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TV Living

TV Living Author David Gauntlett
ISBN-10 9781134667901
Release 2002-01-04
Pages 328
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TV Living presents the findings of the BFI Audience Tracking Study in which 500 participants completed detailed questionnaire-diaries on their lives, their television watching, and the relationship between the two over a five year period. Gauntlett and Hill use this extensive data to explore some of the most fundamental questions in media and cultural studies, focusing on issues of gender, identity, the impact of new technologies, and life changes. Opening up new areas of debate, the study sheds new light on audiences and their responses to issues such as sex and violence on television. A unique study of contemporary tv audience behaviour and attitudes, TV Living offers a fascinating insight into the complex relationship between mass media and people's lives today.

Women Television and Everyday Life in Korea

Women  Television and Everyday Life in Korea Author Youna Kim
ISBN-10 9781134224678
Release 2012-07-26
Pages 208
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Fusing audience research and ethnography, the book presents a compelling account of women’s changing lives and identities in relation to the impact of the most popular media culture in everyday life: television. Within the historically-specific social conditions of Korean modernity, Youna Kim analyzes how Korean women of varying age and class group cope with the new environment of changing economical structure and social relations. The book argues that television is an important resource for women, stimulating them to research their own lives and identities. Youna Kim reveals Korean women as creative, energetic and critical audiences in their responses to evolving modernity and the impact of the West. Based on original empirical research, the book explores the hopes, aspirations, frustrations and dilemmas of Korean women as they try to cope with life beyond traditional grounds. Going beyond the traditional Anglo-American view of media and culture, this text will appeal to students and scholars of both Korean area studies and media and communications studies.

Television Audiences And Everyday Life

Television  Audiences And Everyday Life Author Briggs, Matt
ISBN-10 9780335239214
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 193
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Television, Audiences and Everyday Life draws on an extensive body of audience research to get behind this seemingly simple activity. Written in a clear and accessible style, key audience studies are presented in ways that illuminate critical debates and concepts in cultural and media studies.

Digital Broadcasting

Digital Broadcasting Author Jo Pierson
ISBN-10 9781472517272
Release 2015-04-23
Pages 176
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Digital Broadcasting presents an introduction to how the classic notion of 'broadcasting' has evolved and is being reinterpreted in an age of digitization and convergence. The book argues that 'digital broadcasting' is not a contradiction in terms, but-on the contrary-both terms presuppose and need each other. Drawing upon an interdisciplinary and international field of research and theory, it looks at current developments in television and radio broadcasting on the level of regulation and policy, industries and economics, production and content, and audience and consumption practices.

Measuring Bias on Television

Measuring Bias on Television Author Barrie Gunter
ISBN-10 1860205267
Release 1997-01
Pages 186
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"Exploring the important issue of impartiality in news reporting, with special reference to news broadcasting on television, this book examines the position of impartiality or bias within the context of news objectivity by exploring the many accusations of bias, accusations that are generally characterized by aggrieved parties claiming to have been treated unfairly, misrepresented, or underrepresented."

Laughter in the Living Room

Laughter in the Living Room Author Michael Tueth
ISBN-10 0820468452
Release 2005
Pages 241
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For more than fifty years some very funny people have been entering American homes through television's big picture window. From Lucy and Uncle Miltie, to Archie Bunker and Marge Simpson, certain comic stars of television history have become not just cultural icons, but friends of the family. This comprehensive study of the most successful television comedies - including domestic sitcoms, workplace comedies, variety shows, late-night comedy, animated comedy, and more - reveals that, unlike the comedy found in film, on stage, in comedy clubs and concert halls, television's presentation of comic characters and stories must negotiate a relationship with the more privatized and value-laden environment of each American home that it enters.

Television and Gender Representation

Television and Gender Representation Author Barrie Gunter
ISBN-10 0861964780
Release 1995
Pages 179
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Television and Gender Representation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Television and Gender Representation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Television and Gender Representation book for free.

As Seen on TV

As Seen on TV Author Karal Ann Marling
ISBN-10 0674048830
Release 1996-03-01
Pages 328
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An examination of everyday objects and cultural trends as portrayed on television looks at American life and values in the 1950s.

Consuming Television

Consuming Television Author Bob Mullan
ISBN-10 0631202331
Release 1997-04-03
Pages 256
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Consuming Television is a textbook designed to introduce students to the role of television in contemporary society and to encourage an understanding of what contemporary audiences are all about. Written clearly and simply, and devoid of jargon Covers both the empirical and theoretical ground in a lively manner Unlike most books on the television audience, this volume looks at the programmes themselves, as well as the production process (including policies which affect television production)

