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Understanding Contemporary Social Problems Through Media

Understanding Contemporary Social Problems Through Media Author Roberta Goldberg
ISBN-10 9781317249924
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 231
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Goldberg uses a multi-media approach to critically examine the most significant and volatile issues of our times: the environmental crisis, upheavals in the developing world, health, terrorism, and technology. The book is unique in its in-depth coverage of these pressing social concerns and its use of extensive media resources through a companion website. An introductory section reviews basic sociological concepts and theories, including the sociological imagination and class, gender, and race stratification all of which are revisited in each chapter. The book helps students appreciate the magnitude of the problems of the twenty-first century as they develop the intellectual tools to understand them sociologically and personally.Features of the text: "

Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing

Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing Author Bikramjit Rishi
ISBN-10 9781317193982
Release 2017-07-28
Pages 328
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In a short time span, social media has transformed communication, as well as the way consumers buy, live and utilize products and services. Understanding the perspectives of both consumers and marketers can help organizations to design, develop and implement better social media marketing strategies. However, academic research on social media marketing has not kept pace with the practical applications and this has led to a critical void in social media literature. This new text expertly bridges that void. Contemporary Issues in Social Media provides the most cutting edge findings in social media marketing, through original chapters from a range of the world’s leading specialists in the area. Topics include: • The consumer journey in a social media world • Social media and customer relationship management (CRM) • Social media marketing goals and objectives • Social media and recruitment • Microblogging strategy And many more. The book is ideal for students of social media marketing, social media marketing professionals, researchers and academicians who are interested in knowing more about social media marketing. The book will also become a reference resource for those organizations which want to use social media marketing for their brands.

Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture

Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture Author Karen Sternheimer
ISBN-10 9780429974977
Release 2018-05-04
Pages 322
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Is violence on the streets caused by violence in video games? Does cyber-bullying lead to an increase in suicide rates? Are teens promiscuous because of Teen Mom? As Karen Sternheimer clearly demonstrates, popular culture is an easy scapegoat for many of society's problems, but it is almost always the wrong answer.Now in its second edition, Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture goes beyond the news-grabbing headlines claiming that popular culture is public enemy number one to consider what really causes the social problems we are most concerned about. The sobering fact is that a "media made them do it" explanation fails to illuminate the roots of social problems like poverty, violence, and environmental degradation. Sternheimer's analysis deftly illustrates how welfare "reform," a two-tiered health care system, and other difficult systemic issues have far more to do with our contemporary social problems than Grand Theft Auto or Facebook. The fully-revised new edition features recent moral panics?think sexting and cyberbullying?and an entirely new chapter exploring social media. Expanded discussion of how we understand society's problems as social constructions without disregarding empirical evidence, as well as the cultural and structural issues underlying those ills, allows students to stretch their sociological imaginations.

Understanding Social Media

Understanding Social Media Author Sam Hinton
ISBN-10 9781446283127
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 168
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Understanding Social Media provides a critical and timely conceptual toolbox for navigating the evolution and practices of social media. Taking an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, this book provides a clear and concise explanation of the key concepts but also goes beyond specific brands, sites and practices to show readers how to place social media more critically within the changing media and cultural landscape. As an aid to understanding, key concepts in each chapter are illustrated by case studies to give real-world examples of theory in action. Cutting across the many dimensions of social media, from the political, economic and visual, this book explores the industries, ideologies and cultural practices that are increasingly becoming part of global popular culture.

Images of Issues

Images of Issues Author Joel Best
ISBN-10 9781351310260
Release 2017-09-29
Pages 362
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Constructionist theory describes and analyzes social problems as emerging through the efforts of claimsmakers who bring issues to public attention. By typifying a problem and characterizing it as a particular sort, claimsmakers can shape policymaking and public response to the problem. Th is new edition of Images of Issues addresses claimsmaking in the 1990s, featuring such issues as fathers' rights, stalking, sexual abuse by the clergy, hate crimes, multicultural education, factory farming, and concluding with an expanded discussion of the theoretical debate over constructionism.

