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ISBN-10 9784596691187
Release 2016-11-07
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Someone murdered Eden’s sister, the only family she had left! So when Eden finds an invitation to a ball among the belongings her sister left behind, she poses as her sister, Helene, and sneaks into the party. When she does, she hears a familiar voice call out her name… The owner of that voice is her ex-fiancé, Hunter, who dumped her seven years ago. The two of them must pretend to be a married couple in order to investigate what happened to Helene, and as the fake kisses pile up, the fires of love are relit! They draw closer and closer to dangerous answers, but what will become of this couple who have been reunited by destiny?

Undercover Marriage

Undercover Marriage Author Terri Reed
ISBN-10 9781460333846
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 224
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THE BABY MISSION An illegal adoption ring—using kidnapped babies—has to be stopped. To gather the necessary evidence, U.S. marshal Serena Summers goes undercover—as a married woman desperate for a baby. Her "husband" is her own partner, U.S. marshal Josh McCall, whom Serena blames for her brother's death. How can she act like a loving wife when she has to constantly fight her feelings for a man she isn't sure she can trust? The closer they get to unraveling the dark web of deceit, though, the more being Josh's undercover wife means putting her life—and future—in his hands. Witness Protection: Hiding in plain sight

Marriage Undercover

Marriage Undercover Author Bob Meisner
ISBN-10 0924748451
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 179
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This is a true story that every husband and wife should read. Bob and Audrey Meisner had it all: a fruitful ministry, three beautiful children, a picture-perfect marriage. Their future seemed secure and their prospects bright-- until adultery threatened to bring it all crashing down. Faced with the greatest personal crisis of their lives, Bob and Audrey found hope and rescue through godly counsel an through learning the biblical principle of covering to protect their marriage and their family.

Love Inspired Suspense June 2014 Bundle 1 of 2

Love Inspired Suspense June 2014   Bundle 1 of 2 Author Terri Reed
ISBN-10 9781460336571
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 224
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Love Inspired Suspense brings you four new titles for one great price, available now! Enjoy these contemporary heart-pounding tales of suspense, romance, hope and faith. This Love Inspired Suspense bundle includes Undercover Marriage by Terri Reed, Collateral Damage by Christy Award-Winning author Hannah Alexander and Forgotten Past by Mary Alford. More of the suspense you love—now Love Inspired Suspense brings you six new titles, in two convenient bundles!…. Look for six new inspirational suspense stories every month from Love Inspired Suspense!

Marriage Confidential Undercover Husband

Marriage Confidential Undercover Husband Author Debra Webb
ISBN-10 1489225927
Release 2017-06-19
Pages 408
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Marriage Confidential - Debra Webb & Regan Black Marriage to Madison Goode -- his secret high school crush -- is news to billionaire techno whiz Sam Bellemere! The gorgeous State Department liaison has summoned him to fix a cybersecurity breach at an art museum reception. But why is he guest-listed as her husband? Madison has her does a nefarious hacker now threatening her life and career. But once they've gone public, introvert Sam and career-focused Madison must play their roles perfectly, trusting and protecting each other as they race to thwart disaster. Surprisingly, being close is easy. A real relationship might be possible...if a worldwide cyber attack doesn't cost them their lives! Undercover Husband - Cindi Myers A child is all scientist Hannah Dietrich has left of her late sister...a child possibly kidnapped by the mysterious cult her sister had joined. To discover the truth about Emily's death and to find her infant daughter, Hannah turns to Special Ranger Walt Riley. Posing as a married couple, they infiltrate the 'Family' as devoted followers of the Prophet. But delving into the cult's dark secrets proves harder than expected...while their roles feel disturbingly easy for the fiercely independent Hannah and the no-nonsense lawman. Has their charade become a real relationship? And if they find the infant, how will they escape the Prophet's murderous wrath?


UNDERCOVER MAN Author Merline Lovelace
ISBN-10 9784596691095
Release 2016-11-02
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Paige works her desk job and is engaged to her boyfriend, David. He’s kind to her, but something seems to be missing. While the two of them are in Cannes for their wedding, Paige gets into trouble. Then, the truth is revealed to her. It turns out David is an operative for OMEGA, a secret agency. Paige finally has the chance to know the real David, so she offers her help with the investigation. And now she’s working undercover as a prostitute, carrying a small gun disguised as mascara, and her code name is Jezebel!

Undercover Daddy

Undercover Daddy Author Lindsay Longford
ISBN-10 9781459280052
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 192
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SUPER Fabulous Fathers NOT HIS WIFE Kate McDaniel had stolen Walker Ford's heart years ago, and she held it still—even though she'd married his best friend. NOT HIS BABY Now Kate was widowed, and it was Walker's last chance to convince her that he was the one she should have married, he who should have been her baby's father—but could he put their relationship at risk just when Kate needed him most? BUT FINALLY HIS FAMILY? This SUPER FABULOUS FATHER would settle for nothing less than the permanent position of husband!

