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Under Caesar s Sword

Under Caesar s Sword Author Daniel Philpott
ISBN-10 9781108425308
Release 2018-03-15
Pages 534
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The first systematic global study of how Christians respond to persecution, presenting new research by leading scholars of global Christianity.

In Response to Persecution

In Response to Persecution Author Chad M. Bauman
ISBN-10 OCLC:1004771934
Release 2017
Pages 58
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In Response to Persecution has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In Response to Persecution also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In Response to Persecution book for free.

Mending the World

Mending the World Author Niclas Blader
ISBN-10 9781532610646
Release 2017-06-16
Pages 542
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Religion has played a major role in history, affecting the course of events and influencing individuals. Today one frequently hears the expression "the return of religion" but opinions differ as to how this "return" is to be understood. It is clear that modernity and postmodernity have not meant that religion is dead or relegated to society's backyards. Religion is still of vital importance for many people. It has, to some extent, changed shape but has not lost its legitimacy and attractiveness to broad groups. Religion is public, visible, and has a sought-for voice; but it is also wrestling with extremism, ignorance, and preconceptions. Just like ideologies, religions are capable of activating diametrically opposite traits in humans. It is this dual tension that is implicit in the question mark in this book's title: Mending the World? This book's aim is to help explore whether, how, and in what ways religion, church, and theology can contribute constructively to the future of a global society. In thirty-one chapters, researchers from around the world address the relation between religion and society.

The Christian s Friend and Instructor

The Christian s Friend and Instructor Author John Nelson Darby
Release 2015-03-12
Pages 287
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A Bunch of Grapes. A Fragment. A Practical Question. A Song in the Desert. "A strait betwixt two." "Accepted in the Beloved." Collectanea. Detached Thoughts. A Man in Christ Fragment Gilgal. Hearing and Following. His Joy Greater Than Ours. His Love, Not Ours. The Approbation of the Lord On Worshipping the Father. Reciprocal Affection The Prayers of Saints Christ the Life The Calmness of Christ in the Presence of Evil. The Glory of that Light. The Homeward Journey. The Lord's Supper. The Personal Interest of Christ in His Saints. The Present Portion of the Believer. The Race. The Three Doors. "The sinew that shrank." Simple Papers on the Church of God The Gospel of the Glory The Blessed Hope

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Author William Shakespeare
ISBN-10 1603033793
Release 2010-02-12
Pages 136
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What actions are justified when the fate of a nation hangs in the balance, and who can see the best path ahead? Julius Caesar has led Rome successfully in the war against Pompey and returns celebrated and beloved by the people. Yet in the senate fears intensify that his power may become supreme and threaten the welfare of the republic. A plot for his murder is hatched by Caius Cassius who persuades Marcus Brutus to support him. Though Brutus has doubts, he joins Cassius and helps organize a group of conspirators that assassinate Caesar on the Ides of March. But, what is the cost to a nation now erupting into civil war? A fascinating study of political power, the consequences of actions, the meaning of loyalty and the false motives that guide the actions of men, Julius Caesar is action packed theater at its finest.

Chinese Christians in America

Chinese Christians in America Author Fenggang Yang
ISBN-10 0271042524
Release 2010-11-01
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Chinese Christians in America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chinese Christians in America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chinese Christians in America book for free.

Masters of Command

Masters of Command Author Barry Strauss
ISBN-10 9781439169070
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 320
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In Masters of Command, Barry Strauss compares the way the three greatest generals of the ancient world—Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar—waged war and draws lessons from their experiences that apply on and off the battlefield. Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar—each was a master of war. Each had to look beyond the battlefield to decide whom to fight, when, and why; to know what victory was and when to end the war; to determine how to bring stability to the lands he conquered. Each general had to be a battlefield tactician and more: a statesman, a strategist, a leader. Tactics change, weapons change, but war itself remains much the same throughout the centuries, and a great warrior must know how to define success. Understanding where each of these three great (but flawed) commanders succeeded and failed can serve anyone who wants to think strategically or has to demonstrate leadership. In Masters of Command, Barry Strauss explains the qualities these great generals shared, the keys to their success, from ambition and judgment to leadership itself. The result of years of research, Masters of Command is based on surviving written documents and archeological evidence as well as the author’s travels in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Tunisia in the footsteps of Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar.