Contemporary Readings in Social Problems

Contemporary Readings in Social Problems Author Anna Leon-Guerrero
ISBN-10 9781412965309
Release 2008-11-21
Pages 368
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This reader was developed to be used in several courses taught in sociology; it can be used in an introductory social problems course as well as a theory or special topics course. It can also be used in an introduction to sociology course where social problems are stressed as well as in a global issues course. The readings have been selected from numerous, well-respected sociology journals and they have been edited to make them more "user friendly" for the undergraduate student. Numerous articles from SAGE social science journals are included.

Public Anthropology

Public Anthropology Author Edward J. Hedican
ISBN-10 9781442635883
Release 2016
Pages 247
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Contemporary anthropology has changed drastically in the new millennium, expanding beyond the anachronistic study of "primitive" societies to confront the burning social, economic, and political challenges of the day. In the process, anthropologists often bump up against issues that require them to take a public position--issues such as race and tolerance, health and well-being, food security, reconciliation and public justice, global terror and militarism, and media in the emerging global electronic community. In Public Anthropology, Edward J. Hedican provides readers with an opportunity to explore contemporary anthropological research as well as the more public issues that anthropologists must engage with as they conduct that research, while encouraging them to think about how involved anthropologists should be in these issues.

Social Problems in the UK

Social Problems in the UK Author Stuart Isaacs
ISBN-10 9781317963073
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 200
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Social Problems in the UK: An Introduction is the first textbook on contemporary social issues to contextualise social problems within the disciplines of sociology, social policy, criminology and applied social science. Drawing on the research and teaching experience of academics in these areas, this much-needed textbook brings together a comprehensive range of expertise. Social Problems in the UK discusses the strengthening and changing character of social construction, providing a new and invigorated way of studying the issues for all social science students. This clear, accessible textbook guides students in approaching the methodology, theory and research of social problems, and introduces the key topics in the area: migration and ‘race’ work and unemployment poverty drugs, violence and policing youth, sub-culture and gangs childhood and education Social Problems in the UK provides a number of helpful pedagogical features for ease of teaching and learning, including: case studies; links to data sources; textboxes highlighting examples, key figures etc.; study questions, and tips on how to undertake literature reviews and use journals and databases.

Contemporary Social Problems

Contemporary Social Problems Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781490264943
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 640
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Facts101 is your complete guide to Contemporary Social Problems. In this book, you will learn topics such as Population and the Environment, Housing and Urbanization, Power, Work, and the Workplace, and Poverty and Social Class plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Contemporary Social Issues in East Asian Societies Examining the Spectrum of Public and Private Spheres

Contemporary Social Issues in East Asian Societies  Examining the Spectrum of Public and Private Spheres Author Merviö, Mika Markus
ISBN-10 9781466650329
Release 2014-01-31
Pages 349
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While the balance between private and public sectors are based primarily on the experiences of the wealthy societies in Western Europe and North America, the global reach and increased political weight of East Asian economies is bound to influence other societies as well. Contemporary Social Issues in East Asian Societies: Examining the Spectrum of Public and Private Spheres focuses on modern highly developed East Asian societies and their social issues, particularly ones that are related to family, institution, and health. By examining the modernized global society and its connectedness, this book is a vital resource for researchers, students, and academicians interested in the distinctive features connected with local, social and cultural traditions of East Asian society.

Local Issues Global Impact

Local Issues  Global Impact Author Michael Stern
ISBN-10 1609270509
Release 2011-08-15
Pages 286
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"Local Issues, Global Impact: Perspectives on Contemporary Social Issues provides students with first-rate, interdisciplinary articles that examine and inform us on contemporary social issues at the local and global levels. The majority of this anthology contains peer-reviewed, empirical and theoretical scholarship grounded in the most current public debates and social problems. Organized into eleven thematic sections, Local Issues, Global Impact is an ideal complement for texts in introductory or more advanced courses in sociology, criminal justice, political science, anthropology, and other social and behavioral science courses. It provides a broad spectrum of research and theory across a variety of subjects. This anthology delivers a balanced and comprehensive examination of timely national and international social issues that will encourage discussion and debate and give students the opportunity to think critically about contemporary social issues. " "Michael J. Stern is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. He has published articles and edited journal symposia on a variety of contemporary social issues such as civic engagement, new media and society, sociology of sport, the dynamics of family and work life, social networks, inequality, and voting behavior, as well as the effects of psychological and structural factors that affect the way people complete surveys."