Married Men

Married Men Author Carl Weber
ISBN-10 9781617736612
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 480
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"Full of flavor, wit, and drama." --QBR Step into the world of four married men whose vows didn't guarantee them a "happily ever after". . . Kyle runs a booming business, but his main job is hiding his wife from the sistahs who would skin him alive for marrying a woman like her. . .. Easy-going Allen can please his bossy Mama and his gold-digging fiancée--just not at the same time. . .. Big-hearted Wil's got a wife with a mouth so big she should consider a career in broadcasting. . ..And smooth and sexy Jay's "the man"--not only for his wife, but for all the other ladies he can't resist. But these lifelong friends find their lives turned upside-down when each one is shown the door by his furious woman. The result is a rowdy romp through no-tell motels, divorce court, and jail. And as they fend off strippers, trippers, psycho ex-football players, and worse, they know there's one thing they can always count on. . .each other. Praise For The Novels Of Carl Weber "A fast-paced mix of scandal, jealousy and wickedness." --Publishers Weekly on Player Haters "Compelling."--Booklist on Baby Momma Drama


Undercover Author Laurinda D. Brown
ISBN-10 9781593090302
Release 2004-11-30
Pages 234
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Devastated when his Memphis nightclub owner lover breaks up with him, Nathaniel Chamberlain quits his job as a drag performer and subsequently marries and starts a family, but painful memories, financial problems, and struggles with his sexual identity force him to confront difficult truths. By the author of Fire & Brimstone. Original.

Woman God s Undercover Agent

Woman  God s Undercover Agent Author Margaret C. K. W. Kamuwanga
ISBN-10 9781640694132
Release 2017-11-22
Pages 496
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The creation of a woman was the best thing that happened to divinity and humanity which the devil has twisted to his advantage. His lies have bullied women o_ their place of assignment and left them disoriented about who they are. Because of insecurities, women have settled for less, trying to prove their value and validate their identity. This identity crisis has caused tragic breakdowns economically, socially, culturally, morally, ecclesiastically and spiritually leaving a human race, a victim of this fate because a woman is a key player in this game of life. This book is a great mirror for every woman who wants to see the real image of who she was created to be and how vital her existence is to divinity and humanity. It redefines who she is, her value, her purpose, what she represents, the divine mysteries hidden in her and how she affects the totality of human life. Today, it is imperative that every woman rediscovers God's original blueprint for her life in order to maximize her potential and preserve life in her domain. Everything about, within, without and around a woman is connected. Therefore, she cannot be defined by one title. She is plural. She is on a mission as an undercover agent hired by God, licensed by Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Dear Undercover Economist

Dear Undercover Economist Author Tim Harford
ISBN-10 9780307372390
Release 2009-08-25
Pages 240
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A fantastic collection of witty, insightful, and often outrageous Financial Times columns that answer readers’ personal dilemmas using the latest economic theory. Tim Harford employs his idiosyncratic style to explain economic principles so that anyone can understand them — and reveals how they apply to (and can solve) issues in everyday life. Does money buy happiness? Is “the one” really out there? Can cities be greener than farms? When’s the best time to settle down? Can you really “dress for success”? How can I stop my girlfriend from eating my dessert? Harford provides brilliant, hilarious, and weirdly wise answers to these and other questions. Arranged by topic, easy to read, and hard to put down, Dear Undercover Economist is a provocative, compassionate, and indispensable perspective on anything that may irk or ail you — a book well worth the investment. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Undercover in Copper Lake

Undercover in Copper Lake Author Marilyn Pappano
ISBN-10 9781460339039
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 288
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A past he'd rather forget, a future he secretly longs for… DEA informant Sean Holigan never imagined he'd return to Copper Lake and revisit the ghosts of his past. But bad memories aren't the only thing waiting for him. With their mother in jail, Sean's nieces are in the care of their foster mother, Sophy Marchand. Years and miles haven't erased Sean's high school memories of the young, studious Sophy, but she certainly has grown up. Beautiful and benevolent, Sophy represents a life, and love, Sean longs for—and one of three lives he must protect. Targeted by ruthless killers, Sophy and the girls depend on Sean…almost as badly as he depends on them.


