the Cold War. This book confronts each of these important dimensions by addressing issues of continuity and change in Greek-Turkish relations.

Greece and the Law of the Sea

Greece and the Law of the Sea Author Theodore C. Kariotis
ISBN-10 9041103945
Release 1997
Pages 347
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Greece was one of the initial 119 delegations to sign the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea at the final meeting of the Conference for that purpose in December of 1982. When the Convention came into force in November 1994, only two countries opposed it. Turkey was one of them. Turkey has no plans to ratify the Convention in the near future. Greece & the Law of the Sea reviews the main developments in the Greek-Turkish dispute relating to the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea & analyzes all other aspects of the Greek maritime interests in the light of the Convention. The contributors have closely followed the creation of the new international law of the sea & discuss in their papers how this affects a great maritime nation, such as Greece, in a variety of ways. The work is published under the auspices of the recently established Aegean Institute of the Law of the Sea & Maritime Law, an independent scientific research center affiliated with the University of the Aegean, located in Rhodes. It constitutes one of the few books to cover Greek affairs in the English language. As such, it will greatly assist non-Greek speaking scholars interested in following & studying Greek affairs.

Aegean Dispute

Aegean Dispute Author Frederic P. Miller
ISBN-10 6130670990
Release 2010-01
Pages 138
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The term Aegean dispute refers to a set of interrelated controversial issues between Greece and Turkey over sovereignty and related rights in the area of the Aegean Sea. This set of conflicts has had a large effect on Greek- Turkish relations since the 1970s. It has twice led to crises coming close to the outbreak of military hostilities, in 1987 and in early 1996. The issues in the Aegean fall into several categories: The delimitation of the territorial waters, The delimitation of the national airspace, The delimitation of exclusive economic zones and the use of the continental shelf, The delimitation of Flight Information Regions (FIR), and their significance for the control of military flight activity, The issue of the demilitarized status assigned to some of the Greek islands in the area, Turkish claims of "grey zones" of undetermined sovereignty over a number of small islets, most notably the islets of Imia/Kardak.

Greek Turkish Relations Since 1955

Greek Turkish Relations Since 1955 Author Tozun Bahcheli
ISBN-10 UVA:X001664742
Release 1990
Pages 216
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Greek Turkish Relations Since 1955 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Greek Turkish Relations Since 1955 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Greek Turkish Relations Since 1955 book for free.

The Greek Turkish Relationship and NATO

The Greek Turkish Relationship and NATO Author Dr Fotios Moustakis
ISBN-10 9781135760281
Release 2004-11-23
Pages 210
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This publication shows that the Eastern Mediterranean, having been transformed from a region of secondary importance during the Cold War to one of greater importance for the western interests in the post-Cold War era, is in a state of flux. Despite sporadic periods of rapprochement, tensions between Greece and Turkey still exist. Therefore, one must question the grounds behind the lack of normal relations that exist between these two NATO members and its effects on the NATO organisation as a whole. Hence, this volume has two purposes first, to examine Greek and Turkish foreign, security and defence policies during and after the post-Cold War period and second, to investigate why these policies have been formulated.

Analyzing Foreign Policy Crises in Turkey

Analyzing Foreign Policy Crises in Turkey Author Fuat Aksu
ISBN-10 9781443891738
Release 2017-05-11
Pages 270
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This collection explores foreign policy crises and the way the states/leaders deal with them. Being at the juncture of a highly sensitive political zone, consisting of the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia, the Republic of Turkey has been the subject of various foreign policy crises since its foundation. These political, military, economic or humanitarian crises were triggered either by the states themselves or by the NGOs and armed non-state actors. By examining literature in the field of foreign policy crises literature, this volume scrutinizes some of the most prominent Turkish foreign policy crises. Among these, there are protracted crises such as that of Cyprus and the Aegean Sea; a humanitarian one such as the 1989 migration of the Bulgarian Turks; an NGO-triggered crisis, such as the Mavi Marmara Confrontation; and an ongoing case such as the Syrian civil war. Looking at these crises from various aspects, the text sheds light on whether, or how, the reactions of the Turkish ruling elite change while trying to manage these crises. The book is a timely contribution to literature in the field of Politics and International Relations and will be useful to academics, diplomats and historians interested in foreign policy crises in general and Turkish foreign policy crises in particular.

Turkish Foreign Policy in an Age of Uncertainty

Turkish Foreign Policy in an Age of Uncertainty Author F. Stephen Larrabee
ISBN-10 9780833034045
Release 2003-01-14
Pages 240
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The authors describe the challenges and opportunities facing Turkey in the international environment during a time of extraordinary flux. Special emphasis is given to the strategic and security issues facing Turkey, including a number of new issues posed by the terrorist attacks of September 2001 and the subsequent international response. They conclude by offering some prognostications regarding the country's future and their implications on Turkey's western partners.

Modern Greece

Modern Greece Author Stathis Kalyvas
ISBN-10 9780199973460
Release 2015-04-03
Pages 240
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When Greece's economic troubles began to threaten the stability of the European Union in 2010, the nation found itself in the center of a whirlwind of international finger-pointing. In the years prior, Greece appeared to be politically secure and economically healthy. Upon its emergence in the center of the European economic maelstrom, however, observers and critics cited a century of economic hurdles, dictatorships, revolutions, and more reasons as to why their current crisis was understandable, if not predictable. The ancient birthplace of democracy and countless artistic, literary, philosophical, and scientific developments had struggled to catch-up to its economically-thriving neighbors in Western Europe for years and quickly became the most seriously economically-troubled European country following a fiscal nosedive beginning in 2008. When the deficit and unemployment skyrocketed, the resulting austerity measures triggered widespread social unrest. The entire world turned its focus toward the troubled nation, waiting for the possibility of a Greek exit from the European Monetary Union and its potential to unravel the entire Union, with other weaker members heading for the exit as well. The effects of Greece's crisis are also tied up in the global arguments about austerity, with many viewing it as necessary medicine, and still others seeing austerity as an intellectually bankrupt approach to fiscal policy that only further damages weak economies. In Modern Greece: What Everyone Needs to Know?, Stathis Kalyvas, an eminent scholar of conflict, Europe, and Greece combines the most up-to-date economic and political-science findings on the current Greek crisis with a discussion of Greece's history. Tracing the nation's development from the early nineteenth century to the present, the informative question-and answer format covers key episodes including the independence movement of the early nineteenth century, the massive ethnic cleansing in Turkey and Greece following World War I, the German occupation in World War II, the following brutal civil war, the conflict with Turkey over Cyprus, the military coup of 1967, democracy at long last, and the country's entry into the European Union. Written by one of the most brilliant political scientists in the academy, Modern Greece is the go-to resource for understanding both the current crisis and the historical events that brought the country to where it is today. What Everyone Needs to Know? is a registered trademark of Oxford University Press.

The Myth of Continents

The Myth of Continents Author Martin W. Lewis
ISBN-10 0520207432
Release 1997
Pages 344
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In a thoughtful and engaging critique, geographer Martin W. Lewis and historian Karen Wigen re-examine the basic geographical divisions we take for granted. Their up-to-the-minute study reflects both on the global scale and its relation to the specific continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa actually part of one contiguous landmass. Photos. maps.