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Understanding Death

Understanding Death Author Angela Sumegi
ISBN-10 9781118323120
Release 2013-06-21
Pages 280
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A comprehensive survey of how religions understand death, dying, and the afterlife, drawing on examples from Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Shamanic perspectives. Considers shared and differing views of death across the world’s major religions, including on the nature of death itself, the reasons for it, the identity of those who die, religious rituals, and on how the living should respond to death Places emphasis on the varying concepts of the ‘self’ or soul Uses a thematic structure to facilitate a broader comparative understanding Written in an accessible style to appeal to an undergraduate audience, it fills major gap in current textbook literature

Life After Death

Life After Death Author Farnáz Maʻsúmián
ISBN-10 1890688274
Release 1995
Pages 146
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What happens to us when we die? Does a part of us conquer death and live a different existence? Will we have an encounter with a creator? What is the soul? Where are heaven and hell? Questions such as these about death and dying have intrigued humanity since the dawn of time. Life After Death explores these questions in detail by providing a general overview from the scriptures of seven wold religions: Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá'í Faith.

Death and Dying in America

Death and Dying in America Author Andrea Fontana
ISBN-10 9780745639154
Release 2009-07-27
Pages 240
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This engaging new book takes a fresh approach to the major topics surrounding the processes and rituals of death and dying in the United States. It emphasizes individual experiences and personal reactions to death as well as placing mortality within a wider social context, drawing on theoretical frameworks, empirical research and popular culture. Throughout the text the authors highlight the importance of two key factors in American society which determine who dies and under what circumstances: persistent social inequality and the American consumerist ethic. These features are explored through a discussion of topics ranging from debates about euthanasia to deaths resulting from war and terrorism; from the death of a child to children?s experience of grieving and bereavement; and from beliefs about life after death to more practical issues such as the disposal of the dead body. Drawing on sociological, anthropological, philosophical, and historical research the authors present the salient features of death and dying for upper-level students across the social sciences. For anyone interested in learning more about the end of life, this book will provide a useful and accessible perspective on the uniquely American understanding of death and dying.

Death and afterlife

Death and afterlife Author Hiroshi Ōbayashi
ISBN-10 UOM:39015022249422
Release 1992
Pages 209
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Major religious traditions of the world contain perspectives of perennial importance on the topic of death and afterlife. Here thirteen scholars, each a specialist in a particular religious tradition, outline the beliefs and practices relating to death and afterlife.

Beyond the Threshold

Beyond the Threshold Author Christopher M. Moreman
ISBN-10 9781442274969
Release 2017-09-13
Pages 350
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Beyond the Threshold explores afterlife beliefs and practices in world religions, including discussions of afterlife and metaphysical experiences. The second edition features a new chapter on African spiritual perspectives, as well as updated research on paranormal phenomena, updated statistics and research, and more.


Heaven Author Paula Gooder
ISBN-10 9781610977777
Release 2011-09-12
Pages 160
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"Heaven is one of those great mysteries that somehow symbolize what we don't know about ourselves and the world around us. At the same time it lifts our vision from the mundane realities of our everyday lives and reminds us that beyond the daily grind of our existence there is another, unseen reality. A reality that is as real--if not more so--than our everyday lives. Heaven suggests an answer to the familiar human feeling that there must be more than this, and prompts us to wonder whether there is indeed more in heaven and earth than can be dreamt of in all our philosophies."-Paula Gooder, from the Introduction

Death and Religion in a Changing World

Death and Religion in a Changing World Author Kathleen Garces-Foley
ISBN-10 9781317473329
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 336
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This comprehensive study of the intersection of death and religion offers a unique look at how religious people approach death in the twenty-first century. Previous scholarship has largely focused on traditional beliefs and paid little attention to how religious traditions evolve in relation to their changing social context. Employing a sociological approach, "Death and Religion in a Changing World" describes how people from a wide variety of faiths draw on and adapt traditional beliefs and practices as they deal with death in modern societies. The book includes coverage of newly emerging social and religious phenomena that are only just beginning to be analyzed by religion scholars, such as public shrines, the role of the media, spiritual bereavement groups, and the use of the Internet in death practices.

Pocket Guide to the Afterlife

Pocket Guide to the Afterlife Author Jason Boyett
ISBN-10 0470501286
Release 2009-07-08
Pages 224
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"Fearless, deep, and snarky. And did I mention funny? Oh my goodness this guy is funny." —Dean Nelson, author, God Hides in Plain Sight, and director, Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Where do we go when we die? Will we have personal chats with God on fluffy clouds? What are the odds I will be devoured by a demon? Life's deepest mysteries question what happens when life is over. With Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, Jason Boyett becomes your tour guide to the Great Beyond. From the profound to the profane, from the light at the end of the tunnel to your ascension to the celestial void, here's everything you need to know this side of the everlasting Unknown, including What to expect upon arrival in destinations like Heaven, Purgatory, and the Chinvat Bridge Whether your understanding of the Christian Hell comes from the Bible or from an Italian poet Which dream scenarios you'll want to avoid because they predict your impending demise Why defibrillators are so important when it comes to having near-death experiences Pondering your eventual demise has never been so much fun.