Social Media

Social Media Author Kelli S. Burns
ISBN-10 1440843554
Release 2017
Pages 398
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Social media is arguably one of the most powerful technology-enabled innovations since the Internet itself. This single-volume book provides a broad and easily understandable discussion of the evolution of social media; related problems and controversies, especially for youth; key people and organizations; and useful social media data. * Provides readers with a clearly written overview of the impacts of social media worldwide that highlights key people and companies in the development of social media * Presents up-to-date information on the range of problems related to social media and presents potential solutions * Offers a variety of voices from social media experts, supplying perspectives from creators to users

Social Media

Social Media Author Christian Fuchs
ISBN-10 9781473987494
Release 2017-02-25
Pages 400
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This book equips students with the critical thinking they need to understand the complexities and contradictions of social media and make informed judgements. The second edition explores the sharing economy of Uber and Airbnb and social media in China.

Social Problems in Popular Culture

Social Problems in Popular Culture Author Maratea, R. J.
ISBN-10 9781447321583
Release 2016-09-28
Pages 160
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This is the first book to make the link between popular culture and social problems. Drawing on historical and topical examples, the authors apply an innovative theoretical framework to examine how facets of popular culture shape how we think about, and respond to, social issues.

Social Problems

Social Problems Author Donileen Loseke
ISBN-10 9781351489782
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 287
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This collection of focused essays is directed at several levels of students of social problems. It is accessible to the uninitiated, who are not familiar with the constructionist literature, and aimed at those who are not particularly interested in subtle theoretical and empirical issues of concern to academics studying social problems from constructionist perspectives. Some readings focus on the construction of problems by scientists and other professionals; others examine the work of social activists, mass media, and social service personnel. Among the topics included are studies of social inequalities and individual deviance; a comparison of the images of social problems in the United States with those in other countries; and an examination of the importance of politics and power in constructing public images of social problems.Constructionist perspectives have become the leading theoretical approach for sociology and allied fields in studying social problems. Yet constructionists' impact on the teaching of social problems has been far less dramatic. Undergraduate courses on social problems are often subject to a theoretical barrage of eclectic perspectives. Just as the first social problems textbooks did almost a century ago, textbooks continue to present a series of unrelated chapters, each devoted to a particular social problem. Social Problems is an effort at systematic analysis rather than random thought on the subject.Social Problems presents detailed case studies demonstrating how constructionist perspectives can actually be applied to understand particular social problems. While these articles can be read alone, the editors have organized these selections to correspond with the chapter topics in the second edition of Donileen Loseke's Thinking about Social Problems, an accessible introduction to constructionist approaches. At the same time, some instructors who use this edited collection might wish to provide th

The Sociological Imagination

The Sociological Imagination Author C. Wright Mills
ISBN-10 9780195133738
Release 1959
Pages 248
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Hailed upon publication as a cogent and hard-hitting critique, The Sociological Imagination took issue with the ascendant schools of sociology in the United States, calling for a humanist sociology connecting the social, personal, and historical dimensions of our lives. Leading sociologist Todd Gitlin brings this fortieth anniversary edition up to date with a lucid afterword in which he considers the ways social analysis has progressed since Mills first published his study in 1959. A classic in the field, this book still provides rich food for our imagination.

Sociology in Our Times The Essentials

Sociology in Our Times  The Essentials Author Diana Kendall
ISBN-10 9781305537330
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 608
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Current and relevant to today's students, SOCIOLOGY IN OUR TIMES: THE ESSENTIALS, 10th Edition presents the latest available data and new insights on behaviors, issues, and trends in our nation and world from a sociological perspective. The new edition of this bestselling text emphasizes the theme of social change and the ways in which media-particularly social media-and other forms of technology inevitably bring about new ways of living, interacting with others, or doing certain activities or task. New sections on social change have been added throughout the book, and the theme also appears in the “Sociology Works!” and “Media” features. “Sociology and Social Policy” boxes return to this edition, examining issues such as gun control, prevention of military suicides, and whether employers should be allowed to “spy” on their employees. First-person accounts of individuals' lived experiences draw students into the chapter content by illuminating topics that reflect the text's primary themes of diversity, the application of sociology to everyday life, global comparisons, media, and social change. New timely topics include environmental activism, immigration, bullying and social media, and same-sex marriage. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.