Contemporary culture and everyday life

Contemporary culture and everyday life Author Elizabeth Bortolaia Silva
ISBN-10 1903457092
Release 2004
Pages 202
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At the beginning of the twenty-first century the everyday lives of people in the industrialized western world are being changed by shifts in traditional assumptions about gender roles, power dynamics, sexualities, styles of work, personal relationships and life trajectories. The circumstances of individuals in their homes, communities and work are being transformed through the development of increasingly flexible arrangements, personal wants, and new ways of talking about these. The boundaries of 'right' and 'wrong' have been debated in new experiments of daily living, while a unique degree of choice is exerted. But the complexity of these changes is often masked in the normal daily routines of the everyday. As a result, the category of everyday life is enjoying something of a renaissance in contemporary social thought, and the theme of the everyday provides a particularly useful 'contact zone' between feminist perspectives, sociology and cultural studies. Drawing on these strands of inquiry, this book focuses on the changing practices and meanings of daily living, particularly in order to understand how the current fluidity of everyday life practices relates to performing gender, sexuality, caring, 'racializing', ageing, work and other significant axes of everyday situations. The chapters consider these issues in the context of the intermeshing of technologies with daily life, the unstable and globalizing nature of work, and the shifting meanings of identity and place. Are there new 'everyday cultures' emerging? Social theory has talked about a new culture of intimacy, of work, of caring, or of gender. What are these new cultures and what is 'contemporary culture'? Contemporary Culture and Everyday Life contributes a range of rich and detailed studies, focused on specific aspects of the everyday, which address these emerging cultures and consider the significance of the category of the everyday in both earlier and contemporary social theory.

Seeing Things

Seeing Things Author John Ellis
ISBN-10 1860641253
Release 2000
Pages 193
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Television offers us multiple ways of understanding the world, yet does not arbitrate between them. This book makes sense of modern television by exploring its processes, and its relationships with the cultures that provide the raw material.

Make Room for TV

Make Room for TV Author Lynn Spigel
ISBN-10 0226769674
Release 1992-06-01
Pages 236
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Between 1948 and 1955, nearly two-thirds of all American families bought a television set—and a revolution in social life and popular culture was launched. In this fascinating book, Lynn Spigel chronicles the enormous impact of television in the formative years of the new medium: how, over the course of a single decade, television became an intimate part of everyday life. What did Americans expect from it? What effects did the new daily ritual of watching television have on children? Was television welcomed as an unprecedented "window on the world," or as a "one-eyed monster" that would disrupt households and corrupt children? Drawing on an ambitious array of unconventional sources, from sitcom scripts to articles and advertisements in women's magazines, Spigel offers the fullest available account of the popular response to television in the postwar years. She chronicles the role of television as a focus for evolving debates on issues ranging from the ideal of the perfect family and changes in women's role within the household to new uses of domestic space. The arrival of television did more than turn the living room into a private theater: it offered a national stage on which to play out and resolve conflicts about the way Americans should live. Spigel chronicles this lively and contentious debate as it took place in the popular media. Of particular interest is her treatment of the way in which the phenomenon of television itself was constantly deliberated—from how programs should be watched to where the set was placed to whether Mom, Dad, or kids should control the dial. Make Room for TV combines a powerful analysis of the growth of electronic culture with a nuanced social history of family life in postwar America, offering a provocative glimpse of the way television became the mirror of so many of America's hopes and fears and dreams.

Television and the Fear of Crime

Television and the Fear of Crime Author Barrie Gunter
ISBN-10 0861961188
Release 1987
Pages 104
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Television and the Fear of Crime has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Television and the Fear of Crime also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Television and the Fear of Crime book for free.


Television Author Barrie Gunter
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105000055462
Release 1992-03
Pages 70
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Television has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Television also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Television book for free.

Television and American Culture

Television and American Culture Author Jason Mittell
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105215297826
Release 2010
Pages 465
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Television and American Culture: An Overview introduces students to the study of television by looking at American television from a cultural perspective. The book is written for intermediate undergraduate and beginning graduate students for a range of television studies courses. Specifically, Mittell discusses television within the following contexts: the economics of the television industry, television's role within American democracy, the formal attributes of a variety of television genres, television as a site of gender and racial identity formation, television's role in everyday life, and the medium's technological and social impacts. The topical arrangement and comprehensive scope of the book differs from other television textbooks, arguing that we must incorporate a range of economic, political, aesthetic, and sociological perspectives to fully comprehend the medium of television.

Television and the Quality of Life

Television and the Quality of Life Author Robert Kubey
ISBN-10 9781136691478
Release 2013-12-02
Pages 296
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Employing a unique research methodology that enables people to report on their normal activities as they occur, the authors examine how people actually use and experience television -- and how television viewing both contributes to and detracts from the quality of everyday life. Studied within the natural context of everyday living, and drawing comparisons between television viewing and a variety of other daily activities and leisure pursuits, this unusual book explores whether television is a boon or a detriment to family life; how people feel and think before, during, and after television viewing; what causes television habits to develop; and what causes heavy viewing -- and what heavy viewing causes -- in the short and long term. Television and the Quality of Life also compares the viewing experience cross-nationally using samples from the United States, Italy, Canada, and Germany -- and then interprets the findings within a broad theoretical and historical framework that considers how information use and daily activity contribute to individual, familial, societal, and cultural development.

Smart Living

Smart Living Author Tania Lewis
ISBN-10 0820486779
Release 2008
Pages 169
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What do the Fab Five from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the Supernanny and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver all have in common? Lifestyle gurus are increasingly intruding on everyday life, directing ordinary people to see themselves as «projects» that can be «made over» through embracing an ethos of relentless self-improvement. Smart Living argues that they represent a new form of popular expertise sweeping the world. Written in a lively and accessible manner, the book examines this cult of expertise across a range of media and cultural sites and offers the reader a range of critical tools for understanding the recent emergence of this popular international phenomenon. Smart Living is a must-read for anyone interested in the relationship between popular media culture and contemporary social life.