Undercover Author Danielle Steel
ISBN-10 9780804179638
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 336
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Marshall Everett has traveled a twisting, perilous road from the jungles of South America to the streets of Paris. As an undercover DEA agent, Marshall penetrated a powerful cartel and became the trusted right-hand man of a ruthless drug lord. The price he paid was devastating, costing him everything—and everyone—he loved. Back in the U.S., on temporary assignment to the Secret Service, on the presidential detail, Marshall performs an act of heroism that changes his course forever. Ariana Gregory has her whole future ahead of her, with an exciting life in Manhattan and a coveted job at an online fashion magazine. But when her father, recently widowed, is appointed U.S. ambassador to Argentina, she reluctantly agrees to accompany him to Buenos Aires. Then an unthinkable act of violence shatters her world. Nearly a year later, Ariana arrives in Paris, on a fragile road to recovery. There, as she strives to bury painful memories forever, she crosses paths with Marshall Everett. But dangerous forces watch her every move, and Ariana and Marshall will once more have to fight for their survival. In this breathtaking and psychologically penetrating novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel explores the consequences of trauma and the perseverance of the human spirit. In Marshall and Ariana she has created two unforgettable characters confronting extraordinary challenges—who no longer need to face them alone.

American Radical

American Radical Author Tamer Elnoury
ISBN-10 9781101986165
Release 2017-10-23
Pages 368
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The explosive memoir of a Muslim American FBI agent fighting terror from the inside. It’s no secret that federal agencies are waging a broad, global war against terror. But for the first time in this memoir, an active Muslim American federal agent reveals his experience infiltrating and bringing down a terror cell in North America. A longtime undercover agent, Tamer Elnoury joined an elite counterterrorism unit after September 11. Its express purpose is to gain the trust of terrorists whose goals are to take out as many Americans in as public and as devastating a way possible. It's a furious race against the clock for Tamer and his unit to stop them before they can implement their plans. Yet as new as this war still is, the techniques are as old as time: listen, record, and prove terrorist intent. Due to his ongoing work for the FBI, Elnoury writes under a pseudonym. An Arabic-speaking Muslim American, a patriot, a hero: To many Americans, it will be a revelation that he and his team even exist, let alone the vital and dangerous work they do keeping all Americans safe.

Undercover Attraction

Undercover Attraction Author Katee Robert
ISBN-10 9781455597062
Release 2017-11-28
Pages 384
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Scandal. Wealth. Power. Seduction. Welcome to the world of the O'Malleys. Ex-cop Charlotte Finch used to think there was a clear line between right and wrong. Then her fellow officers betrayed her, and the world is no longer so black and white. Especially when it's Aiden O'Malley, one of the most dangerous men in Boston, who offers her a chance for justice. The only catch: she'll have to pretend to be his fiancée for his plan to work. Aiden can't afford to let anyone see the man behind the mask. To run the O'Malley empire, he has to be cool and controlled at all times. But the moment he meets Charlie, they're playing with fire. Her slightest touch is enough to send him over the edge. At first their "engagement" was a way to eliminate his enemies. Now he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe-- even if he has to destroy his own family to do it. More in the O'Malleys series: THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT THE WEDDING PACT AN INDECENT PROPOSAL FORBIDDEN PROMISES THE BASTARD'S BARGAIN

Louis Undercover

Louis Undercover Author Fanny Britt
ISBN-10 9781554988600
Release 2017-10-01
Pages 160
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In this powerful new graphic novel from Fanny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault, we meet Louis, a young boy who shuttles between his alcoholic dad and his worried mom, and who, with the help of his best friend, tries to summon up the courage to speak to his true love, Billie. Louis’s dad cries — Louis knows this because he spies on him. His dad misses the happy times when their family was together, just as Louis does. But as it is, he and his little brother, Truffle, have to travel back and forth between their dad’s country house and their mom’s city apartment, where she tries to hide her own tears. Thankfully, Louis has Truffle for company. Truffle loves James Brown lyrics, and when he isn’t singing, he’s asking endless questions. Louis also has his friend Boris, with whom he spots ghost cop cars and spies on the “silent queen,” the love of his life, Billie. When Louis and Truffle go to their dad’s for two weeks during the summer, their father seems to have stopped drinking. And when Truffle has a close call from a bee sting, their mother turns up and the reunited foursome spend several wonderful days in New York — until they reach the end of the road, again. A beautifully illustrated, true-to-life portrayal of just how complex family relationships can be, seen through the eyes of a wise, sensitive boy who manages to find his own way forward.

Undercover Baby

Undercover Baby Author Rebecca Winters
ISBN-10 9781459252677
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 256
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The baby surprise… Diana Rawlins has turned up at the hospital with amnesia and a baby in her arms! She doesn't remember how either of them happened. Her husband, Cal, is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery—especially since one of the things his wife doesn't remember is being married to him! Diana only seems to care about one thing—the baby Cal knows can't possibly be hers. But he isn't going to give Diana up without a fight. If the baby if the key to her heart, he'll move heaven and earth to ensure that his new family can stay together. Love Undercover Their mission was marriage!