Swords of the Legion

Swords of the Legion Author Harry Turtledove
ISBN-10 9780307789860
Release 2011-03-23
Pages 408
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In Videssos the city, tribune Marcus Scaurus was bored. The legion that had been magically transported to this strange world was far away. But the Emperor's niece Alypia was near -- and willing. When their secret trysts were betrayed, Emperor Thorisin Gavras was forced to condemn Marcus as a traitor -- but with a promise of freedom and Alypia, if he could reclaim a rebel province from a fanatic usurper, with no military aid. With only centurion Gaius Philippus, Marcus set out to try the seemingly impossible task. But the fates conspired against them, driving them further westward, into the innermost sanctum of Videssos' great enemy Yezd -- and toward the torture chambers of the evil, deathless wizard-prince Avshar. But behind them, without orders, the men of the legion were on the march! From the Paperback edition.

Religion and Authoritarianism

Religion and Authoritarianism Author Karrie J. Koesel
ISBN-10 9781139867795
Release 2014-02-24
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This book provides a rare window into the micropolitics of contemporary authoritarian rule through a comparison of religious-state relations in Russia and China - two countries with long histories of religious repression, and even longer experiences with authoritarian politics. Drawing on extensive fieldwork in multiple sites in these countries, this book explores what religious and political authority want from one another, how they negotiate the terms of their relationship, and how cooperative or conflicting their interactions are. This comparison reveals that while tensions exist between the two sides, there is also ample room for mutually beneficial interaction. Religious communities and their authoritarian overseers are cooperating around the core issue of politics - namely, the struggle for money, power and prestige - and becoming unexpected allies in the process.

Islam Peace and Social Justice

Islam  Peace and Social Justice Author A. Christian Van Gorder
ISBN-10 9780227174227
Release 2014-05-29
Pages 300
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Our world is fraught with horrific expressions of violence and injustice, which are often justified by religious rhetoric. 'Islam, Peace, and Social Justice: A Christian Perspective' is a relevant, comprehensive, and empathetic examination of some of these social-justice challenges within the Muslim world. Sadly, many non-Muslims only learn about Muslim views on social-justice issues from biased and inaccurate media portrayals. This book, written by a non-Muslim friend of Muslims, offers a more sympathetic and nuanced treatment, focusing especially on points of convergence and divergence between Islam and Christianity and exploring ways in which social-justice partnerships can be forged between adherents of these two great faith traditions. The book is filled with concrete and specific examples - often quoting directly from the Qur'an and the Bible as well as the newspaper - and is practical in its approach rather than loftily sermonic. The work seeks above all to foster more substantive and constructive contexts of interfaith dialogue and action for the purposes of addressing injustice.

Christian Citizenship in the Middle East

Christian Citizenship in the Middle East Author Mohammed Girma
ISBN-10 9781784506483
Release 2017-07-21
Pages 160
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For Christians living as a persecuted minority in the Middle East, the question of whether their allegiance should lie with their faith or with the national communities they live in is a difficult one. This collection of essays aims to reconcile this conflict of allegiance by looking at the biblical vision of citizenship and showing that Christians can live and work as citizens of the state without compromising their beliefs and make a constructive contribution to the life of the countries they live in. The contributors come from a range of prestigious academic and religious posts and provide analysis on a range of issues such as dual nationalism, patriotism and the increase of Islamic fundamentalism. An insightful look into the challenges religious minorities face in countries where they are a minority, these essays provide a peace-building and reconciliatory conclusion for readers to consider.

Swords Against The Senate

Swords Against The Senate Author Erik Hildinger
ISBN-10 0786741813
Release 2008-11-05
Pages 256
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In the first century B.C., Rome was the ruler of a vast empire. Yet at the heart of the Republic was a fatal flaw: a dangerous hostility between the aristocracy and the plebians, each regarding itself as the foundation of Rome's military power. Turning from their foreign enemies, Romans would soon be fighting Romans.Swords Against the Senate describes the first three decades of Rome's century-long civil war that transformed it from a republic to an imperial autocracy, from the Rome of citizen leaders to the Rome of decadent emperor thugs. As the republic came apart amid turmoil, Gaius Marius, the "people's general," rose to despotic power only to be replaced by the brutal dictator Sulla. The Roman army, once invincible against foreign antagonists, became a tool for the powerful, and the Roman Senate its foe.