Death and the Afterlife

Death and the Afterlife Author Robert A. Morey
ISBN-10 9780871234339
Release 1984
Pages 315
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A valuable reference work on a subject largely ignored by the Church in recent years.

Life After Death in World Religions

Life After Death in World Religions Author Harold G. Coward
ISBN-10 UVA:X004095371
Release 1997
Pages 131
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Experts from six traditions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese religions discuss rituals, practices, and emotions as they relate to death and the hope of life that follows death.

How Different Religions View Death Afterlife

How Different Religions View Death   Afterlife Author Christopher Jay Johnson
ISBN-10 0914783858
Release 1998
Pages 310
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This new second edition presents a clear, concise and comparative overview of the teachings and the death beliefs of the largest and fastest-growing religions in North America. Unlike many books on the subject of religious beliefs, the discourse here is refreshingly objective and nonproselytizing. Furthermore, each chapter is written by a different expert or scholar who is internationally recognized as an authority on a particular faith. - Back cover.

The Good Death

The Good Death Author Ann Neumann
ISBN-10 9780807076996
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 248
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"Following the death of her father, journalist and hospice volunteer Ann Neumann sets out to examine what it means to die well in the United States. If a good death exists, what does it look like? This question lies at the heart of Neumann's rigorously researched and intimately told journey along the ultimate borderland of American life: American death. From church basements to hospital wards to prison cells, Neumann charts the social, political, religious, and medical landscape to explore how we die today. The Good Death weaves personal accounts with a historical exploration of the movements and developments that have changed the ways we experience death. With the diligence of a journalist and the compassion of a caregiver, Neumann provides a portrait of death in the United States that is humane, beautifully written, and essential to our greater understanding of the future of end-of-life care"--

The Sacred Art of Dying

The Sacred Art of Dying Author Kenneth Kramer
ISBN-10 0809129426
Release 1988
Pages 226
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Examines how each of the major religions looks at death by including stories, teachings and rituals that present a comparative religious meaning of death and afterlife. Written in textbook style with journal exercises at the end of each chapter.

Death and Dying in World Religions

Death and Dying in World Religions Author Lucy Bregman
ISBN-10 0757568386
Release 2009
Pages 167
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Death and Dying in World Religions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Death and Dying in World Religions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Death and Dying in World Religions book for free.

The U S Immigration Crisis

The U S  Immigration Crisis Author Miguel A. De La Torre
ISBN-10 9781498223690
Release 2016-06-17
Pages 196
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The current immigration crisis on our southern borders is usually debated from a safe distance. Politicians create a fear of the migrant to garner votes, while academicians pontificate on the topic from the comfort of cushy armchairs. What would happen if instead the issue were explored with one's feet on the ground--what the author calls an "ethics of place"? As an organic intellectual, De La Torre writes while physically standing in solidarity with migrants who are crossing borders and the humanitarian organizations that accompany them in their journey. He painstakingly captures their stories, testimonies, and actions, which become the foundation for theological and ethical analysis. From this vantage point, the book constructs a liberative ethics based on what those disenfranchised by our current immigration policies are saying and doing in the hopes of not just raising consciousness, but also crafting possibilities for participatory praxis.

The Philosophy of Religion

The Philosophy of Religion Author Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski
ISBN-10 9781405118736
Release 2007-03-12
Pages 254
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Written with verve and clarity by a leading philosopher and contributor, this text is an accessible overview of a vibrant field, which invites readers to think through the issues in the philosophy of religion themselves.

Death Ritual and Belief

Death  Ritual and Belief Author Douglas Davies
ISBN-10 9781474250979
Release 2017-11-02
Pages 320
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Death, Ritual and Belief, now in its third edition, explores many important issues related to death and dying, from a religious studies perspective, including anthropology and sociology. Using the motif of 'words against death' it depicts human responses to grief by surveying the many ways in which people have not let death have the last word, not simply in terms of funeral rites but also in memorials, graves, and in ideas of ancestors, souls, gods, reincarnation and resurrection, whether in the great religious traditions of the world or in more local customs. He also examines bereavement and grief, experiences of the presence of dead, near-death experiences, pet-death and the symbolic death played out in religious rites. Updated chapters have taken into account new research and include additional topics in this new edition, notably assisted dying, terrorism, green burial, material culture, death online, and the emergence of Death Studies as a distinctive field. Case studies range from Anders Breivik in Norway, to the Princess of Wales, and to the Rapture in the USA. A new perspective is also brought to his account of grief theories. Providing an introduction to key authors and authorities on death beliefs, bereavement, grief and ritual-symbolism, Death, Ritual and Belief is an authoritative guide to the perspectives of major religious and secular worldviews.