God s Century Resurgent Religion and Global Politics

God s Century  Resurgent Religion and Global Politics Author Monica Duffy Toft
ISBN-10 9780393087819
Release 2011-03-14
Pages 276
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A fresh and illuminating perspective on the surge in religion’s political influence across the globe. Is religion a force for good or evil in world politics? How much influence does it have? Despite predictions of its decline, religion has resurged in political influence across the globe, helped by the very forces that were supposed to bury it: democracy, globalization, and technology. And despite recent claims that religion is exclusively irrational and violent, its political influence is in fact diverse, sometimes promoting civil war and terrorism but at other times fostering democracy, reconciliation, and peace. Looking across the globe, the authors explain what generates these radically divergent behaviors. In a time when the public discussion of religion is overheated, these dynamic young scholars use deeply original analysis and sharp case studies to show us both how and why religion’s influence on global politics is surging. Finally they offer concrete suggestions on how to both confront the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities posed by globally resurgent religion.

Among the Ruins

Among the Ruins Author Christian Sahner
ISBN-10 9780190257378
Release 2014-01-09
Pages 256
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As a civil war shatters a country and consumes its people, historian Christian C. Sahner offers a poignant account of Syria, where the past profoundly shapes its dreadful present. Among the Ruins blends history, memoir and reportage, drawing on the author's extensive knowledge of Syria in ancient, medieval, and modern times, as well as his experiences living in the Levant on the eve of the war and in the midst of the "Arab Spring". These plotlines converge in a rich narrative of a country in constant flux - a place renewed by the very shifts that, in the near term, are proving so destructive. Sahner focuses on five themes of interest to anyone intrigued and dismayed by Syria's fragmentation since 2011: the role of Christianity in society; the arrival of Islam; the rise of sectarianism and competing minorities; the emergence of the Ba'ath Party; and the current pitiless civil war. Among the Ruins is a brisk and illuminating read, an accessible introduction to a country with an enormously rich past and a tragic present. For anyone seeking to understand Syria, this book should be their starting point.

The Last Caesar

The Last Caesar Author Henry Venmore-Rowland
ISBN-10 9781446465073
Release 2012-06-21
Pages 432
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AD 68. The tyrant emperor Nero has no son and no heir. Suddenly there's the very real possibility that Rome might become a republic once more. But the ambitions of a few are about to bring corruption, chaos and untold bloodshed to the many. Among them is a hero of the campaign against Boudicca, Aulus Caecina Severus. Caught up in a conspiracy to overthrow Caesar's dynasty, he commits treason, raises a rebellion, faces torture and intrigue - all supposedly for the good of Rome. The boundary between the good of Rome and self preservation is far from clear, and keeping to the dangerous path he's chosen requires all Severus' skills as a cunning soldier and increasingly deft politician. And so Severus looks back on the dark and dangerous time history knows as the Year of the Four Emperors, and the part he played - for good or ill - in plunging the mighty Roman empire into anarchy and civil war...

Religion in China

Religion in China Author Fenggang Yang
ISBN-10 9780199911042
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 264
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Religion in China survived the most radical suppression in human history--a total ban of any religion during and after the Cultural Revolution. All churches, temples, and mosques were closed down, converted for secular uses, or turned to museums for the purpose of atheist education. Over the last three decades, however, religion has survived and thrived even as China remains under Communist rule. Christianity ranks among the fastest-growing religions in the country, and many Buddhist and Daoist temples have been restored. The state even sponsors large Buddhist gatherings and ceremonies to venerate Confucius and the legendary ancestors of the Chinese people. On the other hand, quasi-religious qigong practices, once ubiquitous, are now rare. All the while, authorities have carried out waves of atheist propaganda, anti-superstition campaigns, severe crackdowns on the underground Christian churches and various ''evil cults.'' How do we explain religion in China today? How did religion survive the eradication measures in the 1960s and 1970s? How do various religious groups manage to revive despite strict regulations? Why have some religions grown fast in the reform era? Why have some forms of spirituality gone through dramatic turns? In Religion in China, Fenggang Yang provides a comprehensive overview of the religious change in China under Communism.

Julius Caesar s Disease

Julius Caesar s Disease Author Francesco Maria Galassi
ISBN-10 9781473870802
Release 2016-11-30
Pages 192
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It is generally accepted as a historical fact that Julius Caesar suffered from epilepsy, an illness which in classical times was sometimes associated with divinely bestowed genius. The ancient sources describe several episodes when, sometimes at critical junctures, one of the most famous military commanders in history was incapacitated by his illness referred to as morbus comitialis. But does the evidence really fit with the diagnosis of epilepsy? And if it was not epilepsy that afflicted Caesar, then what was it? These are the questions that doctors Galassi and Ashrafian seek to answer by applying modern medical knowledge to the symptoms and circumstances described by contemporary historians and commentators of Caesar’s life (which include the great man himself). The result is a fascinating piece of historical-pathological detective work that challenges received wisdom about one of the most famous men of all time.